Three Common Garage Door Problems Answered by Experts

Three common garage door problems

Many homeowners have experienced some common garage door problems that our garage door repair in Tampa specialists have resolved diligently. Although, we can fix all are major problems every house is different but most people have similar issues when they call.

The conversation with us can begin with something like ‘What do I do when my garage door breakdown or ‘should I buy a new garage door’. Yes, both are good questions to ask yourself, but either way a garage door repair in Clearwater or replacement can help!

Well, the next doubts and details are best answered during an audit from us. To genuinely comprehend and diagnose common garage door problems, specialists need to hear and see it!

Let’s, check out some common garage door problems you may have or will have and should know about:

You hear a lot of noise when the garage door moves

Brown wooden garage door installation

Besides, a loud garage door being irritating, it a sign of trouble. The repair may not be an enormous deal or it might be a significant issue. However, for your safety and health, never disregard garage door noise!

Here are some potential causes:

Shaking – If the nuts, bolts, and screws of your garage door become loose, you’ll hear a shaking (or clattering) sound. Wear and tear just as temperature fluctuations are the probable culprits. All door equipment should work smoothly!

Squeaking – If you don’t lubricate your garage door, the commotion will be dreadful. Shrieking, squealing, and squeaking can easily get on everyone’s nerves. Proper maintenance via lubrication and tightening the loose parts is a quick solution.

Why? Lubrication will aid the sounds of friction when dry metal garage door parts are scraping against one another.

Pro Tip: The best way is to use an all-weather lubricant uniquely made for garage doors but don’t pour it excessively!

Still Noisy?- If equipment tightening and lubrication doesn’t work, then you possibly need to replace one of the garage doors moving parts, for example, springs, tracks, cables, hinges, and rollers. Experts can help you pinpoint the issue and replace the damaged or worn-out parts quickly.

Vibrating, clunking or thumping – When loud noises originate from the garage door itself, your opener might be the culprit experiencing issues opening and shutting your door. Depending on the specific issue, consider replacing or fixing the opener or upgrade to a more powerful (horsepower) opener.

Today, quality garage door openers, for example, Lift Master, will interface with smart home and delivery technology besides working quietly.

Why is the garage door difficult to open?

garage door spring repair

When the garage door is difficult to open, that is not right. The reason could be with the door weight and could be brought on by one or a few issues. Also, similar to noise garage door problems, there are a couple of issues that will make a door feel heavy or not operate smoothly while working.

Here are potential causes:

Springs–Usually, the springs (torsion or extension springs) on your door should do all the lifting when it opens. When a garage door spring breaks, goodness gracious it can happen out of nowhere and you’ll know it. A problem happens as garage door springs become stretched and can’t maintain the proper tension.

You may not see the stretching immediately but your springs need replacement quick and this isn’t a DIY gig. Make certain to call an expert at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair when the springs are the issue.

Cables/Rollers – worn cables and destroyed rollers will prevent your garage door from having a smooth operation. If you notice that either the cables or rollers need a fix, don’t wait since its risky business when a cable snaps. People can get injured and the door can get damaged. Instead, save the time and headache by calling an expert from the beginning.

Panels/Sections – When garage door panels or sections experience a bent, dent, warping, or bowed, your door won’t open smoothly. When there’s minor damage, you can replace a few sections. Try to match the rest of the panels in color and design. However, most times, busted panels mean that it’s time to replace your entire garage door, particularly when the door style is obsolete.

Tracks – Garage door rollers should run easily along the tracks. But if the tracks are not aligned, bent, rusted, or have pulled away from the wall mounts then, the smooth ride is finished. Don’t worry, homeowners can replace tracks independently or as a major part of a total garage door replacement.

Why is my garage door closing fast?

Like an undesirable garage door noise, when your door doesn’t open or shuts efficiently the repair may be simple or can be colossal. You can associate most complications to damaged garage door springs, cables, tracks, or the opener. Also, like other common garage door problems, for your family’s wellbeing and the health of your door, never ignore opening or shutting inconveniences.

Why? If the garage door falls fast, the parts are deteriorating. Plus, you don’t want to see the garage door injuring your family, pets, or your vehicles besides the door itself. Always call a garage door repair and replacement expert for peace of mind.

Should I replace or repair my garage door?

Well, it depends on the common garage door problems, age of your door, and the lack of maintenance you have given the machine. Often, a fix bodes well; a unique occasion’s garage door replacement is the more intelligent move, particularly when the fix costs more than the expense of a new door.

Yes, it happens, for instance, backing your car against the door. Either way, it’s unlikely for an expert to accurately answer this job without first looking at the door.

