Why Replace Your Garage Door?

why replace your garage door

Almost every garage door will get their share of dings and scratches throughout the years, and you’ll need to begin considering getting a new garage door installation in your Clearwater, FL home. Often, many issues arise that would make the homeowner want to replace it? While these marvelous appliances work efficiently for quite a while, you utilize your garage door more than you think maybe about 1500 times a year.

Checking its condition and keeping it maintained will prolong its life. However, there are sound issues that may warrant you to replace it. Issues, for example, wear and tear, security, safety, functionality, and, changing the design to match your home are valid causes for replacing carports.

So allow Clearwater, FL garage door installation experts show you when your carport needs replacement:

Wear and tear

Many families today utilize the garage as their main entrance to their home. It can add lots of wear and tear on the entryway and its opener. The more you frequently use it the more probabilities it could breakdown and become damaged. Garage door maintenance needs to be done regularly to avoid repairs and costly replacement parts. Usually, an old garage door with high mileage and a lot of incidents will need to be replaced.

Storm Damage

storm damage

Storms that bring hail, rain, and strong winds can damage the entryway. Dings and dents could occur on metal or steel garage doors but are mostly minor concerns. Steel insulated garage doors are stronger and can withstand storm damage.

However, if damage happens that makes you unable to open the entryway or shutting it, the time has come to replace it. Moreover, if you have a wood garage door, too much rain can rot it, strong winds can crack it, and, hail could put holes in your carport.

Safety and security issues

Your home should feel safe, right? Hearing unpleasant loud noises from your garage door all the time can create unease especially if you have a newborn child. If you realize something is wrong, please get it checked before it’s too late. Often all it needs is a maintenance, however, many times you could also have safety and security issues.

Perhaps a safety feature is missing, or there is a breakdown with the photo-eyes sensors that may cause an accident. You can’t risk somebody getting injured or your house being defenseless against burglary. Don’t let safety and security risks ruin your day, replace the damaged garage door parts for better assurance.

New updates and features

new updates and features

Definitely, older garage doors don’t have the updates and features that modern family’s need. Features like better insulation quality that can help save money on your heating and cooling costs plus giving more comfort if you use it as an office or small business venture. Innovative highlights like remote access and monitors can give simple alerts straight to your device.

New garage doors make less noise, and many offer a backup battery system that will initiate when it loses energy. These and much more features give true serenity and convenience compared with living with an older garage door or opener.


Most old garage doors remain in the Stone Age when it comes to design. Most homeowners want a garage door that increases its curb appeal! The first thing many individuals see is the garage door and the front door when they drive up to a home.

So, replacing an old boring or dull carport with a better looking one is a smart investment move. More up to date models have choices like fresher design styles, windows, finishes, and, colors that older versions can’t compete with.

How does your home look like traditional, carriage house or contemporary?

traditional carriage house or contemporary

Your home’s architecture reflects your way of life, your values, and, your aesthetic taste. Depending upon the style of your home, there is a garage door design that will fit these looks including traditional, carriage house or contemporary.

Many types are accessible utilizing embossed or raised stamped techniques, different configurations and other broad selection of windows and colors to match with whatever style of home.

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Tired of How Your Garage Door Looks? Buy a New One

tired of how your garage door looks then buy a new one

A brand new garage door installation in Clearwater project can become a frustrating and perplexing job if you have never undergone a home improvement this significant. However, we at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater, FL can help so don’t worry we have you covered.

Usually, the perfect reason to replace the garage door is that it’s an eyesore or falling apart. What to look for when you purchase your brand new carport –one that suits your house and will endure for many years?

Not only could a brand new garage door supply secure, safe, and effortless access to a garage, but also, it can revive and refresh your overall property look, especially from the curbside.

So this unbiased garage door purchasing guide can allow you to find and buy the ideal garage door for your house. For example, garage door information on costs, materials and design, installation, windows, and, safety features.

You’ll find all the garage door info below:



The design of your home and your personal preference determine what sort of style you will pick for your garage door. Now, if you don’t have any clue how to narrow your options, you will find pros available in the garage door businesses including Sure Fix Garage Door Repair that will assist you.

