5 Garage Door Problems That Can Mean Unforeseen Repairs

Top garage door problems solved

Most garage door problems people encounter are because the garage door is obsolete. Often people struggle with getting their garage door to open or close consistently. The door struggling to open or close can ruin a homeowner’s day, for example, leaving to work or coming from a long day of work. Most people don’t think about garage doors. Well, until it’s broken down and we’re in a hurry. And unfortunately need the help of a Garage door repair in Clearwater, FL team.

Nonetheless, it’s simple to ensure that it works reliably and adequately by employing Garage Door Repair Service near me experts to perform a regular inspection. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair handles enormous and small garage door repairs with a quality craft. Sometimes it might be too late for your garage door, then consider a new garage door installation. But let’s better understand the top garage door problems you may encounter before the decision to buy a new one comes up.

1. Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Common garage door problems usually are because of spring issues. There are two essential types of springs you may have either: torsion and extension. People install torsion springs above doors, while you find extension springs on both sides. You may use torsion springs for the heavier doors and the torsion springs on lighter doors.

Maybe your garage door stops in the opening, descends fast, or hangs crookedly. At that point, those are significant signs that the garage door requires spring adjustment or replacement. You can inspect the springs yourself, for example, searching for apparent wears on the springs.

2. The Garage Door Opens or Closes with an Uproar

The spring might be broken. If not the torsion spring, the other reason is that one of the lifting cables broke or about to give way. Perform a visual check to see if something seems out of place or malfunctioning. However, a DIY gig is out of the question, so consider contacting a garage door spring expert.

3. A Fallen Garage Door

New garage door installation near me

It happens because one of the horizontal tracks falls out of alignment; the metal bracket comes loose. Or the bolts holding the bracket may come unscrewed. If the garage door touches the floor, get in touch with us immediately. Please don’t attempt to lift it all alone. Close the door and tighten the bolts that hold the bracket if the rollers are still in the tracks.

4. When Shutting the Door, it goes down, and Afterward Abruptly goes Up

Check the eye sensor units since often they get misaligned by you or your car. There’s a button for changing the motor sensitivity when the operator closes the door on the garage door opener. There’s an invisible beam that travels across the door jamb.

If the beam encounters objects or gets cut off, the door interprets a person or thing is standing in the way. To fix this issue, align both eye sensor units with each other. Investigate the control panel; a light should stop blinking that tells you the sensors are aligned.

5. Garage Door Roller Replacements

Rollers help your door slide on the tracks; they won’t correctly work when they break or bend. A noisy garage door is a top sign you need a roller replacement. Yet, an inspection can likewise uncover other issues. It’s essential to replace rollers before they damage the tracks, as a track replacement can cost more money.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can Help Solve All Your Garage Door Problems!

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

I have shown you some common garage door problems. While you can fix any garage door problems, don’t try the ones that may cause you bodily damage like spring or track replacement. Always have the contact number of an expert like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

Garage doors are under enormous tension and can mean trouble for most people who have never worked with a garage door. Garage door DIY gigs can result in injury if you’re new to garage door repairs and maintenance, but don’t worry; we can help. Please leave it to the experts.

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7 Commercial Garage Door Services Business Owners Could Need

Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services

Like residential garage door installations, commercial garage door repair services are common too, to the dismay of business owners. Indeed, a commercial garage door may even require more support and inspections than home garage doors.

So it’s essential to know how to service these machines. You have to understand the commercial garage doors are used more frequently. And that means more tear and wear on the parts meaning more commercial garage door repair services.

Most high-quality commercial garage doors work to the highest standards and can withstand a lot of pressure. The same as other mechanical devices with metal parts, there might be issues that come up. It can happen since the garage door has many moving parts involved with opening and closing the door.

Let’s check out below 7 commercial garage door repair services you can use if your door experiences issues.

Commercial Garage Door Roller Replacement Services

Your rollers allow your garage door to move smoothly all over the track, as you open and close it. After some time, they get worn or move out of place. This makes the door move along the track roughly. When you see this happen, inspect the rollers.

Often, you may only require the rollers to be reinstalled in their place. They can move out of position by the door vibrations, so it’s a simple repair for the professional. If you have an old commercial door, the rollers can become too flexible or bent, affecting their movement.

When you can’t fix them, they need a replacement. A commercial garage door master can easily replace your rollers for you and prolong the life of the garage door.

Commercial garage door cable replacement services

Another significant part of your garage door is the cables. The cables are used in the pulley system that opens and closes the door for you. No matter if you bought the best quality cables, they will eventually wear out. If the door doesn’t open as it should, consider a commercial garage door cable replacement.

If you have broken, rusted, or damaged cable, a professional will replace them for you. Instead of DIY, It’s significant that you call a specialist to do this for you. Because of their essential part of the system, a mistake made by an amateur can and will cause serious injuries and even death.

Commercial garage door spring replacement services

Garage door spring maintenance

Another dangerous part of the garage door you need expert advice is commercial garage door spring replacement or repair. The springs provide your door the tension it needs to open. Because they hold so much tension, that why there so dangerous.

Commercial garage door springs will experience wear and tear and will eventually snap or break. If you’re present when that occurs, it could shoot and hurt you. If you’re not present you will hear a loud bang that will scare you.

