5 Garage Door Problems That Can Mean Unforeseen Repairs

Top garage door problems solved

Most garage door problems people encounter are because the garage door is obsolete. Often people struggle with getting their garage door to open or close consistently. The door struggling to open or close can ruin a homeowner’s day, for example, leaving to work or coming from a long day of work. Most people don’t think about garage doors. Well, until it’s broken down and we’re in a hurry. And unfortunately need the help of a Garage door repair in Clearwater, FL team.

Nonetheless, it’s simple to ensure that it works reliably and adequately by employing Garage Door Repair Service near me experts to perform a regular inspection. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair handles enormous and small garage door repairs with a quality craft. Sometimes it might be too late for your garage door, then consider a new garage door installation. But let’s better understand the top garage door problems you may encounter before the decision to buy a new one comes up.

1. Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Common garage door problems usually are because of spring issues. There are two essential types of springs you may have either: torsion and extension. People install torsion springs above doors, while you find extension springs on both sides. You may use torsion springs for the heavier doors and the torsion springs on lighter doors.

Maybe your garage door stops in the opening, descends fast, or hangs crookedly. At that point, those are significant signs that the garage door requires spring adjustment or replacement. You can inspect the springs yourself, for example, searching for apparent wears on the springs.

2. The Garage Door Opens or Closes with an Uproar

The spring might be broken. If not the torsion spring, the other reason is that one of the lifting cables broke or about to give way. Perform a visual check to see if something seems out of place or malfunctioning. However, a DIY gig is out of the question, so consider contacting a garage door spring expert.

3. A Fallen Garage Door

New garage door installation near me

It happens because one of the horizontal tracks falls out of alignment; the metal bracket comes loose. Or the bolts holding the bracket may come unscrewed. If the garage door touches the floor, get in touch with us immediately. Please don’t attempt to lift it all alone. Close the door and tighten the bolts that hold the bracket if the rollers are still in the tracks.

4. When Shutting the Door, it goes down, and Afterward Abruptly goes Up

Check the eye sensor units since often they get misaligned by you or your car. There’s a button for changing the motor sensitivity when the operator closes the door on the garage door opener. There’s an invisible beam that travels across the door jamb.

If the beam encounters objects or gets cut off, the door interprets a person or thing is standing in the way. To fix this issue, align both eye sensor units with each other. Investigate the control panel; a light should stop blinking that tells you the sensors are aligned.

5. Garage Door Roller Replacements

Rollers help your door slide on the tracks; they won’t correctly work when they break or bend. A noisy garage door is a top sign you need a roller replacement. Yet, an inspection can likewise uncover other issues. It’s essential to replace rollers before they damage the tracks, as a track replacement can cost more money.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can Help Solve All Your Garage Door Problems!

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

I have shown you some common garage door problems. While you can fix any garage door problems, don’t try the ones that may cause you bodily damage like spring or track replacement. Always have the contact number of an expert like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

Garage doors are under enormous tension and can mean trouble for most people who have never worked with a garage door. Garage door DIY gigs can result in injury if you’re new to garage door repairs and maintenance, but don’t worry; we can help. Please leave it to the experts.

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How to Secure your New Garage Door Installation?

Expert garage door installation security tips

A new garage door and its installation can be useful for many things: as a storage unit, car parking, as a workshop, even as the entrance to the theater room! However, when using your garage, keeping it secure is a must for your safety. So, if you install a garage door with high-security features it will lower its chances of being targeted.

 We stress much about keeping our home windows and entryways locked, yet the new garage door installation is a frequent target door for burglars. When you joined your carport to your home—or if you keep anything of significant worth such as power tools—you should apply these security strategies to keep trespassers out.

New garage door and installation versus old

Modern garage door installation job

No matter the style of operation, an old garage door will struggle to provide security as a modern one. Mostly, an old garage door will not have current security features, for example, a euro profile cylinder locking system.

They’ll also experience natural degradation and design flaws. A vulnerable garage door can become an aim for criminals when you have secured the front door and windows. To have a secure garage door, consider upgrading to a new modern garage door.

Replacing Your Garage Door in Clearwater

Yes, garage door replacement in Clearwater is another move you can make to upgrade your home security. If your present garage door is cheap, obsolete, or hollow built. Intruders, well-talented ones recognize the garage door material. Weak and thin garage doors will be an ideal target for a burglar touch and eyes. To negate this, consider replacing your garage door to a sturdier, strong core design door.