Some garage door businesses have websites with unique tools that could enable you to visualize how a specific style of garage door will appear on your house.

Material selection is significant too. Based on where you reside, it can be sensible to pick materials that help safeguard your house from the weather elements. Many garage doors have been designed to defy hurricane-force winds, and others were constructed to withstand chilly temperatures or with insulation materials.


Modern technology is helping garage doors, the materials employed for most of the current garage doors may withstand weathering for many years. For example, steel, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and, aluminum.

Wood, although less durable than the other fabricated materials, remains popular. Although every one of them has its benefits, consumers overwhelmingly favor wood and steel doors.



Your budget is a significant part of the garage door procedure. Those material and design choices could add up, so make sure that to balance your preference with the price of materials and labor costs. Garage door costs could differ based on the material you pick.

Aluminum, steel, and, wood doors have their benefits and pitfalls along with recommended use for different climates. Your local garage door specialist will give you an estimate in person for a better overall evaluation.

Don’t fix or install your garage door yourself

You could save yourself a couple of bucks by installing the garage door yourself. However, it is a DIY job that does not have a significant payoff. The truth, there are many parts, and it is going to take you a day to put them together. Also, winding the springs requires unique instruments and a lot of arm power and is dangerous if you have never undergone a garage door installation.

If you hire an expert to install the doorway, the door is going to get set while the older one hauled off, and the task is going to be taken care off in a couple of hours. If there is an issue, then you’re going to have someone to call while DIY jobs you are stuck by yourself.

Safety Features

safety features
Uploaded by: Wikivisual License: Creative Commons

Do you have small kids or pets who like to play and run around in or around the garage, think about a garage door that includes safety features? Garage doors come with sensors that are made to help stop accidents. Weather problems in your area could also increase garage issues or damages depending on the size of the opening of your house.

If you live in an area prone to high winds or have the probability of hurricanes, then you might want to look at buying a doorway that’s constructed to resist extreme weather. A garage door developed for extreme weather needs to have thicker materials, such as added bracing, durable hardware and heavy gage tracking.

Pick Windows Wisely

pick windows wisely

You could be amazed how much better a garage door appears with the right installed windows. Furthermore, windows could provide much-needed light to the inside of a garage. Listed below are a couple of hints for choosing the ideal glass:

  • If a garage is heated, then update to insulated glass.
  • For additional privacy and safety, set up the glass at the upper panel.
  • Match the glass design to your home windows for a better curb appeal.
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Garage Door Applications

garage door applications

Many homeowners are opting to do a garage door installation project as their looking for new and innovative methods to genuinely change an area in their property. The prospective buyers and homeowners want transitional spaces for many uses including options for outside entertainment.

When they design these spaces, they want something that combines function and shape plus gives an appealing balance of practicality and style. The most recent technique for contemporary design employs an interior professionally installed garage door installation in Clearwater, FL.

Now companies in the service industry have integrated garage doors in their design. Restaurants utilize roll-top garage doors to join their terrace seating to their main dining room. Retail shops and boutique stores use the transitional wall to expand their sales floor outside on the sidewalk.

Today homeowners throughout the nation use the service industry trend and utilize garage doors to change their home living spaces.

More than a doorway

more than a doorway

The truth, a garage door plays a limited role in homes but essential, for example, it’s a significant door which encloses the garage. Nonetheless, think about these essential advantages an automated garage door provides.

  • You could conveniently open and shut it using a button.
  • Keep it insulated to maintain your space temperature-controlled.
  • It works safely, needs very little care and enriches the overall look of your house.

Now, envision seamlessly expanding your entertaining area with the aid of a button. Imagine transitioning from the living room to the outside deck or patio. Even though a wall can outline a space, a garage door could provide a transformative option for homeowners looking for innovative design choices that readily convert their indoor and outdoor areas.

Frequent indoor applications

Although garage doors are specially made to become smaller décor pieces around the house, the newest trend showcases the doorway glory. Now nonconventional applications garage doors have been making their way to the mainstream. The favorite television shows like Extreme Makeover and Home Edition show just how stylish glass door doors stunningly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces.

