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Clearwater Garage Door Services

We can handle all types of garage door openers, garage door springs, installations and repair. Residential and commercial. And a large variety of makes and models.

Trained Professionals Equipped To Do a Stellar Job

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All our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable to do the job in a timely and responsible manner. They are committed to providing excellent craftsmanship with friendly service and are available anytime during or after the process for any questions. We count with office staff five stars.

Advantages of Installing An Automatic Garage Door

If you are thinking of installing one of our Amarr, Unique Garage Doors or Clopay garage doors, you should take into account the many advantages you will get when installing a garage doors in the city of Clearwater, FL. We can install any type of recognizable brand, just let us know what your needs are.


The installation of an automatic garage door of the brands Amarr, Clopay and Unique Garage Doors has as one of its main advantages the comfort for the user since the opening and closing of the door is done remotely without having to get out of the vehicle. No stoop to remove locks or push up or any other side. Your back will thank you.

With this type of Amarr doors you will avoid the inclement weather by not having to leave your car to open it and then close. Even robberies, as there have been cases in which a robber will take advantage of the moment you go to open the garage door manually, where the car remains open, and on to steal it or even to assault you at the moment you are careless when opening the door.


Our garage doors of the brands Amarr, Unique Garage Doors and Clopay have a high level of security because they are respected for their levels of excellence, durability and high construction qualities, and also other types of doors of this brand have systems that confer a high level of security.

It is necessary to highlight that in the automatic doors of any of our brands the opening and closing of the doors is done through a remote control that is personally programmed for the user’s comfort and whose frequency is unique so that no other portable remote control can open the door of your garage.

Our Clopay, Unique Garage Doors and Amarr doors have turn-on lights to facilitate access to garages and maneuvers with vehicles. Also, people who are near the opening or closing of the door are notified in order to avoid accidents. In some of our more advanced garage door models, it is possible to program the time that the door will stay on.

Installation and maintenance

The installation of any of the types of garage doors of the brands mentioned above must be done by professional and properly trained personnel who can carry out the installation in a few days with a one year warranty in Clearwater.

The life of our doors Amarr, Unique Garage Doors, and Clopay is long if minimum maintenance is performed. For example, to monitor that their mechanisms work correctly and in the case of automated garage doors that the remote control has batteries loaded, that the rails are not obstructed and that the engine is in perfect condition.

We recommend that you consider that the company that has installed your garage door in Clearwater has inside its installation package to carry out maintenance that contemplates the supervision and repair of the door whenever it is necessary, carrying out the improvements that are required.

Great variety of doors

At present, there is a multitude of opening systems in the market with designs and finishes that adapt to any space need, as well as to the tastes of the client.

Our garage doors are either Amarr, Unique Garage Doors or Clopay according to their type of opening can be a roller, folding, sliding, tilting, hinged and sectional. The latter is the most demanded as residential garage automatic doors since, when opened vertically Upwards they offer much more space than any other type of automatic garage door.

The panels of this type of doors move parallel to the roof of the garage so that you can get to take full advantage of all the interior space of the garage.

Also, to take advantage of all the space in your garage, they offer high thermal insulation and a multitude of finishes, very important qualities that justify the installation by default of this type of garage doors in the city of Clearwater.

When you’re in Clearwater, know you’ve got a quality garage door repair service around the corner.

Proudly servicing the Clearwater area

We know that when it comes to garage doors in Clearwater, there’s a touch of effort and delicacy required that represents the proud people of Clearwater. We know you have a multitude of quality choices when it comes to picking a garage door service company and we’re grateful that you’ve chosen us every single time you do.

Things to do in Clearwater

Known for one of the best beaches in the United States and its vibrant weather, Clearwater is one of the top tourist attractions in Florida.

garage door repair & installation clearwater

Clearwater Beach: Clearwater Beach is roughly a 3-mile stretch of fun shops, events, and restaurants along the west coast of Florida. With its beautiful powdery white sand and ocean blue warm water, this fantastic beach hosts many fun activities such as parasailing and jetsking. Definitely a must visit for anyone in the area.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium: Florida isn’t short on quality aquariums and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is no slouch itself. Many people come for the movie Dolphin Tale, a rousing theatrical film on the story of one special dolphin. Of course, there are many other dolphins and wildlife to see. (Fun Fact: the Clearwater Marine Aquarium was first a marine hospital)

Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail: If you’re trying to take a break from the ocean and marine life, rent a bike and bike through the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail (ream wilson trail). If you’re more of a walker, this hiking trail can take you from Clearwater all the way throughout Safety Harbor and can serve as a great way to see the wonderful vegetation Central Florida has to offer.


Sure Fix Service Areas

We’ll be adding more service areas in time so stay updated!

  1. Tampa, FL
  2. Clearwater, FL
  3. Palm Harbor, FL
  4. Oldsmar, FL
  5. St. Petersburg, FL
  6. Largo, FL
  7. Dunedin, FL
  8. Seminole, FL
  9. Tarpon Springs, FL
  10. Safety Harbor, FL
  11. Pinellas Park, FL
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