New Garage Door Replacement will Improve Your Home Look

new garage door replacement

A new garage door replacement is a hell of an investment in home design while it improves your home’s curb appeal it also provides excellent security. Most homeowners don’t consider a new garage door installation as a home improvement project. However, this project yields a lot of positive results. The garage door installed by a professional garage door company will increase your home’s resale value when it comes time to sell.

Suppose you want to change the outside of the home. In that case, match an existing feature or entirely transform the house’s look, replacing your garage door is excellent. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts, we’ll show why a new garage door replacement makes a boring home look stunning.

A New Garage Door Replacement Improves Curb Appeal

Replacing your garage door will improve your homes look in the following ways:

It completes the design of your home: A new garage door replacement can complete or transform the exterior façade of your home. Regardless of if it’s another color, design, or material, it can match the entire look of your home or give a much-needed change to the front of your home.

Replacing your garage door upgrades the style of your home: If you have an old house and you want to make it look more modern, a new garage door can give that unique touch you’re searching for with its material, color, style, and design. Try to choose a garage door replacement that matches your taste.

Transform your modern home to its original splendid look. Often, the house has experienced much wear throughout the years, but you want it to look new again. Replacing your old garage door and the door can make your home look all-around great.

Pick the Best Garage Door Material to Match the Design of your Home

white and blue garage door installations

If you want to buy a new modern garage door, remember you’ll have many choices. Usually, many options as far as designs and material, and you will find the one to match your needs.

To help you make a more comfortable choice, I’ll talk about some excellent door materials:

Glass and aluminum door: This robust material includes a smooth surface and is an incredible choice for those searching for a straightforward and modern look. You can have an all-aluminum entry or include glass too. Many modern doors include an aluminum frame and a center of glass crossed by beams of aluminum. Aluminum tends to get dented easily but withstands the elements and less expensive than steel.

Steel: Steel garage doors are smooth and modern, and since it is steel, strong. Insulated steel is the sturdiest materials you can pick to guard your garage from intruders. Plus, it can help keep your energy bills low. Yes, steel garage doors help protect your home from fluctuating temperatures; perfect for homeowners who work or spend a lot of time in the garage.

Wood: Wood garage doors offer classiness, besides providing the advantage of authenticity and the look most materials can’t copy. Pick a wood stain and material that suits your home appearance. The drawback is that it needs more maintenance, but it is well worth it for people that love the classy look of wood.

New Garage Door Replacement can Improve your Homes Security

Most homeowners worry about security. The garage door can protect your family and your valuables from intruders. If you have robust locks and window locks on your home, consider improving your home security via the garage to negate burglary.

An obsolete garage door can endanger your family’s security. Many burglaries and home robberies happened through an old garage. New garage door replacements are safer and challenging to break into due to the materials and technology. You can likewise connect them with the most recent innovation in smart home security.

Modern Garage Doors Bring Safety Features

garage door safety

Modern garage doors offer the most recent innovation regarding safety. For instance, these doors can detect if a little child obstructs the entryway while opening or closing. When this occurs, it will quickly stop and reverse to protect the child. Old doors don’t have this safety feature.

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7 Reasons you have a Noisy Garage Door

expert garage door installation

Do you have a noisy garage door that wakes up the entire neighborhood? After much service time, the garage door can start to make a lot of strange noises.

It screams shrieks, rattles, and pops making much noise ruining your day, nighttime sleep, or waking up their neighbors sleeping, baby.

The loud noise isn’t normal and is a sign that you need garage door repair services. Thus, you’ll have to find the source of the sound.

There are many reasons garage doors make noise, but most have a simple solution either with garage door maintenance or simple lubrication.

In this post, we will go over the 7 reasons you may have a noisy garage door. Usually, your garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida makes a low noise but not loud at all.


The top reason your garage door makes noise is lack of lubrication. When it squeaks as you open and close it, lubrication can be the solution.

Lubricating your garage door ensure the mechanics or metal parts work smoothly. If you do any DIY maintenance or hire a garage door maintenance expert, it’s significant to lubricate all the moving parts. You can lubricate the lock mechanism, the tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs.

However, make sure to use lithium lubricant for garage doors. A lot of homeowners use a spray like WD40, but it won’t work as well as lithium.

Old worn rollers cause noisy garage door

Garage Door Repair Service work van

If you hear a grinding sound when you open or close your garage door, it’s a sign that the rollers are worn out. Right off, lubricate the rollers. Many times, this will fix the sound and make it quiet again. If the grinding sound doesn’t stop, consider replacing the rollers.

Garage door repairs aren’t DIY because garage doors are heavy and cumbersome. So, hiring an expert to replace the old worn rollers works best. Remember, working under garage doors can pose safety risks, so weigh these considerations before DIY.

Tighten loose parts to reduce noisy garage door

The equipment of your garage doors, such as the rollers, hinges, nuts, bolts, and chain can loosen over the door service time. All these hardware has its signs to look for when the garage door makes noise, and the suspect is usually loose parts. Make sure to check the hardware below:

•            Rollers and Hinges: Wobbling when you operate the garage door is a big sign of old worn rollers or hinges. Metal or rollers and hinges will get boisterous and worn after much usage or if they get bent. You can hear shrill squeaking or grinding if your rollers or hinges are at fault.

•            Chain: If the garage door opener chain loosens, it makes a boisterous slapping sound and makes the rollers smack against the track due to jerky door movements.

