New Garage Door Replacement will Improve Your Home Look

new garage door replacement

A new garage door replacement is a hell of an investment in home design while it improves your home’s curb appeal it also provides excellent security. Most homeowners don’t consider a new garage door installation as a home improvement project. However, this project yields a lot of positive results. The garage door installed by a professional garage door company will increase your home’s resale value when it comes time to sell.

Suppose you want to change the outside of the home. In that case, match an existing feature or entirely transform the house’s look, replacing your garage door is excellent. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts, we’ll show why a new garage door replacement makes a boring home look stunning.

A New Garage Door Replacement Improves Curb Appeal

Replacing your garage door will improve your homes look in the following ways:

It completes the design of your home: A new garage door replacement can complete or transform the exterior façade of your home. Regardless of if it’s another color, design, or material, it can match the entire look of your home or give a much-needed change to the front of your home.

Replacing your garage door upgrades the style of your home: If you have an old house and you want to make it look more modern, a new garage door can give that unique touch you’re searching for with its material, color, style, and design. Try to choose a garage door replacement that matches your taste.

Transform your modern home to its original splendid look. Often, the house has experienced much wear throughout the years, but you want it to look new again. Replacing your old garage door and the door can make your home look all-around great.

Pick the Best Garage Door Material to Match the Design of your Home

white and blue garage door installations

If you want to buy a new modern garage door, remember you’ll have many choices. Usually, many options as far as designs and material, and you will find the one to match your needs.

To help you make a more comfortable choice, I’ll talk about some excellent door materials:

Glass and aluminum door: This robust material includes a smooth surface and is an incredible choice for those searching for a straightforward and modern look. You can have an all-aluminum entry or include glass too. Many modern doors include an aluminum frame and a center of glass crossed by beams of aluminum. Aluminum tends to get dented easily but withstands the elements and less expensive than steel.

Steel: Steel garage doors are smooth and modern, and since it is steel, strong. Insulated steel is the sturdiest materials you can pick to guard your garage from intruders. Plus, it can help keep your energy bills low. Yes, steel garage doors help protect your home from fluctuating temperatures; perfect for homeowners who work or spend a lot of time in the garage.

Wood: Wood garage doors offer classiness, besides providing the advantage of authenticity and the look most materials can’t copy. Pick a wood stain and material that suits your home appearance. The drawback is that it needs more maintenance, but it is well worth it for people that love the classy look of wood.

New Garage Door Replacement can Improve your Homes Security

Most homeowners worry about security. The garage door can protect your family and your valuables from intruders. If you have robust locks and window locks on your home, consider improving your home security via the garage to negate burglary.

An obsolete garage door can endanger your family’s security. Many burglaries and home robberies happened through an old garage. New garage door replacements are safer and challenging to break into due to the materials and technology. You can likewise connect them with the most recent innovation in smart home security.

Modern Garage Doors Bring Safety Features

garage door safety

Modern garage doors offer the most recent innovation regarding safety. For instance, these doors can detect if a little child obstructs the entryway while opening or closing. When this occurs, it will quickly stop and reverse to protect the child. Old doors don’t have this safety feature.

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5 Garage Door Problems That Can Mean Unforeseen Repairs

Top garage door problems solved

Most garage door problems people encounter are because the garage door is obsolete. Often people struggle with getting their garage door to open or close consistently. The door struggling to open or close can ruin a homeowner’s day, for example, leaving to work or coming from a long day of work. Most people don’t think about garage doors. Well, until it’s broken down and we’re in a hurry. And unfortunately need the help of a Garage door repair in Clearwater, FL team.

Nonetheless, it’s simple to ensure that it works reliably and adequately by employing Garage Door Repair Service near me experts to perform a regular inspection. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair handles enormous and small garage door repairs with a quality craft. Sometimes it might be too late for your garage door, then consider a new garage door installation. But let’s better understand the top garage door problems you may encounter before the decision to buy a new one comes up.

1. Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Common garage door problems usually are because of spring issues. There are two essential types of springs you may have either: torsion and extension. People install torsion springs above doors, while you find extension springs on both sides. You may use torsion springs for the heavier doors and the torsion springs on lighter doors.

Maybe your garage door stops in the opening, descends fast, or hangs crookedly. At that point, those are significant signs that the garage door requires spring adjustment or replacement. You can inspect the springs yourself, for example, searching for apparent wears on the springs.

