Is There A Standard For Garage Door Size?

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The truth, there’s not one standard garage door size, and there are lots of aspects which affects its dimensions. For instance, whether it is a double or single garage, an industrial doorway, or built for an RV. So, to assist you to get the required info with all the varying door sizes and how it may affect you buying a brand new garage door, or even garage door repairs on an existing version, we’ve come up with a guide that you could understand. Garage Door Installation in Palm Harbor, FL has your back so let’s go on with the guide:

Single garage sizes

single garage door A garage doorway for one regular-sized car could easily be purchased in dimensions as such as 10 x 7 feet, 9 x 7 feet, and 8 x7 feet all around. Truthfully, it offers sufficient space for a vehicle to squeeze in the garage. Taller or broader cars could find these measurements a small tight squeeze. Also, it’s possible that the most useful tip is choosing a dual garage doorway or even a bespoke door fabricated to fulfill those specifications. It’s well worth mentioning there are different RV garage doors accessible with the augmented length of 16 feet diameter and 8 feet elevation. These dimensions are typical with most door producers. However, there’s likely to be several discrepancies with a couple of producers. So make sure you inquire the exact dimensions of your selected doorway before you make your buy.

Double garage size

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Dual garage door sizes are usually 16 x7 feet, 14 x 7 feet, and 12 x 7 feet. Also, size depends on how big is the vehicles, if it could hold two cars smoothly, or house a large truck or car (family van). When coping with double garages, it’s strongly advised that you measure the length and width of your vehicles before purchasing since this could help determine the design of your purchase. Usually, tight on space, then it’s best to decide on a roller doorway since it requires the minimum inner space to operate, therefore will release some additional space inside the garage.

Assessing your doorway

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Trying to find a brand new garage door for the property, it’s a good idea to take down measurements of your garage before making any purchases. It’s going to provide you with a bright idea about what’s going to work. Garage-doors need space for the parts to fit, which means you might discover that a particular design of doorway will likely function better with specific specifications. While measuring your garage, record the info for the structural opening, then the inside face, the sum of space room for both sides of the garage door opening, and the headroom. Take the information with you to a preferred garage-door supplier to explore your options in detail. Sometimes the experts can do the measuring for you too!

Bespoke garage door

For those who might possess a specific garage at heart or would like to adapt to your vehicles, then you may well be best to consider using a bespoke garage door made to your specifications. For example, a design with a blend of materials and any color. The system for working the carport entryway can even be bespoke as long as it is inside the confirmed parameters and conforms to safety regulations, particularly, for operated electric remote control.

Two single garage doors or double garage door?

Design- Whenever you get a double door installed in your home, the doorway becomes a significant part of your property’s design. By putting 2-doors, you put less focus on the layout, giving a higher balance between your garage doors and the rest of the home. It is all a matter of preference. Practicality- Sometimes your 16-foot-wide doorway can’t open, and possibly the two cars can get out. It’s nearly impossible for the same situation to happen when you have two doors as you could always open one. During freezing or cold weather, opening a double garage doorway enables more cold air into the garage, decreasing fast the inside temperature. Less chilly air travels through a single door. A small gap in the cost-The cost of two doors comes almost the same to a dual doorway. However, if you like electric openers on both the doors, then it will probably cost more.

