Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater, Start Here?

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater FL

Installing a new garage door in Clearwater comes with many decisions. The principle one is the size of your garage door. There are many factors to consider, though understanding the amount of needed side and headroom for the particular type of garage door is an essential place to begin. Other important considerations include:

What is the size of your vehicle or vehicles?

Do you plan to use your carport for storage or an office?

These things to consider are ideal for the perfect garage door installation ready to store, protect, and preserve what’s essential to you. Ensuring you have the necessary space to accommodate your ideal garage door is something you should look into, as a mistake can limit your design space and functionality.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

It’s shocking at the range of standard sizes that exist today for garage doors. Popular garage door manufacturers usually sell garage doors in widths ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. You can find littler sizes; for instance, in places where golf cart transportation is required. These small garage doors are typically accessible to suit these little vehicles. In large suburban or rural properties, such garage doors may work well for large lawnmowers or little tractors.

People are not installing the small 8-foot-wide doors in many new houses nowadays, yet there are still a lot of older homes with carports built to house littler vehicles. So, replacement garage doors are easily accessible for these homes. Standard heights of garage doors are limited, offered in heights of 7 or 8 feet.

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

If you are installing a new garage door in Clearwater, there’s a decent chance that the builder will recommend a door 9 feet wide and 7 feet high. Usually, if you are planning one door for each vehicle in the carport. That is a decent size for most people. However, imagine a scenario in which you have a huge truck, with huge mirrors projecting from the sides.

Many large trucks have lost those mirrors attempting to squeeze into a 9-foot-wide opening. So, consider going with doors 10 feet wide, and increase the height to 8 feet. The garage needs to accommodate these bigger doors and bigger vehicles.

Another important decision to make when installing a new garage door is whether to have it attached to the house. Although attached garages are the standard nowadays, detached garages have more advantages. Particularly, if you are storing large vehicles, a detached garage may give greater flexibility in design.

Replacing garage doors

Replacing garage door

When you are replacing a garage door, the best way to determine the size you require is to measure the current door. However, if you’re installing a new garage door without one, carefully measure the width and height of the opening. Also, check the clearance above the opening to ensure there is enough space for the installation of the door tracks.

This tip works well if you intend to purchase and install the garage door yourself. If you will let an expert handle the job, it is ideal to let them determine the right size of the door you need. In fact, a garage door professional will measure the door correctly, which a DIY practitioner can make a mistake that may cause the door not to fit.

Changing the Size of a Current Garage Door

From a construction viewpoint, it is straightforward to reduce the size of the opening in a garage, therefore making the requirement for a smaller garage door. But it is uncommon for anyone to do this project. Often, homeowners look to expand the garage door size to fit vehicles that don’t easily fit through the current opening.

Regrettably, increasing a garage door opening is almost impossible without increasing the size of the garage. The greatest obstacle to overcome is the headroom over the current opening. The span above the door opening is framed with a long header that supports the wall area above the door. And you need to raise this header or rebuilt to increase the overall door size.

When there isn’t sufficient room above the opening, you must raise the roof of the garage. Even though it is a complicated task, it is possible in the hands of an expert. You also need to consider permitting space for the opener.

Garage Door Renovation

Sometimes the best way to accommodate large vehicles is to remove the old garage and make a new one. With great design and careful construction, this can improve the value and functionality of your home. With enough available space, you can even wall in the current garage and transform it into living space, then include an all-new garage size in the manner that works best for your needs.

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Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits for a Home

Glass garage doors installation

Glass garage doors installation enhances the function and style of your garage. For a contemporary look, glass garage doors are the best way.

Let’s break down the many benefits of a modern glass garage door installation, including their versatility, affordability, and beautiful look.

Find the top reasons why you will love having one of these special and beautiful garage doors for your home.

Allow natural light inside

One big advantage of modern glass garage doors is their feature to allow in natural light. Without a doubt, you can cut out window panels on normal garage doors to allow some light inside. However, a glass garage door is on another level. Do you live in a place surrounded by natural beauty? Why block the view with a regular garage door?

