Showdown: Aluminum VS. Steel Garage Doors

Single and double white garage doors 1

Aluminum and steel garage doors are among the most popular materials. Every homeowner needs a garage to park their vehicles and relax from the thought of a car break-in. To guarantee this security, it is significant you hire the right garage door installation expert to set up these sturdy doors. 

Makers produce garage doors using many materials, including, wood, composite, and glass. Choosing one of them relies upon many factors and personal choices. However, aluminum and steel garage doors have turned out to be the ultimate choice for some individuals. It is possible that both will provide you with a high-quality, appealing garage, but how would you know which one is ideal?

 Our Clearwater clients often want to know which one is better, and that’s why we are giving this data. 

Aluminum versus Steel Thickness 

Aluminum garage doors are thinner than steel doors. Therefore, they function much straightforward than steel entryways. You may discover a steel door needs more power to open manually, or that it puts more wear and tear on your tracks when opening electronically. 

However, the thinner means that aluminum doors won’t be as durable as the ones produced using steel. An aluminum door may last around fifteen years, while one produced using steel may last as long as 20 years. 

Maintenance Requirements 

Steel and aluminum garage parking space

Aluminum doors are less vulnerable to rust and with steel doors, you will need to paint them every few years to prevent corrosion. Rust won’t be an issue if you pick an aluminum door. If you live in humid areas or places close to the coast, it is smarter to pick aluminum over steel doors. 

Protection against Damage 

Even though they often rust less, aluminum doors can’t handle much wind load or hail damage and can often get dented. So if you don’t mind painting it every few years and want more protection, pick a steel garage door. 

If you pick a steel door, remember that thicker gauges have a lower number. For extreme security, pick 24-gauge steel or lower. Higher gauges will give you the same security as aluminum ones. Commercial-grade doors use even more steel. Some steel garage doors offer thicker steel material outside than inside. 


You can recycle aluminum doors at the end of their lifespan. While you can recycle steel doors at the end of their lifespan, finding a scrap yard that receives this metal could be challenging. Also, since steel weights more it will make hauling the door difficult to accomplish. 

Energy Efficiency 

Steel entryways remain the better choice if you want more energy efficiency. The garage door makers offer models with various layers of insulation between their external steel panels. Steel conducts less heat than aluminum, so your garage will remain cooler during summer months. 

Design Options 

Two black sturdy steel garage doors

Aluminum is simpler to stamp into an appealing design than steel. Even though both offer some great looking design, you’ll find aluminum gives you more alternatives. 


Aluminum doors are cheaper than steel garage doors. So if you have a limited budget, pick an aluminum model. Many homeowners must work inside the limits of their insurance payouts and find that aluminum entryways enable them to remain well under their budget. 

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to find new parts for aluminum garage doors since they’re not as popular as steel garage doors. 

The homeowner who wants the best bang for their buck may settle on a steel door. Albeit a steel door will cost more initially, it will last longer than one produced using aluminum. As a result, steel garage doors could furnish you with better value for your investment after some time. 

Decision: Steel or Aluminum 

Both kinds of garage doors arrive in a range of styles, sizes, and colors. It means your decision could come down to the material that works best for you. When picking between steel and aluminum, remember the following things: 



Future maintenance necessities 

How you intend to work your entryway (manually or electronically) 

The protection you like (rust, wind, hail, and sometimes our kids) 

Initial cost and lifespan

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater, FL

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert repairing a stuck door 1

Here at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we often install both steel and aluminum doors. If you need some assistance settling on an entryway, have questions, or looking for a professional for a garage project, please get in touch with us today.

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Why should you Service your Garage Door Regularly?

sure fix garage door repair experts

Modern garage doors are dependable and need little garage door service if you keep them well-maintain. It is great, as we depend on them every day to leave and enter our home, keep our valuables secure, and guarantee that it protects your car from the weather elements. Homeowners don’t have many hours to spare during the day. So, when assessing home priorities, checking the state of your garage doors most likely gets left on the back burner of your to-do-list.

However, keeping up your garage door needs to be a top priority too. It’s a genuine piece of hardware with a great deal of power behind it, and a breakdown could cause damage or injury. Many people underestimate that their garage door will keep on working without issues and disregard to have it kept up.

This is a major miscalculation. Just like you’re old but trusted Toyota which needs maintenance monthly to tolerate the high miles so does a garage door. Regular upkeep is an unquestionable requirement or soon you will have an undesired garage door repair service bill.

Here are some reasons you need to have your garage door regularly serviced by a specialist.