Tips On How To Select Your New Garage Door Opener

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At Sure Fix Garage Door, we know that choosing a type of garage door opener is not easy and more if you do not have the experience. Since you may be making your first purchase or is the first time you see yourself in the task of needing one for your home because yours has already reached the end of its useful life, but you do not know what the ideal one for the type of doors you may have installed is. Well, we provide you with a short introduction of what you may need depending on the type of door you have so that your election process is much more comfortable and you do not have any inconvenience at the time of installation. Here we present some of the options you have for your garage doors:
  1. Chain transmission: This is one of the most common garage doors, the opening of the chain transmission uses a metal chain to connect the door to the engine of the opener. When the engine kicks in, the chain pulls the garage door in motion either open or closed.
  1. Belt drive: Belt drive operates on the same principle as the metal chain openers. While chain openers are often noisy, belt-drive openers are less noisy, and you have less noise when using them.
  1. Screwdriver: While we have a chain system or transmission belt uses a combination of engine power, chains or belts, and gravity to activate the door, activation by screw this is rotated around a long bar, much like a screw through the motor and thus act to open and close.
  1. Computerized control systems: These use an electronic module located directly above the garage door (instead of a motor) this controls the engines situated directly on the doors. When they receive the signal, the module determines the position of the door to see if it needs to open or close.
You have to take certain types of considerations to summarize, and you can make the best of the choices based on what we have already seen throughout this small article, and the recommendations are the following:
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Each model of garage door opener has its own benefits and disadvantages, the model by chain transmission is very reliable and low budget, but they are very noisy. Belt-drive models are much quieter, but they are not as strong and durable as metal chains. The screw drive models are very quiet and durable, but they are more expensive and difficult to install. The units controlled by the computer are costly and are not very universal, they have to meet specific requirements in the garage to be able to install them.
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At Sure Fix Garage Door, we take the time to advise our customers very well to ensure that they are choosing the opener that meets and fully satisfies the needs that we have with it. We have the best and most efficient methods of installation in the market based on our extensive experience putting ourselves at the service of our clients. You can consult with us about the type of model you have for us to provide the garage door opener model and type that suits you best concerning the kind of door you have and this is not a difficult task, leave everything in our hands, and you will see the best results. We have a comprehensive maintenance service to compliment us even more. Every day our team tries to advance and be at the forefront of the best equipment and installation methods to take them directly to practice with our customers. We invite you to contact us by phone at our number (727)-741-4664 to connect you with a specialist giving you the best care. At the end of the installation, you will receive the best recommendations so that the useful life of your opener is correct and that you can prolong it as much as possible since following the recommendations very well will lead to a significant saving of money.
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Leave The Garage Door Repair to the Professionals

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Many people search for a garage door repair in St. Petersburg, FL because they forget to take care of their carport. Many of us take our garage doors for granted and day in and day out we use the garage to park our vehicle and protect it from inclement weather. It provides conveniences that make life a little easier. However, the garage door system area wears down.

As the ideal garage door spring repair in St. Petersburg, FL, we believe ourselves to be experts. Consideration the risks, both regarding financial expenses and potential injury that arises from trying to fix a garage door spring up yourself. It’s crucial to understand why doing a DIY job could feel right at the beginning. But something could go wrong, and you will regret not calling a specialist. So, why not do a DIY gig?

Why put up these guidelines?

When we pull up to the garage, then we tap a button and we expect to have the ability to park. And leave the car secure and safe behind a closed door while we head on home. However, it’s inevitable that when a door gets older, things will start to break down. And as it evolves, safety and dependability will suffer.

Therefore that’s why we put together this handy guide to garage door spring replacement. So that you shouldn’t attempt to fix a garage door spring up on your own. Our objective is to offer you with the right info that will help you make the best decision for the security. Mostly for your loved ones and the safety of one’s home.

Why don’t I replace my own garage springs?

should i replace my own garage door springs

Garage door springs are accessible at many hardware stores. Therefore it’s enticing to attempt to conserve money and do it all yourself. How hard is to replace a spring? Well, that’s not the correct question as regrettably, there are quite significant risks in taking the DIY approach.

Remember that the typical garage door weights hundreds of pounds, so, therefore, the spring needs to hold enough tension to lift this heavy load. So garage door springs are always under incredible pressure. Whenever you change the springs, you discharge that pressure. As it occurs, you produce a significant amount of kinetic energy, and that energy goes somewhere. Usually, a spring up airborne through the garage at incredible speeds.

Think about the evidence left behind when a garage door spring break on its own. Many have gotten back from work only to find the garage not opening. Sometimes it’s worse, and the extra car gets smashed, or things left by the doors get thrown everywhere. While homeowners would think they were robbed, but upon further examination, they find their spring had snapped.