Remember this can be a fairly expensive project as strong core doors cost more than their hollow brothers. However, the true serenity will be justified, despite the cost. Besides the added security you will also have better energy efficiency from a strong core garage door.

Keep your garage door opener in the house

It’s convenient to keep your garage door openers control in the vehicle. However, it makes it simple for burglars to grab it. Instead, start bringing your control into the house with you. Connect the remote to your key chain so you don’t forget it but only if its small remote control. Or, if you have no choice but to leave it in the vehicle, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so burglars can’t see or take it.

Use a Door Devil

Door Devil
Image courtesy: Door Devil

When your carport has a side door, burglars can get inside the house. Gadgets like Door Devil can prove useful to prevent entry. These doorstops screw into the ground and keep your entryway from being bypassed. You can also install a Door Devil on your other exterior entryways in your home to increase your security.

Keep windows frosted

garage door with windows

People who drive or walk past your home can see inside your garage are more likely to attack your garage door. So, if you have garage door windows, use frosted spray paint to increase your privacy and security, or set up covers to keep anybody from looking inside. Now, modern garage doors can come with tempered glass so if a burglar tries to break the window nothing happens after.

Alarm system

Garage door alarms work like traditional ones on homes; if they sense motion, they’ll transmit a loud alarm. You can look for an excellent garage door alarm to keep your garage secure at many online stores. With many types accessible, there’s one that will meet your requirements.

Some are simple alarms that will set off loudly if set off, some are gravity-activated, and there are even some that enable you to monitor various areas with two-way communication cams and sensors!

Pick the correct garage door materials

If you have a broken or frail garage door, it’s much simpler for individuals to break in. You need to have a steel or sturdy wood garage door, so it can prevent break-ins and battle burglars forced entry techniques. You also have to give it the proper care so it doesn’t become weak.

What is the most secure garage door?

The most ideal approach to keep criminals away from entering your garage is by installing a quality garage door. Material is the most essential thing to consider, for instance, wooden and heavy-duty steel doors are the strongest.

Side-hinged garage doors are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Likewise, they can easily increase the security in your carport with added locks because of their opening movements.

The top benefit of side-hinged garage doors is that you don’t need to have the entire garage door open revealing all your valuables to possible intruders.

Usually, up and over garage doors were made initially weak and offered low security. Now, they have improved since materials have advanced. Less expensive doors don’t offer security, but picking better material will increase the garage door security.

Roller garage doors arrive more compact and flawless in contrast with different options available making these doors desirable. The drawback of this sort of roller doors is that they require a lot of headroom to accommodate the roll and can take more time to open and close during an emergency.

Are roller garage doors secure?

Regarding security, roller garage doors are an excellent choice. These doors give burglars almost no opportunities to bypass the edges as the professional garage door installer can install it without a frame.

Sectional garage doors are robust and dependable regarding security. The door is split into sections and the door collapses once more into the roof of a carport along with the frame.

Sectional doors offer better security because they don’t provide obvious points of attack. So, a sectional garage door is perfect for homes searching for a secured solution.


Install motion-detecting lights

garage door exterior motion lights

Keeping your garage door and installation exterior with ample lighting will prevent criminals from attacking at night. You can look for top motion-detecting lights that do everything from simple motion sensing to alarming you through an application when its light turns on. To keep your garage guarded and monitored, investigate home surveillance cameras.

Keep a radio on

If you sneaked into a house but heard music or noise, will you continue onward? Most likely not. That’s why turning on a radio in your garage regularly will keep burglars away or at least think it’s occupied. Remember, noise means human presence, and criminals don’t want to get arrested so they’ll stay away.

Use a zip tie

Regardless if you have an automatic garage door installation, burglars can still break inside. How? By using a coat hanger to hold and pull the emergency release handle. Yet, don’t panic. There is a straightforward approach to shield your garage door from a break-in.

You can purchase and use a zip tie. When connecting with a loop in the emergency latch, a zip tie prevents thieves from bypassing the automatic door and entering.

Remember, if an emergency like a fire occurs have a scissor or knife nearby to cut it or it’ll take you a couple of extra lifesaving minutes to release the garage door.

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The Best Security Recommendation For Garage Doors

the best security recommendations for garage doors

Beyond any doubt, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair specialists feel for individuals who are a victim of a burglary. Crime is always an issue with homeowners and often leaves families shaken like if they have gone thru a tornado. However, you should realize that the garage is an entry point that burglars will try to use to gain entry.