2. The Garage Door Opens or Closes with an Uproar

The spring might be broken. If not the torsion spring, the other reason is that one of the lifting cables broke or about to give way. Perform a visual check to see if something seems out of place or malfunctioning. However, a DIY gig is out of the question, so consider contacting a garage door spring expert.

3. A Fallen Garage Door

New garage door installation near me

It happens because one of the horizontal tracks falls out of alignment; the metal bracket comes loose. Or the bolts holding the bracket may come unscrewed. If the garage door touches the floor, get in touch with us immediately. Please don’t attempt to lift it all alone. Close the door and tighten the bolts that hold the bracket if the rollers are still in the tracks.

4. When Shutting the Door, it goes down, and Afterward Abruptly goes Up

Check the eye sensor units since often they get misaligned by you or your car. There’s a button for changing the motor sensitivity when the operator closes the door on the garage door opener. There’s an invisible beam that travels across the door jamb.

If the beam encounters objects or gets cut off, the door interprets a person or thing is standing in the way. To fix this issue, align both eye sensor units with each other. Investigate the control panel; a light should stop blinking that tells you the sensors are aligned.

5. Garage Door Roller Replacements

Rollers help your door slide on the tracks; they won’t correctly work when they break or bend. A noisy garage door is a top sign you need a roller replacement. Yet, an inspection can likewise uncover other issues. It’s essential to replace rollers before they damage the tracks, as a track replacement can cost more money.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can Help Solve All Your Garage Door Problems!

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

I have shown you some common garage door problems. While you can fix any garage door problems, don’t try the ones that may cause you bodily damage like spring or track replacement. Always have the contact number of an expert like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

Garage doors are under enormous tension and can mean trouble for most people who have never worked with a garage door. Garage door DIY gigs can result in injury if you’re new to garage door repairs and maintenance, but don’t worry; we can help. Please leave it to the experts.

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An Optimal Garage Door Condition Increases your House Value for Sale

Garage door installation in mint condition

Your garage door condition is an essential part of when you are looking to sell your house and want the best price. You are aware that buyers consider the location and environment of the home they are looking for beside the old or new garage door installation in a home.

You have been preparing your house for the possible people interested in it. We want to share with you why your garage door’s condition makes a difference when you want to sell your house.

A Garage Door in Mint Condition Prevents Security Issues.

Your house may be located in the best area; however, burglary is increasing everywhere. A garage door must be in the best condition to stand against any attempt of intruders. People looking for a new home want to keep their property and life safe from any burglar. Since we cannot prevent burglars altogether, we must keep the garage door condition always in the best shape possible.

Possible buyers are looking forward to checking if your garage door works well. They will also be interested in knowing how strong is your garage door and how comfortable it is to use it as they will be using it a lot. 

Your Garage Door can give a Good or Bad Impression Depending on its Appearance

New garage door installation increases home value

A garage door installation near me is an essential part of the house and can give buyers a good or bad impression. Your garage door is part of your house presentation and is one of the first things considered by someone looking for a new home. Its appearance gives them an idea of the house’s general condition because if such a vital matter presents visual damage, they will surely make not the best impression of it. 

Your garage door may not affect its working, but it reduces the customer’s expectation. A garage door must offer security and has to be a match with the entire house. It would be best if you painted it often to show that it looks and works well. If you take care of your garage door’s appearance, it will always look new and well care for.

A Garage Door must have Regular Professional Maintenance

garage door maintenance in Clearwater

Every garage door needs professional maintenance to keep it working well all the time. However, expert hands must perform maintenance to ensure it does not have any problem in its system. As far as you wish to sell your house, it would help if you kept everything in optimal conditions.

A garage door professional will evaluate the door system’s condition and make all repairs needed for you. Preventive maintenance will save you money since the damage is located on time, avoiding the whole system collapse.

A New Garage Door is a Vital Investment

A professional may suggest that your garage door is no longer optimal for your house and recommend buying a new one. You may consider changing your garage door for a suitable one, and nowadays, garage door brands provide you with a certain one for the conditions and weather we live in.

Any improvement needed for your house will increase its value, and you do not have to be disappointed for doing it. Remember that any garage door investment done to your home, including improving the garage door condition, will reflect in a higher price you can request it.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair has all the services and solutions you need to improve your house and make it very attractive and suitable for buyers. We assure you we will find our professionalism and expertise a complete match for your expectations. Contact us to get an estimated price for any project you have in mind.

