7 Commercial Garage Door Services Business Owners Could Need

Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services

Like residential garage door installations, commercial garage door repair services are common too, to the dismay of business owners. Indeed, a commercial garage door may even require more support and inspections than home garage doors.

So it’s essential to know how to service these machines. You have to understand the commercial garage doors are used more frequently. And that means more tear and wear on the parts meaning more commercial garage door repair services.

Most high-quality commercial garage doors work to the highest standards and can withstand a lot of pressure. The same as other mechanical devices with metal parts, there might be issues that come up. It can happen since the garage door has many moving parts involved with opening and closing the door.

Let’s check out below 7 commercial garage door repair services you can use if your door experiences issues.

Commercial Garage Door Roller Replacement Services

Your rollers allow your garage door to move smoothly all over the track, as you open and close it. After some time, they get worn or move out of place. This makes the door move along the track roughly. When you see this happen, inspect the rollers.

Often, you may only require the rollers to be reinstalled in their place. They can move out of position by the door vibrations, so it’s a simple repair for the professional. If you have an old commercial door, the rollers can become too flexible or bent, affecting their movement.

When you can’t fix them, they need a replacement. A commercial garage door master can easily replace your rollers for you and prolong the life of the garage door.

Commercial garage door cable replacement services

Another significant part of your garage door is the cables. The cables are used in the pulley system that opens and closes the door for you. No matter if you bought the best quality cables, they will eventually wear out. If the door doesn’t open as it should, consider a commercial garage door cable replacement.

If you have broken, rusted, or damaged cable, a professional will replace them for you. Instead of DIY, It’s significant that you call a specialist to do this for you. Because of their essential part of the system, a mistake made by an amateur can and will cause serious injuries and even death.

Commercial garage door spring replacement services

Garage door spring maintenance

Another dangerous part of the garage door you need expert advice is commercial garage door spring replacement or repair. The springs provide your door the tension it needs to open. Because they hold so much tension, that why there so dangerous.

Commercial garage door springs will experience wear and tear and will eventually snap or break. If you’re present when that occurs, it could shoot and hurt you. If you’re not present you will hear a loud bang that will scare you.

When you want to avoid an incident like this, consider inspecting your springs regularly. If they’re showing signs of wear, have them replaced immediately. It’s essential to do replace the springs before they snap and cause bodily damage. I recommend hiring an expert instead of DIY since saving a few pennies is not worth your life.

Commercial garage door hinge repair and replacement services

If the commercial garage door has old hinges, you may see lousy performance as it opens and closes. If you see it sticks while operating, stutter, or stop when you attempt to open it? That can be a sign the hinges are getting bent, twisted, or broken.

Call the commercial garage door repair service to deal with this issue, they will usually recommend a replacement rather than a fix. Because it’s less expensive to replace hinges and provides more service time from your garage door.

Commercial garage door track repair

commercial garage door repair services

A reason the commercial garage door stutters or doesn’t open correctly is twisted tracks. The garage door moves on the tracks, and if the track isn’t in great shape it will cause issues. When you don’t fix this small issue, it may turn into a big problem that affects and damages the door.

Some attempt to save some cash and DIY, however, it’s best to hire an experts repair team instead. They will inspect it and let you know whether you can fix the tracks, or whether to have them replaced.

New replacement Parts

When the garage door needs a new part, consider purchasing the garage door parts from the same company or supplier. They will use the same suppliers to match the part that you need.

If the company doesn’t have the garage door part anymore, they can find the best similar part, to assist you with making the repair that you need.

Garage Door Inspections and Tune-Ups

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

The most significant support a garage door repair team can give is garage door inspections and tune-ups. It’s essential to inspect a garage door frequently, for example, checking all the moving parts, and ensuring all the parts work correctly. You can do the simple inspection like tightening loose bolts, but it can be difficult to find all the issues. Commercial garage door repair services will deal with that for you, so you don’t need to stress over anything.

When the professionals finish the inspection, they’ll likewise recommend repairs that need your attention. Besides lubricating the moving parts they can also replace the springs. When the experts finish the garage door maintenance or repairs, your commercial garage door will work like new again. It bodes well to hire Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts since they can provide you with serenity knowing they can handle your repairs too.

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Commercial Garage Doors Guideline

commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL

Commercial garage doors are important tools for various industries, from warehouses to carports to retail locations. Regarding residential garage doors installaions, you most likely have a good idea of what you want in a door. For commercial garage doors, it can be a different story. There are a few areas where it’s alright to compromise on a residential garage door.

However, it’s not a smart idea to hold back on commercial garage doors. So, what are some things you need to be searching for when looking for a commercial overhead door? Here are some of them.

Commercial garage door materials

two commercial overhead garage doors 1

You need your commercial garage doors to be made of metal, steel or aluminum. Natural wood can be extraordinary for a residential garage door, as it can make an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. With a commercial garage door, you need something more practical. Wood doors are vulnerable against cracking and splintering.

Also, they can rot when exposed to the elements or an excess of moisture. They require more support and care, which can be justified in a residential home. However, not something a business owner wants to worry about particularly when they have a lot on their plate.


Regarding residential doors, you’ll frequently have an option between an insulated and a non-insulated entryway. You may feel for your home, the energy savings are not worth the added cost of insulation. Nevertheless, you should not compromise insulation for your commercial garage door.

You have significant stock to shield from the elements. Also, insulation will likewise make the door quieter and sturdier thanks to the additional insulation material inside the door.

Heavy-duty torsion springs

commercial garage door forklift work

Your torsion springs only have a limited life. Most cheap residential springs last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings before they wear down or break. It is typically fine for the normal household, however, your commercial garage door may open and close significantly more.

Try to search for torsion springs that can withstand up to 25,000 – 50,000 cycles. At times, you may have hundreds of thousands of cycles, in which you may profit by a high-speed, high-cycle entryway.


Consider if you want people to have the option to see into the business and how much light you want to allow inside. If you need much light and visibility, think about a full-view commercial door. Windows will likewise let you see your clients when they arrive at your business.

Security Features

warehouse commercial garage door

Any commercial garage door you pick need to give uncompromising security and safety to your business, and that is the thing that you’ll get when you pick high-end items.

You can enhance your entryways with sturdy locks — situated inside or outside — that can work manually or powered. Also, your door opener can include cutting edge security features.

They can automatically engage deadbolts, scramble opening codes to stop unintentional cycles and close after a pre-programmed amount of minutes.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Picking a commercial garage door is not simple. You have to identify the area that needs the entryway, and afterward, you’ll need to choose the correct specifications that match the environment, elements, and situations. Your garage door choices include:

Sectional: When looking for cost-efficiency and adaptability, sectional doors are an amazing alternative. They are sturdy, and they come equipped with security features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your region, you will require a lot of headroom or backroom for set up.

Rolling Steel: If you work in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors use interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space-saving. These choices are sturdy and highly secure.

High-speed: If you need an entryway that can cycle while holding against the strain, high-speed models can raise and lower as quickly as 54 inches for every second.

Fire Doors-When you need more protection, the fire door offers thick, sturdy stainless steel that is fire-resistant, noise-resistant, and insulated. Fire doors can be custom fabricated and mostly used in warehouses, factories, and parking garages.

One extraordinary feature is the automatic closure if a fire is detected or an incident happens. Also, they bring a bottom weather seal that gives protection against conductivity, air, and water penetration. Plus, glass alternatives offer more quality, tempered, low emissivity and insulation.

Those are only four potential choices, as their more types.

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