You keep many valuable things, for example, bikes, motorcycles, power tools, and, not so obvious entry towards your home thru the side door. What’s more, do you know usually, through property holder’s carelessness that these misfortunes happen? Well, how?

We too often forget to properly lock our car doors while leaving the garage door remote on the visor. Often, it’s a malfunctioning garage that didn’t lock correctly which needed a visit from your local garage door repair experts but the owner postponed. It only happens to others you say? Maybe but to be safe, here are a few hints that will enable you to stay away from these sad circumstances.

Most importantly, do you own an old garage door opener?

Not sure then check the label on the motor housing. You’ll find the info by lifting the plastic cover that protects the light.

If you have an older garage door opener that was made before 1993, then it’s an ideal opportunity to replace it for your safety or security, and, that of your family.

Don’t leave your remote where a thief could see it in your vehicle

Try not to clip your garage remote to your cars visor. Conceal it somewhere where thieves won’t consider searching for it or better yet carry it with you.

Utilize a small remote control that can be attached on your keyring. After 2017, it is practical to work your carport entryway from your smartphone utilizing Chamberlain/Lift Master’s MyQ.

Leaving home for a while like on vacation or a trip?

The most secure way is to disengage the motor from the electrical outlet. It makes it difficult to utilize a misplaced remote control or to manipulate your outside keypad to open the garage door.

Also, you could press the lock button on the control panel close to the access door to the home. Make sure you have squeezed the buttons and that the indicator light is flickering so you realize it is locked.

You could also install a side lock within the entryway and has a steel rod that engages the vertical rail. You can even bolt the side lock with a padlock. Make sure to unlock it when you return from your vacation and particularly before working your garage door with your remote.

Now, LiftMaster has begun selling an automatic lock that can be activated from your cell phone. However, you will need a garage door opener connected to Wi-Fi.

Does your garage have window panes?

does your garage have window panes

Burglars could easily see what you have stored in your carport thru window panes.

Also, if the thieve brings a wire clothes hanger, they could pop the manual release latch on the track of the garage door opener.

If you have windows that are clear glass, cover them with a blind or reflective privacy film.

Furthermore, make sure to replace these windows or request windows that have tints or frosted glass.

Get a sturdy garage door

get a sturdy garage door

It applies particularly to homeowners that have a non-insulated carport entryway or a model that has a single panel of polystyrene protection.

Hand-pick a sandwich‑style carport entryway, models with both sides covered in steel sheeting. Designed to be sturdier, these type of doors could face attacks by a steel bar or even an electric saw. What’s more, if you pick an entryway injected with 1 3/4-inch (45‑mm) thick polyurethane, it’ll be significantly more durable.

Extra tips

extra tips
Uploaded by: Wikivisual License: Creative Commons

Some newer model garage doors monitors will let you know whether your entryway is closed correctly. Also, lets you see it from your cell phone via Wi-Fi connection.

Outside lighting for your home and around your carport is fundamental. A better idea is introducing lighting joined with motion sensors.

Consider connecting a surveillance camera to your Wi-Fi system.

You could also get an alarm system and link it with your garage door system.

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Attaching Your Garage Door to a Security System

Garage door security system
Garage door security system
Don’t you worry if you forgot to secure your garage door? This could happen after an installation or maybe just a garage repair for your door. For those issues we got systems like the Linear GD00Z is a garage door opener offers Z-Wave control! Garage remotes open your garage from a distance without getting out of your car. This prevents muggings, and rainy days when you had to get out of your car. Garage door remotes work with megahertz radio frequencies (MHz). Now let’s talk about the Z-Wave remote!  

Garage Door Security Everywhere You Go!

Whether is one garage door or four, you will never forget or worry about garage security again. It gives you the assurance of checking in you forgot to lock it, the Z-Wave has made it tough on competitors with their garage security products, and competitors need to be aware. With a tilt censor that is wireless the Z-Wave lets you know of any intrusion or if you forgot to close it.  

Low power consumption for your garage doors and compatibility!