Consider a full view garage door with clear glass window panels to protect your home from the weather elements without disturbing the view. If you need privacy, consider garage door frosted opaque glass panels that still allow a lot of light while protecting your carport from neighbors and people who walk by.

Also, modern garage doors change the environment in your space by allowing in energy-boosting natural light. It’s a fact that natural light is advantageous to human health and their productivity.

Besides, a glass garage door can save you cash on energy bills since you spare the electricity needed to illuminate the garage during the day.

Spare Space

Sectional glass garage doors are meant for space efficiency. The seams of the horizontal panels are on flexible hinges. This permits the door to slide into the open position, suspended from the ceiling, without occupying any room in front of the garage as it rises.

This comfort and beauty have permitted glass garage doors to extend past use in the carport alone. Any durable structure can bolster these doors, including the family room, a pool house, a workplace, or another area of your home that would benefit from this design and usefulness.

Quality and Reliability

High-quality glass garage doors are sturdy and beautiful to look at whatever time. These modern garage doors come built with a 24 gauge aluminum tube frame. This aluminum is lightweight yet still boosts top durability.

Also, they can include garage door window panels that are produced using 1/4″ thick tempered laminated glass. Tempered laminated glass comprises of two glass panels with a vinyl layer in between. This makes the glass sturdy, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant plus the vinyl layer blocks most of outside noise. Since they are lightweight and rust-resistant, the operation of these doors is quiet.

Variety of colors

Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits
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Modern garage doors don’t simply come black and white. You can pick a light and bright style with all white aluminum and opaque glass panels. Moreover, a dark and rustic style with grays and blacks, or an imaginative and unique look with colorful choices.

You can pick any kind of colored glass for your garage door panels in addition to the style and finish you require.

Enhances your home beauty plus a magnet for ROI

Considering selling your home? A modern glass garage door can boost your home’s exterior. The garage door is the biggest feature on a home and having a new one can help pull in buyers.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs Value report, new garage door replacements are the number one investment for high return in resale value.

Yes, homeowners can expect over 97.5% return on investment on a new garage door, on average. Imagine the return on investment of a new modern glass garage door?

Boost Living Space

With a lot of natural light and space-efficient design, your carport transforms into another room in your home, as opposed to only a place to park your car or to store items.

You can change all or part of your carport into an office, entertainment space, gym, and workshop.

Why invest thousands of dollars on another project to your home when you can transform your carport for less?

Incredible Value

The best glass garage doors are durable and low-maintenance. Sturdy aluminum models are resistant to rust and corrosion from the elements. You can clean the glass panels easily by washing with soap and water.

What’s more, these doors are environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. They are produced using materials that will remain functional for a long time. Natural light means you’ll use less energy to illuminate the garage space.

Also, our expert weatherproofing techniques can bring down your energy bill through sealing in your ideal temperature, even in the carport. If you need to replace, fix or your new glass garage doors installation contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

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A Primer on Steel Garage Door Installations

a primer on steel garage door installations

Yes, numerous homeowners would like to have a new wooden garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL. However, wood may not be the most practical decision. Typically, wooden garage doors are more costly than steel garage doors. If you like to keep extra money, then picking steel doors for your garage is a better decision. Steel is less expensive and sturdier than wood.

Moreover, steel doors come in many varieties. So, you will have the option to find an entryway that can match the design of your home while still lowering energy bills. Let’s check out some popular types of steel garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL.

Types of steel garage doors

types of steel garage doors

Steel doors come with heavy-duty steel that requires little upkeep and comes in three levels of strength— single, double, and triple–layer. The characteristics of the three levels of strength are down below:

Single-layer — known as “pan garage doors” — feature durable exteriors that require little maintenance. However, because of their thinness single-layer steel doors can get dented when hit, and are usually, ill-suited for wide garage door openings.

Double- layer — comprises of one steel layer backed with polystyrene thermal insulation. Durable and quieter than pan entryways, the double -layer garage door is a low–maintenance, energy-efficient, and, environmentally friendly option.

Triple-layer or steel back — comes with a steel front, thermal middle, and, steel back. The steel triple-layer is the sturdiest and most durable garage door alternatives available. It brings heavy-duty material on the outside and inside. Also, these low–upkeep doors contain eco-friendly polystyrene thermal inside parts that can help a home’s energy efficiency. Moreover, this advantageously soundproof entryway is quiet to open and close.