Home safety

Garage door safety child finger injury

Yearly, many people get injured by garage doors. And, often the individuals could avert these incidents if they kept up the garage door system. For instance, as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 73 children were trapped and killed under automatic garage doors since March 1982. This is about three such deaths per year on average. Garage door’s weight many pounds and can exert much force, so your safety system must work effectively.

Many injuries related to garage doors result from DIY projects gone wrong. The spring system looks straightforward to fix but remains the primary culprit. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and need professional support for the overhaul. You should replace the springs every five years and lubricated regularly. A certified expert should perform both jobs.

Please, do not fix the springs yourself. It is a perilous job that requires specific training, tools, experience, and gear. Trying to do it with a friend as a DIY gig may place you and your friend in great danger.


A malfunctioning garage door puts you in danger of burglary. Since intruders could misuse the situation and access your home through the garage. When you maintain your garage door, you have the serenity of knowing that your home security is much stronger to bypass. Remember, to always lock your garage door and don’t leave it open for much time. Burglars like to drive through neighborhoods to see who their next targets are and if you leave the door open for much time, then you allow them to see your stuff.

Avoid costly fixes

Garage door repair bills

Standard planned support averts costly repair bills by fixing minor issues before they transform into significant ones. When you forget to have your garage door overhauled for a long time, the issues add up. An issue with one section could make an issue with another part, then another, until the entire garage door system needs replacement. Stay away from a full replacement by doing yearly inspections on your garage doors.

Prevent a failing garage door

A garage door that suddenly breakdown can truly upset your daily routine. Emergency garage door repair services can be costly unless you call Sure Fix. Regular maintenance lowers the odds of your garage door breaking down. Also, you can plan schedule visits during a time that is most helpful to you including the weekends.

Decreases the wear and tear while increasing the garage doors lifespan

Neglecting to maintain your garage door prompts excess wear and tear and diminishes its lifespan by making it more probable that one of its parts will break or malfunction. For instance, if your springs aren’t appropriately or regularly lubricated, it can also reduce their lifespan. The other parts that a garage door requires for regular support and to stay in great condition, include the hinges, rollers, and the chain or drive belt.

Increases your home value and curb appeal

Modern home with garage door

Your garage takes up and makes up a significant part of your home’s facade. If you don’t take great consideration of it, it will show and reduce your home’s curb appeal and when selling its value may suffer. Also, a well-maintain garage door system figures into a home inspection and increases the value of your property. If your garage door makes loud noises, then the new homeowners may ask for a discount in the home’s price.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Maintenance Program

At Sure Fix Garage Door, besides installing garage doors, we offer planned maintenance programs to ensure a lasting investment. If your garage door ever requires a quick fix, we’re only a call away.

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What’s wrong with the Garage Door Opener?

Trouble shoot a garage door opener

Garage door openers are incredible when they work to their potential. They can lift heavy entryways, shield your vehicle from snow, rain, and even burglary, and make life simpler. However, when they quit working, making sense of what’s going on can be confusing. Automatic garage door openers in Clearwater are inclined to an assortment of issues, most are easy to fix with routine maintenance. Here are some causes of a garage door opener failure for you to consider.


Check your door first        

Before you think your opener is the cause check the garage door first. With the door shut, pull the emergency release cord and lift the entryway to check whether it opens and closes easily. If it doesn’t work, the issue is with your tracks, rollers or springs instead of your opener.

Dead batteries


Like any battery-operated remote, your garage door opener control or “transmitter” needs batteries to work. When the cells die, the opener system won’t get the sign to open. To test for dead batteries, try to open the entryway using your wall built-in transmitter. If the entryway opens from the wall controller, replace the mobile transmitter’s batteries.


Broken transmitter

The most usual explanation behind a garage door remote transmitter that stops functioning is a dead battery. However, if the opener still quits working with new batteries, then it’s an inappropriately attached antenna or the garage door opener itself needs a reset. You can try to unplug the opener from the wall for 30 seconds and check whether that reset worked.

Here are things to check when all garage door transmitters quit working simultaneously:

Please make sure nothing, for example, a tree hanging over the garage is hindering the transmitter signal from opening the garage door.

Test or replace all batteries in handheld remote transmitters and check the built-in wall transmitter.

Check the antenna on your opener works correctly.

Reprogram/reset all remote garage door transmitters.

If you did the above steps with no success, then reset or reprogram your opener but check the manual first.


A blocked photo-eye sensor

the photo eye

Almost all garage doors from the previous 20 years have a photo eye that detects if an individual or object is hindering the entryway from coming down. The photo-eye will be around 4–6 inches off of the ground, the eye is about the size of a pea. It shoots a laser across the garage that whenever interrupted stops the signal used to lower and raise the entryway.