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A Garage Door Professional is Always the Best Option for You

Best garage door services in Clearwater

Consider your garage door an essential part of your house, which requires the best care from a garage door professional. We are sure every time you think about your garage door you also consider security a priority.

Your garage door installation in Clearwater protects more than your car; it also covers a sensitive part of your house. You always want to make sure it is working well. And for that, let us share with you why it is essential to choose a garage door professional.

A Professional Repair is the Best for your Garage Door

Garage door professional on a ladder

As we mentioned before, one of the first facts to consider when you want to be safe is to make sure your garage door works well. A Clearwater garage door company is well trained and is aware of all the problems your door may have. Besides, a professional uses their expertise and knowledge to repair any problem in your garage door, and it includes specific equipment as well. 

You may find many amateur people using inadequate tools to repair a garage door making the problem worse. The garage door systems must be manipulated by a professional to ensure it will work well and your property and you are safe. A beginner is not familiar with all procedures a garage door requires to repair and ensure the whole problem is solved.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair has a lot of experience and expertise when fixing every issue your door may have. Their professionalism and skill are applied to every work they do, and the quality and customer satisfaction is always their goal. A garage door professional will save you money and time since their work guarantees a complete solution for you.

Amateur Practices cause Health Risks and Property Damage

If the person does not have the full knowledge of how to repair and manipulate a garage door system, your health is in danger. A dangerous situation may happen if any of your beloved ones are injured due to inadequate repair done to your garage door. Since our lives and loved ones are something to appreciate the most, we must trust expert hands to make sure we are on the safe side.

A garage door is quite heavy, and it can damage your vehicles if your garage door falls on it, causing you to waste more money. Imagine not only the fact of spending the extra money to hire a garage door professional but the additional cost of repair your car because of an accident. You would end up regretting doing a DIY garage door repair gig or choosing an amateur who is not aware of all the aspects to be taken care of for your door.

Professional Advice is Available for All your Projects

Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services

You may also want to improve your garage door at any moment in your life, and there is nothing better like garage door expert advice. A professional will provide you with a perspective you do not consider since they focus on your entire house to bring you the best option for your garage. The expert hands will always provide you a specific answer when you require it at any concern or question you have.

Garage Door Professional

No matter the project or issue you have, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair will satisfy you with the best service and quality. We do have large service areas in Florida to cover all their customer’s needs. Get in contact with us, and you will not regret it; we are pretty sure you will find all you need with us at any moment you need.

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7 Reasons you have a Noisy Garage Door

expert garage door installation

Do you have a noisy garage door that wakes up the entire neighborhood? After much service time, the garage door can start to make a lot of strange noises.

It screams shrieks, rattles, and pops making much noise ruining your day, nighttime sleep, or waking up their neighbors sleeping, baby.

The loud noise isn’t normal and is a sign that you need garage door repair services. Thus, you’ll have to find the source of the sound.

There are many reasons garage doors make noise, but most have a simple solution either with garage door maintenance or simple lubrication.

In this post, we will go over the 7 reasons you may have a noisy garage door. Usually, your garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida makes a low noise but not loud at all.


The top reason your garage door makes noise is lack of lubrication. When it squeaks as you open and close it, lubrication can be the solution.

Lubricating your garage door ensure the mechanics or metal parts work smoothly. If you do any DIY maintenance or hire a garage door maintenance expert, it’s significant to lubricate all the moving parts. You can lubricate the lock mechanism, the tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs.

However, make sure to use lithium lubricant for garage doors. A lot of homeowners use a spray like WD40, but it won’t work as well as lithium.

Old worn rollers cause noisy garage door

Garage Door Repair Service work van

If you hear a grinding sound when you open or close your garage door, it’s a sign that the rollers are worn out. Right off, lubricate the rollers. Many times, this will fix the sound and make it quiet again. If the grinding sound doesn’t stop, consider replacing the rollers.

Garage door repairs aren’t DIY because garage doors are heavy and cumbersome. So, hiring an expert to replace the old worn rollers works best. Remember, working under garage doors can pose safety risks, so weigh these considerations before DIY.

Tighten loose parts to reduce noisy garage door

The equipment of your garage doors, such as the rollers, hinges, nuts, bolts, and chain can loosen over the door service time. All these hardware has its signs to look for when the garage door makes noise, and the suspect is usually loose parts. Make sure to check the hardware below:

•            Rollers and Hinges: Wobbling when you operate the garage door is a big sign of old worn rollers or hinges. Metal or rollers and hinges will get boisterous and worn after much usage or if they get bent. You can hear shrill squeaking or grinding if your rollers or hinges are at fault.

