Showdown: Aluminum VS. Steel Garage Doors

Aluminum and steel garage doors are among the most popular materials. Every homeowner needs a garage to park their vehicles and relax from the thought of a car break-in. To guarantee this security, it is significant you hire the right garage door installation expert to set up these sturdy doors. 

Makers produce garage doors using many materials, including, wood, composite, and glass. Choosing one of them relies upon many factors and personal choices. However, aluminum and steel garage doors have turned out to be the ultimate choice for some individuals. It is possible that both will provide you with a high-quality, appealing garage, but how would you know which one is ideal?

 Our Clearwater clients often want to know which one is better, and that’s why we are giving this data. 

Aluminum versus Steel Thickness 

Aluminum garage doors are thinner than steel doors. Therefore, they function much straightforward than steel entryways. You may discover a steel door needs more power to open manually, or that it puts more wear and tear on your tracks when opening electronically. 

However, the thinner means that aluminum doors won’t be as durable as the ones produced using steel. An aluminum door may last around fifteen years, while one produced using steel may last as long as 20 years. 

Maintenance Requirements 

Steel and aluminum garage parking space

Aluminum doors are less vulnerable to rust and with steel doors, you will need to paint them every few years to prevent corrosion. Rust won’t be an issue if you pick an aluminum door. If you live in humid areas or places close to the coast, it is smarter to pick aluminum over steel doors. 

Protection against Damage 

Even though they often rust less, aluminum doors can’t handle much wind load or hail damage and can often get dented. So if you don’t mind painting it every few years and want more protection, pick a steel garage door. 

If you pick a steel door, remember that thicker gauges have a lower number. For extreme security, pick 24-gauge steel or lower. Higher gauges will give you the same security as aluminum ones. Commercial-grade doors use even more steel. Some steel garage doors offer thicker steel material outside than inside. 


You can recycle aluminum doors at the end of their lifespan. While you can recycle steel doors at the end of their lifespan, finding a scrap yard that receives this metal could be challenging. Also, since steel weights more it will make hauling the door difficult to accomplish. 

Energy Efficiency 

Steel entryways remain the better choice if you want more energy efficiency. The garage door makers offer models with various layers of insulation between their external steel panels. Steel conducts less heat than aluminum, so your garage will remain cooler during summer months. 

Design Options 

Two black sturdy steel garage doors

Aluminum is simpler to stamp into an appealing design than steel. Even though both offer some great looking design, you’ll find aluminum gives you more alternatives. 


Aluminum doors are cheaper than steel garage doors. So if you have a limited budget, pick an aluminum model. Many homeowners must work inside the limits of their insurance payouts and find that aluminum entryways enable them to remain well under their budget. 

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to find new parts for aluminum garage doors since they’re not as popular as steel garage doors. 

The homeowner who wants the best bang for their buck may settle on a steel door. Albeit a steel door will cost more initially, it will last longer than one produced using aluminum. As a result, steel garage doors could furnish you with better value for your investment after some time. 

Decision: Steel or Aluminum 

Both kinds of garage doors arrive in a range of styles, sizes, and colors. It means your decision could come down to the material that works best for you. When picking between steel and aluminum, remember the following things: 



Future maintenance necessities 

How you intend to work your entryway (manually or electronically) 

The protection you like (rust, wind, hail, and sometimes our kids) 

Initial cost and lifespan

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater, FL

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Here at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we often install both steel and aluminum doors. If you need some assistance settling on an entryway, have questions, or looking for a professional for a garage project, please get in touch with us today.

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