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Why Garage doors Installation is the best Home Improvement Project for 2020!

beautiful cream house with garage doors installation

New garage doors installation, updating a kitchen, and painting the house is some home improvements homeowners will try to finish this year. But, why invest money? Well, it’s essential to safeguard your biggest investment (house) by always trying to improve it right?

However, a few people that have garage doors disregard them and do other home improvements failing to give it proper care. And afterward, complain when it needs repair. Remember, when a total breakdown happens, urgent and emergency garage door repairs in St. Petersburg aren’t enjoyable.

Often, homeowners want to do home improvements and don’t know where to begin. But like I said earlier, if you have an old door that needs repair or needs an upgrade, why not installed a new garage door as your home improvement?

This investment pays back all of your ROI and it enhances your home’s curb appeal with the right style and color. So, I’ll answer some simple questions to get you ready for your fun garage door improvement that your house will thank you for.

How much will your garage doors installation cost?

It depends on what you want, I know, it’s not the answer you wanted but new garage door costs can vary. However, no concerns, professionals will give you the right estimate after seeing the door you want and the existing door besides taking measurements. Then you can talk about your desires, style, material, color, opener, and even budget.

In particular, there are always many ways to pick a door that complements your preferences and your budget.

So, garage door costs go from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the features you choose. Consider asking a few trusted companies for prices so you can compare wisely.

What’s the lifespan of a garage door?

house with garage door installation

Quality and well-maintained garage door can last 15+ years and some thirty years! Yet, there have been significant changes in garage doors in recent years. Why?

Modern home construction and automatic garage door openers have changed how individuals frequently use their garages. Homeowners use garage doors installation more prominently on modern homes and account for 30-40% of a home’s street-facing facade.

The garage door entrance is also the shortest path to the kitchen which makes it the most helpful way to get into a home. Combine the door with an automatic device, for example, – a keypad, remote, and smartphones which help close and open garage doors instantly. These features have increased how many times people use the garage door and affect the number of cycles it experiences every day.

Another relevant factor to the longevity of a garage door is the materials. Many people choose low-maintenance, lighter weight, energy-efficient steel garage doors, or composite compared with high maintenance and costly durable wood doors that were the standard back then.

Garage door color options

Your preferences and your home’s architecture should determine the best color option for your garage doors installation. The present doors arrive in many standard factory finish colors beyond white. Custom colors are accessible as well but will add some cost to the door.

Ever search for house paint? Well, there’s no limit to the color alternatives accessible! And the garage door colors are similar. You won’t have issues picking the color you need. More than likely, you’ll have many choices that may confuse you instead! However, once more, no concerns… experts like us will remove the guesswork.

For instance: Are you somebody who likes the most in-vogue color trends or someone who gets inspired by traditional and timeless color tones? Maybe you like neutral or attracted to enormous, bold colors that truly stand out?

But, the exterior of the house also matters to your home or neighborhood. If you have a neighborhood association then, does the HOA have rules about garage door colors? If you’re confused, consider using a garage door design and color application that some companies allow customers to use for free so you can see how your doors would look painted.

Wood or steel garage doors installation?

white and blue wooden house with garage door

Wood and steel garage doors are excellent alternatives for homeowners. However, there are critical contrasts between these materials, read below.

Wood garage doors cost more than steel garage doors. Costs in wood species – cedar, oak, and mahogany also vary. Many homeowners love the amazing look of sturdy wood doors paying little mind to the added cost and maintenance requirements.

For example, wood doors need regular sanding, painting, and staining. Plus, sturdy wood is heavy so you’ll need a powerful automatic garage door opener to lift the door meaning you will have to pay more for an opener with extra horsepower.

By contrast, steel garage doors are more affordable and cheaper to maintain when compared with wood. They are also lighter yet robust and sturdy; energy-efficient yet cost-effective; simpler to install and to maintain, and can open manually.

Perhaps the best part is that modern steel doors are stylish with traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, and carriage house designs available. For all these benefits, steel garage doors installation is popular among homeowners.

Garage door insulation

Garage door insulation can enhance your home’s energy efficiency and thus save you money on energy bills plus improve comfort. Regrettably, garages are the least efficient part of a home and an insulated garage door can assist with reducing this issue. Other pros include added door strength, soundproofing, the door during activity is also quieter plus insulation protects everything inside the carport from extreme temperatures.

When you purchase or update your door insulation know of R-Value. R-Value is the measurement used for garage door and an expert can tell you the proper R-Value for your location and climate.

Garage door openers installation

garage door opener installation

New garage door openers have many modern tech advantages. When you install your garage door, consider replacing your old opener as well. Why? Well, today’s openers have high-tech features for added safety, security, and comfort.