Steel garage doors come made with sturdy, genuine gauge steel, and hot-dip galvanized in zinc to avoid rusting. Furthermore, a primer coat is added for extra surface strength, and finished with topcoat paint, for lasting color. The outside of a steel door infrequently needs touch-ups.


None–insulated, single–layer garage doors typically, come in one of three gauges of thickness — 24, 25, and, 26 — the lower the number, the thicker the metal. The two-layer comes backed with a vinyl layer, which holds the insulation in place. Thicker doors have a superior R-value, which gets used for deciding how well the entryway insulates its enclosure and consequently assigning its energy-efficiency.

The best sort of steel door is the triple-layer steel back with at least two inches of thickness. Numerous modern garage doors are reinforced with wind–load reinforcement. The truth, these reinforced garage doors look the same as other doors but abide by local building codes.

Why pick steel back insulated garage doors?

why pick steel back insultated garage doors

These garage doors are best in class with regards to insulation, R-value, soundproofing, and, thermal comfort. Steel back insulated garage doors have an inside and outside hot-dipped galvanized pre-painted steel skin and are pressure laminated to a polystyrene core. It structures a genuine and natural thermal break. Most steel back insulated garage doors are 1.5 to 3 inches thick with R-values running from 9.0 to 19.0. 

If you have a shop or office or a room over your garage, then a steel back insulated door is the best choice. You will see significant savings in energy costs but being best in class also come with a higher price range. Typically they cost more than a vinyl back insulated garage doors. However, the long term energy saving will outweigh the one time cost of the more expensive steel door.


When looking for a new garage door in Clearwater, Florida, make sure to get much information. Consider the function of your garage and pick an entryway that will give the most comfort to you and your family. Moreover, is cost-efficient and secure. R-value and appearance are significant as well. All of the steel options are great options; it merely comes down to your needs and budget.

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How To Enhance Your Garage Door For Better Home Curb Appeal

how to enhance your garage door for better home curb appeal

Updating or installing a new garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, will increase your home’s value, for selling purposes or for your satisfaction. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home, improving your home appearance involves some personal pride. It’s imaginable you’re one of the property holders who want their homes to look fresh and superior to their neighbors’.

Your garage door installation in Clearwater can have much to do with how fruitful your home sale is or how it dazzles your neighbors when they drive by.

Usually, garage doors only offer functionality and necessary appearances or designs. However, suppose you changed this regular, unremarkable outside feature into a beautiful, visually appealing work of art that will make your home shine.

Leaving your garage door tasteless and dull means you’re passing up the chance to boost the appearance of your home. So, how do you improve curb appeal with your garage door?

How a garage door can improve your return on investment

how a garage door can improve your return on investment

With regards to the color, materials, and, design of your home, a little change can go far — regardless of what sort of improvement you make. Are you giving your old garage door new life with a new paint job or replacing it altogether? Regardless, any investment you make in the appearance of your garage door is going to enhance your homes curb appeal.

Since both appearance and your home’s functionality relate well to a garage door, the return on investment (ROI) is high. A high-quality and beautiful entryway can heighten the value of your home after your initial investment. It’s the first thing a potential buyer will see about your home.

Updating your garage door to increase home’s curb appeal

Well, overhauling your garage door doesn’t mean replacing it. However, often, a new canvas is the best approach to accomplish a better style and curb appeal in your home design. Typically, if your garage has seen a lot of wear throughout the years of service, it may be time to replace your present garage door with a better one. Yes, garage door installations can appear costly; however, replacing and redesigning yields one of the best returns on investment (ROI) for a home.

When you purchase your new garage door, try to pick something flashy with the appropriate amount of visual appeal. Moreover, complement your outside home design with a garage door that offers the most astounding quality material. Consider making your garage door all the more visually intriguing with following highlights, for instance, vertical lines or patterns, horizontal relief designs, windows, crossbeams, and, hurricane rated.