There are many exterior and interior applications for garage doors. Based on where you decide to set up a garage door within a house, you could make an open design inside the area or open the interior spaces to the outside. Some favorite uses include removing borders between rooms, expanding living spaces and joining indoor and outdoor spaces.



Whether you reside in a house or a cozy cabin, not having an open floor plan could leave much to be desired. Often homeowner is reluctant to remove a wall to combine two rooms into one area, as these radical renovations are not easy to reconstruct. Don’t get stuck with a permanent choice, installing a garage door permits you to convert the room to an open design and change the room with a wall when you please.

Regrettably, not all house designs make it feasible to embrace a more spacious floor plan. However, retractable garage doors also permit you to combine your indoor and outdoor spaces. You could expand your entertaining or dining room to the outside to give extra room for guests or family. It’s also possible to open your entertaining area to your patio to enjoy the summertime or keep the garage door shut to maintain your living room warm throughout winter.

Particular indoor and outdoor spaces

particular indoor and outdoor spaces

Even though a garage door offers infinite opportunities for unlimited entertainment, it is also possible to integrate these features of your house to other personal spaces too. Install acrylic or frosted glass and doors in places such as bedrooms and bathrooms. So it provides you with privacy if you require it and open area too.

People who have home offices or even utilize a living room for professional meetings might want to set up a handmade wooden door. There are many different wood types, and some could get set up with or without windows. Match the wood to your house’s existing wood flooring or furniture to finely match your home’s design, while offering you a private meeting room when needed.

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Attaching Your Garage Door to a Security System

Garage door security system
Garage door security system
Don’t you worry if you forgot to secure your garage door? This could happen after an installation or maybe just a garage repair for your door. For those issues we got systems like the Linear GD00Z is a garage door opener offers Z-Wave control! Garage remotes open your garage from a distance without getting out of your car. This prevents muggings, and rainy days when you had to get out of your car. Garage door remotes work with megahertz radio frequencies (MHz). Now let’s talk about the Z-Wave remote! 

Garage Door Security Everywhere You Go!

Whether is one garage door or four, you will never forget or worry about garage security again. It gives you the assurance of checking in you forgot to lock it, the Z-Wave has made it tough on competitors with their garage security products, and competitors need to be aware.With a tilt censor that is wireless the Z-Wave lets you know of any intrusion or if you forgot to close it. 

Low power consumption for your garage doors and compatibility!

The Z-Wave also does not waste too much electricity and has an array of compatible system. ADT uses Honeywell Vista as one of its main systems and is compatible with this remote. It offers control of overhead garage doors and works with most systems for your protection. Keep in mind this garage security system does not work with Assure Link or MyQ models. But it’s open source and works with plenty like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI and most others. 
Garage door security system
Garage door security system
 Thousands of home and business are protected by Honeywell so it’s easy to sync it to most systems. The only systems this remote garage door controllers is not compatible with are Assure Link or MyQ models. But don’t worry is compatible with plenty of systems created since 1993! It brings everything you need to install it if you are a do it yourself type of person. 
  • The Z-remote
  • A tilt censor to let you know it’s about to open
  • Power supply to help you save energy when using the remote
  • Brackets for your power supply
  • 100 feet between the wireless controller and system
  • Certifications: FCC, ETL, and the UL 325
   Safety with your overhead garage remoteProvides audio and visual warnings prior to door movement, this warning can prevent injuries. Meeting all the requirements for safety by the UL 325-2010 proves the safety. We also suggest to read instructions from the start to make sure everything is set up correctly for the Z-Wave controller. Always let professionals install your garage remotes for you to prevent any issues.We rate this remote four and half stars due to all its features. GoControl has been around for over 50 years, giving you a solid company that created the Z-wave. The open source makes it one of the best for use with plenty of systems. The energy saving is also a plus for those of us that like to save on our energy bill. I also like the safety certifications. And that’s why we give it a strong rating for a remote for garage doors.  We hope you try it out and see for yourself.
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How Do I Open The Garage Door When There’s No Electricity?

how do i open the door with no electricity

Do you know that you could still utilize your electric garage door opener if you stay without electricity? Often homeowners need to pull out the car to go to work or sometimes come back from shopping to find the garage door controller not working. Both situations require the carport to open.