So for troubleshooting check whether the cord that attaches to the eye is cut or damage; often, rain or a roof leak can damage the photo-eye. Dirt and dust can obstruct the eye and block the laser beam, so a careful cleaning with a tissue can sometimes fix this issue.

Misalignment can likewise make them incorrectly detect obstacles so check if their position right.


An immobilize garage door

For your garage door to move, it must-have tracks free of dents, bends, and dirt. When the tracks get damaged, the entryway’s rollers can’t complete their cycle causing an immobile entryway.

Broken or stretched springs can likewise immobilize an entryway. Because openers aren’t made to handle the weight without the help of the springs, they can’t lift the entryway without their help.

A disruption in the power source

Power source outlet

Often, an individual’s home power source failure does not make their garage door opener work. Sounds absurd, I know, yet it happens especially when their power outages or homeowners are doing some electrical maintenance. Other times simple things like non-working outlets could be the culprit so ensure that your opener connects to a working outlet. Outlets sometimes go out suddenly so check if the outlet works by connecting another working electronic device to it. Likewise, check your circuit switch, fuse, and, the GFCI.


Forgot to re-engage the garage door opener after disconnection

Most openers have a disconnect switch to allow manual functioning if there should arise an occurrence of power failure. Regrettably, the switch can often get hit unintentionally. It’s also simple to neglect to re-engage the opener once the power returns after an outage.

While these issues appear to be straightforward, finding the right problem can resemble looking for a pin in the dark. The most ideal approach to avoid the frustration of finding the issue is to employ a garage door opener expert. Our experts can tell you which issues cause your torment and have a particular issue fixed in a matter of minutes.

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Why Do I Need a New Garage Door?

cozy-home-exterior-garage door

Have you thought about getting a new garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, for quite a while? Does your existing garage door not work properly or makes loud noises when it functions? If you answered yes, contact your local garage door repair expert in Clearwater

However, if you’re tired of the noises, the lousy functioning, and, the old appearance that decreases your home’s curb appeal then it’s better to replace it with a new one! Most homeowners think little about our garage doors other than their usage. Nonetheless, in regard to curb appeal, it takes up as much as 25% of your home’s front space. 

Guaranteeing that your garage door is well-maintained helps preserve the resale value of your home or you may suffer a loss when it is time to sell. Let’s answer a couple of questions plus reasons you need to replace your obsolete garage door with a new one: 

Essential questions answered

Garage door outside a home

Q: Why would you require a new garage door? 

An: There are many reasons to buy a new garage door. First, if you are looking to improve the overall appearance of your home, a new garage door is the way. Moreover, if your garage door doesn’t work properly or makes loud noises, you may also need to purchase another garage door. 

Q: Can I fix my old garage door? 

An: Often, you can fix your garage door if it’s worth saving or you’re low on funds to buy a new one. However, if there is a problem with the sections or damaged door, you may need to have it replace entirely for safety concerns. Are you feel afraid for your safety, don’t stress since Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can help make the procedure a straightforward gig? 

Q: Are there advantages to getting a new garage door? 

An: Yes, there are many advantages. Today’s, modern garage doors are safer than older models and more secure, which can help protect your home from burglars. Adding a new custom garage door to your home can likewise enhance your home appearance and an increase in the home’s value when it is time to sell. 

Q: Should I install a custom garage door? 

An: If you are thinking about getting a new garage door, then custom is the way to go. Standard out of the box garage doors are all right, however, they don’t enhance the look of your home. Perhaps the most straightforward approach to improve the overall appearance of your home is by going custom since you can make an impact. 

Five other reasons to consider purchasing a new garage door

Modern architecture home with garage

If you have fixed and maintain your garage door but still doesn’t work as it should, then replacing it with a modern garage door might work best. 

There are many advantages to getting a new garage door installed in your home. Here are the benefits:

Security-New garage doors can work with modern home security including smart home technology. Having an entryway that you often forget to lock isn’t assuring. 

Also, older garage doors openers have come with issues involving hackers and code grabbers who found approaches to intercept your remotes opening codes to allow quick entry into your home. The modern openers come with security features including rolling codes and encryption which can create billions of combinations making it difficult to illegally crack the code.

Safety- Today, new garage doors offer the most recent in safety. Regardless if you have young children or want to protect your car, having a new entryway will help you improve safety. Today’s, automatic garage door openers have a safety feature that reverses the door when it encounters an object. 