A snapped spring could cause that type of damage to an auto or other things, imagine if it were to break when you were attempting to remove the pressure. Usually, garage door springs get installed around tight spaces along the doorway tracks. To take them off, you have to work in a close area. Meaning the body and your face will undoubtedly be in range when the pressure gets discharged.

Garage Door accidents

garage door accidents

Between 2013 and 2017 there were around 87,000 injuries because of carport entryways. A portion of those injuries results in deaths. The others have reported losing fingers and deep cut wounds. We don’t have an exact number of garage door spring accidents, but we’re sure that there are many.

Actually, replacing springs and the labor isn’t that costly. Seeing the dangers, allowing a professional to fix the springs is much less expensive than hospital invoices. And needless to say, nothing will replace a loved one so let an expert help.

The Best Garage Door Installation Tips

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The words garage door repairs and garage door installations don’t seem worrisome to some as it’s not an everyday work affair. However, with some estimates that average $147-$331 for repairs and$700 and up for set-up you will need all the help you could get. Garage doors are constructed to last, but occasionally they need to be substituted as a result of wear, tear, and damage. Most garages use an overhead which rolls up and down, guided using a track. Most opened automatically, though some open by hand as an alternative. Sometimes garage door set up could get complex because of exposed wires and thick panels. So it is usually a project best left for the experts, but some will dare to take the adventure on their own. Below are a few tips that will help you through the duration of the installment process.

First read all the information

Read and then memorize the directions before you start building a DIY project. Reading through the instructions looks like a waste of time, but will help you in the long run. For instance, if you have a brand new construction home or have not ever had a doorway opener, you need to purchase and put in a header plus supports. If you were unaware of these hiccups, then you certainly need to read the instructions. Also, be aware of the tools you’re going to need.

Deciding on the right garage door

The very first task is to decide on the perfect garage door for your home. Available in lots of distinctive colors and styles, they come made from a wide variety of materials. However, each has their very particular pros and cons. Aluminum is popular because it’s affordable and low-maintenance. Also, it’s lightweight, which lessens wear and tear onto the springs and cables. Metal doors are more cumbersome but more durable and costlier. You might also locate composite doorways, which come made from the steel core covered in fiberglass or vinyl. Some individuals decide to use wood, but those have mostly dropped out of fashion because they are high-maintenance.

Picking the ideal security attributes

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Select a garage door that comes with safety characteristics that will protect your household against accidents. Electronically-controlled garage-doors should come designed with a sensor which prevents it from closing when anything approaches its route or the doorway. The detector should lie about half a foot off the floor. Safety cables prevent injuries from wires which can break suddenly and therefore one of the most necessary security functions. Pinch-resistant doors originate with a design which helps thwart fingers from accidentally getting caught between the sections while the doorway moves.

Staying secure during setup

It’s significant that you follow proper security measures throughout the installation. Keep kids and animals out of this manner until the entranceway gets fix correctly. Anyone working with you should have gloves and eye protection. When dealing with cables under tension remain cautious, because some cause severe injuries should it snap.

Mounting your door

mounting your door
Ready to replace your new garage door? Then it’s a superb notion to replace your existing brackets, tracks, as well as other hardware. These parts might corrode or break over time, which is easier to displace them now instead of waiting around for something to go wrong in the future. It also helps to make sure that your new garage door will work as efficiently and dependably as feasibly thought. During setup, make sure you understand how the garage door works. Individually, pay attention to the emergency release feature on the digital control gates. It will permit you to start and shut the door if there’s an electricity outage.

See a setup video

If the schooling manuals aren’t helping you, there are many users made YouTube videos which show the basics of garage-door setup. Many garage manufacturers have created official installment videos too. When in question, have a trip around the internet to discover an instructional video clip. However, if it’s too much work for you, then you could easily give us a ring. And we can do all the heavy lifting!

Three Different Types of Garage Door Openers

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Finding your new garage door openers might be a complicated procedure. However, there in fact only some things that you should remember while picking a garage door opener and a garage door spring repair is not one of them. Mostly as they’re not related but sometimes when things fail; they fail. But let’s get back to the subject. A better straightforward strategy is a remote garage door opener. Then listed below are many types of home openers you should think about installing. Also, several benefits and drawbacks they bring.