When you want to avoid an incident like this, consider inspecting your springs regularly. If they’re showing signs of wear, have them replaced immediately. It’s essential to do replace the springs before they snap and cause bodily damage. I recommend hiring an expert instead of DIY since saving a few pennies is not worth your life.

Commercial garage door hinge repair and replacement services

If the commercial garage door has old hinges, you may see lousy performance as it opens and closes. If you see it sticks while operating, stutter, or stop when you attempt to open it? That can be a sign the hinges are getting bent, twisted, or broken.

Call the commercial garage door repair service to deal with this issue, they will usually recommend a replacement rather than a fix. Because it’s less expensive to replace hinges and provides more service time from your garage door.

Commercial garage door track repair

commercial garage door repair services

A reason the commercial garage door stutters or doesn’t open correctly is twisted tracks. The garage door moves on the tracks, and if the track isn’t in great shape it will cause issues. When you don’t fix this small issue, it may turn into a big problem that affects and damages the door.

Some attempt to save some cash and DIY, however, it’s best to hire an experts repair team instead. They will inspect it and let you know whether you can fix the tracks, or whether to have them replaced.

New replacement Parts

When the garage door needs a new part, consider purchasing the garage door parts from the same company or supplier. They will use the same suppliers to match the part that you need.

If the company doesn’t have the garage door part anymore, they can find the best similar part, to assist you with making the repair that you need.

Garage Door Inspections and Tune-Ups

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

The most significant support a garage door repair team can give is garage door inspections and tune-ups. It’s essential to inspect a garage door frequently, for example, checking all the moving parts, and ensuring all the parts work correctly. You can do the simple inspection like tightening loose bolts, but it can be difficult to find all the issues. Commercial garage door repair services will deal with that for you, so you don’t need to stress over anything.

When the professionals finish the inspection, they’ll likewise recommend repairs that need your attention. Besides lubricating the moving parts they can also replace the springs. When the experts finish the garage door maintenance or repairs, your commercial garage door will work like new again. It bodes well to hire Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts since they can provide you with serenity knowing they can handle your repairs too.

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How to Secure your New Garage Door Installation?

Expert garage door installation security tips

A new garage door and its installation can be useful for many things: as a storage unit, car parking, as a workshop, even as the entrance to the theater room! However, when using your garage, keeping it secure is a must for your safety. So, if you install a garage door with high-security features it will lower its chances of being targeted.

 We stress much about keeping our home windows and entryways locked, yet the new garage door installation is a frequent target door for burglars. When you joined your carport to your home—or if you keep anything of significant worth such as power tools—you should apply these security strategies to keep trespassers out.

New garage door and installation versus old

Modern garage door installation job

No matter the style of operation, an old garage door will struggle to provide security as a modern one. Mostly, an old garage door will not have current security features, for example, a euro profile cylinder locking system.

They’ll also experience natural degradation and design flaws. A vulnerable garage door can become an aim for criminals when you have secured the front door and windows. To have a secure garage door, consider upgrading to a new modern garage door.

Replacing Your Garage Door in Clearwater

Yes, garage door replacement in Clearwater is another move you can make to upgrade your home security. If your present garage door is cheap, obsolete, or hollow built. Intruders, well-talented ones recognize the garage door material. Weak and thin garage doors will be an ideal target for a burglar touch and eyes. To negate this, consider replacing your garage door to a sturdier, strong core design door.

Remember this can be a fairly expensive project as strong core doors cost more than their hollow brothers. However, the true serenity will be justified, despite the cost. Besides the added security you will also have better energy efficiency from a strong core garage door.

Keep your garage door opener in the house

It’s convenient to keep your garage door openers control in the vehicle. However, it makes it simple for burglars to grab it. Instead, start bringing your control into the house with you. Connect the remote to your key chain so you don’t forget it but only if its small remote control. Or, if you have no choice but to leave it in the vehicle, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so burglars can’t see or take it.

Use a Door Devil

Door Devil
Image courtesy: Door Devil

When your carport has a side door, burglars can get inside the house. Gadgets like Door Devil can prove useful to prevent entry. These doorstops screw into the ground and keep your entryway from being bypassed. You can also install a Door Devil on your other exterior entryways in your home to increase your security.

Keep windows frosted

garage door with windows

People who drive or walk past your home can see inside your garage are more likely to attack your garage door. So, if you have garage door windows, use frosted spray paint to increase your privacy and security, or set up covers to keep anybody from looking inside. Now, modern garage doors can come with tempered glass so if a burglar tries to break the window nothing happens after.

Alarm system

Garage door alarms work like traditional ones on homes; if they sense motion, they’ll transmit a loud alarm. You can look for an excellent garage door alarm to keep your garage secure at many online stores. With many types accessible, there’s one that will meet your requirements.

Some are simple alarms that will set off loudly if set off, some are gravity-activated, and there are even some that enable you to monitor various areas with two-way communication cams and sensors!

Pick the correct garage door materials

If you have a broken or frail garage door, it’s much simpler for individuals to break in. You need to have a steel or sturdy wood garage door, so it can prevent break-ins and battle burglars forced entry techniques. You also have to give it the proper care so it doesn’t become weak.

What is the most secure garage door?