Present day garage door openers accompany a sensor light that automatically turns on when the sensor triggers an entryway or outside movement. Therefore, you’ll never walk inside a dim garage again.

Home Appearance improves your home’s value-A new garage door will improve the look of your home. These modern garage doors arrive in an assortment of design and colors that matches your home. Truthfully, another garage door can also increase your home’s value

If you’re thinking of selling your home but want to add more value, a new modern garage door will intrigue potential buyers. It might even make you not want to sell your home!

Energy-saving and insulation value- Older garage doors that don’t work correctly because of wear and tear, can compromise the insulation values of your home. Replacing your old entryway with a modern model that insulates and seals efficiently will lower your heating and cooling costs. 

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Garage Door?

Warehouse garage doors empty

If you are in the market for a commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, then there are many things to consider before making your buy. A significant factor to consider is the function, for example, manually operated or automatic? Depending on your business and building type, you might need to think about how frequently will it be opened and shut.

Also, does it need to stay open, and do you want it for a high foot traffic area? Moreover, think about the environment and climate, and pick a garage door that can withstand the elements just as give the most significant practicality to your business. Furthermore, identify the space you need, for instance – sectional garage doors will require more space.

Does it fulfill all your security needs? Have you consider maintenance cost, for instance, regular professional servicing. Allow Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts show you the types of commercial garage doors plus much more:

Roller doors

Warehouse garage doors

Roller doors are found usually on homes, storages, back of restaurants, and, retail stores. And any business that doesn’t have space for a sectional garage door. In contrast to the sectional door, roller doors require much less space to be stored when opened. Therefore, it is a fantastic choice for any small company that doesn’t have the necessary storage space.


  • Roller doors are versatile and can operate either automatically or manually.
  • These doors are sturdy and built to last, with neoprene climate seals keeping humidity from entering your garage or company.
  • These doors require minor upkeep and fixes.
  • You can install roller doors to meet fire escape needs.


  • Roller doors can be costly, based on style, insulation options, and, installation charges.
  • Aluminum doors can dent.
  • Insulated entryways are more substantial than non-insulated, so you’ll need more power if you like automatic.


Sectional garage doors

Three warehouse garage doors


Sectional garage doors are comprised of 3 to 8 panels depending on the size of the passageways. The track system can be worked automatically or manually through a motor. People use these doors in warehouses, car washes, car yards, building with high-traffic, and, even some work for residential application. Sectional garage doors come made from a wide range of materials including, steel, aluminum, copper, glass, and, vinyl.



  • Incredibly energy efficient.
  • Sturdy and built to endure the harshest weather elements, lessen wind noise, and allows insulation to be applied.
  • These doors can likewise provide incredible natural lighting and decrease the amount of artificial light required.
  • Sectional doors can likewise function with autos or objects near the entryway.


  • It requires much overhead or backspace to allow the entryway to rest when the carport is open.
  • Needs regular maintenance to guarantee rubber seals and lubrication on the tracks remain intact.
  • It can be expensive to fix if there is an operational issue inside the entire system.

Overhead Doors

A well-known commercial garage door is the overhead garage doors. Overhead garage doors opened through rails that pull them up until the entryway is position horizontal with the ceiling. These garage doors suit an entryway that will primarily allow cars to enter.

Overhead garage doors operate with remote control, yet can likewise work manually if needed. Overhead entryways come with horizontal slats made of wood, or various sorts of metal. These thin hinged sections enable the entryway to bend, giving the entryway the flexibility to be raised from any open position and brought down to get shut.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated garage doors are usually installed in warehouses, and parking garages. They’re produced using thick stainless steel, well-insulated, noise resistant, and, again, fire-resistant. Fire-appraised entryways come with an auto-closing highlight that activates when a fire gets detected. These garage doors can be operated automatically and manually or custom-built.

Custom made doors

Picking the ideal garage door for your business can get overwhelming, particularly when they’re such a large number of various styles and designs. As well as looking for one that has the functionality of your operations. That’s why custom made doors are an incredible option since you can pick precisely what you need and exactly how you want it to work.

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How to Transform your Garage into a Party Space Effectively?

Garage door installation in Clearwater design and party ideas

A new garage door installation in Clearwater is a work of art once setup that brings a bonus. The garage space can be used as a man cave or party room with the option to see the outdoors. It has all the advantages of being outside. It allows your visitors to socialize while offering cover from the sun or downpours. I understand you may not see the open space with all the storage boxes, equipment, and tools laying around. However, once you’ve clean the room, you’ll see the possibilities of things you can do in your garage!