The Z-Wave also does not waste too much electricity and has an array of compatible system. ADT uses Honeywell Vista as one of its main systems and is compatible with this remote. It offers control of overhead garage doors and works with most systems for your protection. Keep in mind this garage security system does not work with Assure Link or MyQ models. But it’s open source and works with plenty like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI and most others.  
Garage door security system
Garage door security system
  Thousands of home and business are protected by Honeywell so it’s easy to sync it to most systems. The only systems this remote garage door controllers is not compatible with are Assure Link or MyQ models. But don’t worry is compatible with plenty of systems created since 1993!   It brings everything you need to install it if you are a do it yourself type of person.  
  • The Z-remote
  • A tilt censor to let you know it’s about to open
  • Power supply to help you save energy when using the remote
  • Brackets for your power supply
  • 100 feet between the wireless controller and system
  • Certifications: FCC, ETL, and the UL 325
      Safety with your overhead garage remote Provides audio and visual warnings prior to door movement, this warning can prevent injuries. Meeting all the requirements for safety by the UL 325-2010 proves the safety. We also suggest to read instructions from the start to make sure everything is set up correctly for the Z-Wave controller. Always let professionals install your garage remotes for you to prevent any issues. We rate this remote four and half stars due to all its features.   GoControl has been around for over 50 years, giving you a solid company that created the Z-wave. The open source makes it one of the best for use with plenty of systems. The energy saving is also a plus for those of us that like to save on our energy bill. I also like the safety certifications. And that’s why we give it a strong rating for a remote for garage doors.   We hope you try it out and see for yourself.
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How To Secure The Garage Door

how to secure the garage door

Usually, garage door repair service comes to mind only when the door becomes faulty, but other times homeowners are a victim of a break-in and the experts will come by to give a hand.

In the beginning, once you closed the garage door from the inside, we thought we have locked out the bad guy. Moreover, they were right; a garage door attached to an opener is secure. However, there are a couple of ways that crooks could get inside.

Your garage is a significant part of your homes security and a perfect place to store the car or as a storage place for valuables such as power tools, lawnmower, and, bikes.

Often, a number of us leave the carport unlocked and the side door leading into your home from the garage open too. So you see it’s simple to see why procuring your garage door is among the essential steps in strengthening your house security.

Before you look up a garage door repair expert in Clearwater FL to fix broken parts caused by a burglar, please read my top security tips for securing the carport:

Use the Lock

use the lock

Perhaps the best suggestion — lock your door. It applies to the carport and the side entry door. The two doors must be shut and secured if you are utilizing the garage often. You also ought to maintain the entrance door locked once you go to bed. Usually, homeowners feel by closing the garage door is more than enough to keep themselves secure.

Beef up the door- The walk-through service door is a critical weak spot and needs to be equipped with a strike plate and a deadbolt just like the front entry doorway. Furthermore, made out of excellent materials like steel or wood. Do not install a hollow door as it’s easy to bypass with forced entry techniques like kicking or shoulder attacks.

Lock the entrance door leading to the home- If you have an attached garage reinforced it like the service door. Homeowners forget about the side entrance door and leave it unlocked and trust the service door will stop crooks. Some thieves have animal instincts so they will try another option before giving up so keep both doorways secure. Remember just by touching you’ll know it’s a hollow door. Take away the chance, and you’re going to diminish your probability of being a victim.



Each garage door opener comes with an emergency release that disconnects the opener from the door. Without this, you can’t open the doorway once the opener is not working correctly. However, some opportunistic burglars have turned this attribute to their gain.

Fishing a garage door happens often but is not straightforward, and in many scenarios, it’s impossible. Some garage door openers, will not discharge if the cord is tugged at an angle towards the doorway and possess a release mechanism that has to be pulled down. Others times are a bit simpler to fish especially if your garage door has a window which makes it possible for the crook to see the trick.

One approach is to decide on an opener using built-in safety attributes

decide on an opener using built-in safety attributes

Monitor-The best part of this opener is you don’t have to get up from the bed if you forgot to lock the garage. A monitor will inform you if the door was shut correctly or open. These type of monitors come with sensors that can come outfitted with a button which closes the door from anywhere or remotely.

Self-closing system-This opener will close the door for you if you forget to shut the door. Also, you can correct the period that is left open or reevaluate the self-closing feature and change it.

Lighting controls-These openers could switch on fixtures or lights inside the home although the opener includes two bulbs. The lights turn on when the opener works, or you can use the remote to turn them on independently from the garage door opener.

Smartphone connection-From anywhere with your smartphone you could make sure the door is shut or open to allow the dog walker or the electrician inside. Even better, a notification can be sent by the opener once the door opens to let your adolescent home from school or how late he/she came home.