The most ideal approach to keep criminals away from entering your garage is by installing a quality garage door. Material is the most essential thing to consider, for instance, wooden and heavy-duty steel doors are the strongest.

Side-hinged garage doors are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Likewise, they can easily increase the security in your carport with added locks because of their opening movements.

The top benefit of side-hinged garage doors is that you don’t need to have the entire garage door open revealing all your valuables to possible intruders.

Usually, up and over garage doors were made initially weak and offered low security. Now, they have improved since materials have advanced. Less expensive doors don’t offer security, but picking better material will increase the garage door security.

Roller garage doors arrive more compact and flawless in contrast with different options available making these doors desirable. The drawback of this sort of roller doors is that they require a lot of headroom to accommodate the roll and can take more time to open and close during an emergency.

Are roller garage doors secure?

Regarding security, roller garage doors are an excellent choice. These doors give burglars almost no opportunities to bypass the edges as the professional garage door installer can install it without a frame.

Sectional garage doors are robust and dependable regarding security. The door is split into sections and the door collapses once more into the roof of a carport along with the frame.

Sectional doors offer better security because they don’t provide obvious points of attack. So, a sectional garage door is perfect for homes searching for a secured solution.


Install motion-detecting lights

garage door exterior motion lights

Keeping your garage door and installation exterior with ample lighting will prevent criminals from attacking at night. You can look for top motion-detecting lights that do everything from simple motion sensing to alarming you through an application when its light turns on. To keep your garage guarded and monitored, investigate home surveillance cameras.

Keep a radio on

If you sneaked into a house but heard music or noise, will you continue onward? Most likely not. That’s why turning on a radio in your garage regularly will keep burglars away or at least think it’s occupied. Remember, noise means human presence, and criminals don’t want to get arrested so they’ll stay away.

Use a zip tie

Regardless if you have an automatic garage door installation, burglars can still break inside. How? By using a coat hanger to hold and pull the emergency release handle. Yet, don’t panic. There is a straightforward approach to shield your garage door from a break-in.

You can purchase and use a zip tie. When connecting with a loop in the emergency latch, a zip tie prevents thieves from bypassing the automatic door and entering.

Remember, if an emergency like a fire occurs have a scissor or knife nearby to cut it or it’ll take you a couple of extra lifesaving minutes to release the garage door.

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Commercial vs Residential Garage Doors

commercial vs residential garage doors

Residential garage doors installation in Clearwater needs to look and function well. Commercial garage doors shape the entrance point to a lot of commercial places (such as garages). However, these commercial garage doors need to operate more efficiently rather than look aesthetically pleasing.

Usually, commercial garage doors have been constructed to the same specifications as residential garage doors but only to a bigger size. However, some homeowners think that a commercial garage door is built to higher standards than residential doors so they’ll consider calling a garage door installation expert.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of the residential doorway is equally well constructed and as durable as a commercial garage door.

So, let’s check their differences:

Commercial garage doors

commercial garage door

The difference between garage doors would be the size. A standard residential garage door is seven feet in height, but taller and shorter exist. Commercial doors are typically taller since their needed by companies for loading and unloading materials.

A commercial door could be the answer if you’re installing a detached garage with a tall opening. But the business door costs more than residential doors so think about this before buying one. Also, you are going to be limited in the options as these carports don’t have many aesthetic features.

Also, there are a few options available for industrial garage doors that aren’t available for residential garage doors, frequently by the federal law. For instance, the “electrical operator system.”

Residential garage doors

residential garage doors

Residential garage doors can be found in many materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and, composites. However, commercial garage doors are only manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel.

Remember that if you’re currently trying to set up a more durable garage door. Consider using residential garage doors because they have many material options. You could even strengthen your carport by merely installing hardware and hurricane resistant panels.

It’s best left to leave commercial doors in an industrial setting. These carports, in addition to oversized garage doors, maybe against regulations and homeowner association standards. So better check with your garage door installer and building officials to assist you to find the right garage door for your home.

Commercial Overhead Doors Sizes

commercial overhead door sizes

Usually, the dimensions of industrial overhead garage doors fluctuate from 12 x 12 ft (3.6 x 3.6 m) to 16 x 16 ft (4.9 x 4.9 m).On the other hand, sometimes you will want a bigger opening to permit larger vehicles or equipment to enter. For example, to store small airplanes and farm equipment, you will need larger garages.

These doors measure as large as 24 ft (7.3 m) wide and 20 ft (6.1 m) high, and sometimes more. The truth, there’s no limitation on the magnitude of a doorway. However, climate or environment conditions like wind strength will limit the size. Remember that these doors can be installed vertically and open laterally.

Residential garage door sizes

1- A single door:

To get a garage attached or detached from your residence, approximately 12 x 22 ft, the diameter of the most typically found doorway is between 8 and 9 feet or larger up to 20 ft width. Regarding the height, it ranges from 7 to 8 ft.

But regarding height, it can be up to 12 ft, usually, for people who would love to park a recreational vehicle (RV). Now, for installing a garage door for a shed, the dimensions are 8 x 14 ft.

2 – A double door:

To get a garage detached or attached for the home of approximately 18 x 24 ft, then the garage door to get would be up to 16 ft width. Now, height, its 7 or 8 feet. The doorway may go up to ten feet if you need it for an RV.