Moreover, if you have a quality garage door, then your garage is soundproof and, it likewise has an extraordinary level of insolation. It will keep you and your visitors warm during the low winter temperatures. Furthermore, it will hinder the hot summer unforgiving winds and will keep you crisp during long blistering hot days. However, if you have a worn, noisy or old garage door, you’ll first need a garage door repair in Clearwater expert to do some fixes. It will give some peace to the party space or man cave you want.

Why Choose Professionals For Garage Door Services?

Before you start any projects, you must have your garage doors running efficiently. So, let’s check out why you shouldn’t do repairs yourself and why you should hire an expert:

Safety-Most garage doors weight more than 100 kg and significantly broad, which makes it difficult for one person to fix. Therefore, these significant garage doors can bring physical damage to your property or more importantly harm to you.

Experience-If you are not experienced, you may not know how the equipment parts interact with one another and how it functions. The odds are, you will most likely not finish the fix right the first time.

Efficient Technique-The accomplished and expert garage door pros can complete the repair inside two or three hours, enabling you to return to your part space project.

Clear everything

cleaning services

After fixing the garage door then you can transform your carport into a party room by clearing out every single undesirable item. Next, start cleaning out the garage with a broom, detergent, and mop while adding tables and folding seats. Better yet get sofa recliners and include decorations appropriate for your party theme or man cave.

To help you to out with the procedure, call your friends or relatives and request that they help you out. Give them a couple of snacks with drinks and make an activity out of it and you should finish in a couple of hours!

Cleaning tips

After you cleared your garage of most things, it’s an ideal opportunity to clean it up. Like I stated above, get out a broom and clear all the dirt from the floor. Dust any surfaces and remove spider webs. Wash windows if your garage has them, and replace any broken or not working lights.

Choose what stays and what goes out

Before clearing your carport space, investigate your stuff and choose what remains and what goes out of your garage. Separate trash into piles for trash or recycle, and dispose of those first. Next check the other assets – tools, toys, holiday decoration from Christmas or Halloween, lawnmower, gardening things, boxes of old clothes, and, etc.

Make sure to decide what stays and what needs to be moved to another area like the attic or basement, sold, or donated. Once you declutter your garage, you’ll get the opportunity to see the transformation from a cluttered space to an exciting new one.

Garage space design

sofa-reclinersWhen you finished cleaning your garage, you can design the party space. Now, if you’re making a man cave, choose where you will put your sofa recliners or seats, the place the TV and entertainment center will sit. And ponder whether you should leave a space for garage things like vehicles or a workbench.

Make it your own

garage door living space

This is where the fun part starts – garage design! You can truly put your style on the space by painting the walls or hanging man posters such as cars and fine art. Since carports ordinarily have concrete floors, you can even paint those or you may want to toss down a significant area rug. Also, you can redesign the lighting to Edison bulbs or a string of lights.

If you’re decorating the space for a gathering, you can include fun things, for example, disco lights, balloons, and, streamers. However, if the climate makes you keep the entryway shut, you can decorate inside the entryway as the fourth wall. On a beautiful sunny day when you open the garage door, you can hang balloons from it or even a piñata!

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How Can A Garage Door Repair Expert Assist You?

how can a garage door repair expert assist you

A garage door repair in Clearwater, FL, is something you shouldn’t think about all of the time. When you get back home from work, you only want to push the remote control and have your entryway open without issues. It should close without problems as well. However, regrettably, bad things happen, and these situations make for a long day.

Anything can turn lousy with your garage door especially, without maintenance. For example, it could stall out, causing a genuine security risk, making you keep your vehicle outside, leaving it vulnerable against burglar and the elements. An entryway that gets stuck half ways is also a security issue.

Furthermore, if you unintentionally backed your car into your entryway when attempting to leave the carport and damaged the panels, remain calm. Numerous individuals have done this plus much more. Some people have unintentionally hit the accelerator rather than the brake. Others have collided with their entryway throughout the winter after their vehicle slid on ice.

If you encounter damage with your entryway, you have to address the issue soon by employing a garage door repair in Clearwater, Florida expert. Truthfully, a damaged garage door can also hurt your home’s curb appeal and can cause potential dangers and leave your entryway vulnerable to burglars. The top reasons for broken garage doors include:

Spring or cable breaking

Most of the time the problems of garage doors are the spring’s breakings. They can break because of the usage — the more you utilize your garage door, the earlier the springs can break. Moreover, old springs are more susceptible to breakage than modern ones.