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Garage Door Repair and Installation Guide

garage door repair and installation guide

Our garage door is a very iconic symbol in the American culture. To keep this on, it is essential to invest in it. I am referring to be responsible for repairing in case of malfunction. Whether you or someone else is in charge of garage door repair, it is vital to be aware of using the appropriate tools. Regarding this, you should contract professionals who know the right way to work.

Do remember that “you get what you pay for.” This is not a vague thought. It is a faithful saying that extremely catches our attention when we are underwater in fixing part of the house at the last minute. The implications of garages can be many.

See the door is stuck?

see the door is stuck?

This might be in essence a lack of maintenance, or a piece of the overall mechanism is a stone in the shoe. Repairing in due time could save than investing unneeded money from our pocket. Within the broad range of the whole device in our garage products, we find cables, rollers, sensors, and other parts that are important. In fact, these parts interact with one each other. This means that if one piece is damage is probable that the rest gets broken down as well.

On the one hand, there is a substantial reason for which you must find a specialist. This is the section of springs at the end of the mechanism. If one of these is broken down, and you try to handle it up, you might get lethally injured. This is due to pressure that these contain.

On the other hand, there is a vital fact that you must keep in hand so that particular part of your house is in operation. This is the garage door installations.

What to know before installation?

Before installing it, you may choose what kind of material it could be, wood, steel, fiberglass among other favorite compositions. Depending on the article, it is possible to know what pieces are necessary to remove. Also, you should see the difference in clearance and size of the door. This will help to buy the appropriate prefabricated materials. The dimensions vary, but a standard measure could be a clearance of 7 feet by 6.8 feet.

In case that your garage door reaches the end of its life, you should hire experts in garage doors to install a new one without any risk of DIY. In this task, the first step is removing the old infrastructure. In this process, you might see your garage upside down. Don´t panic! Your house will be fine.

Relaxing is better!

relaxing is better

Be patient! If you are reasonably handy with the technician, you might spend twelve hours. Installation needs time to be completed. Remember in the previous paragraph the most challenging section” springs.” These must be carefully released. This is because the position determines the degree of difficulty, whether it is torsion or extension.

One key factor in installing is the weight of the door vs. the quality of the structure. If the structure is weak, everything is probable to collapse. Therefore, you should ask the experts about details like this. Another factor is connectors, such as screwdrivers for example. If these types of connector are wrong-fixed, the structure will be not enough to keep all the door up. Consider having more than one opinion about material and prices. Knowing affordable prices is valuable because it is not only money in the deal, it is quality that you imprint in the house.


To sum up all above, your first stop is to check the conditions of each segment of the structure whether to need or not to repair. In case that repair is required, we move onto the step of installing those parts that are necessary to change. This means to take actions at setting the parts of the garage doors. You have the last word in repairing or installing.

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Garage Door Security Lessons for Children

garage door security lessons for children

A beautifully placed garage door installation is a modern marvel of simplicity and tech-savvy engineering. By pressing a button, you control the movement or the up and down function; however, it also brings opener safety features too.

For example, it won’t allow anything or anyone to pass under without the sensors noticing it and then the garage door will stop and reverse. Now that’s technology plus it comes with smart home compatibility too. However, having children and pets present brings another essential point, child security.

If you have children running around the carport, you ought to be aware that garage doors are dangerous. Even although exceptionally suitable for homes, it’s a heavy appliance which is under enormous amounts of tension.

This tension aids garage doors to function ideally, but it may also pose a danger to kids if your garage door is not maintained correctly. So, keep a distance from unanticipated incidents and accidents by following Sure Fix Garage Door Repair safety tips.

Safety Tips

garage door safety tips

If your children are mature enough to be outdoors without continuous oversight, then you need to instruct these basic classes about garage door security:

  • Before you shut the garage door, make sure that no persons or animals are standing in the garage doorway.
  • Not to leave the bicycle or other toys in the garage door path.
  • No horse-playing.
  • Usually, make use of the garage door opener in a crisis, such as when you forget your house keys or when parents permit you to come through the carport.
  • Do not tell anybody the passcode or allow friends to play with the opener as it’s not a toy.

When your kids do not understand how to utilize the garage correctly, there might be accidents or damage to the equipment. For example, continuously pressing the up and down buttons on the controller could loosen parts or break something inside the mechanism. Thus, prevent these accidents with a conversation regarding garage door security with your loved ones including kids.