•            Nuts and Bolts: When the nuts and bolts become free, the garage door can vibrate or rattle when you open and close it.

Loose garage door opener chain drive

LiftMaster garage door opener repair

A loose chain drive can create a loud garage door. If you have a loud garage door opener and has a chain drive to open and close, it might have come free and began making that uproar. Turn the opener off, and check if the situation eases.

If the chain drive looks in good working condition, lubricate the chain drive. Often, this will quiet the sound.

Unbalanced Doors Caused By Failing Springs

Garage door spring maintenance

Do you have an unbalanced garage door? Well, the garage door springs need replacement if they are exerting too much tension or not providing enough to counterbalance the weight of the door. Both of these situations can put added strain on the opener. An unbalanced door can cause a snapped spring or cable, or cause the opener to fail.

Be on the lookout for these unbalance door symptoms below:

•            If the door looks uneven when you open or close it.

•            Takes long for it to open or close.

•            Doesn’t open correctly.

•            Makes loud noises like banging, scraping, or squeaking.

Old worn garage door hinges

When you hear squeaking, it could be worn hinges. You’ll see gray dust, or filings, around the hinges. This is a sign they’re starting to deteriorate.

It’s an ideal time to replace the hinges to prevent squeaking. If you have handyman skills, then you can do it, or hire a garage door repair expert to handle it for you.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Do you hear a rubbing noises when you open and close the garage door?

That is a sign of a bend in the tracks it travels on. The door can work properly, but after some time, that rubbing noise will cause a lot of damage to the door. If your door sticks while traveling, then you know you have this issue. So, inspect the tracks to check whether there any bends in them.

If you see minor bends, you probably can tap them out with a rubber mallet. If the tracks look destroyed or have big dents, replace those tracks instead.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

Since now you know some reasons why you have a noisy garage door, you can take the final step. If you have some handyman skills, you can tighten some of the nuts and bolts and even lubricate the metal parts.

DIY garage door repairs can risk your life if done incorrectly.

So, if you have never worked with a heavy machines or uncomfortable working with the garage door, consider hiring a garage door repair and maintenance expert for help. An expert will assess the issues and repair the problems quickly and productively.

If you want to work with a reliable and local garage door expert, call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to resolve all the issues.

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5 Garage Door Services Homeowners can Live Without

Best garage door services in Clearwater

Most homeowners don’t worry about their garage doors until they need professional garage door services. Often, you will strange noises or your garage door just won’t close properly. So, you’ll need the assistance from a garage door repair in Clearwater expert to fix the issue quickly.

In this post, you will find five quality garage door services most professionals in Clearwater offer.

Often homeowners need a garage door replacement in Clearwater since it’s too late for non-well maintained garage door.

Whatever the service your garage door needs, most times a professional can help you. Look below at 5 quality services that a reliable garage door company can provide you.

New Garage Door Installation Services

expert garage door installation

If you don’t have a garage door or want to replace it with a new one then you’ll want a professional to install your door. All reliable and professional garage door companies offer garage door installation in Clearwater, FL. The professionals can help you pick the correct door, to install it too. It’s essential that you find the best garage door services so after installation your door keeps going for a long time. It’s critical to ask questions and do some research while picking a garage door service.

The company you decide to buy the doors from also will need to have a variety of doors that you can browse over. They should have many types of garage doors plus options as well. They should show you all the choices, including carriage doors, garage windows to modern high tech doors.

When you’ve picked the door, ask for installation services. If they don’t offer installation then consider calling a professional garage door company like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Once we install the door, you’ll have your garage door to enjoy for a long time.

Garage Door Inspection and Tune-Ups

When the professional install your garage door, you’ll have to do regular inspections and garage door tune-ups to keep it functioning as new? Garage doors have many moving parts, so it’s significant that you take great care of them.

You shouldn’t do inspections yourself on springs and tracks as it’s dangerous. Thus call a professional garage door company to assist you with the inspection. They will inspect all the parts, to ensure the parts work correctly. If they see broken or worn out parts such as a broken spring or bent track, they’ll handle that for you. They can also accomplish maintenance and tune-ups for you, for example, lubricating all the metal parts.

With these garage door maintenances and tune-ups, you’ll increase the lifespan of your garage door. You’ll additionally lower the breakdowns and significant fixes it can require in its lifespan.

Garage Door Repair Services

garage door repair

Indeed, even the top-rated garage doors will require repairs regularly. Often times, someone may kick a ball into the door leaving a dent, or for tracks to bent over time. There are a few repairs that if you have handyman skills you can do yourself. However, if you’re not sure or don’t have the foggiest idea of how to do a repair, consider calling a professional.

The garage door repair Palm Harbor professional can easily find the issue and finish the fix quickly and safely, having your door working once more. Remember that many new garage doors come with a warranty. If anything goes bad during the warrantied timeframe, call the company you purchased the garage door from, instead of fixing yourself.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services

Vemco garage door opener installation

Besides helping you with the door itself the garage door services can also assist you with garage door opener installations. These services are becoming more popular today with modern doors, as they make opening and closing the garage door so simpler. You won’t need to get out of your vehicle, simply hit a button and enter. They also help increase security in your home as well, as no one without a remote can enter your carport.

Call your garage door opener installation service team, and they’ll have all the information on the opener you’ll like to install. There are many types of openers, so they’ll assist you with finding the one that works best for you. For instance, there are many types of belts that lift the door open, and types of remotes and keypads to permit entry.