Commercial vs residential garage doors hardware

New garage door springs installation

Regarding residential and commercial garage doors, you can see most differences in the hardware.

The bigger the sectional garage door, the more the mechanism behind the door to be efficient and powerful. Positively, the size of the door affects the interior mechanism. A larger and heavier door needs stronger and robust equipment to hold it together.

  • One place where you can see stronger hardware is in the tracks. Residential doors use 2 inches equipment, which means the tracks and the rollers that fit are these sizes. But, commercial doors use 2 or 3 inches equipment.


  • Residential doors are used less often, so the metal isn’t as thick as that used for commercial doors.


  • You can also see a distinction in the garage door spring system. For the spring system, besides the size, the weight difference, there is also the number of open and close cycles per day to think about. For example, a dock door can open and close somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 times a day. So, using a heavy-duty spring (25,000 to 100,000 cycles) is justified. Sometimes, residential doors open and close 2 to 5 times a day so (10,000 cycles to 20,000) is recommended.


  • The type of lift system in garage doors is another big distinction. Most residential doors use standard or low-headroom lift types. Then again, commercial doors can use either standard lift as well as high lift or full vertical-lift types.

There are other differences in commercial and residential garage doors that are related to the frequency of use. However, most depend on the business dodging both downtimes from faulty doors and costly fixes from worn equipment parts.

The cost of garage doors

Absolutely, when we require a high-performance door, this affects the cost of the commercial garage door. Commercial and residential garage doors need to last a long time too. Their durability depends immensely on the quality of the equipment and different parts. Plus, garage door opener and accessories.

The decision is then left to the property owners when the time arrives to purchase a door. Strong and durable parts may have a higher initial expense, yet cheaper or less expensive ones may require more garage door maintenance and repairs over the lifetime of the entryway. Paying more to get a dependable garage door as opposed to risking downtime because of a faulty door is the thing to think about.

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New Garage Door Innovation Trends

new garage door innovation trends

The newest and hottest garage door trends in the industry are always a plus for contemporary homeowners. Usually, your new garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL project can take a lot of space on the front of your home. But it’s always a good thing when it comes to getting a better appearance for your house. Replacing your garage doors, mainly if it’s a standard or old garage door to something more beautiful and modern is a simple approach to upgrade the look of your home and curb appeal. 

Now, if you’re in the market for the garage door as a significant part of a redesign or some future dream home project, the industry has as of late created a few innovations that deserve your attention. By upgrading you increase the likelihood of less costly garage door repair services since these features can improve the durability and function of your garage doors. 

New garage doors are designed with higher energy-efficiency, look, safety, and, security as a top priority. These garage door trends and upgrades will make you reconsider your remodeling plans. 

New garage door designs

new garage door designs

When was the last time you were interested in buying another garage door? Never thought about buying one? However, today, garage doors have been elevated to be a vital part of a home instead of an afterthought. 

Remember, homeowners, use the garage door to get inside a home as much as the front door, so it demands some attention both design, looks, and, function. The accessibility of various garage door designs has increased, with models going past the customarily raised panels. New styles run from particular carriage house design to sleek, contemporary, and, minimalist. 

Also, there’s much more with the ability to alter through textures and custom colors that complement the home. Garage doors likewise are accessible in many types of materials, including robust steel, wood, composite, and, aluminum. Furthermore, glass garage doors that allow homeowners to get more light inside their garage. You can also modify it by adding windows. 

Play with your Garage Door Colors

Blue new garage door installation on a house

Usually, garage doors are painted brown, white, and beige as a continuance of the common door trend. However, now be ready for these to change as homeowners want to add bold or dark color to their doors.

Darker browns and blacks accomplish a simple yet bold look. Mainly, these individuals want to add contrast and interest to the exterior of the home. Now, bold and bright colors, for example, blues, greens, and even reds allow homeowner’s homes to really stand out.

Custom garage doors

Regardless if you’re building a home or buying a new door, it takes some time to create your exterior design.

Yet, it also takes time to find the matching garage door that fulfills practicality as well as your home’s appearance. The term one size fits all simply doesn’t work like it used to.

A custom garage door permits you to pick materials, type of door color choices, and inserts, bringing homeowners the freedom they deserve:

  • Pick your door (sectional garage door, roller door, or tilt door.
  • Choose your material (aluminum, timber, steel, Polycarbonate, Color Bond, or Bio Wood).
  • Pick your inserts (mesh for ventilation and light or glass windows for natural light).
  • Browse a wide range of powder coats, colors, and finishes.

Garage door opener innovation

Technology has drastically changed how we work in our homes, for example, innovations that connect devices using the Internet. It means you can more effectively control the function of your garage door utilizing your laptop, tablet, and, smartphone.

You can also program your carport entryway to open as you drive up in your vehicle automatically. Lastly, lock the garage doors remotely if you forgot to lock it. 

Side mount opening system

side mount opening system

If you’re thinking about installing an automatic garage door but are worried about space, consider side mount Jackshaft openers opening system. This option opens up more design possibilities for your home, including heavier entryways, tall ceiling, and, other non-customary projects.

When your experts install the Jackshaft opener, they will mount it on the wall alongside the garage door opening – connecting it to the torsion system spring line. 

