How To Quiet Down a Loud Garage Door Opener

Does your newly installed garage door installation make the entire community know that you are home? Although there’s some noise related to opening a garage door, however, it shouldn’t be so loud it alarms your neighbors to wakes up. Furthermore, having toddlers or babies will be detrimental to their sleep or naptime and your poor resting wife.

To start with, you need to know the sound from your garage door opener it’s not only coming from the opener but the entire garage door system. We can give you many excellent ways to quiet down your carport. However, you must know about the simple fact that, even though you can decrease the sound it is not possible to have a total silent door.

So, unless you try to fix the issues quickly, you’ll be going to need a garage door opener repair expert in Clearwater for an overhaul. But before hiring your local specialist try these methods:

Tips to make your garage door quieter

  • Lubricate the metal parts- such as the hinges, rollers, tracks, and, springs. However, only use lubricant meant for garage door metal components, for example, lithium-based grease. Apply and wash away the excess with a rag. It might be a source of the sounds if the parts of a torsion spring system smashed together so applying a lubricant will stop the noise.
  • Tighten all bolts and nuts- make sure there are no screws loose.
  • Examine the state of tracks and the rollers- Make sure they’re not worn or damaged? Remember that rollers must roll and not slide inside the track. Furthermore, check if the tracks are correctly aligned?
  • Lubricate the garage door opener chain- Add oil to the chain and also the pinions. But then again, if your opener is belt‑driven, don’t use anything on the rubber belt. Also, make sure the belt or chain is tight.
  • Add noise insulation- it is possible to install noise insulators to minimize loud sounds. You install it between the engine block and the slotted metal brace utilized to attach the engine to the ceiling. These are cylindrical pieces of rubber fitted with two separate screws, which shield vibration from adjoining components.

Garage door expert services

garage door expert services

Not everyone is a handyman so garage door repair and maintenance specialists can help you with the task:

  1. They will help do the top measures mentioned above.
  2. Replace your chain‑driven garage door opener using a belt‑driven type.
  3. Change out your steel rollers with more quiet rubber ones.
  4. Change out your extension spring system with torsion springs. Torsion springs can be set up over the top of the doorway and make less noise.
  5. Perform a full inspection to confirm your garage door is operating right.
  6. Replace your garage door opener.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers utilize a chain pulley system to pull up the garage door. It is the oldest kind of garage door opener. Nonetheless, there still a favorite for its capacity to lift many types of garage doors such as the heavy ones. However, they create much noise, so they’re not the smartest choice for individuals whose home or bedroom office is either directly above or adjacent to the garage.

Belt Drive Openers

belt drive openers
Image by Wikivisual License Creative Commons

Although they operate off the same concept of the chain drive opener the chain is substituted with rubber reinforced with metal wires such as tires. They are far quieter than chain drive openers and more desirable to some homeowners.

They function far quicker than chain-driven openers, but they can’t support the same weight. They work better for lightweight garage doors and for homeowners who don’t like much noise.

Screw Drive Opener

On the ranges of sound and price, screw drive openers fall in between the belt and chain drives. The mechanics work with a metal pole that is threaded like a screw. The rod turns in the mechanism, and that movement shuts and opens the door.

Because screw drive openers have less moving parts, they need less maintenance throughout the year. However, this kind of opener isn’t great for heavy doors, since the burden will cause the thread to wear more than usual.

How much does a garage door opener repair cost?

garage door opener repair Clearwater

According to Home Guide, a garage door opener repair cost ranges from $100 – $190 plus parts. It also depends on the type of opener, where you live, and fixes. Now, garage door opener replacement and installation can range from $150 to $550.

 Having a failing garage door opener can be bothersome, yet it likewise affects the safety of your family and pets. When something doesn’t look right with your garage door, call a garage door opener repair service in Clearwater today.

 Often, instead of a complete garage door replacement, you may only need to fix the opener.

 Can experts repair garage door openers?

Yes, unlike garage door springs that you cannot fix only replaced, experts can repair openers. Sometimes the garage door opener has battery issues that could be as simple as changing them. Or as complicated as fixing the system that opens the garage door.

 While changing the batteries is the least demanding repair, working with the motor is a bit more complicated. If the batteries aren’t the issue, and you’re stuck outside, it’s an ideal time to call an expert. A Sure Fix Garage Door Repair professional and experience in opener issues can assist you with getting you back inside your garage.

 What is the lifespan of a garage door opener?

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

Garage door openers are simple systems that will usually last a while. The average lifespan of a garage door opener is 10 years, however, if you give rollers and springs proper maintenance then it’s possible to get 20 years.

Compare that to the garage door lifespan of 30 years and you have a great tandem team that may outlast your car unless you drive a Toyota, those cars run forever.

Do you have a broken Garage Door Opener?

  1. Broken spring.
  2. Damaged rollers.
  3. Loose/broken cable.
  4. Bent/blocked tracking.
  5. The door has no alignment.
  6. The door is frozen shut.
  7. You cannot open the door manually.

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