It’s significant that you hire a reliable garage door opener installation professional. Opener systems are complicated machines, and when set up they’ll be lifting your garage door.

The professionals who installed the garage door are perfect candidates since they will help you through the entire process, from picking the correct opener to installing it.

 Garage Door Opener Repair Services

garage door opener repair

Yes, the garage door opener can need maintenance and frequent repairs. If you find the opener not working, you can do some straightforward troubleshooting yourself. Changing the batteries in the remote and cleaning the photo eyes on the door may work, and hopefully, you will use the opener again. When it doesn’t work, then a garage door opener team can help.

They’ll go through all the checkups, and find the issue with your garage door opener. They may fix it right of way. Or, order the parts to make it work like new once more.

This is a simple overview of the garage door services professionals in Clearwater offer their residents. A professional garage door services team won’t simply install your garage door, they will also maintain it and repair it as well.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair also offers track and springs replacement services. These services homeowners shouldn’t do by themselves as they may get hurt or worse killed.

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Commercial vs Residential Garage Doors

commercial vs residential garage doors

Residential garage doors installation in Clearwater needs to look and function well. Commercial garage doors shape the entrance point to a lot of commercial places (such as garages). However, these commercial garage doors need to operate more efficiently rather than look aesthetically pleasing.

Usually, commercial garage doors have been constructed to the same specifications as residential garage doors but only to a bigger size. However, some homeowners think that a commercial garage door is built to higher standards than residential doors so they’ll consider calling a garage door installation expert.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of the residential doorway is equally well constructed and as durable as a commercial garage door.

So, let’s check their differences:

Commercial garage doors

commercial garage door

The difference between garage doors would be the size. A standard residential garage door is seven feet in height, but taller and shorter exist. Commercial doors are typically taller since their needed by companies for loading and unloading materials.

A commercial door could be the answer if you’re installing a detached garage with a tall opening. But the business door costs more than residential doors so think about this before buying one. Also, you are going to be limited in the options as these carports don’t have many aesthetic features.

Also, there are a few options available for industrial garage doors that aren’t available for residential garage doors, frequently by the federal law. For instance, the “electrical operator system.”

Residential garage doors

residential garage doors

Residential garage doors can be found in many materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and, composites. However, commercial garage doors are only manufactured from aluminum or galvanized steel.

Remember that if you’re currently trying to set up a more durable garage door. Consider using residential garage doors because they have many material options. You could even strengthen your carport by merely installing hardware and hurricane resistant panels.

It’s best left to leave commercial doors in an industrial setting. These carports, in addition to oversized garage doors, maybe against regulations and homeowner association standards. So better check with your garage door installer and building officials to assist you to find the right garage door for your home.

Commercial Overhead Doors Sizes

commercial overhead door sizes

Usually, the dimensions of industrial overhead garage doors fluctuate from 12 x 12 ft (3.6 x 3.6 m) to 16 x 16 ft (4.9 x 4.9 m).On the other hand, sometimes you will want a bigger opening to permit larger vehicles or equipment to enter. For example, to store small airplanes and farm equipment, you will need larger garages.

These doors measure as large as 24 ft (7.3 m) wide and 20 ft (6.1 m) high, and sometimes more. The truth, there’s no limitation on the magnitude of a doorway. However, climate or environment conditions like wind strength will limit the size. Remember that these doors can be installed vertically and open laterally.

Residential garage door sizes

1- A single door:

To get a garage attached or detached from your residence, approximately 12 x 22 ft, the diameter of the most typically found doorway is between 8 and 9 feet or larger up to 20 ft width. Regarding the height, it ranges from 7 to 8 ft.

But regarding height, it can be up to 12 ft, usually, for people who would love to park a recreational vehicle (RV). Now, for installing a garage door for a shed, the dimensions are 8 x 14 ft.

2 – A double door:

To get a garage detached or attached for the home of approximately 18 x 24 ft, then the garage door to get would be up to 16 ft width. Now, height, its 7 or 8 feet. The doorway may go up to ten feet if you need it for an RV.

Commercial vs residential garage doors hardware

New garage door springs installation

Regarding residential and commercial garage doors, you can see most differences in the hardware.

The bigger the sectional garage door, the more the mechanism behind the door to be efficient and powerful. Positively, the size of the door affects the interior mechanism. A larger and heavier door needs stronger and robust equipment to hold it together.

  • One place where you can see stronger hardware is in the tracks. Residential doors use 2 inches equipment, which means the tracks and the rollers that fit are these sizes. But, commercial doors use 2 or 3 inches equipment.


  • Residential doors are used less often, so the metal isn’t as thick as that used for commercial doors.


  • You can also see a distinction in the garage door spring system. For the spring system, besides the size, the weight difference, there is also the number of open and close cycles per day to think about. For example, a dock door can open and close somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 times a day. So, using a heavy-duty spring (25,000 to 100,000 cycles) is justified. Sometimes, residential doors open and close 2 to 5 times a day so (10,000 cycles to 20,000) is recommended.


  • The type of lift system in garage doors is another big distinction. Most residential doors use standard or low-headroom lift types. Then again, commercial doors can use either standard lift as well as high lift or full vertical-lift types.

There are other differences in commercial and residential garage doors that are related to the frequency of use. However, most depend on the business dodging both downtimes from faulty doors and costly fixes from worn equipment parts.