Usually, people take the garage door for granted. Just by pressing a button on the wall, you open the door, and you can leave to work or do an errand. Sometimes with remote connectivity, you press the button on a smartphone, and the door closes to secure your house while you are far away.

So surely will miss your garage door opener when the power goes out. Fortunately, this circumstance has been thought of by many producers, and there’s no need to panic. If there’s a power outage, will show you a way to open and keep grinding away at the day.

Here’s how garage door repair in Clearwater pros proceeds without electricity:

Obtain a flashlight and head outside to your garage

Make sure you have a flashlight from your emergency kit available in case of a power outage. Even during the day, it’s difficult to see in the carport. Proceed to the garage door opener.

Begin with the bypass system

begin with the bypass system
Creative Commons Image courtesy of Wikivisual

Your modern electric garage door comes with a function that allows the door to be used by you manually when the automatic opener shuts off. Perhaps you have discovered a rope dangling down in the garage door opener system; a line with a handle? Well, you found the bypass garage door system.

The opener disengages from the automatic system if you tug down the handle. Only pull down on the handle and activate the bypass system when the garage door is shut. However, if you decide to pull the handle while the door is open, the weight of the door could quickly slam shut. Truthfully, it could hurt the door or harm pets, items, and, nearby people.

Find the lifting handle to open the door and then lift it up

Utilize the lifting handle installed in the bottom panel. If the garage door is balanced using its spring system, you will have no problem lifting it with a single hand. It doesn’t matter if you have a single garage doorway or even a double garage doorway you will be able to raise it if the spring work right. Now if it’s difficult to lift then call your local garage door repair since the springs aren’t working correctly.

Close the garage door and then reconnect the trolley

close the garage door and reconnect the trolley

After your car is out of the garage, shut the door and then reattach the trolley to the T‑shaped stem.

To make sure that everything works correctly, you might hear a clicking noise and will find the doorway is well held with the engine trolley while attempting to boost it up.

For those who own a side‑lock in your door

If your garage door has been armed initially with a side‑lock, then you may use it to lock the garage door rather than reengaging the garage door trolley. Make sure you disable it before reconnecting the door opener trolley when the electricity comes back.

Things to do after your electricity comes back

things to do after your electricity comes back

Make sure everything works great when you re-engage the door opener trolley. Use the remote control to perform the test.

A better solution?

a better solution
Uploaded by: Wikivisual License: Creative Commons

Yes, many modern garage door openers come with a battery backup system. It’s quite helpful when you reside in an area where power outages are more common. The emergency battery backup allows you to utilize your garage door opener without power up to 20 times.

Safety first

A power outage can signify a severe annoyance, but it should not make your garage door dangerous or futile. With no electricity or electricity, garage doors are massive things that work under extreme amounts of tension. The garage door is intended to handle this tension exceptionally but should you feel uncertain or insecure call a local garage door repair specialist.

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The Best Garage Door Buying Guide in Clearwater, FL

the best garage door buying guide in clearwater fl

Curb appeal, first impressions, or just the “look”; your garage door installation project can bring it all when it comes to updating the look of your home. That is particularly true of homes built in the past decades. These garage doors were made for easy drive-in access; most garages occupy about 30% of the front house facade.

Yes, the color and the design of the garage door has a significant effect on your house’s curb appeal. Choosing your garage door installation in Clearwater, FL staff is a fantastic approach for the start of your project, however, knowing which carport to setup will depend all on you. Here are a couple of hints that will assist you to pick the right garage door for your house.

Garage door sizes

garage door sizes

First decide the size of the carport by assessing the height, thickness, and, width and take the measurements to your local garage door expert.

A carport entryway for a single, regular-sized vehicle can be purchased in measurements up to 10 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet and 8 x 7 feet. It will give sufficient space to fit the vehicle into the carport unimpeded.