Top security features

If you have an older garage door, you probably work it without the advantage of a rolling code automatic garage door opener making your home a straightforward place to burglarize. Buying a current garage door with security features, you don’t risk somebody hacking your garage door opener. 

Moreover, you likewise have the advantage of having sensors that can avert door accidents on pets, kids, adults, and, things like the car since these sensors can detect movement. Sensors can be programmed to turn on lights when motion is identified to help safety and security. With the expansion of innovation, you can watch your garage remotely to determine whether you have burglars in your home. 

Essential Garage Door Trends-Energy-efficient

energy efficient

Insulated garage doors remain a significant upgrade of modern garage doors. You can cut heating and cooling costs by upgrading to an insulated garage door. Old or uninsulated garage doors can cause substantial energy losses – particularly in areas with extreme weather during the winter and summer.

If you live in a hot area, then you know your air conditioner wastes a lot of energy trying to cool the space.

Every year energy bills soar as we push our air systems to high limits in summer to adapt to 40-degree heats. But, we also crank up the heaters in winter to battle the cold.

What people don’t understand is how much heat or cold is lost through a non-insulated garage door.

 An excellent insulated garage door with high R-value controls extraordinary temperatures throughout the year and also lowers your utility bills.

Today top garage door manufacturers combine technology and style by using Polyurethane that is up to 30% more effective than Polystyrene.

Besides regulating the temperature, an insulated garage door will likewise help lessen outside noise, giving you a superior night’s sleep.

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Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

benefits of insulated garage doors

When the weather starts to get chilly and the whole house does too, the benefits of insulated garage doors can play a key part in warmth.

The colder months of the year can be tough to stand, and homeowners make a number one priority keeping the cold out.

Space heaters and insulated walls can do the trick, but if your garage door is missing insulation, the warm air will leak, and all your efforts will be a waste of time, money, and energy.

If you are forking out money on huge electricity bills during winter, this garage door installation will not only is an easy way to update your home an added value, but it will cut down your electric bill. The newest trend is to choose an energy-efficient door or insulated doors to minimize heat loss.

What is an insulated garage door?

what is an insulated garage door

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts believe insulated garage doors are energy efficient because their design prevents heat leak. Insulated doors are made of two layers of steel with insulation in between each layer.

These doors are thicker than the traditional doors (non-insulated doors). Modern technology has made it possible for doors to come in many styles, material, and size in and besides, these are quieter and more resistant than non-insulated doors.

If you plan to replace your garage door, an insulated door may be a good idea, and this is why:

Benefits of insulated garage doors- Energy savings

The design in garages have more gaps, and air leakage is allowed. As a result, garages consume energy. Also, uninsulated garages doors allow the cold air to the nearby rooms through the gaps in the door.

Installing an insulated door moderate the temperature in the garage, reducing the amount of energy required to heat the rest of your house.

Long-lasting garage doors

long lasting garage door

Older garage doors usually have thin steel sheets wrapped over the panel which can be easily dented. Insulated garage doors are durable. These doors contain multiple layers of steel and aluminum which makes them less likely to be damaged

Besides saving money in garage door repairs, added durability increases the lifespan of your garage door. Insulated doors stand up better to bad weather, Cold weather can warp metal components and heat can stress door panels made of vinyl or acrylic.

Insulated doors hold less heat and maintain a moderate temperature inside, meaning these components aren’t exposed to such conditions, helping prolong their lifespan.

Insulated garage doors are quieter

Most doors make noise, from loose chains on the tracks and worn down rollers to poorly lubricated hinges and springs all these produce jerking grumbles and sounds. However, not all noise problems can be solved with maintenance. Some garage doors have lightweight panels that vibrate and create noise.

On the other hand, insulated doors are heavier than regular garage doors because these are composed of many layers constructed tightly together. Heavier doors are less likely to vibrate.

Insulated doors protect your cars

Freezing weather can affect your car in many negative ways. Cold climates shorter or dead batteries, it also thickens the transmission, lowers the air pressure in tires among other things. If your garage has an insulated door, it is very unlikely to be in freezing conditions.

Do you need to buy an insulated garage door for your home?

insulated garage door installation

Well, answer some questions below first to find out if you need to buy an insulated garage door and installed by Sure Fix Garage Door Experts.

  1. Does your home have an attached garage?
  2. Do you live in a region where temperatures fluctuate throughout the year or, hot or cold all year?
  3. Are you using the garage as an office or workspace?
  4. Do animals live in your carport?
  5. Planning to sell the home in the next 10 years?

Is an insulated garage door right for you?

If you answer yes to a few of the questions above, then buy an insulated garage door.

Garage door insulation is critical for attached garages since attached garages share walls with the rest of a home. An inefficiently insulated garage door will permit hot/cold outside air into your carport as well as your home.

Thus, you’ll spend more cash on energy costs, for example, heating or cooling. Also, an attached garage that shares a wall with a bedroom will benefit from an insulated garage door as it will be quieter to operate. Well, with the right operating system and garage door opener too.

If you keep pets in your carport or use it as an office, an insulated garage door installation will assist with keeping safe and comfortable inside temperature. Power tools and vehicles will likewise benefit from being put away in a more stable environment. Extreme temperatures can badly affect your vehicle’s fluids, battery, and tire pressure.