The cost of garage doors

Absolutely, when we require a high-performance door, this affects the cost of the commercial garage door. Commercial and residential garage doors need to last a long time too. Their durability depends immensely on the quality of the equipment and different parts. Plus, garage door opener and accessories.

The decision is then left to the property owners when the time arrives to purchase a door. Strong and durable parts may have a higher initial expense, yet cheaper or less expensive ones may require more garage door maintenance and repairs over the lifetime of the entryway. Paying more to get a dependable garage door as opposed to risking downtime because of a faulty door is the thing to think about.

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Top Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors for Homeowners

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors better withstand the elements because of layers of insulating material attached to the door. So why is this important? Well, because the new garage door installation in Tampa, FL you choose, will make a significant impact on your home for many years to come.

With many types of garage doors, materials, styles, and colors to browse, you have an important choice when considering a garage door replacement in Tampa. When looking to buy a new garage door, it’s not just about the look. You need to think about the various features, for instance, getting a smart opener or insulation or not, too.

Insulation provides many advantages to your garage door, but insulation doesn’t come standard in all garage doors. If you’re thinking about whether you need an insulated garage door, look at the top advantages you get from insulation.

Insulated garage doors provide better temperature control

Garage door insulation improves home temperature control

You can keep your carport at a steadier temperature all year long with an insulated garage door. During summer, the garage door insulation will help keep the heat out. And, throughout the winter months, the insulated garage door will help keep out the cold. The top benefits are that your carport won’t feel the blistering heat in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.

When you don’t have an insulated garage door, your energy bills can increase. The extreme temperatures in the carport can affect the rooms in your house that are near the carport. This will make you raise or lower your thermostat more than you typically want. Consider picking an insulated garage door to lower your energy bills.

People may use garage doors like windows since they may end up opening and shutting them constantly throughout the day. When the winter frigid temperatures draw near, you may avoid using your carport as regularly because of the fear that chilly winds will quickly surge inside. Often, when you don’t use your garage door you may encounter freezing conditions inside without the right ventilation. An insulated garage door removes all your worries, providing the right level of temperature control and comfort you need.

You may think your home uses temperature control, so your garage might be exempt from feeling the added heat. However, many garages come built with robust walls and floors that do little to benefit the homeowner’s thermal properties. Now, insulated garage doors solve cold and chilling conditions by giving high R-Value thermal properties that keep warmth inside, ensuring less warm air escapes and more cash stays in your pocket.

Another living space

When you insulate your garage and make it more comfortable, you can transform it into a functional space. Rather than using your carport to store your vehicles and outside things, you can transform your garage into another comfortable living space.

People often only think winter provides unwanted climate conditions. But, also scorching summer days can radiate unsatisfactorily elevated levels of heat that quickly increases the temperatures inside your home. Regardless if you need to stay warm inside or fresh like the other side of your pillow, the correct garage doors can help maintain the temperature you want.

Work on your interests, sit in front of the TV, play video games, or make a playroom for your children. Without proper insulation, using your carport for an extra living space isn’t possible.

Even when you don’t use the garage as a living space, you can still use it for storing fragile items. With better comfortable temperatures all-through the year, you can store things in the carport that are affected by humidity and extraordinary temperature changes.

Insulated garage doors reduce noises

Your garage door will be much quieter with insulation. If you leave early in the morning or return late at night, opening and shutting the garage door can upset others in your home. Often, you have a baby that’s trying to take a nap, but the opening and closing of the garage door in the morning will always wake them up.

Insulated garage doors likewise block noise from the outside, making the living space in your carport a lot more enjoyable. You won’t have any interruptions or distractions originating from outside. This can be an extraordinary advantage if you live in a busy road or high-traffic area.

Insulated garage doors increase your carport usefulness

home gym

You can use your garage to store more than your vehicles, power tools, and bicycles. Much the same as the other rooms in your home, your carport can fill various needs. From a home office to start off your business to a home gym where you can sweat some pounds off, carports can transform into any living space you want. To make the living conditions bearable, you first need to guarantee comfort, starting with the temperature inside.

Insulated garage doors provide steady temperatures inside, even when the climate outside is extreme. Regardless if you’re turning on the A/c in the summer or wrenching up the heat on freezing days, you can have confidence your carport is right for relaxing throughout the day.

Homeowners already have a ton of worries about their garage doors. For example, how well it can protect their vehicles, secure their home from burglars, and how to prevent high heating and cooling bills from ruining their day. A garage door must also protect your home and keep the inside at a comfortable temperature.

What does R-value mean?

You can tell how well your door will protect your home by looking at its R-Value and different factors. The R-Value of a residential garage door is a way to note the thermal efficiency of a door. Or a scientifically way of saying how well the door insulates its enclosure. People use R-Value as an approach to tell buyers if a door is energy-efficient.

The value also depends on the thickness of the insulation in your door just as the chemical properties of the door’s materials. But it’s not simple to tell a door R-Value unless you ask your expert garage door specialist. Read this article so you understand more about R-value in your garage door.

Insulated Garage Door Cost

expert garage door installation

According to Improve net, the cost is:

  • The average minimum cost of insulated garage doors is $821 without labor.
  • The average high cost of insulated garage doors is $1,331 without labor.

Types of insulated garage door materials

There are some distinct types of insulated garage doors. The most common types include:


Steel is affordable but robust and made to resist cracking, warping, and weather extremes. You can buy a steel insulated garage door that looks like wood and painted in a color of your choice.