The expression “wire rope” refers to the garage door lifting cables. The cables can and will become brittle after some time and begin to fray. When they start to break, they begin to loosen up and may snap.

The Photo Eye

the photo eye
License: Creative Commons Uploaded by: Wikivisual

The photo eyes are small sensor situated on both sides of your garage door, typically a couple of inches starting from the ground. They shoot an invisible beam over your garage door, guaranteeing it doesn’t close over a person or thing. It’s a significant safety highlight that can become misaligned either by an object thumping into them, disconnecting the light beams. Often, lousy weather or water damage can disrupt the circuit.

Electrical Issues

Your garage door needs electricity to open and, as with things that require power, a fuse can blow. You could likewise have water damage or frayed wires so you should call an expert to fix electrical door issues.

Wear and tear

wear and tear

Similarly to appliances, the mechanism in charge of opening and shutting your garage door can become subject to tear and wear. For instance, garage door parts like rollers can wear out. While you can get more years out of premium rollers and guarantee your entryway works flawlessly for much time, these can likewise wear out too.


Numerous homeowners use their carports like storage units. Usually, when you horde your garage with many things, something could get thumped over accidentally hindering the photo eye sensors, making the entryway not close. Indeed, even dust can be an obstacle to the functioning of your door.

Getting off Track

getting off track

Garage doors slide along a metal track that helps open and close silently. In case you’re having issues opening your garage door, it could be because of an alignment issue.

Repair Options for Garage Doors

Garage door repair is the solution or service you need when you have an issue that is disrupting its function. When you have springs broken you don’t have to replace the entire garage door — you need to replace only the spring. Also, the same goes, for example, the sensors, tracks, hinges, rollers, and, opener.

Mostly, you may require a total replacement if you have significant functional or cosmetic damages. For example, when you neglected to open the entryway and ram your vehicle into it. However, garage door specialists can fix minor cosmetic damages to your entryway, similar to dings, dents, and, scratches.

You can even, replace a single panel or two instead of replacing the entire door. Once more, don’t try to make any fixes as a DIY project since you can make a small issue into a significant one. Always bring in an expert.

Getting Your Garage Door Inspected

getting your garage door inspected

Recognizing and addressing wear and tear early is an integral part of the overall maintenance for your entryway. Other than keeping your garage door clean and lubricated up regularly, following a residential preventative maintenance program can enable you to keep your garage door running smoothly for many years. You need to have a Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert inspect your garage door at least twice a year.

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Tips On Selecting The Right Type of Garage Door

tips on selecting the right type of garage door

If you’re considering a new garage door replacement in Clearwater, FL, you’ve likely have found that you have a few alternatives. When settling on a new or replacement garage door, purchasers usually have many decent choices to choose.

Which kind of door will furnish your home and meet your day by day needs effectively? Picking the right garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, can be a noteworthy investment as a result of costs. Therefore, homeowners will need a dependable garage door that can face numerous harsh summers and winters. So purchasers are faced with a large number of choices including materials like fiberglass and steel garage doors.

Garage doors can be a significant part of a home’s appearance. One of the first things that people see is the garage door when they visit your home, and usually the last things they see as they leave. Therefore, having the right garage door is fundamental for your homes exterior magnificence.

Steel Garage doors

steel garage doors

Steel garage doors are what individuals consider when they think about garage door materials. These kinds of garage doors are popular because of their sturdiness and dependability. All steel garage doors are painted with a unique polyester paint that helps increment its life span and help the entryway withstand fading.

The fundamental reason steel garage doors remain popular is they can be effectively customized to fit any number of styles and tastes. The entryway surface is smooth and even, making painting a straightforward procedure. 

These garage doors also arrive in an assortment of finishes, including a wood grain finish. It enables property holders to have their own unique and stylish set of garage doors without the cost of genuine wooden or carriage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors

fiberglass garage doors

Fiberglass doors offer a practical option in contrast to the traditional steel doors. This kind of entryway is a steel door that is specially sealed with a fiberglass coating. The coating reinforces the entryways, making them last longer than the steel doors. Also, fiberglass doors can bring a wood finish, and give a cost-effective approach to have a look and feel of a wooden garage door without the expense or maintenance.

Moreover, fiberglass garage doors are insulated, which helps keep property holders’ heating and cooling expenses down by preventing heat gain or loss. Fiberglass entryways both keep out noise and produce less noise, making fiberglass doors the ideal option for busy homes.

Your home’s garage should be an appealing visual part of your home, and with so many styles accessible, there is something to match any aesthetic. Yes, steel garage doors are the traditional decision that offers many color styles, customization, and, durability if there well-maintained. However, fiberglass doors are an energy-saving option and could make the ideal decision for modern homes.