Painting for better garage door curb appeal

how to enhance your garage door for better home curb appeal

When you’re updating or replacing your garage door for appearance, you probably don’t think you should paint it. However, by merely looking at your rooftop, shudders, front entryway, and, home exterior, you realize your garage door offers the same opportunities to express your style. Here are a few hints to enable you to pick the ideal color:

Contrast colors- Often it’s ok for the colors and design to match into the appearance of your home. Nevertheless, you likewise don’t need it to blend and disappear into your walls. Truthfully, it won’t have an opportunity of improving your design or enhance your curb appeal. You’ll need to pick a color that stands out from the hues of your home in an engaging manner.

Complement other front features- It’s a good idea to utilize your carport to bring out other front highlights of your home. You may choose to paint your garage door a similar shading as your shudders or your trim, for instance, match the color of your front entryway or patio by painting the garage a same complementary shade.

Characterize your space- Without a distinction in colors or a design plan for both garage and home, the entire front of your home can wind up clashing together. Honestly, it will do a disservice to the excellence of your home’s architecture and style. Picking contrasting or complementary hues will help you break the details in your garage door and home’s facade. Thus, enabling you to characterize your home’s space, to stand out, and, highlight the design details that make your home exceptional.

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How To Improve Your Garage Door Installation Energy Efficiency

how to improve your garage door installation energy efficiency

Your modern Clearwater garage door installation cannot be another inefficient room in your home. That inefficiency is awful news for your heating and cooling bill. Moreover, too much heat or cold, it’s not suitable for the health of the different things you store in your garage, including the vehicle. 

Fortunately, there are approaches to make your garage more efficient, saving you on your Clearwater garage door repair costs and utility bills. It’s an ideal opportunity to become environmentally friendly with your carport by utilizing these energy-saving hints. 

Insulation and R-Values: What They Mean

insulation and r values what they mean

There are three essential garage things you have to insulate: garage doors, walls, and, attic. When you insulate these three things, you’re guaranteeing that a higher amount of your air (hot and cold) remains inside and that less of the non-condition air stays out. R-Value is the measurement of insulation efficiency at keeping in your condition air.

R-Values tells garage door owners how energy efficient their entryway is. The R-Value is given to materials’ abilities to slow heat transmission. It implies the higher the R-Value, all the more insulating the material will be for your utility bills. Usually, garage doors with higher R-Values cost more and are more substantial. However, they trap the heat better in the garage and as a result, prevents placing a strain on your home’s furnace. 

Two Main Types of Insulation

There are two main types of garage door insulation: polystyrene and polyurethane. Polystyrene resembles durable plastic foam and is put inside the garage door panels. Polyurethane is spray foam and sprayed again inside the garage door panels then bonds to each surface. Usually, polyurethane gives higher R-values than polystyrene. 

Numerous factors affect insulation, beyond an entryway’s R-Value, countless different factors influence the result and the actual heat loss. For instance, when the experts install your garage door, a complex weatherproofing system also needs to be set up. This item goes far in blocking air and heat loss, and it needs to be durable enough to withstand a wide range of precipitation. 

The tightness of the entryway’s weatherproof system, the caulking, and, other setups factors the garage door insulation efficiency. Make sure to hire professionals like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to install your door correctly. 

Insulation Benefits

insulation benefits

Insulation helps lower your heating and cooling bills. Also, when it is cold, it keeps your garage warmer and furthermore, reduce noise, making your garage and home much quieter. Now, during winter it also stores your vehicle in better condition since the car not exposed to below zero temperatures during low winter temperatures. Insulation likewise lessens the number of holes and cracks little rodents can use to slip inside your garage throughout the winter, causing infestation issues. 


Usually, when cracks show up in your concrete floor that is a sign your carport is becoming less efficient. These cracks enable heated air to escape in winter, swapped by the inflow of cold air from the outside. There are a couple of approaches to lessen this energy loss. First, you can set up rugs or floor mats to cover the holes on your concrete floor. Then, you can apply a concrete sealant that offers the extra advantage of providing a finished look to your garage. 



Many garage doors don’t bring windows; however, those that do need to use energy-efficient windows. A few homeowners may not see the incentive in putting resources into energy-efficient windows in a non-climate controlled space. However, energy-efficient windows can do a lot of good for your heating and cooling bills. 