The chain drive and belt drive

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Both chain drive garage door opener and belt-drive openers are perhaps the most popular that people buy. These garage openers employ a chain on a pulley which opens your door or closes. Chain-drives are popular because they are reliable and affordable. But a substantial disadvantage having a chain drive is they’re noisy and most useful suited for detached garages. Belt types will operate finely under most situations. But they could slide when working in extreme heat or during times of high humidity. An average belt won’t last as long as a chain which means you are going to need to change them often. On the upside, they usually arrive with a superior warranty than chain drive methods. Fundamentally, both belt and chain drive openers possess their advantages, but it indeed boils down to own personal preferences. If reliability in any weather using almost any size doorway is the most critical for you personally, you’re likely going to need a chain drive system. However, if you desire your doorway to be silent and run as smoothly and fast, you’re probably going to wish to decide on belt drive garage doors.

The screw-drive

The next form of garage door opener is popularly called the screw-drive and runs on the threaded steel rod that goes a trolley that transitions the garage door into an open or shut position. A good thing about the screw- drive method is that it uses fewer parts. So, less expensive maintenance as time passes. But, yes, a disadvantage for the screw drive is how much noise it generates while working. A screw-drive garage door opener uses a threaded steel pole to move through the lifting mechanism. As the rode rotates, it compels the trolley over the trail to lift or lower the entranceway. But it’s perhaps not entirely as silent like a belt drive version. The twist mechanism will start to generate some noise since it’s threaded through when it’s quite dry. So, conventional adding machine oil will help remedy the sound.

To Conclude

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There are the different type of garage-door-openers which you could install or allow us to help. With these three type, you will have to discover the ideal garage door opener for your property, based mostly on convenience, cost, and maintenance. But if you are unsure, think about assessing with a business which features garage doors like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. In this manner, an expert will fit you with all the very best strategy which matches your budget and your requirements. With regards to carport entryway openers, there are two that make up the most choices both belt drive and chain drive. But if you don’t like those options then go with the screw-drive opener.

Things To Look For When Purchasing a Garage Door

things to look for when purchasing a garage door
Getting the right Garage Door Openers in St. Petersburg, FL doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. But they do bring a lot of options or upgrades so, a quick rundown could help out. Usually, the expert Garage Door Installations in St. Petersburg, FL that your trying to hire has many ideas on this subject so don’t be afraid to ask. Let’s look at carports characteristics and features: Top Capabilities
  1. Low sound. If you are very sensitive to noise or have space directly above or next to your garage, some belt-drive, direct-drive or even screw-drive version can be the best option.
  2. Remote control dependability. If you reside in a densely populated neighborhood, the signals out of most your neighbors’ garage door openers might limit your opener. Try to get a dual-frequency garage door opener, which switches between 2 frequencies to decrease disturbance.
  3. Rolling-code security technology. This tech chooses a brand new, non-repeating access code from countless possibilities every single time you use the handheld remote controller. It keeps thieves from guessing your opener’s signal. And it maintains your neighbor’s handheld remote controller out of unintentionally opening your door.
  4. A keypad or touch-pad for remote entrance. Sometimes this feature does not come standard with the unit you’ve picked, it comes as an option.
  5. Battery backup. It gives the option to remain using your garage door opener during power outages. Nonetheless, it’s an uncommon feature, comprised just on a couple of models. When a battery backup is missing, the garage door opener needs to possess a manual release which allows you to start and close your garage door when an electricity outage happens.
  6. Overhead lights. Lights are typical on most of the garage-door-openers. Look for lights that you could control independently of their door opening or closing.
  7. Internet connectivity. Smart homes are getting into everything nowadays including garage door openers. Check the status of your garage door with your smartphone (if it’s open or shut remotely). So you’re probably going to have to find a garage door opener with some kind of Internet-connected control to get this feature.
Knowing the engine’s horsepower before you proceed its essential

What type of engine do you really want?

garage door motor engine
Garage-doors come lightweight, uninsulated aluminum cases to heavy models with the insulating material, glass, or wood. While weight is essential, many garage doors have counterbalanced therefore a 1/2 horsepower garage door opener should work adequately for average use. Ultimately, factors like size and how many times you make use of the garage are more critical. The significant benefit of choosing a high horsepower opener (an average of 3/4, inch or more 1 1/4 horsepower equivalent) is it opens a doorway without strain. That is apparently a plus for more robust, larger doors, and, where the opener gets used more frequently.