Other types of garage door materials

other types of garage door materials

Aluminum-Aluminum garage doors share a considerable amount of the attributes of steel, with optional faux wood texturing and lasting finishes. Aluminum is also lighter and more affordable than steel, yet can dent.

Wood -The first garage doors were made with wood, and wood will continue to appeal to those looking for traditional styles and materials. The wood door is offered in many forms, which can include windows.

The most inexpensive choice is painted wood with flat hardboard panels. Now, stain-grade wood entryways cost more, however, offer the natural beauty that can have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal.

Wood is a superior insulator than steel; nevertheless, insulated steel doors give better utility savings. Wood doors also need regular maintenance too.

Wood Composite-Composite doors are made with recycled wood fibers. They offer the quality of steel with the looks and texture of wood, and they can be painted or stained. Composite doors are better than sturdy wood when it comes to resisting rot and splitting.


Regardless of your taste, there is a garage door style and material accessible for you and your home.

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Pros and Cons To Wooden Garage Doors Installations

pros and cons of a wooden garage door installation

Are you looking for a new wood garage door installation in Clearwater, FL? However, how do you make sure you are choosing the correct one for your home? Undoubtedly, a garage remains a factor when someone buys a house. Unfortunately, many homeowners build their own garage door or extend it. Nevertheless, in the end it is not what they wanted.

When purchasing a garage door, the many choices accessible can wind up overwhelming anyone. What type of garage door would you pick, for example, sectional, roller, steel, vinyl? They all have advantages and disadvantages, yet many garage door owners forget to think about one specific style, wood. So, Sure Fix Garage Doors Repair experts will provide a list of pros and cons that accompany wood style.

More Environmentally Friendly

An environmental friendly garage door is a top reason individuals look for a wooden design. Deforestation is a noteworthy issue on the planet, but, it is not an obstacle to purchasing wood items. You can find a lot of used slats of wood that are in excellent condition that reduces your impact on the planet. 

Moreover, the stains and different chemicals used in the wood have been changed by numerous brands. Now, they offer a safer, more beneficial choice to the old, environmentally damaging models that are still used today.

An eco-friendly wood looking garage door is made from resins, wood pulp, fiber, and wax. It looks like wood but doesn’t need refinishing and is less expensive and carries good wood qualities too.

Wood Looks Great

wood looks great

Yes, a significant appeal to a wooden garage door is the way it looks and the way it matches your home design. The wood gives it a rustic or natural look that can improve the appearance of the entire property. When you see a wooden entryway, it provides quality to a home, even when it is an unusually small garage door. Wood garage doors create a unique ambiance.

Simpler Repairs and Replacements Parts

In the short term, a steel garage is less likely to get damaged. However, it could become difficult to fix and find replacement parts while having to cut more slabs and weld. With a wood garage door, it is simpler to repair and replace parts in smaller jobs, and, without too much stress.

Style Blends with Gardens

styles merge with gardens

Besides the overall look wood doors provide, it’s also essential how it merges with outside gardens. A homeowner who has a vast front yard don’t want a looming eyesore, but a wooden garage door is more appealing. It merges in with the landscape, improving it, instead of degrading it.

Prefab Wood Garage Kits

Odds are you would prefer not to manufacture your garage from scrap. And you could be anxious about employing a contractor, too. The expenses are kind of high for that sort of work, and you may keep running into some shady business that doesn’t have your interests as a primary concern. 

Furthermore, doing a lousy job and hurrying off with your cash before you can notice any issues. Prefab kits are an excellent option compared to a shady contractor. The wooden prefab kits are much easier to install than the metal models and lighter too.

A lot of maintenance

a lot of maintenance

The maintenance is a true complain individuals have about wooden garage doors. Metal garages don’t need much upkeep, but wood must be re-recolored and resealed every couple of years. You may need to regularly re-caulk alongside the entryways or windows. 

You will likewise need to check it for pests, particularly termites and worms that will be attracted to the wood. Nevertheless, if you keep up with the support, you will never have any issues.

Initial Steep Prices

The truth, steel garage doors are inexpensive compared to wooden garage doors which are costlier since the materials cost more to make.

Remember, this is an initial investment. The upkeep could be under a thousand dollars every five years, possibly only three years if you live in a wet area. So you see the cost isn’t as high as you might fear correct? Yes, large, bold, beautiful wooden garages may cost a little more yet can merit the cash.