Garage side-door

Numerous property holders focus on the energy efficiency of their garage doors. However, disregard the energy efficiency of their entry that leads from the garage into the home. It’s critical to guarantee this entryway is properly weather-stripped and that a sealant is used to ensure the threshold is secure. Make sure it isn’t allowing condition air to escape into the garage or permitting non-condition air to enter the home.

Radiant barrier

radiant banner

Many property holders are installing radiant barriers in their attics to decrease summer heat gain and the expense of cooling their homes. You can likewise fit a radiant barrier on your garage door, which works the same during the hottest time of the year. Radiant barriers are more effective in hot climates than in cold climates.

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Garage Door Buying Guide – Vinyl Garage Doors

garage door buying guide vinyl garage doors

Recently, the traditional wooden garage door installation in Clearwater, FL projects are quickly getting replaced by durable door models produced from steel and vinyl. However, for some purchasers, it tends to be challenging to pick between these two materials. 

The two have their pros and cons. Nevertheless, purchasers can pick their favorite features, for example, value, maintenance, and, durability. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater FL will give you the pros and cons of utilizing these two materials so you can decide the correct one for your home. 


It might astonish you to find that vinyl garage doors are often sturdier than steel garage doors. While steel doors are prone to be dented and dinged, vinyl doors are much resistant to damage. Furthermore, if scratches happen, they’re less noticeable on vinyl. Since steel garage doors have a painted finish, vinyl garage doors come with one color finish, so it’s difficult to see any imperfections. 

These vinyl doors remain a perfect choice for adults who have children, as these entryways have the durability to deal with anything your kids toss at them. The bad news, often during freezing temperatures vinyl can become brittle and can split when impacted by an object.

Weather resistance

weather resistance

Vinyl garage doors are very flexible and a decent choice for coastal regions. There are a few reasons, including the below: 

  • Vinyl garage doors are rust-proof unlike steel garage doors, which could rust over time. 
  • Unlike wood garage doors, they won’t rot and warp during humid conditions. 
  • These doors are resistant to salt air, wind, and, sand, so they work well in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Vinyl garage doors likewise have an UV-resistant finish which guarantees the color of the garage door doesn’t fade because of sun exposure. 


Being highly resistant to dents remains an essential advantage associated with vinyl. Steel tends to develop dings when struck by an object. These scratches or dents takes way the entryway’s appearance as well as lead to rust that can shorten the life of the door. A drawback with vinyl doors is when a sharp object hits the door during cold temperatures may make the vinyl crack, which steel won’t.


insulation final

Steel garage doors are made of two sheets of metal with a layer of insulation squeeze in the middle. Vinyl entryways usually, come uninsulated. It implies that it can be challenging to keep up a consistent temperature in your carport and may prompt increased utility bills. 

Insulated steel garage doors help keep cold air outside with the goal the home waste less energy. However, the good news, vinyl garage doors can be stuffed with insulating materials and therefore rivals even the best steel entryways. 


A steel door can be embossed to look like wood. Now, vinyl can be decorated with wood grain but does not look realistically as steel, particularly on cheap models. When picking a smooth panel design, vinyl might be the better choice. 

It is rust-resistant and sometimes contains an UV-resistant finish, so the color of the plastic won’t fade. The paint utilized on steel garage doors regularly fades due to much sun exposure. 

Cost and warranty

cost and warranty

Vinyl garage doors cost more than steel when it comes to upfront costs. However, when the goods warranty and maintenance requirements are thought over, vinyl becomes the better cost-effective choice. Most vinyl garage doors bring a lifetime warranty, while steel entryway warranty may only cover less because of rust issues

If you decide to buy a vinyl garage door, look for a multi-year warranty that guarantees the vinyl won’t chip or crack and also the color won’t fade.

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How Can We Help You Select The Right Garage Door For Your Home?

how can we help you select the right garage door for your home

When choosing a new garage door installation for your Clearwater home, the list of inquiries includes material, style, and, cost. There are many alternatives and prices for garage doors, beginning with the basic stock models to high-end custom doors. The material you pick, the insulation features, the glass windows, and the panel style will all affect the price tag of your garage door. 