How high do you want your door?

how high do you want your door
  Most garage door opener needs at least 7-foot-high space without any a modification, however many need extension kits to get to higher positioned doors. You could pay roughly $50 extra for some extension kits.


Your garage door opener handles the biggest moving thing in your home (a standard home garage door weights more than 500 pounds). Federal law calls for garage door openers made after 1993 include sensors to protect against the door from hitting anyone who could get on its path.

Automatic reverse

Automatic reverse stops the doorway and lifts off almost any obstacle as it’s another essential safety feature. A garage door openers count upon sensors that prevent a garage door when it will come in contact with an object. Other units have sensors that shoot an invisible laser beam across the garage opening and certainly will stop or reverse the door if something passes the beam.

DIY or hire an expert?

garage door springs
Not every homeowner is fully equipped to tackle the work of installing a new garage door opener. For people that do desire to take on the job, it’s possible for people with minimum repair man abilities. However, professionals will do the job more efficiently and less stressful for both the homeowner and the property.

Garage Door Repair Advice

garage door repair advice

Garage doors are very common today, for various reasons people request that they are installed, but what happens if these doors are not given the appropriate maintenance? It can cause many inconveniences for homeowners, home security will be affected. That’s why Sure Fix Garage Door Repair offers garage door repair service, no matter what your emergency, we will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our company specializes in the repair of garage doors of the following brands: Clopay, Unique Garage Door, and Amarr. The various maintenance we offer range from garage cables, door rollers, sensors and all kinds of damaged parts of garage doors. We offer one-day repair service, and we are always available for any emergency, we will always have an expert ready to assist you as soon as possible.

The useful life of our garage doors will depend on the care and maintenance given to them, from the moment of installation. That is why in the repair of garage doors every failure that the door presents are taken into account, from the most technical to the most dangerous such as accidents. We always want our clients to be protected and safe from any incident that might happen, due to the lousy care of their doors.

man standing in middle of garage doors

A door that is not given the proper care can work wrongly, squeak if it is not well greased, hooked if the gears and mechanisms of rising and displacement have not been adequately checked or even not operated if the control system has been damaged. The most crucial thing is that we avoid any accidents, with garage doors that fall suddenly or close early. That is why it is essential to have a team with a high expertise in all garage door repairs.

After the repair, we will provide you with the following advice: avoid dirt because this will put at risk the mechanisms and parts that move the door, beware of humidity as it can damage the control panels if they are not well insulated. Lubrication, liquid fat applied every two months is essential to keep the door in excellent condition.

The areas to be greased are those in which the door rotates: the gears, the rollers, and the wheels. For hinged doors, it is always advisable to check the hinges, the lock, and the latch if it is operated with a traditional key design. These are the advice of many experts in garage door repair, to avoid any unnecessary expenses in costly repairs because these tips will help you keep your doors always beautiful and well cared for. Do it on average every sixty days to prevent any future problems.

Our work in garage door services is to provide you with the best options regarding garage door repair. Because we always have the best equipment at hand not only to advise you on the damage or problem you have with your garage door. But to provide you the best option and how to proceed most effectively and quickly to solve such damage or problem because we have a full repertoire when it comes to repairing.

Since we have the trust in the quality that our products provide us and the ability of our technical experts to solve even the most damaged doors that our clients have in their garage, we support and believe in our products from brands by Clopay, Unique Garage Door, and Amarr. That we have placed them to the most rigorous tests regarding durability in most common environments and circumstances that arise at the time of repair.