Double garage door sizes usually are 16 x 7 feet, 14 x 7 feet and 12 x 7 feet. Should hold two autos or house one big vehicle.

Garage door styles

Decide on a design that matches the exterior of your home style. Window panels are one method that brings a personal touch.

An extra way to add design is panel layout. There are four primary panel layouts to select from:

Carriage house panels – These panels bring character to conventionally raised panels.

Flush panels- They are flat, somewhat textured panels that could complement the surrounding wall region without bringing too much attention to the garage door.

Long raised panels- They provide distinction and depth while adding to the house’s overall look.

Short Raised Panels- They give depth to the carport. They are excellent additions to Victorian-style homes with elaborately detailed trim.

Garage Door construction

garage door construction

Steel garage doors are the most common and economical type of material in the marketplace today. Most manufacturers provide several colors in the factory versions, and many models could be painted to match your house. There are three types to pick from:

Single layer doorways- They are created from a single sheet of galvanized steel. Typically, the cheapest of steel doors.

Double-layer steel doors- These doorways have a galvanized steel skin on the outside and have a coating of polyurethane or polystyrene for a backer. The backer offers soundproofing and insulating material value to the door.

Triple-layer doors- are built of the same materials as double doors but with the add-on of galvanized skin over the inside to defend the polystyrene/polyurethane from damage. These type of doorways are made the most powerful, secure, and, soundproof of garage doors by the added coating of steel. These garage doors are also accessible with thicker insulation for increased R-value (a measure of thermal resistance).

Garage door parts and accessories (hardware and home automation)

Garage door components are an economical and easy way to change the appearance of a new or existing garage door. You could add hinge, locks, and, change garage door opener chain drives to belt driven or possibly add a pair of windows which you could paint to match with your doorway for a customized appearance.

You will find home automation systems in the industry that give convenience and added security assistance. Some Smart Home Management includes a garage door tilt detector which connects to your security system, allowing you to know whether the garage door is open or shut. Also, garage door controllers that will permit you to remotely open or close your door from the smartphone, tablet, and, computer.

Ensure you have a garage door opener that is compatible with that of your garage door and satisfies your requirements.

Garage Role: Living area or workshop

garage role living area or workshop

Most homeowners use their garages as a living area. For example, children’s play areas, workshops, hobby areas, laundry rooms, offices, and, much more. However, try to select a door that keeps a comfortable temperature and also guarantees it’s as energy efficient:

Superior insulation- Start Looking for an entry that has an R-value of 3 moderate to temperate climates. In severer climates, get an R-value of 10.

Weather Seals- Sometimes the garage doors don’t bring a weather seal so you’ll have to add it yourself to keep the rain and draft controlled.

The seal could be designed to the mating surfaces of the panels, or the kind of gasket material that compresses the door when is shut.

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Different Types of Garage Door Styles

different types of garage door styles

What is an essential investment that enhances your home curb appeal? Well, getting your new garage door installation installed by professionals is first, but the design of the carport will have you pressing the button non-stop. Homeowners, absolutely love having a garage doors not only for the practicality but for the beauty these type of doors bring to their home.

While many garages store freezers, bicycles or motorcycle, boxes, and, recycling bins, others keep cars safely parked inside. On the other hand, single carports only can only fit a car, but a double garage door could fit two cars or a mix of stuff if you just have one car available.

Some are big enough to open a small business while keeping the place cool or warm depending on the kind of requirement or environment. Nowadays Sure Fix Garage Doors Repair has set up many varieties of garage doors based on design, materials along with also the engine (many motor kinds). Some Locksmiths near me can fix some issues but due to the lack of licenses and experience, you better choose wisely!

Discover the many types of garage doors styles right down here:

Carriage Garage Door Installations & Design

There are two garage door carriage choices for example, double or single bay. In regards to carriage garage doors, you can select between the conventional “swing” type and the faux layout that resembles carriage doors that also move down and up.

Purchasing the swinging kind always make sure that there is enough space for front clearance so they could swing. However, carriage garage doors have become less popular because builders are installing classic garage doors on the homes they build.