Steel doors comprise of a double layer of steel with insulation sandwiched between. These doors can also come with extra composite materials, for example, faux wood cladding.



Insulated wood doors give your home a warm, natural, and rich appearance. Manufacturers use woods, for example, cedar, hemlock, and redwood.  Insulated wood doors comprise of two layers of wood, or a layer of wood with a layer of wood veneer, and a layer of insulation between.


Aluminum is a lightweight material that is dependable and resistant to rust and corrosion but can dent easily. The aluminum door comprises of a double layer of aluminum with a layer of insulation between, adding protections against dents.



Manufacturers also make fiberglass because it’s a lightweight material that doesn’t corrode but can get damaged easily. The manufacturer can make fiberglass doors look like wood. Insulated fiberglass doors comprise of two layers of fiberglass sheeting over a steel frame, with a layer of insulation between.

Therefore, the garage door installation Tampa of an insulated door is a great investment!




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Garage Door Installation Countryside Pines FL 33761

Garage Door Installation Countryside Pines FL 33761

If your garage door installation Countryside Pines is affecting the appearance of your home, possibly it’s the ideal time for a garage door replacement in Clearwater. You can start the search with a high-quality door and new styles, colors, and features.

Often, now and then, you can’t resist the urge to see the garage door. But how frequently do you truly look at it? Have you considered the effect your garage door installation in Clearwater has on the curb appeal of your home?

Today, people use the vehicle more so, since the garage door has become the dominant feature of most home exteriors. Matching colors, architectural styles, colors, and landscaping all add to a home’s character, but the curb appeal suffers when it looks worn, obsolete, or doesn’t complement the rest of the house.

However, it’s not just about style or looks. The correct garage door can improve a homeowner’s ROI, both immediate and long term, so a garage door needs careful consideration. Therefore, see a new modern garage door installation in Countryside Pines, FL as a chance to give your home an instant upgrade in a cost-effective way.

Since it’s been a long time since you searched for a garage door, it will amaze you how much things have changed for the good. Garage door manufacturers currently offer many types of sturdy, low-maintenance materials and styles, with an option that lets you tweak a door to suit the appearance of your home.

Garage door installation Countryside Pines improves the style of your home 

When you see the garage door from the street, the garage door can account for a lot of the home’s facade. Since it’s so noticeable, the garage door can signify the deciding factor in your guest’s first impression of your home. If you have a battered old door—or if it doesn’t match your home in any way—then it might send the wrong message about you, your style, and your needs as a homeowner.

This also plays a huge role when it’s time to sell your home since new buyers don’t want to invest in a new door as they’re ready to live in.

By upgrading to a new door that captures your design vision, you can transform your home’s curb appeal with a modern garage door. It sounds simple, but there are many variables to consider. From classic carriage house style doors to smooth contemporary models, garage door producers give many choices. Regarding your homes look, there’s nothing like a one-size-fits-all method.

Energy savings

Two white Garage Door Installation Countryside Pines

The garage door gets opened and shut many times in a busy household, so usually, the temperatures inside the carport go up and down. It is not an issue when the garage door isn’t used much. However, when you have an attached garage door, or if your garage serves as an office, laundry, or utility room. Then, the temperature fluctuation matters, for your comfort as well as for your energy bills.

Remember, temperatures inside the garage can affect those in adjacent living areas. Ensure to check your energy bills. If they have increased monthly or periodically, your garage door could be at fault. Luckily, there’s a straightforward, cheap solution—garage door insulation. If you’re buying a fresh one then search for a garage door that brings insulation or you will have to add it later.

 An insulated garage door provides stable temperature levels inside the garage. You can expect an insulated garage door to keep 10 to 20 degrees warmer inside than not having one with insulation. If you want to lower the energy bills of your house, ensure to check the insulation properties of the door you want to buy.

You can also pick the garage door insulation that is most appropriate to your needs—polystyrene or foamed polyurethane (perfect for areas with chilly winters and blistering summers).

Garage Door Installation Countryside Pines provides High ROI

People, real estate agents, and almost everyone know that a sound home improvement adds value. However, only some home improvements payback when it’s time to sell. It’s amazing to find out that out of all the home improvement projects, garage door installation in Countryside Pines and replacements rank very high as far as cost-effectiveness.

Remodeling magazine reports that at resale the average homeowner recovers 94.5% of the amount spent on a garage door replacement.

But to maintain your value, you will need to maintain your garage door correctly. All garage doors require twice a year maintenance to keep them running smoothly for many years, often more than 20 years.

Note: not all garage doors are quality built or made to last and depending on your materials like wood it may require yearly upkeep to maintain their beauty through years because of the elements and everyday usage.

Search for insulated models built-in sturdy, low-maintenance steel or composite, so you can appreciate all the advantages of your new garage door with no issues.


Garage doors that open and close are over. Today, homeowners and even the dealers demand eye-catching designs that complement the colors and style of our homes. Simultaneously, smart homeowners realize that a modern garage door can boost comfort and energy efficiency.

Lastly, many homeowners who are still worried about this home improvement will now know a modern garage door replacement is an excellent way to boost the home curb appeal with an excellent ROI. Times have changed and now in modern homes, garage doors play a significant role in both styles and practically.

