Commercial Garage Door Installation in Clearwater, FL Safety Recommendations

Manufacturers designed commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, with safety features to prevent accidents. However, in some business environments, many employees could walk or drive under your garage door. Your employees aren’t looking to get injured when they arrive at work every day even if they work in a high-risk environment. As a business owner or supervisor, garage door safety is something that needs some consideration. 

Regardless if the garage door stays open all the time or opens and closes repeatedly during the day, it is critical to take the best safety precautions to protect your workers from an unexpected accident. What are the most ideal approaches to protect your workers regarding your commercial garage door installation

Ensure you have a modern garage door

Overhead garage doors

The more modern your commercial garage door is, the higher the odds of cutting edge security features. Have you checked whether your present door has safety features set up? If not, consider adding the safety features or replacing your garage door with a modern one. 

Invest in garage doors designed for safety

Like I mention above, ensure you have a commercial garage door with modern safety features that prevent accidents. Upgrade to new doors to ensure you’re compliant with overhead door regulations. The operating controls need set up in a place that keeps employees from dangers in case a garage door breakdown. Get some information about the different security highlights, for example, the sensor that turns on the door drive motor that automatically reverses direction when it detects resistance. Some garage doors always require a constant touch of a button to open or close an entryway. 

Ensure an expert installs and fixes your entryway

sure fix garage door repair experts

If you are getting a new entryway, don’t install it yourself or with an unskilled team. Allow experienced experts a chance to deal with the job. This will guard your employees against injury during installations and after. More likely the entryway will get installed correctly — which means an accident is less likely. Also, don’t compromise safety by being cheap regarding repairs. Ensure an expert repairs your garage door and has much experience who comprehend what they are doing. Make sure they use original parts. 

Schedule routinely maintenance 

Similar to other equipment and machinery, commercial garage doors have many parts that, if faulty, can bring about accidents. These parts include sensors, springs, support rails, and opener systems. Therefore, have qualified specialists routinely check the state of these parts and inspect the operations of the entryway. 

If one of your springs malfunctions or total breakdown, there’s no chance of knowing about it until it snaps, which can place your employees at risk. Twice a year maintenance by experts can assist you in identifying a potential issue and fix it before it turns into risk. 

Train employees 

brown-panel-door-near-roll-up-garage door

Besides doing maintenance and repairs of the garage door, it’s significant to ensure you train workers in its operation. The training needs to include an overview of potential risks. The company that installs your garage door needs to give this training or at least give you tips. These tips can be straightforward as keeping a safe distance from the doors while operating the entryway. Your workplace safety program should be broad, considering all areas of your operations. Likewise, written rules need to be accessible to all employees and strictly followed. 

Call for repairs right away 

When your garage door isn’t working appropriately, don’t wait until the next day or the week or even the month. Call for fixes immediately and find a safe way to use it until the experts come to fix it. 

If you need commercial garage door installation or maintenance in the Clearwater, Florida, call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. We have garage door experts who know how to ensure your door works well for operations. Get in touch with us to request services or to get a quote on installing a new commercial garage door.

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