Insulation will likewise reduce noise, for example, if you work with power tools, play or listen to loud music, and more in your carport. Probably your neighbors will thank your insulated garage door for suppressing the commotion.

Now, if you plan to sell your home in the next 10 years, consider buying an insulated garage door. Insulation will increase the home value while decreasing yearly energy costs, enhance garage usability, and boosting your home’s curb appeal. Not to mention you will enjoy the door until you sell the house.

Hire Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

Remember, there are some factors to consider. For instance, how often do you operate your garage door throughout the day? Also, how many times do you or your family open the door?

Every time someone opens the attached garage door, your home’s thermal enveloped breaks down. The insulation value won’t serve much if you or family members constantly open the garage door or by leaving it open for long periods of time.

Yes, if you can manage the cost of it, the installation of an insulated garage door is a great investment. Even though insulated garage doors cost more than non-insulated, the overall appearance, energy savings, and all year benefits of insulated garage doors can allow the investment to pay for itself.

Ready to install your insulated garage door? Contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair!

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Garage Door Windows Pros and Cons

garage door windows

Installing modern garage doors in Clearwater adds both value and improvement to any home, and garage door windows are options that many homeowners can consider when searching for a new door.

So, some homeowners pick garage doors with windows and others go with windowless? The advantages of any new garage door installation in Clearwater include added security, enhanced insulation, energy efficiency, noise reduction. Besides new conveniences with smart applications, and innovation for complete control from anywhere.

The good news, any new garage door – with or without windows – is a risk-free home improvement project with a high ROI. And so, when you update your garage door, you’ll increase your home’s value. But, like most things in life, there are pros and cons. I’ll answer some questions regarding adding garage door windows to a home garage design.

Pros-Garage door windows enhance the style

Garage door windows add style

Style is a significant factor for including the window choices! Adding windows to your garage door you’ll lift your home’s curb appeal plus the windows themselves define the door’s style. Well, for instance, take your regular steel garage door. Next, install windows. Now, your regular steel door is transformed into a traditional or contemporary look with three basic factors: window sizes, shape, and placement.

Pros- Garage door windows add dimension and depth

Better appearance is another reason homeowners decide to add windows to their garage door design. Many street-facing garage doors take a lot of your home’s front facade – usually 30% to 40%. So, most people add windows for their garage door to break up their home’s blocky appearance of two single doors or one double and to better combine the garage into the rest of the home’s exterior design.

Garage door windows can brighten the interior space

garage door installation in Clearwater

Adding windows can enhance the appearance of your home while improving your home curb appeal. But, windows in garages also permit more natural light to flow into your carport. Therefore, you’ll light up the garage and gain the benefits of sunlight. Also, today, garage door windows with different sorts of specialty glass can give insulation and preserve your privacy too.

Cons- Garage door windows can increase property damage

It’s true that outside glass is a place for property damage to happen in case of an awful climate or a stray ball! Fortunately, garage door windows are straightforward to replace.

However, when there a dent on your steel door it would require replacing the entire panel, instead of only one glass. You can likewise get tempered glass which is sturdier than regular glass, and whenever broken, breaks into small harmless pieces.

Cons-Potential Security Risk

Criminals use fishing which is when a criminal pushes the door inward to create a gap at the top, then insert a wire hook and fish for the emergency release handle on your opener. A garage door isn’t simple to get opened, and in certain circumstances, it’s practically impossible.

A few garage door openers, for instance, have a release system that you or the intruder will need to pull straight down and won’t release if the cord is pulled at an angle towards the entryway. While others can be simpler to fish or angle, particularly if your garage door has windows that permit the criminals to see the release handle. Yet, you can fix that issue of fishing by including obscured or tinted glass.

Cons-Increased maintenance

Usually, cleaning garage door with windows takes more time and care than cleaning windowless doors. However, does anybody truly clean their garage door? Simply spray the entire thing with a hose and you’ll be great!

Can windows impact the garage door lifting system?

garage door windows

Yes, adding windows will affect the lifting system when your garage door doesn’t have decorative windows. Depending on your spring system, either torsion or extension, and the age, it’s recommended to invest a few dollars more to the expense of your project to adapt everything to this addition of the total weight of the door.

But, a new garage door with windows won’t have this issue. The most ideal approach to know if your door will need other improvements to handle the extra weight is to hire a garage door expert to inspect your door’s lifting system.

Maybe you may need to change is the garage door opener. Yes, a powerful quality garage door opener can lift a load of 230 lb., yet an older spring system could make things unbalance. An effectively-balanced door seems to weigh around 5-10 lb. when you open it with one hand.

However, an unbalanced door can overload your opener, and cause a safety hazard. If it isn’t working properly, it can push down the same amount of weight as it can lift. It all just means you, pets, and family could be in harm’s way.

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Should I Replace a Dented Garage Door or Fix It Instead?

Replace a Dented Garage Door

Fixing a garage door in Dunedin, FL, or just replace a dented garage door will help recapture your homes curb appeal as significant dents can be an eyesore.

Also, if you’re trying to sell your home it can affect potential homebuyer’s first impression of a house. Remember, even a miniature crack home window can make your buyer think there’s something wrong with your home so imagine a dented garage door.