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Best Garage Door Upgrades That Add Curb Appeal to your Home

Best garage door upgrades that improve curb appeal

Are you thinking of the best garage door upgrades to improve your home’s curb appeal then, our garage door installation experts in Tarpon Springs can help? Your garage door can have a lot to do with how nice your home looks, the price you can get when you sell your house, and how jealous you can get your neighbors.

In most old houses and new houses, a garage door can often offer just functionality and a basic appearance or designs. However, suppose you changed this normal, regularly unremarkable outside feature into an eye-catching, good-looking aspect of your home design.

Leaving your garage door boring and unembellished in a similar design and color of your home means you may miss the opportunity to boost your homes curb appeal with amazing features?

So how to improve the appearance of your home with your garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida? Well, you can make changes to accent your home’s outside features and transform the door from dreary to amazing.

Regardless if you’re putting your home for sale or doing a home improvement project that will add value, here are our best garage door upgrades that add curb appeal.

Change the appearance of your current garage door

You have many options available that will permit you to change how your garage door looks. A few ideas are:

  • Painting the garage door.
  • Adding faux wood paneling and wood panels.
  • Staining the garage door instead of painting it.
  • Using a garage door kit to change the entire look.

All these options will give you many possibilities. For instance, a garage door kit can make your common garage door resemble a carriage door or another king of door style. For those with boring looking style garage doors, these alternatives can help change the style of the entire home.

Add a Garage Door Feature

brown and gray wooden house with garage doors

Adding a feature to your garage door can improve the appearance of the door and the house. Some classy lighting around the garage door can add some refinement to the door, particularly at sundown when you turn the lights on.

Plants or decorative trim around the garage door can likewise enhance the look and feel of the property. Devices like arrow hinges and handles can give your garage door a rural look to match the home.

Garage door windows can add appeal and functionality since they allow light to enter. Glass panels can transform an obsolete door into a modern looking one fast.

 Garage door repair, maintenance, and cleanness

You may have a fantastic-looking garage door that complements your home and surrounding. However, you may not notice this because you have it dirty but you will need to keep it clean, maintain, and repaired when needed.

Techniques for cleaning will depend on the door you have. But, for most garage doors, general cleaning includes:

  • Use a nonabrasive sponge or other cleaning fabric.
  • Detergent and water solution to clean the surface.
  • A diluted cleaner or bleach solution for difficult stains after rinsing the first solution.
  • A non-abrasive sponge or other cleaning material, like towels for drying.

A wood garage door will require unique cleaning instructions and may require a Google search. Follow the guidelines if you truly want to keep up the finish on the garage door. Usually, detergent and water solution will work with a soft fabric. You can wash the door with water, then leave it to dry.

The garage door requires twice a year maintenance check-ups and for cable, opener, and springs repair please don’t wait awhile because an accident can occur.

Replace your garage door

white concrete 3 storey house with garage door installation

When it’s an ideal time to replace your garage door, consider something that stands apart with the perfect amount of visual effect, complements your outside home design, and offers the best material.

Regardless if you pick a traditional or modern style, your garage door should match your style and set the tone for any future home improvements you want to implement. Consider buying a modern garage door with one or a few of the features below:

 Vertical Lines or Patterns: Patterns or indent lines can transform the outside of a garage door and add some tastefulness. Patterns, ridges, and vertical beams are basic features that can make your door extraordinary.

Horizontal Relief Designs: Similar to vertical lines, horizontal relief patterns like boxes or hexagons stretching over the door can add visually appealing while still giving your garage door a refined look.

Windows: You can add windows to set your garage door apart. Regardless if you have a line of small windows along the top of the door, many smooth windows situated vertically on one side, or a few arched windows on either side, these additions will improve your door design.

Crossbeams: Want a rural or classic look? Consider adding crossbeams in the style of a barn door for a unique design.

Hurricane Rated: Consider replacing your door with a hurricane-rated garage door. Maybe this door isn’t required in your region, it’s still a smart investment. Besides being a best garage door upgrades it also improves your home’s curb appeal and increase your home’s security, potentially even save money on insurance premiums by mounting one.

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Garage Door Windows Pros and Cons

garage door windows

Installing modern garage doors in Clearwater adds both value and improvement to any home, and garage door windows are options that many homeowners can consider when searching for a new door.

So, some homeowners pick garage doors with windows and others go with windowless? The advantages of any new garage door installation in Clearwater include added security, enhanced insulation, energy efficiency, noise reduction. Besides new conveniences with smart applications, and innovation for complete control from anywhere.

The good news, any new garage door – with or without windows – is a risk-free home improvement project with a high ROI. And so, when you update your garage door, you’ll increase your home’s value. But, like most things in life, there are pros and cons. I’ll answer some questions regarding adding garage door windows to a home garage design.

Pros-Garage door windows enhance the style

Garage door windows add style

Style is a significant factor for including the window choices! Adding windows to your garage door you’ll lift your home’s curb appeal plus the windows themselves define the door’s style. Well, for instance, take your regular steel garage door. Next, install windows. Now, your regular steel door is transformed into a traditional or contemporary look with three basic factors: window sizes, shape, and placement.

Pros- Garage door windows add dimension and depth

Better appearance is another reason homeowners decide to add windows to their garage door design. Many street-facing garage doors take a lot of your home’s front facade – usually 30% to 40%. So, most people add windows for their garage door to break up their home’s blocky appearance of two single doors or one double and to better combine the garage into the rest of the home’s exterior design.