Generally, you can save by buying an inexpensive garage door, but it will last only a couple of years—or break out the checkbook for a show-stopper. With a little guidance, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts can assist you in finding the best door for your home while keeping you within your budget. 

How to match the aesthetics of your home?

The first thing you have to think about is how the garage door will integrate with the aesthetics of your home. Before, it was usually done by picking an entryway that was a similar color to the house, or by painting the door the same color as the house. Nonetheless, today, there are more ways to accomplish matching your garage door to your house. 

You can pick entryways that look like your front entryway, which incorporates the same trim colors and components as your home. Consider how you want to integrate your home’s overall look, and how various styles and designs will assist you in accomplishing that objective. 

Pick the garage door you like most

pick the garage door you like the most

How can each style available on the market help you get the look that you’re looking for? Traditional and raised panel garage doors are the most common today but have the least options with regards to customization. You’ll also discover carriage house style garage doors that can be rustic or elegant depending on your hardware and color choices. 

Furthermore, there are contemporary garage doors that can give your home a smooth, minimalist look. I recommend working with an expert garage door business to help guarantee that you get the right design and installation.

Garage Door Material

The material of your garage door will influence many things, including the heaviness of the door, the appearance, and, even how many years will the door last. Aluminum is a leading used material on the market since it offers a phenomenal weight to strength ratio and rust proof. Nevertheless, it’s not as sturdy as steel, which is the most widely used construction material. 

Fiberglass doors are lightweight, but not as sturdy as steel too. Likewise, wood doors are available for a more traditional or natural look but accompany wood problems such as warping and insulation can be an issue.

How will you use your garage door?

how will you use your garage door

What will you use the garage door for? Would you use your garage door for storage, or for storing your vehicle? Now, if you will use it as an office or a yoga studio, you’ll need to consider things like the amount of light you’ll want to let in by the garage door windows. Moreover, the amount of protection offered by the weather stripping seal and the insulation in the door. 

Garage door windows

garage door windows

Most garage door come with windows, though they’re frequently small and put high up to avoid burglars using them as a way to enter. However, you have numerous different choices. One exciting trend available today is to install windows in the garage door to match the design of your home’s front entryway as well as the windows on your home. 

Also, large glass panels, decorative windows that go well with your home’s historic architecture style. Think wisely of the number of windows, their placement since windows can impact both inside lighting and temperature control. 

Insulation and customization

Insulation is a significant thought with any garage door. The higher the R rating, the more even the inside temperature which will help lower your utility bills throughout the year. It will likewise help make the garage comfortable when you’re inside. 

You can customize your garage door; however, you’ll have to work with the correct garage door manufacturer and hire the right business to install it. 

Opening System

opening system

While the vast majority of your choices will include the style and construction of your garage door, you do need to consider which opening system (spring) to use. The entryway will work on a set of rails, and a pair of springs will be used to balance the weight. 

People often purchase cheap springs; however, these springs only work for 10,000 cycles or openings. Paying more gives you a pair of spring with double the lifespan.

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Which Garage Door Size is Best For Your Home?

which garage door size is best for your home

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair top experts understand the economy is thriving and new construction homes are becoming standard. However, today homeowners have numerous choices to make during the construction. 

For example, the problem of designing and styling the home comes up frequently. Would it be a good idea for you to install wallpaper or paint the walls? Also, to set up a marble or rug on the floors? Now, we have something new for you to consider. Should I get two single garage doors or one double garage door installation?

 Read below our recommendations so you can decide the best garage door for your needs. 

The advantages and disadvantages of two single garage doors

If the idea of two single garage doors is interesting to you, we suggest your garage space be at least 22 feet wide. It will give you an accurate measurement of room space to get in and out of your vehicle comfortably. Many homeowners believe that two single garage doors are good-looking on a front-load house. A front-load carport is a good alternative for some homes where property size is small. With a front-load carport, you can drive up through your garage without stressing over making tight maneuvers.