Nonetheless, carriage style offers anesthetics alternative that many homeowners opt for their houses. They may provide some additional advantages based on the room in your garage and are far more gratifying.

It usually means you can store items or storage space over the doorway to make the most of the area. It’s necessary to remember they swing out of the house, and it may be dangerous if you’ve got small kids that currently play outside that doesn’t pay attention.

Vintage or Classic Garage

vintage or classic garage doors

These doorways are getting more and more typical, and they are a fantastic solution for houses. Not everybody believes they’re as appealing as carriage doors. However, they are excellent for homes that don’t have a great deal of space because they don’t swing out whenever they open.

It leaves them as an excellent choice for plenty of households because they don’t need to worry about the door accidentally hurting their kids. One thing to know is the space requirements the hardware will need.

In case you’ve got a great deal of space above your door that you would like to use for storage, you will need to give this space up to set up the hardware.

Contemporary Doors For Garage

contemporary doors for garage

A garage door may add a good deal of visual attention to your home. Usually, for a house that is much more contemporary than conventional. There are many unique details that you can find on these doorways including anesthetic interest, and additional will set it apart from other homes.

It is a new home improvement project that will add value while enhancing the curb appeal. Looking for design then start looking for color options, straight lines, and windows that will make the doorway stand out from the rest of other houses.

Craftsman Garage

craftsman garage

If your home is small or like a bungalow, then you certainly are going to want to a Craftsman garage door. Start looking for details that reflect the design that you like and that can set your doorway apart from others, such as handles, faux hinges around both sides, and also cross beams across the door.

While stunning, these doorways are functional like their modern and conventional equals. Furthermore, can add visual appeal and style to your home.

Traditional Are Still Efficient & High Quality

For a classic feel and look you are going to want to pick out a conventional garage door. These fashions are favorite still today for the reason that there fantastic. For example, they bring top quality, and they continue to look good which enhances the overall look of any home.

Rather than fretting about whether or not the garage door will overpower the look of your home, you can count on a natural wood grain that will not be impacted by changes in the weather and will endure for a long time.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Garage Doors

beginner's guide to garage doors

Garage Doors have come to be a vital asset in homes. Truthfully, according to a 2013 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development poll, 80% of American households have a garage or a carport.

Furthermore, as mechanics and materials improve, garage doors are becoming more robust which means more durable. However, the impervious and well-installed garage door will sometimes require either maintenance or a specialist garage door repair in Clearwater, FL service.

Provided that it’s doing its job correctly, your garage door probably never caught your attention. However, the second it stays at the middle neglects to shut, grinds down or up, or much worse like if it injures you or a loved one, then it jumps into the top of the priority listing. Assessing your garage door fundamental requirements for maintenance will help keep it functioning in tiptop form. Moreover, help you avoid service calls from a garage door repair in Clearwater technician.

It’s essential you get any garage door problems repaired quickly or have maintenance done much more frequently. Malfunctioning doors cannot be left unrepaired, leaving them in poor condition not just dangers them much further, but they could also become harmful for you and your loved ones. Many garage doors are much far better on the wallet compared to other, and I will demonstrate it to you why.

Different types of garage doors and their advantages and disadvantages

different types of garage doors and their advantages and disadvantages

Usually, garage doors are available in many distinct materials, shapes, sizes, and, colors. However, the entries are categorized into three major opening styles: swing upward, roll upward, and the ones that swing out.

Swing-Up Doors

swing out doors

Swing-up doorways also referred to as canopy or overhead garage doors, were the hottest fashion of door design for a long time before being replaced by sectional doors. These single panel doors tilt upwards and inward by way of torsion springs and then tuck invisibly to the overhead room inside your garage.


  • Less costly than other kinds of garage doors.
  • There are cheaper to upkeep since there are fewer moving components (such as wheels and tracks) than sectional doors. Torsion springs and cables are rather simple and inexpensive to replace.
  • Since no paths function throughout the garage, it’s possible to make small ceiling storage area at the narrow region between the ceiling and door.