What are you waiting for to contact us, at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair we will be willing to answer each of your questions and provide you with the best solutions for garage door repair, and we are available to offer our services as the trust that our customers deposit in us is our highest satisfaction. Do the test, and we assure you that you will not regret the Sure Fix Garage Door Repair team will professionally advise you.

Maintenance of Garage Doors Saves You Cash!

maintenance of garage doors saves cash
Garage door repairs in St. Petersburg, FL are very common today, maintenance of garage doors is crucial to a long lasting garage. It can cause many inconveniences for homeowners; home security will be affected. We don’t want to put family and business at risk! Besides the lost of unexpected income. Maintaining and inspections are crucial to a long-lasting garage. That’s why Sure Fix Garage Door Services offers garage door repair service, no matter what your emergency you have.

We specialize in the maintenance and repair of garage doors.

garage door maintenance
The various maintenance we offer range from garage cables, garage door spring repairs, sensors and all kinds of damaged parts of garage doors. We provide a one-day repair service, and we are always available for any emergency you may have. Sure fix garage services has an expert at your disposal to assist you a.s.a.p. The life of garage doors depends on the care and maintenance that you give it, starting from the moment of installation. We examine everything to make sure we find the solution. From the most technical and precautions to avoid accidents. We always warn our clients about any incident that might happen due to negligence. Not inspecting a garage door will malfunction, make sure you call a company if you hear squeaks. Also hooked if the gears and mechanisms of rising and displacement have not maintained. Or even not operated if the control system is damaged. The most important thing is that we avoid accidents, with doors that fall or close early. That is why it is essential to have a team specialized in garage door repairs.

After the repair of garage doors we give you the following advice:

  1. Avoid dirt, because this could put at risk the mechanisms that move the door.
  2. Check for moisture as it can damage the control panels when humidity kicks in.
  3. Lubrication, liquid grease applied every two months is essential to keep the door in excellent condition.
The areas to be greased are those in which the door rotates such as gears, rollers, and wheels. For hinged doors, it is advisable to check the hinges, lock, and the latch if it’s a traditional key. These are the advice of experts in garage door repair, to avoid unnecessary expenses in repairs because these tips will help them keep their doors always beautiful and well cared for. Do it every sixty days to prevent future problems.

Our blog at Sure Fix garage is to provide you with the best options regarding maintenance of garage door.

Because we have the best equipment available, not only to advise you with the damage or problem in general that you have with your garage door. But also give you the best option and how to proceed most effectively and quickly to solve such damage or problem because we have an extensive repertoire when it comes to repairs. Since we have the confidence that our products offer us and the ability of our technicians to solve most of the damages that our clients may have in their garage doors, we support our products provided by Clopay, Unique Garage Door, and Amarr. That we have subjected them to the most rigorous tests regarding durability in most environments and circumstances that arise at the time of repair. What are you waiting for to contact us, at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair we will be ready to answer each of your doubts and provide you with the best solutions for the repair of your garage door. At any time any day, we are ready to offer you our services and that the trust that our clients place in us is our most significant satisfaction. Take the test! We assure you will not regret that the Sure Fix Garage Door Repair team takes control of your Garage Door repair emergency, it will be a pleasure to assist you. We will wait for you and advice you right.

What To Look For In A Garage Repair Company?

Your garage door is one of the weakest entry spots for burglars. So, when it comes to something as serious as a garage door repair, you don’t want to hire the wrong garage door repair company. Unless you already have an established relationship with a local garage door repair company, you may be finding yourself in a pickle, when the need for a garage door repair catches you by surprise. Many repair companies are not qualified to provide a quality job. Garage door repair in Clearwater FL will provide you with excellent tips to hire a reputable garage door company

Ask for reference

As they say, worth to mouth is the best way to find a reputable company. Getting personal references from family members on the jobs performed by a door repair company will help you make a better an informed decision.