Garage door windows can brighten the interior space

garage door installation in Clearwater

Adding windows can enhance the appearance of your home while improving your home curb appeal. But, windows in garages also permit more natural light to flow into your carport. Therefore, you’ll light up the garage and gain the benefits of sunlight. Also, today, garage door windows with different sorts of specialty glass can give insulation and preserve your privacy too.

Cons- Garage door windows can increase property damage

It’s true that outside glass is a place for property damage to happen in case of an awful climate or a stray ball! Fortunately, garage door windows are straightforward to replace.

However, when there a dent on your steel door it would require replacing the entire panel, instead of only one glass. You can likewise get tempered glass which is sturdier than regular glass, and whenever broken, breaks into small harmless pieces.

Cons-Potential Security Risk

Criminals use fishing which is when a criminal pushes the door inward to create a gap at the top, then insert a wire hook and fish for the emergency release handle on your opener. A garage door isn’t simple to get opened, and in certain circumstances, it’s practically impossible.

A few garage door openers, for instance, have a release system that you or the intruder will need to pull straight down and won’t release if the cord is pulled at an angle towards the entryway. While others can be simpler to fish or angle, particularly if your garage door has windows that permit the criminals to see the release handle. Yet, you can fix that issue of fishing by including obscured or tinted glass.

Cons-Increased maintenance

Usually, cleaning garage door with windows takes more time and care than cleaning windowless doors. However, does anybody truly clean their garage door? Simply spray the entire thing with a hose and you’ll be great!

Can windows impact the garage door lifting system?

garage door windows

Yes, adding windows will affect the lifting system when your garage door doesn’t have decorative windows. Depending on your spring system, either torsion or extension, and the age, it’s recommended to invest a few dollars more to the expense of your project to adapt everything to this addition of the total weight of the door.

But, a new garage door with windows won’t have this issue. The most ideal approach to know if your door will need other improvements to handle the extra weight is to hire a garage door expert to inspect your door’s lifting system.

Maybe you may need to change is the garage door opener. Yes, a powerful quality garage door opener can lift a load of 230 lb., yet an older spring system could make things unbalance. An effectively-balanced door seems to weigh around 5-10 lb. when you open it with one hand.

However, an unbalanced door can overload your opener, and cause a safety hazard. If it isn’t working properly, it can push down the same amount of weight as it can lift. It all just means you, pets, and family could be in harm’s way.

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Popular Garage Door Styles that can Match your Front Door

popular garage door styles that match the front door

Popular garage door styles and matching front doors can improve the look of your home since there are the most dominant features of your home’s exterior. A garage door installation in Clearwater can take as much as 1/3 of your home’s facade. So, it’s frequently the first feature people see about your home.

Garage doors provide homeowners an excellent way to express their personality and creativity. And it is one of the first things you can improve to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as other home improvement projects. Front doors likewise catch the eye of visitors, and homebuyers when you’re interested in selling down the line.

You can achieve style using many decorative things including materials, style, and color regarding matching your front door and garage door. This can increase the curb appeal of an ordinary-looking home and make it stand out in your neighborhood.

Our garage door contractors near me guidelines below can help and have many tips and tricks for matching your garage door and the front door.

Pick popular garage door styles and a matching front door

The most straightforward way to help improve your home look is matching the front and garage door with the same style and color for both. This will give your home a combined appearance, making it comforting and inviting.

There are many styles and color options for both front and garage doors, which are material, color, window style, and decorative hardware style. Combining these features can provide your home with a unique look.

Choose a style that matches your neighborhood

Virginia home with two popular style white garage doors

While considering a style for your front and garage door, consider window styles, colors, and hardware that matches well the style of your home or neighborhood. Don’t pick a color that clashes with the style of your home. For instance, a bright color may work in Hollywood, and bold colors will look extraordinary on country style houses. However, those colors will look strange on a Colonial or Victorian style home.

If you will paint your homes outside soon, pick a garage door that will match the colors you will decide for the rest of the house. Even though repainting your front and garage doors isn’t a troublesome task, doing it after the recent installation of both is irritating.

Other than the design, you need to think about the landscaping in your patio. Just imagine how the home’s colors will look against the trees, bushes, and flowers. And think how the daylight hits your home throughout the day.

Choose a front door that complements your popular garage door style

 The styles of your garage door and front door don’t need to be the same. Often, you can give your home a peculiar look by picking complementary or contrasting styles. If you do this, you can still bring the style together if you pick similar windows or colors for both doors. You can likewise attempt similar-looking but particular door features.

While researching for styles on the web, you may find a website that lets you take a photo of your homes outside for reference so you can imagine for sure how the doors will look. Also, some garage door manufacturers let you upload a photograph of your home and show you how specific the garage doors would look. This can help give you true serenity when you purchase the one you like.

Popular garage door styles and architecture

the perfect house with garge doors

Before you pick a garage door and a front entry, it’s essential to know the unique styles accessible. How about we start with garage door styles and architecture:

Traditional Doors

If you live in a home with a popular American-style home, for example, Colonial, Ranch, Victorian, or a European style, for example, Spanish, and the Mediterranean, top manufacturers should have garage doors that match the American-style of your home. They should also come in many colors and materials.

Carriage Doors

You can usually find carriage style doors in many home styles. Even though they copy the look of doors on old carriage houses, they can go-well on contemporary houses. While the original carriage doors swung open from the middle, these carriage-style doors fold open like modern garage doors. Read more on carriage door style doors.