Another advantage of two doors is that you have much control of how much inside of your garage is exposed to the outside. It also lessens the measure of wind flow, both cold and hot, from entering or leaving your garage. It can significantly decrease your heating and cooling bills. For instance, mechanics or people that work with a workbench in the garage can safely leave without lifting up both garage doors. Another advantage is that if one of your garage doors breaks down, you can use the other door to enter or exit. 

However, two of anything have their drawbacks, you risk double the maintenance, time, and, fix costs. Regularly, two single garage doors are smaller, so consider the size of vehicles you’ll be parking and how much space you’ll need when opening the vehicle entryways on both sides. Two single garage doors are more qualified for families without kids at home. 

The Advantages and disadvantages of one double garage door

the advantages and disadvantages of one double garage door

The perfect size of a double garage door if you want to park two vehicles needs to be at least 18 feet wide. Since a double garage door has more space to work with, it certainly adds convenience. Admittedly, it is excellent for families with young kids who still ride in car seats as you’ll require the additional room to get your kid in and out of your vehicle. Furthermore, an incredible answer for the handicap or the elderly who likewise may need more space. Another advantage includes less expense by mounting only one automatic garage door opener. You’ll also have extra room for your storage that can make your garage more spacious 

Unfortunately, if your double garage door happens to breakdown, you’ll be limited on what you can do get in and out of your garage until your entryway gets fixed. Moreover, when the garage door opens every day, it is exposed to the elements or climate changes.

We think all new automatic garage doors are extraordinary. There are numerous reasons to buy two single garage door and many reasons to own one double garage door. Depending upon the functionality you need, both are incredible. Remember your budget and the amount of room you’ll require remains a significant matter when you consider which garage door to buy. 

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

sure fix garage door repair

Today, first-time buyers are looking to buy homes more often than before. So, then your home’s vehicle garage door is more significant to potential purchasers than you fathom. Many home purchasers consider a garage an essential factor when they choose to purchase a house. Your home needs a garage door that enables the garage to be used efficiently.

If you have any questions or ideas, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts would love to help you.

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Do You Install a Manual or Automatic Garage Door?

do you install a manual or automatic garage door

When you have installed a replacement entryway on your home, it appears to be quite a straightforward job- all you need to do is to tighten screws to the hinges, and you’re finished. However, mounting the most significant entryway in your home isn’t exactly so straightforward. A garage door installation in Clearwater, FL project can be a challenging and dangerous undertaking for a beginner. Manual garage door installation is a lot simpler than automatic, but the choice relies upon what sort of entryway you want to install. 

Regardless of what sort of entryway you are mounting, be cautious. If you’re doing a DIY project, read all your garage door maker’s directions and owner’s manual before attempting any work. Furthermore, if you’re not sure of what you are doing, avoid this job and contract an expert like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair instead. The work that is involved takes more risk to accomplish, so an expert brings more experience to the table.

So, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of manual or automatic garage doors:

A quick introduction to garage doors

a quick introduction to garage doors

Manual garage doors are doors that can be simply pull up with a handle. These entryways are much lighter than automatic garage doors, and so much simpler to install. However, the lightness of a manual entryway limits the sort of entryway you can get. If you would like a sturdy wood garage door, then your best bet is to get an automatic one since wood tends to be heavier. 

Automatic garage doors handle a large entryway but also the motor and cables too. Homeowners use automatic garage doors more for their comfort, however for a situation, for example, a large wood entryway, they remain a must. Moreover, a powerful engine is required to pull up a substantial entryway. Notwithstanding, automatic entryways also have a flaw – they rapidly become a manual entryway when there’s no power. 

Manual garage door installation

manual garage door installation

Even though you may be the only homeowner in your neighborhood to have a manual entryway, there are many reasons why having one isn’t so terrible. Why hasn’t this less-advantageous choice disappeared from the market? 

The real reason behind their popularity remains their security or more secured than the automatic garage door. Also, much simpler to mount and to fix since these don’t come with many parts like automatic garage doors

If you want a simple steel garage door without insulation, then you are an ideal candidate for a manual garage door. To mount, all you need is to secure the door with a torsion spring system. Usually, the only tools you’ll need are a drill, bits, a hex wrench, and, an open-end wrench. 