A smart garage door opener can open your garage from anywhere using only your smartphone. Do you need more information on whether to replace your old opener with a modern garage door opener?

Read this post, When it’s Time for a Modern Garage Door Opener Replacement?

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Buying Residential Garage Doors, Here is what you Need to Know?

residential garage doors

Residential garage doors could be a significant expense but one garage door installation near me experts think is well worth considering. Homeowners who need to make a wise investment and spend their well-deserved cash on something durable and enjoyable to use every day need to consider buying residential garage doors.

We can take the responsibility of owning a modern garage door system sensible with some straightforward considerations. Shopping smartly, performing due diligence, and using the right garage door installation service near me will decrease the overall expense and even help spend less cash and time on maintenance.

When you imagine increasing your home’s curb appeal, odds are you envision a sunroom or theater room or even a recent paint job. You may not think about replacing your garage door, but an upgrade to the front home facade might be something to consider. Do you know what to search for in a garage door for your home?

Our garage door experts have gathered some top tips for picking the best garage door in this blog post.

Find the right vendor when buying residential garage doors

two residential garage doors installation

Research can help you know everything you need and it will not ruin your day since it takes just a few minutes of your time. Find which parts are covered by a warranty, for example, the opener or the door itself. Request referrals from friends, read reviews on the web, and call to talk with an expert to get a feeling of the great customer service capability for yourself.

Ensure the vendor has quality garage door brands. Plus, if the vendor doesn’t have trained installation experts consider looking for one using the same method, you just used above. Stay with the same company for maintenance as installation particularly when it was a successful one. Building a relationship with your service experts makes a decent communication channel and encourages great service.

Save money on support; do it yourself

When your experts install your door, ask for some pointers on how to keep it running incredibly for many years of durability. By doing this education you prevent unnecessary calls to the garage door experts for fixes and regular maintenance.

With simple devices and regular check-ups, you can eliminate stress on the moving parts. Frequently inspect the panels, seal, tracks, chain/belt, and motor for signs of failures and damages. If you encounter a complicated or dangerous garage door job, then do call your favorite garage door repair service.

Save money on fixes; call an expert

sure fix garage door repair experts

Yes, homeowners can do some DIY maintenance but stop using the door when you know it isn’t working correctly. You can only use residential garage doors when there working properly. Also, using a broken door can worsen the issue causing significant damages to the door and produce accidents to people or the car. For instance, forcing weak garage door springs or a problematic motor can make the door fall on something or someone.

Try not to fix anything beyond easy maintenance. If it’s the opener or tracks and springs fix, call an expert instead. Most companies make estimates free but first verify that it is legitimately broken before calling the experts.

Basic tips for an unresponsive garage door

There are some simple things you can do before calling an expert:

  • Replace the batteries in the remote. Ensure the power runs to the motor and the carport. When the motor is non-responsive, flip the lights or plug a different appliance to the same circuit since the circuit can fry.
  • Search for obstructions that can block the safety sensors. Check the safety sensors inside the track if there are position a few inches off the ground. Most models have an LED light showing that it’s working when the safety sensors don’t have any obstructions.
  • Check the garage door opener’s settings. Someone may have set the unit to secure/vacation mode.

Buying residential garage doors with energy-efficiency in mind

Today’s garage doors offer benefits like energy-efficiency. A drafty carport can mean a significant loss in your home. A modern insulated garage door can lower your energy usage by 15%.

Attached garages increase energy costs, regardless of your carport has a heating system or use an AC system. Replacing your old garage door offers you the chance to get a sturdier door with a better level of insulation, or R-value.

Also, reap the benefits of energy savings from keeping the chilly air out in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer. Besides affecting temperature, a new garage door can likewise make a superior job of keeping moisture out of your carport.

Buying Residential Garage Doors with high ROI

Florida home with modern garage door

Garage door installation is an investment that gives an excellent ROI. Magazines have been saying this for a long time: looks matter. When you want to increase your home value and enhance your curb appeal, then a garage door installation can do both. The return on investment is about 97.5% for new garage door installations.

Think about savings on your maintenance, too. When you have been scraping and repainting your wood doors each couple of years, savings on the paint can add to the cost. Your time is valuable and when you don’t spend it painting or worrying about an outdated door then the investment is well deserved.

The Conclusion to Buying Residential Garage Doors

A modern garage door is an incredible investment with no negatives. Take the straightforward considerations above before buying residential garage doors and you can save cash and worry.

Finding the right garage door is simpler than you think. Follow these basic hints and watch how your garage door contributes value to your home and increases its curb appeal.

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