  • Vehicles outside can’t be parked close to the doorway. Cars wrongly parked too near a swing-up door will be at risk of damage.
  • The very first foot of the swing-up motion can be challenging (although the spring takes over immediately and finishes the movement).

Sectional (Roll-Up) Doors

sectional roll up doors

These type of garage doors are the newest modern doorways of today. Between eight and three sections move upwards on vertical tracks on the doorframe. These tracks guide up the sections, then through a sharp curve. After there, parallel tracks in the garage, connected to the ceiling take over and direct the rest of the doorway into the garage.


  • Maximizes door thickness, on account of the exterior vertical tracks that work up the doorframe. It provides vehicles somewhat broader parking or entering and more comfortable for driving out of their garage.
  • A door is less likely to fall on its own like single-panel swing up doors.


  • It limits the garage ceiling storage area because of the supporting mounts, which connects to your ceiling.
  • Sectional garage doors could be costly to set up and maintain because there have many moving parts. The tracks, particularly, have to be kept lubricated and clean frequently.
  • Though sectional doors roll up, they also can distinguish themselves from a different kind of garage door referred to as a roll-up door. Commonly found on warehouses and other industrial buildings, it is a flexible curtain of steel which accumulates over the door frame in a roll (such as a roll of paper towels).

Swing-Out Doors

Do you have a classic home, or only want to improve your house’s curb appeal? Side-hinged doors optimize the retro appearance because wooden carriage-style doors belong to this category. These doorways are less accessible than other types because most garage doors need a manual operation. Electrically operated swing doors could be set up; however, they are usually, costly.


  • With few moving parts to break, side-hinged garage doors seldom break down. Hinges and latches are the only moving components, each of which can be repaired by the majority of homeowners.


  • Side-swinging garage doors ask that you exit the automobile and manually run the carport system. It might not be pleasant or an option for someone who is worried about security.
  • Snow and other obstacles at the driveway have to be completely removed before you could start the doors. Usually, these doors have a couple of inches of clearance.
  • Since they meet in the middle, side-swinging doors are inclined to be less secure from burglary than other varieties of doors.
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Picking The Best Garage Door

picking the best garage door

Since the perfect garage door installation will have a massive effect on your house’s curb appeal, you would like to make the right choice. It’s not an easy task to search for a new garage door since it’s something homeowners don’t often do and sifting through all of the purchasing variables can be rough.

To make the process simpler, we have compiled this easy to understand list that gets directly to the buying and installation process. Whether or not you would like to upgrade or get a replacement, these recommendations will allow you to opt for the ideal carport and the right garage door installation in Clearwater FL service for you.

Garage door design and upping the style with windows

garage door design and upping the style with windows

By only investing a couple of minutes searching through the garage door choices, you will see the many styles and design options there is to offer. For a reason, the garage is a significant part of your house’s exterior, its design and style should complement your general house’s style.

Have a peek and choose what look is best for your house. For instance, the style carriage garage door can give your house the storybook farmhouse appearance, and new aluminum or glass entry will supply a stunning glow to your contemporary homes outside.

If you’d like your brand new garage door to appear much better, then windows will take it to another level. Not only can they improve the curb appeal and beauty of your home, but windows are also a fantastic method to permit light inside. Windows readily change a dark carport into a tranquil area. If you’re worried about the chilly weather, then double-paned windows provide you with a very straightforward solution which will make it possible for the sunlight to shine while keeping out the cold.

Garage door material and maintenance

Garage doors typically come built from wood, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, and, aluminum. Deciding the garage door material depends upon your tastes and needs, but the first will be apparent. Wood can provide more customized choices and give you a luxurious appearance. Usually, most commonly garage doors are produced from steel and vinyl and are tough in harsh weather. Now, aluminum doors provide you with a classy appearance.

When choosing the material, you might think about maintenance expenses. Wood doors, even though magnificent, do need painting every couple of years. But the effort actually will increases your house’s curb appeal every year you paint your carport. Steel doors are lasting and need occasional cleaning and upkeep. Vinyl doors last longer, never have to get coated, and do not rust. Aluminum doors are non-invasive.