Old style security vs. new style security

old style security vs new style security

Why are manual garage doors more secure? Radio-operated motors on automatic garage doors can be bypassed. You can purchase a device that finds out the frequency that a radio-operated automatic garage door motor utilizes for under $50! Even though the improvement of rolling code has improved an automatic garage door security is still a security risk since it’s computer-generated. 

Automatic garage doors have a remarkable safety feature. For example, if someone or something blocks the path of a closing entryway, the door will stop closing and return to the opening stage. This feature is incredible for a child that’s in the way of a closing door or when you’re backing your vehicle out of the garage. 

Furthermore, if someone accidentally runs or is playing around in the garage entryway’s way as it shuts, the entryway will automatically open. Now, manual garage entryways only require a key for passage, something that would be hard for an intruder to bypass when it’s locked inside. 


Automatic garage doors provide many benefits over manual garage doors. Unless you have some particular reason to pick the manual alternative, you should be happier with an automatic garage door. 

The main issue with an automatic garage door is the installation. However, the installation just needs to happen once, and you could allow the experts to handle the work.

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Why Replace Your Garage Door?

why replace your garage door

Almost every garage door will get their share of dings and scratches throughout the years, and you’ll need to begin considering getting a new garage door installation in your Clearwater, FL home. Often, many issues arise that would make the homeowner want to replace it? While these marvelous appliances work efficiently for quite a while, you utilize your garage door more than you think maybe about 1500 times a year.

Checking its condition and keeping it maintained will prolong its life. However, there are sound issues that may warrant you to replace it. Issues, for example, wear and tear, security, safety, functionality, and, changing the design to match your home are valid causes for replacing carports.

So allow Clearwater, FL garage door installation experts show you when your carport needs replacement:

Wear and tear

Many families today utilize the garage as their main entrance to their home. It can add lots of wear and tear on the entryway and its opener. The more you frequently use it the more probabilities it could breakdown and become damaged. Garage door maintenance needs to be done regularly to avoid repairs and costly replacement parts. Usually, an old garage door with high mileage and a lot of incidents will need to be replaced.

Storm Damage

storm damage

Storms that bring hail, rain, and strong winds can damage the entryway. Dings and dents could occur on metal or steel garage doors but are mostly minor concerns. Steel insulated garage doors are stronger and can withstand storm damage.

However, if damage happens that makes you unable to open the entryway or shutting it, the time has come to replace it. Moreover, if you have a wood garage door, too much rain can rot it, strong winds can crack it, and, hail could put holes in your carport.

Safety and security issues

Your home should feel safe, right? Hearing unpleasant loud noises from your garage door all the time can create unease especially if you have a newborn child. If you realize something is wrong, please get it checked before it’s too late. Often all it needs is a maintenance, however, many times you could also have safety and security issues.

Perhaps a safety feature is missing, or there is a breakdown with the photo-eyes sensors that may cause an accident. You can’t risk somebody getting injured or your house being defenseless against burglary. Don’t let safety and security risks ruin your day, replace the damaged garage door parts for better assurance.

New updates and features

new updates and features

Definitely, older garage doors don’t have the updates and features that modern family’s need. Features like better insulation quality that can help save money on your heating and cooling costs plus giving more comfort if you use it as an office or small business venture. Innovative highlights like remote access and monitors can give simple alerts straight to your device.

New garage doors make less noise, and many offer a backup battery system that will initiate when it loses energy. These and much more features give true serenity and convenience compared with living with an older garage door or opener.


Most old garage doors remain in the Stone Age when it comes to design. Most homeowners want a garage door that increases its curb appeal! The first thing many individuals see is the garage door and the front door when they drive up to a home.

So, replacing an old boring or dull carport with a better looking one is a smart investment move. More up to date models have choices like fresher design styles, windows, finishes, and, colors that older versions can’t compete with.

How does your home look like traditional, carriage house or contemporary?

traditional carriage house or contemporary

Your home’s architecture reflects your way of life, your values, and, your aesthetic taste. Depending upon the style of your home, there is a garage door design that will fit these looks including traditional, carriage house or contemporary.

Many types are accessible utilizing embossed or raised stamped techniques, different configurations and other broad selection of windows and colors to match with whatever style of home.

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