Check critical information

sure fix garage door repair
If you don’t have a personal reference, you can always do a quick Google search for “garage door repair,” and you will quickly find plenty of options. However, as many Google searches have resulted in scam, if you decide to go with that option, make sure you call them and very essential information such as:
  • Website
  • Address
In today’s technological work, all real and reliable companies will have a website. If the company you’ve chosen does not have a site at all, that is a big red flag, be careful!

Look for red flags

red flags
A quality and trustworthy garage door company won’t do the following things:
  • Multiple company names
  • Using different company names and phone numbers is a big red flag! You can rapidly infer they are trying to hide something! When you look for a company, you want to see consistency.
  • Excessive advertising
Advertising is crucial for any business; however, excessive advertising may represent a concern. A company that over advertises itself spends a lot of money on it; this could mean that they may need to charge high prices to support it.

Trust your intuition

If you have a weird feeling when meeting the repair person, trust your intuition and ask for all their credentials. A trustworthy garage repair company should provide their technicians with proper ID’s.

Place a few calls and compare the information.

phone call
Once the companies you’ve chosen have passed the first and second filter, place a few calls and ask important questions such as:
  • The time they have been on business
  • If they use sub-contractors
  • The warranties that are offered
  • Ask for a quote
Compare their responses to choose the best option. Remember that to avoid a scam or a poor quality service; the cheapest option is not always the best one.

Check BBB Ratings

Before making your final decision, consider checking their ratings. Facebook, Google provide you with great ratings and you can also ask for clients they work with to talk too.

The Risks of DIY Garage Door Springs

the best garage door installation tips
Is your garage door struggling to open and close? This problem could be due to a bad torsion spring, and you may need to have a garage door repair. With many videos tutorials on the internet, it may seem simple. Most of us like to take on many DIY home projects. However, not every home repair should be taken care of by yourself, especially if you don’t have the experience. Garage door repair in Clearwater, FL recommends you NEVER to attempt to replace the garage door springs by yourself as this can be incredibly dangerous.  Springs hold a considerable amount of tension that allows them to lift and lower the door every time. When the springs get loose, rusty or crack, they can stop working and can crash down and crush anything in its path.

How do garage springs work in the first place?

garage door spring mechanism

There is a wide variety of garage doors, they range in sizes and styles, however; there are only two types of garage springs: The torsion spring ant the extension spring. The most common type of garage door system is a torsion spring system. This mechanism is mounted horizontally above the door in a lot of them. The garages also has some that the spring goes on the bottom As the door comes down, the cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door cause the springs to spool up creating some stored energy. The other type of garage door is the one that uses an extension spring system. In this mechanism, the springs attach to cables which connect to bottom corners of the door. When the garage door closes the springs join together. When the door is open the energy that is stored lifts the door.

How long do these springs last?

garage door spring repair To estimate the lifespan of springs, we work with operation cycles. A typical system last 10,000 cycles. Meaning that if you use your garage door twice per day, the spring system will endure you over 12 years. So, why is it so dangerous to replace your garage springs? When the door has reached these 10,000 estimated cycles, the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break. As we explained before, both torsion and extension spring systems operate under excessive tension, as they hold the entire weight of the door.

Unless you are a trained technician, we do not recommend you to DIY repair garage door springs.

sure fix garage door logo introduction If a spring breaks, the garage door will fall abruptly due to a large amount of energy stored in its springs. The whole weight of the door will fall of crushing anything on its path, which can cause you a severe injury or property damage. Also, to attempt a repair, you would have to have some experience in the area, as you need to under would need to know how the springs, drums, lifting cables and brackets all work.

What should you do if my spring breaks?

Even knowing that springs last about 10,000 cycles, it is challenging to determine when the springs are close to reaching this cycle unless we keep a strict record.  What we recommend you is to have your garage door inspected at least once a year. Providing regular maintenance to your garage door will prevent potential issues. Experts will be on the lookout for broken, damaged or rusty components and also will apply lubricant if needed. If you still want to DYI, we suggest you secure the area by keeping the door in a closed position. If your door was open while the spring broke, attempt to close it and then unplug the garage opener. Then call your emergency repair service.