Less Sturdy than Steel Options

Often, steel is more durable than wood and while it can dent, but it won’t break. There isn’t much upkeep too. Regardless if you hit the steel garage door with your vehicle, you would do more damage to the car than the carport.

Wood, then again, can crack, chip, and, warp if not appropriately maintained. Pest such as termites can damage the inside slabs, or tunnel into the wood, making a hidden infestation you may not know about until it is too late.

At last, there are numerous advantages to a wooden garage, but also a couple of disadvantages. If you want to invest in a wood garage door, you will have to maintain it properly since the benefits far exceed the drawbacks.

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How To Maintain Your New Wooden Garage Door Installation

how to maintain your new wooden garage door installation

Wooden garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL, are truly visual appealing. So, we’re glad to show you ideal approaches to maintain them correctly. Like everything made of wood, it needs maintenance. Maintaining the beauty and functionality of your current or new wooden garage door installation in Clearwater requires regular TLC.

Unprotected wood that faces the sun and deals with changes in the climate can start to weaken and possibly break if it isn’t appropriately kept up. After putting money into a beautiful wooden garage door, I’m sure you want it to look new again.

So, we’re here to share our top specialist tips to guarantee your wooden doors remain beautiful for years to come no matter what the weather throws.

Reviving the Finish

Usually, no material finish can last forever. A significant part of keeping up a wooden garage door is keeping the seal undamaged. Regardless of the surface is stained or painted, watch for chipping and splitting in the topcoat.

Refer to the maker’s guidelines before fixing worn areas — you should guarantee that the substance you utilize is compatible with the original paint job.

Sand uneven areas and clean the wood before restoring. If you discover any holes, fill them with wood putty. A complete seal finish will guard against rot and improve the look of the wood garage door.

Watch for Rot and Insects

watch for rot and insects

At regular checkups, check for rot along the bottom of the entryway. Usually, the decay will show up where the entryway occasionally contacts water. Utilize a tool such as a screwdriver to test the quality of the wood. For example, jab through the wood, if you have a rot issue then deal with it immediately before it gets worse.

Termites and different kinds of wood-eating insects are something to worry. Call an excellent pest control company if you see tunneling or some other indications of an infestation.

Watch out for the equipment

Truthfully, you have to also maintain the equipment on wood garage doors for smooth operations. Depending on how you use your garage door and the sort of environment you have where you live, parts need replacement at different times.

Ensure the pulleys are lubricated and call a garage door repair expert if you hear loud banging or shrieking noises when the entryways open or close. However, repairing garage door lift parts isn’t a DIY gig — you should hire experienced, trained experts to deal with fixes.

Think about Warranty Coverage

think about warranty coverage

First, you should base everything with the maintenance of a wood garage door with your warranty and owner’s manual. Many garage door makers offer extensive warranties on their equipment and parts, but coverage depends on specific guidelines. For instance, warranty coverage on water damage might be void if an entryway gets painted with an inappropriate kind and grade of primer, paint, or stain.

Keep the door spotless and lubricated

Utilizing a cloth with hot water and cleanser will work on both the front and back of your wood garage door. It will remove any residue or dirt that can make the wood look dull and worn, tidy it up with a quick wipe down. By cleaning your entryway, re-staining the wood will be a less hassle.

Every couple of months you will need to check the parts on the entryway remain well-lubricated. You will know when your garage door needs lubrication since they will turn stiff and often make a shrieking noise when you open or close them. 

However, don’t add too much lubrication as this can attract dirt and can influence the performance of the mechanism. If you can’t do the job right then contract a garage door maintenance expert so you and your family could rest from the loud noise.

Re-Sand and Refinish

resand and refinish

Re-sanding is an approach to get your entryways looking new again, but you should do the process only between 3 to 5 years. Upgrade its curb appeal again right after harsh seasons of sun or low-temperatures days.

Repaint or Re-Stain

Repainting or re-staining your wooden garage door will keep it looking marvelous and will shield it from the elements. You shouldn’t frequently repaint. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind the task, then clean it regularly since you need to plan the procedure. Complete the repainting or re-recoloring procedure every 2-3 years.

Maintain Regularly

maintain regularly

If you keep tasks in front of you, maintaining your wooden garage door becomes straightforward. I mean, if you see any mildew starting to develop, give it a spray and a quick wipe. On the other hand, when you see that there’s dirt around the mechanism wipe it away as well and reapply lubrication. Check all equipment of the entryway to see that they work correctly.

Should your garage door does not function correctly by broken springs or chains counsel an expert. A garage door weighs over 100 kg and can cause bodily harm or even death when a novice tries to fix it.

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