Raised-Panel Doors

Popular garae door styles are raised-panel and people commonly have knowledge of these when garage doors get mentioned. Because of the style’s popularity, raised-panel doors are accessible in many materials, for instance, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel.

Contemporary Doors

Regarding contemporary styles, it is significant that the house and the popular garage door styles complement each other. For example, if your home’s design includes modern materials and clean lines, the garage door should look the same. An excellent option is tempered glass panels enclosed in aluminum frames.

The door materials matter

Front doors usually come in three materials—wood, steel, and fiberglass. The garage door also comes produced using those materials plus aluminum, vinyl, and wood composite.

Which material you pick will affect which color alternatives you’ll have. Wood garage doors give more color choices than a steel door but demand more maintenance.

Look at your door colors in various lights

When you’re picking a color for both the garage door and front door, it’s essential to see how the colors look at different times. Based on the angle of the sun, color may appear different in various lights.

A red may look fire engine around noon, but a rusty color at night. To see how a color looks in various lights, consider seeing both bright and lower lights.

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Buying Residential Garage Doors, Here is what you Need to Know?

residential garage doors

Residential garage doors could be a significant expense but one garage door installation near me experts think is well worth considering. Homeowners who need to make a wise investment and spend their well-deserved cash on something durable and enjoyable to use every day need to consider buying residential garage doors.

We can take the responsibility of owning a modern garage door system sensible with some straightforward considerations. Shopping smartly, performing due diligence, and using the right garage door installation service near me will decrease the overall expense and even help spend less cash and time on maintenance.

When you imagine increasing your home’s curb appeal, odds are you envision a sunroom or theater room or even a recent paint job. You may not think about replacing your garage door, but an upgrade to the front home facade might be something to consider. Do you know what to search for in a garage door for your home?

Our garage door experts have gathered some top tips for picking the best garage door in this blog post.

Find the right vendor when buying residential garage doors

two residential garage doors installation

Research can help you know everything you need and it will not ruin your day since it takes just a few minutes of your time. Find which parts are covered by a warranty, for example, the opener or the door itself. Request referrals from friends, read reviews on the web, and call to talk with an expert to get a feeling of the great customer service capability for yourself.

Ensure the vendor has quality garage door brands. Plus, if the vendor doesn’t have trained installation experts consider looking for one using the same method, you just used above. Stay with the same company for maintenance as installation particularly when it was a successful one. Building a relationship with your service experts makes a decent communication channel and encourages great service.

Save money on support; do it yourself

When your experts install your door, ask for some pointers on how to keep it running incredibly for many years of durability. By doing this education you prevent unnecessary calls to the garage door experts for fixes and regular maintenance.

With simple devices and regular check-ups, you can eliminate stress on the moving parts. Frequently inspect the panels, seal, tracks, chain/belt, and motor for signs of failures and damages. If you encounter a complicated or dangerous garage door job, then do call your favorite garage door repair service.

Save money on fixes; call an expert

sure fix garage door repair experts

Yes, homeowners can do some DIY maintenance but stop using the door when you know it isn’t working correctly. You can only use residential garage doors when there working properly. Also, using a broken door can worsen the issue causing significant damages to the door and produce accidents to people or the car. For instance, forcing weak garage door springs or a problematic motor can make the door fall on something or someone.

Try not to fix anything beyond easy maintenance. If it’s the opener or tracks and springs fix, call an expert instead. Most companies make estimates free but first verify that it is legitimately broken before calling the experts.

Basic tips for an unresponsive garage door

There are some simple things you can do before calling an expert:

  • Replace the batteries in the remote. Ensure the power runs to the motor and the carport. When the motor is non-responsive, flip the lights or plug a different appliance to the same circuit since the circuit can fry.
  • Search for obstructions that can block the safety sensors. Check the safety sensors inside the track if there are position a few inches off the ground. Most models have an LED light showing that it’s working when the safety sensors don’t have any obstructions.
  • Check the garage door opener’s settings. Someone may have set the unit to secure/vacation mode.

Buying residential garage doors with energy-efficiency in mind

Today’s garage doors offer benefits like energy-efficiency. A drafty carport can mean a significant loss in your home. A modern insulated garage door can lower your energy usage by 15%.

Attached garages increase energy costs, regardless of your carport has a heating system or use an AC system. Replacing your old garage door offers you the chance to get a sturdier door with a better level of insulation, or R-value.

Also, reap the benefits of energy savings from keeping the chilly air out in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer. Besides affecting temperature, a new garage door can likewise make a superior job of keeping moisture out of your carport.

Buying Residential Garage Doors with high ROI

Florida home with modern garage door

Garage door installation is an investment that gives an excellent ROI. Magazines have been saying this for a long time: looks matter. When you want to increase your home value and enhance your curb appeal, then a garage door installation can do both. The return on investment is about 97.5% for new garage door installations.

Think about savings on your maintenance, too. When you have been scraping and repainting your wood doors each couple of years, savings on the paint can add to the cost. Your time is valuable and when you don’t spend it painting or worrying about an outdated door then the investment is well deserved.

The Conclusion to Buying Residential Garage Doors

A modern garage door is an incredible investment with no negatives. Take the straightforward considerations above before buying residential garage doors and you can save cash and worry.

Finding the right garage door is simpler than you think. Follow these basic hints and watch how your garage door contributes value to your home and increases its curb appeal.

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