•            Chain: If the garage door opener chain loosens, it makes a boisterous slapping sound and makes the rollers smack against the track due to jerky door movements.

•            Nuts and Bolts: When the nuts and bolts become free, the garage door can vibrate or rattle when you open and close it.

Loose garage door opener chain drive

LiftMaster garage door opener repair

A loose chain drive can create a loud garage door. If you have a loud garage door opener and has a chain drive to open and close, it might have come free and began making that uproar. Turn the opener off, and check if the situation eases.

If the chain drive looks in good working condition, lubricate the chain drive. Often, this will quiet the sound.

Unbalanced Doors Caused By Failing Springs

Garage door spring maintenance

Do you have an unbalanced garage door? Well, the garage door springs need replacement if they are exerting too much tension or not providing enough to counterbalance the weight of the door. Both of these situations can put added strain on the opener. An unbalanced door can cause a snapped spring or cable, or cause the opener to fail.

Be on the lookout for these unbalance door symptoms below:

•            If the door looks uneven when you open or close it.

•            Takes long for it to open or close.

•            Doesn’t open correctly.

•            Makes loud noises like banging, scraping, or squeaking.

Old worn garage door hinges

When you hear squeaking, it could be worn hinges. You’ll see gray dust, or filings, around the hinges. This is a sign they’re starting to deteriorate.

It’s an ideal time to replace the hinges to prevent squeaking. If you have handyman skills, then you can do it, or hire a garage door repair expert to handle it for you.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Do you hear a rubbing noises when you open and close the garage door?

That is a sign of a bend in the tracks it travels on. The door can work properly, but after some time, that rubbing noise will cause a lot of damage to the door. If your door sticks while traveling, then you know you have this issue. So, inspect the tracks to check whether there any bends in them.

If you see minor bends, you probably can tap them out with a rubber mallet. If the tracks look destroyed or have big dents, replace those tracks instead.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

Since now you know some reasons why you have a noisy garage door, you can take the final step. If you have some handyman skills, you can tighten some of the nuts and bolts and even lubricate the metal parts.

DIY garage door repairs can risk your life if done incorrectly.

So, if you have never worked with a heavy machines or uncomfortable working with the garage door, consider hiring a garage door repair and maintenance expert for help. An expert will assess the issues and repair the problems quickly and productively.

If you want to work with a reliable and local garage door expert, call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to resolve all the issues.

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7 Commercial Garage Door Services Business Owners Could Need

Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services

Like residential garage door installations, commercial garage door repair services are common too, to the dismay of business owners. Indeed, a commercial garage door may even require more support and inspections than home garage doors.

So it’s essential to know how to service these machines. You have to understand the commercial garage doors are used more frequently. And that means more tear and wear on the parts meaning more commercial garage door repair services.

Most high-quality commercial garage doors work to the highest standards and can withstand a lot of pressure. The same as other mechanical devices with metal parts, there might be issues that come up. It can happen since the garage door has many moving parts involved with opening and closing the door.

Let’s check out below 7 commercial garage door repair services you can use if your door experiences issues.

Commercial Garage Door Roller Replacement Services

Your rollers allow your garage door to move smoothly all over the track, as you open and close it. After some time, they get worn or move out of place. This makes the door move along the track roughly. When you see this happen, inspect the rollers.

Often, you may only require the rollers to be reinstalled in their place. They can move out of position by the door vibrations, so it’s a simple repair for the professional. If you have an old commercial door, the rollers can become too flexible or bent, affecting their movement.

When you can’t fix them, they need a replacement. A commercial garage door master can easily replace your rollers for you and prolong the life of the garage door.

Commercial garage door cable replacement services

Another significant part of your garage door is the cables. The cables are used in the pulley system that opens and closes the door for you. No matter if you bought the best quality cables, they will eventually wear out. If the door doesn’t open as it should, consider a commercial garage door cable replacement.

If you have broken, rusted, or damaged cable, a professional will replace them for you. Instead of DIY, It’s significant that you call a specialist to do this for you. Because of their essential part of the system, a mistake made by an amateur can and will cause serious injuries and even death.

Commercial garage door spring replacement services

Garage door spring maintenance

Another dangerous part of the garage door you need expert advice is commercial garage door spring replacement or repair. The springs provide your door the tension it needs to open. Because they hold so much tension, that why there so dangerous.