Aluminum and steel garage doors are popular in many homes. Their strength and low-maintenance make them an excellent decision for homeowners. Despite their benefits, they have one negative aspect; they dent easily.

The dents can be little and not clear from a baseball or huge from unintentional backing into the door making an ugly dent. Usually, a dented garage door can be fixed, but, often a garage door replacement in Clearwater is a superior solution.

First, is the Damage Significant?

Garage door replacement

 A garage door can have dents for many reasons, some can cause more damage than others. When your child’s bicycle bumps into the door or a baseball ricochet off the door, a little dent may result.

However, if a vehicle reverses or accidentally accelerates into the door, there’s a higher possibility the entire garage door may bend. This can cause more damage that may require more work than cannot be accomplished by a simple patch job.

What material is your garage door made of?

Wooden doors that have splintered or scratched could most profit by an expert’s touch. But, if the doors are made of stainless steel or aluminum, little dents can be fixed with the correct tools, materials, and techniques.

You can either DIY or hire an expert who has many years’ experience in the garage door which will save you headaches and money.

Aluminum Garage Door Dent Repair

You can more easily fix aluminum garage door material. Get a bucket of water, dish soap, a sponge, a lighter, tinfoil, and a container of compressed air. Fill a bucket with warm water and add some drops of dish soap and mix evenly. Clean the dented area to remove all debris and dirt. Let it air dry before proceeding.

Next, measure and cut a piece of tinfoil and put it over the dent with tape. Hold the lighter fire over the tinfoil for at least a minute so heat can be transmitted to the dented area. Remove the foil and quickly spray the condense air over the area equally.

Because of the molecular structure of aluminum, the sudden change in temperature makes the dent reverse as the surface moves once again into its original position.

Steel Dent Garage Door Repair

Stainless steel doors require a different technique – use a steel door or auto body filling compound. First, wash the door’s surface with dish soap and water to remove dirt and let the area dry. Sand the dent with the recommended grit level of sandpaper and wipe the dust away. You need to replace a dented garage door when you can’t fix it since it makes your home vulnerable to crime.

Use a putty knife to apply the compound to the dent. Sand it again after the area dries with finer grit sandpaper and prime and paint the section to match the original color.

Reasons to replace your garage door

white wooden garage door repair

There are two significant reasons to replace your garage door:

Cosmetic Issues: Garage doors wear away after some time just like other parts of a home. A rusted door, scratched, or with large dents need replacement. Besides the fact that it is a wise investment into your home’s safety, it also increases the value of your home beyond its original price.

Substantial Damage: If you can’t fix a garage door that has been seriously damaged by wear and tear, strong winds, or a reversing vehicle needs replacement. Remember, door parts such as springs, track, and opener motor can get damaged too. Often, you will need to repair or replace these parts.

What to do when you can’t DIY

white and brown concrete house with garage door

If you can’t fix the dent on your garage door yourself, there’s always the option of calling the experts at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Garage door repair companies near you have much experience in dent fixes, door replacements, and maintenance.

Is not expensive to replace a dented garage doorand can be a remarkable home improvement project that returns almost all your investment. So don’t lose hope when these above techniques don’t fix the dent.

For the best garage door replacement in the Clearwater area, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair has you covered.

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Garage Door Noises Homeowners need to Be Aware of

Common Garage Door Noises in Homes

Often, even the best quality garage door installation in Tampa will experience wear and tear that could cause unpleasant garage door noises. A quality garage door will have smooth functioning, but after some time, unusual noises may occur. For instance, you leave for work in the morning and you notice your garage door making a bizarre noise. Maybe a grinding sound or squeaks as it opens or closes.

Your garage door may open and close, but many homeowners commit the error of not finding out what those unfamiliar noises may mean. Regrettably, your garage door may not work when you need it anymore — causing expensive and inconvenient emergency garage door repair repairs near me service calls.

So, what signs is your garage door telling you, and how would you cure the issue before it becomes major? Let’s check out some common noises you may hear from your garage door that may scream help:

Bizarre or excessive garage door noises

kapow-loud garage door

If your garage door has become excessively loud, it might be because of something basic, for example, loose parts. Check all parts and tighten loosen hardware such as bolts, but remember not to over-tighten, since over-tighten parts can cause new issues. The simple truth; your garage door may be excessively loud because it needs lubrication, so give them a small spray of WD40 and check whether the clamors stop.

Sluggish movement or trouble opening

If your garage door has started to move more slowly than normal, or it is struggling to open, your garage door springs may need replacement. Give the door a test to check the quality and condition of your springs. Disconnect your garage door opener so you can lift it by hand.

Next, lift the door up between the ground and the highest point of the doorframe, and let it go. If it stays put, your springs are still working properly. But, if it lowers itself, consider replacing those springs. Replacement springs are a risky business, so it’s always best to leave the job to an expert.

Inability to close the door

Garage Door Repair Service work van

If your garage door won’t close, ensure there are no obstructions that may hinder its sensors. Also, make sure the photo eyes on both sides of your garage are lined up and not knocked or jarred out of position. If everything looks good, consider checking the garage doors cables or the tracks.

Does something looks worn, bent, or damaged? Tighten any loose parts and remove any potential obstructions from the track to see whether these actions cure your issue.

The garage door opener makes loud noises

If you know for sure that your door isn’t the issue, maybe your garage door opener is the reason for the added racket.