Picking a garage door with superior insulation will help keep your utility bill down costs both during the summer and winter months. If you plan on using your garage for a work area or even a social space, insulation is essential. Insulation of a garage door can be expressed in R-Value, and a greater R-Value reduces external sound and keeps the temperatures steady. While searching for a garage door using an insulating material, don’t get tricked by the door’s thickness but instead, seek out a top R-Value.

Garage door safety and the spring system

As the most significant moving equipment in many families, household make sure that your brand new garage door is secure for everybody. Many garage doors are outfitted with pinch-resistant characteristics that push hands from injury once the door is shutting particularly, an excellent feature for young kids. Your entry needs to get equipped with a garage door reversal feature too.

Your garage door gets opened and shut using the counterbalance spring system. The opener provides the initial phase to make the door move while the springs perform the remaining portion of the hard work. The springs are wrapped tightly whenever the door is shut and unwind to push up the door. When picking your garage door, make sure the mechanism is equally durable and sturdy as the new doorway.

The most challenging part would be the maintenance of the garage door springs so let a professional do the task as it will help you not get injured as the spring carry much pressure.

Warranty, price, and service quality

warranty price and service quality

Most garage door makers will provide you with a warranty when you buy a new doorway. For instance, guarantee against cracking, splitting and, rust.

When replacing your garage door, you will have to think about the price. Finding the right garage door company that delivers quality service and an affordable rate is vital. We are a top garage door business in Clearwater, and we could provide superior standards.

Buying your brand new garage door is the first step but now think about the quality of the installation support. If a business does a terrible job, you’ll wind up paying it in upkeep and repair costs before long. Always search for positive reviews and testimonials from Google and Facebook.

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Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

benefits of insulated garage doors

The colder months of the year can be tough to stand, and homeowners make a number one priority keeping the cold out. Space heaters and insulated walls can do the trick, but if your garage door is missing insulation, the warm air will leak, and all your efforts will be a waste of time, money and energy.

If you are forking out money on huge electricity bills during winter, this garage door installation will not only is an easy way to update your home an added value, but it will cut down your electric bill. The newest trend is to choose an energy efficient door or insulated doors to minimize heat loss.

What is an insulated garage door?

what is an insulated garage door

Here at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair believes insulated doors are energy efficient because their design prevents heat leak. Insulated doors are made of two layers of steel with insulation in between each layer. These doors are thicker than the traditional doors (non-insulated doors). Modern technology has made it possible for doors to come in many styles, material and size in and besides, these are quieter and more resistant than non-insulated doors.

If you plan to replace your garage door, an insulated door may be a good idea, and this is why:

Energy savings

The design in garages have more gaps, and air leakage is allowed. As a result, garages consume energy. Also, uninsulated garages doors allow the cold air to the nearby rooms through the gaps in the door.

Installing an insulated door moderate the temperature in the garage, reducing the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your house.

Long lasting garage doors

long lasting garage door

Older garage doors usually have thin steel sheet wrapped over the panel which can be easily dented. Insulated garage doors are durable. These doors contain multiple layers of steel and aluminum which makes them less likely to be damaged

Besides saving money in garage door repairs, added durability increases the lifespan of your garage door. Insulated doors stand up better to bad weather, Cold weather can warp metal components and heat can stress door panels made of vinyl or acrylic.

Insulated doors hold less heat and maintain a moderate temperature inside, meaning these components aren’t exposed to such conditions, helping prolong their lifespan.

Insulated garage doors are quieter

Most doors make noise, from loose chains on the tracks and worn down rollers to poorly lubricated hinges and springs all these produce jerking grumbles and sounds. However, not all noise problems can be solved with maintenance. Some garage doors have lightweight panels that vibrate and create noise.

On the other hand, insulated doors are heavier than regular garage doors because these are composed of many layers constructed tightly together. Heavier doors are less likely to vibrate.

Insulated doors protect your cars

Freezing weather can affect your car in many negative ways. Cold climates shorter or dead batteries, it also thickens the transmission, lowers the air pressure in tires among other things. If your garage has an insulated door, it is very unlikely to be in freezing conditions.

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