Commercial garage door springs will experience wear and tear and will eventually snap or break. If you’re present when that occurs, it could shoot and hurt you. If you’re not present you will hear a loud bang that will scare you.

When you want to avoid an incident like this, consider inspecting your springs regularly. If they’re showing signs of wear, have them replaced immediately. It’s essential to do replace the springs before they snap and cause bodily damage. I recommend hiring an expert instead of DIY since saving a few pennies is not worth your life.

Commercial garage door hinge repair and replacement services

If the commercial garage door has old hinges, you may see lousy performance as it opens and closes. If you see it sticks while operating, stutter, or stop when you attempt to open it? That can be a sign the hinges are getting bent, twisted, or broken.

Call the commercial garage door repair service to deal with this issue, they will usually recommend a replacement rather than a fix. Because it’s less expensive to replace hinges and provides more service time from your garage door.

Commercial garage door track repair

commercial garage door repair services

A reason the commercial garage door stutters or doesn’t open correctly is twisted tracks. The garage door moves on the tracks, and if the track isn’t in great shape it will cause issues. When you don’t fix this small issue, it may turn into a big problem that affects and damages the door.

Some attempt to save some cash and DIY, however, it’s best to hire an experts repair team instead. They will inspect it and let you know whether you can fix the tracks, or whether to have them replaced.

New replacement Parts

When the garage door needs a new part, consider purchasing the garage door parts from the same company or supplier. They will use the same suppliers to match the part that you need.

If the company doesn’t have the garage door part anymore, they can find the best similar part, to assist you with making the repair that you need.

Garage Door Inspections and Tune-Ups

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

The most significant support a garage door repair team can give is garage door inspections and tune-ups. It’s essential to inspect a garage door frequently, for example, checking all the moving parts, and ensuring all the parts work correctly. You can do the simple inspection like tightening loose bolts, but it can be difficult to find all the issues. Commercial garage door repair services will deal with that for you, so you don’t need to stress over anything.

When the professionals finish the inspection, they’ll likewise recommend repairs that need your attention. Besides lubricating the moving parts they can also replace the springs. When the experts finish the garage door maintenance or repairs, your commercial garage door will work like new again. It bodes well to hire Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts since they can provide you with serenity knowing they can handle your repairs too.

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5 Garage Door Services Homeowners can Live Without

Best garage door services in Clearwater

Most homeowners don’t worry about their garage doors until they need professional garage door services. Often, you will strange noises or your garage door just won’t close properly. So, you’ll need the assistance from a garage door repair in Clearwater expert to fix the issue quickly.

In this post, you will find five quality garage door services most professionals in Clearwater offer.

Often homeowners need a garage door replacement in Clearwater since it’s too late for non-well maintained garage door.

Whatever the service your garage door needs, most times a professional can help you. Look below at 5 quality services that a reliable garage door company can provide you.

New Garage Door Installation Services

expert garage door installation

If you don’t have a garage door or want to replace it with a new one then you’ll want a professional to install your door. All reliable and professional garage door companies offer garage door installation in Clearwater, FL. The professionals can help you pick the correct door, to install it too. It’s essential that you find the best garage door services so after installation your door keeps going for a long time. It’s critical to ask questions and do some research while picking a garage door service.

The company you decide to buy the doors from also will need to have a variety of doors that you can browse over. They should have many types of garage doors plus options as well. They should show you all the choices, including carriage doors, garage windows to modern high tech doors.

When you’ve picked the door, ask for installation services. If they don’t offer installation then consider calling a professional garage door company like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Once we install the door, you’ll have your garage door to enjoy for a long time.

Garage Door Inspection and Tune-Ups

When the professional install your garage door, you’ll have to do regular inspections and garage door tune-ups to keep it functioning as new? Garage doors have many moving parts, so it’s significant that you take great care of them.

You shouldn’t do inspections yourself on springs and tracks as it’s dangerous. Thus call a professional garage door company to assist you with the inspection. They will inspect all the parts, to ensure the parts work correctly. If they see broken or worn out parts such as a broken spring or bent track, they’ll handle that for you. They can also accomplish maintenance and tune-ups for you, for example, lubricating all the metal parts.

With these garage door maintenances and tune-ups, you’ll increase the lifespan of your garage door. You’ll additionally lower the breakdowns and significant fixes it can require in its lifespan.