The three safety measurements to make your garage door child-safe

three safety features to make your garage door safe
Creative Commons license by 2.0 Image by Forest Service Northern Region

Routine Maintenance– First, get to know the garage door maintenance provider within your town. Look at setting up regular maintenance schedules one or two times annually. Your garage door specialist of choice needs to have the ability to care for a range of things, such as testing of security features, visual inspection for damaged or loose hardware, balance evaluation, alignment test, lubrication, and much more.

Standard maintenance can identify issues before they become accidents, which ought to help boost child safety and lower the odds of a misfortune. Regular upkeep also will help reduce repair cost. It’s better to tackle an issue early before it leaves your garage door entirely unworkable. Plus it will aid child safety too!

Assess Safety Features- Your garage door contains attributes that encourage child safety. These attributes are all required by legislation or law, and you’ll need to check they’re functioning correctly. Your garage door must have a reversing mechanism and sensors which senses an object before it touches it.

If you wish to test the sensors then merely put a roll of paper towels throughout the garage door threshold. When the doorway feels the roll of paper towels, it must automatically reverse. When this security feature it’s not working right you ought to get in touch with an expert to come and inspect your door.

Pick a Quality Garage Door-Begin promoting child safety with your carport by purchasing a quality, reliable garage doorway from the beginning. You always have the option to find an economical brand. However, these inexpensive alternatives do not always provide the high quality and reliable performance you expect from you’re a superb garage door along with its security features.

By picking doorways from reputable overhead door makers, you are buying a quality that can be compared. Like in real life, everything cheap is expensive in the long run so you may expect to pay less at the moment, but you won’t get the durability, quality, and safety features a genuinely superb garage door must bring.


children and garage door safety

When your kids follow these safety tips, you will feel more assured in knowing your whole household is secure. Sometimes accidents happen but then again accidents are not necessarily likely preventable.

However, when you and your loved ones know of the risks of your garage and the ways to avoid them, mishaps are not as likely to happen.

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Is Your Garage Door Safe From Burglars?

is your garage door safe from burglars
When we think of burglaries, new garage door replacements are usually not on our mind. We think of our front main entrance and backdoors, cameras and alarm systems. However, did you know your garage door is one of the ways that burglars enter a home? Yes, this is why we here at Sure Fix Garage DoorRepairs will guide you with some steps you can take to protect yourself.

9% Of Break-Ins Happen Thru Garage Door

garage door break-ins
We spend money on a Locksmith to secure our homes with new lock installations and high-tech alarm systems.But garage door services are important to help us with our homes safety. It’s the small things that we usually neglect! Let us begin with our top tips. A lot of us sometimes leave our garage’s open until we go to bed. We might go out for a few hours and forget or think our neighborhood watch or neighbors will call the police if any stranger tries to go in by the car garage. However, it’s not always the case an expert burglar might act as a repairman, cable guy or friend walking in by the garage. So, there you go our first recommendation is to keep the door lock at all times.

Garage Door Remotes

Next tip to prevent entering or home invasion is don’t leave your garage door remote in your car that’s parked outside. It’s easy for a burglar to break your car window with a spark plug or different methods they use. The thief might see the remote steal it and just open your garage door. Yes, it’s that easy when we have never been thru a robbery to relax that much. It can happen when our third car or even second automobile might not fit due to a crowded garage. So, don’t leave your garage remote in your automobile. I use a keychain, and that helps me not to forget it. They can weight 0.2 ounces and very small to fit a keychain.

Criminals are hiding in the bushes by the garage!

If you have a slow garage door can they slip right inside and hide or worst. You might think this only in the movies but in reality, if you have watched the news before it does happen. Being aware of your surroundings is as important as the rest of the suggestions.

Old garage doors that are in need of maintenance and repairs.

Doors that are loose and worn out can be a way for someone to get in your home. Call a garage door replacement company if you have an old one that’s weak. It will improve your safety and increase the value of your home or business. Windows on Garage Doors should be tinted so that no one can see inside and scope your home out. Censor lights will help you out; also, robbers hate lights. Security cameras in the garage are excellent deterrents.Thiefs will bypass your home most of the time if they see cameras and move on to an easier target. We hope our article has made you well aware of the strategies these crimes are committed. Our team at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair is ready to assist you with any advice on the best doors, remotes, motors, and repairs.
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