Some garage door opener noises are more common in old machines of at least seven years and chain-operated ones.

Other common garage door opener noises include:

  • Rattling- Frail rails or loose chain
  • Grinding- Poor lubrication of moving parts
  • Straining-Defective motor or insufficient power/horsepower

Other common garage door noises

Here are some common issues to understand why you have a noisy garage door:

You have an old garage door-Garage doors make louder noises as they get older. These sounds are usually because of old rollers that may require lubricant.

The garage door fell of-balance- A garage door that has fallen off the track will be louder when it opens and closes. Consider calling an expert garage door company to fix the alignment of your door when you hear loud sounds.

The opener needs fixing or replacing-If you hear a rattling sound, you may have a major issue with your opener. A chain-drive opener makes more noise than belt-drive ones, but call an expert if the chain or belt is loose.

The rollers show signs of wear-As metal garage doors and their parts get older, they’ll get rusty and make weird noises. Nylon rollers make fewer noises than steel rollers but don’t lubricate nylon rollers.

The bolts and nuts have come free-Loose bolt and nuts will make a shrieking sound when your garage door opens and closes.

The hinges and rollers need lubrication- All metal moving parts of a garage door need lubrication to work. So, lubricate your metal garage door parts until your door becomes quiet once more.

Are garage door noises serious?

don't do a do it yourself garage door repair

Yes, no matter the noise your garage door makes, you need to have a garage door expert inspect your system. A few issues like poor maintenance are less genuine dangers than broken springs.

If you think something isn’t right with your garage door, think of calling the experts at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. The weight and the tension in the springs and cans can represent a safety danger for those unqualified with a garage door fix.

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How does a New Installed Garage Door handle Extreme Weather?

new installed garage door

Your new installed garage door always works, even if it’s not moving. It is because your garage door installation in Clearwater is significant to protecting your garage from various dangers including water, pests, debris, and burglars.

Weather can affect your garage door. From summer heat and tornadoes to winter snowstorms and wind, the climate changes can negatively affect your garage door, affecting its usefulness after some time.

While you can’t eliminate the climate, being prepared for its impact can assist you with keeping the garage door functioning correctly. Besides, quality garage door stripping, maintenance and fixes will keep your garage door working properly regardless of what nature tosses at it.

The effect of hot weather on your garage door

The effect of hot weather on your new installed garage door

When the hot summer sun hits your garage door, awful things can occur if you don’t take precautions. The summer heat and winds can be particularly dangerous to garage doors if there’s a significant level of humidity. Usually, wooden garage doors can absorb much moisture during the humid climate. This high amount of moisture can make wood swell, making your garage door crack or split. Wooden garage doors that absorb water in humid conditions also risk rotting faster.

Therefore, it’s critical to apply a coat of finish or protective paint to your wooden garage door before summer’s humidity ruins it. For wood doors that already painted, a top layer of protection will give a layer of protection and keep your garage door looking new again. For stained doors, you must apply a coat of polyurethane finish like every few years to get the best protection.

Another thing to look for in summer is glare from the sun affecting your garage door sensors. When your garage door has electronic photo-eyes that keeps it from closing when something is underneath it, glare from the sun may meddle with it and keep the door from shutting.

Even when there’s nothing underneath. If you need a quick solution, then shading the photo-eyes with cardboard or another obscure flexible material may be essential.

How does cold weather impacts garage doors?

Cold climate can leave its mark on your garage door. Melted snow is a significant winter risk, regularly making your garage door freeze shut. Long winters can cause swelling in your garage door’s openers and doorframes, prompting hindered usefulness and damage after some time. Low temperatures may likewise thicken your door jamb’s lubricants, making it troublesome to open and close.

To counter these chilly climate impacts, ensure to maintain and care your new installed garage door for the cold season. Use all-weather lubricant on door jambs and look out for weak or debilitated springs. You will also need to keep your garage clear from snow and pools of water and keep gutters clean so ice can’t form.

 How does extreme climate impact your garage door?

Extreme weather conditions

Snow and sun can cause a lot of issues to your garage door. But extreme climate can happen out of nowhere, making it difficult to plan for it. From extreme temperature changes to storm damage and flash flooding, the climate can cause door warping, malfunctioning tech, damaged hinges, and total breakdowns.

Your new installed garage door needs to have impact-resistant features to minimize the potential of extreme weather damage. If you live in a place prone to high winds, strong storms, or another outrageous climate, think about installing the proper bracing kit for your garage door. Or invest in a Wind Code-rated door to help withstand extreme winds.

What is an extreme climate?

Extreme climate comes in many sizes and events, any of which can severely impact your garage door. Look for these severe conditions below:

  • Hurricanes
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods

By mounting a quality garage door and ensuring regular service and prepared for the season, you will have your garage door prepared all year. Garage door maintenance is significant to help them handle temperature changes and climate.

If your door gets damage because of extreme climate conditions, consider a new installed garage door.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair for Maintenance and Services

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Regardless of the season, nature can ruin your garage door. It’s essential to maintain your garage doors from water damage and freezing throughout the winter to humidity and heat-related issues in the summer months.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can help give expert maintenance all year long, preparing your door for climate changes and performing fixes when needed.

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