Garage Door Repair Services

garage door repair

Indeed, even the top-rated garage doors will require repairs regularly. Often times, someone may kick a ball into the door leaving a dent, or for tracks to bent over time. There are a few repairs that if you have handyman skills you can do yourself. However, if you’re not sure or don’t have the foggiest idea of how to do a repair, consider calling a professional.

The garage door repair Palm Harbor professional can easily find the issue and finish the fix quickly and safely, having your door working once more. Remember that many new garage doors come with a warranty. If anything goes bad during the warrantied timeframe, call the company you purchased the garage door from, instead of fixing yourself.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services

Vemco garage door opener installation

Besides helping you with the door itself the garage door services can also assist you with garage door opener installations. These services are becoming more popular today with modern doors, as they make opening and closing the garage door so simpler. You won’t need to get out of your vehicle, simply hit a button and enter. They also help increase security in your home as well, as no one without a remote can enter your carport.

Call your garage door opener installation service team, and they’ll have all the information on the opener you’ll like to install. There are many types of openers, so they’ll assist you with finding the one that works best for you. For instance, there are many types of belts that lift the door open, and types of remotes and keypads to permit entry.

It’s significant that you hire a reliable garage door opener installation professional. Opener systems are complicated machines, and when set up they’ll be lifting your garage door.

The professionals who installed the garage door are perfect candidates since they will help you through the entire process, from picking the correct opener to installing it.

 Garage Door Opener Repair Services

garage door opener repair

Yes, the garage door opener can need maintenance and frequent repairs. If you find the opener not working, you can do some straightforward troubleshooting yourself. Changing the batteries in the remote and cleaning the photo eyes on the door may work, and hopefully, you will use the opener again. When it doesn’t work, then a garage door opener team can help.

They’ll go through all the checkups, and find the issue with your garage door opener. They may fix it right of way. Or, order the parts to make it work like new once more.

This is a simple overview of the garage door services professionals in Clearwater offer their residents. A professional garage door services team won’t simply install your garage door, they will also maintain it and repair it as well.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair also offers track and springs replacement services. These services homeowners shouldn’t do by themselves as they may get hurt or worse killed.

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Garage Door Springs-Basics Homeowners Should Know

garage door openers and springs guide

Garage Door Spring Repair in Palm Harbor, FL experts have created a mini-presentation to garage door springs so, you can avoid repair bills. So, what are springs? Garage door springs counterbalance the heaviness of a garage door, and it enables it to be opened and closed effortlessly, either by hand or by an automatic opener. However, the high tension steel the springs bring a limited lifespan, and as time passes, the springs reduce their efficiency.

Garage door springs arrive in levels of quality. Well, clarified as 10,000-use or even 20,000-use springs cycles. It would appear to be quite a lot. However, the garage door is opened five times every day, daily, each year. Then it will become evident that there’s a limited lifespan to all these crucial garage door parts. But allowing the best garage door spring repairs in Palm Harbor, FL experts assist you is a great start.

Types of garage door springs

types of garage door springs

Most garages use torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs are heavy-duty springs attached into a metal pole that runs parallel to the doorway, and directly above the doorway opening.

After the door shuts, cables connected to the bottom corners of the doorway tug on the mounted pulleys on the ends of this metallic rode where the springs stay. The pulleys twist the rode, which spins the springs and generates tension. After the door opens, the springs relax and lift the doors.

Extension springs are long, lighter-weight springs that run perpendicular to the door and as a result, there mounted above the horizontal parts of the door. These springs are tensioned by extending out, using cables and pulleys, as with the torsion system.

Because extension springs hang between two brackets (not mounted to a rod), they must have a safety cable running through each spring. It helps contain the spring in the event of a breakage. Without the safety cable, a spring breaking under tension is a severe safety hazard. If you have old springs that don’t have safety cables, you should install them even if you aren’t replacing the springs.

Indicators of a Failing Springs

Older garage door springs make the door weight more as the steel loses its flexibility. With fresh springs, a heavier garage doorway needs roughly 10 lbs of force to lift in an open position. With springs nearing the end, the power necessary to raise the door can be a lot more, as a garage-door can weigh 200 lbs or more.

A garage door with aging springs places an immense load onto the garage door opener. Another indication of deteriorating springs is when you hear that the electric door opener starts to strain as it’s trying to lift the entranceway. Mainly, it’s time to look at replacing springs when you hear these noises. Aging door springs could collapse unexpectedly, a situation which may create the door to slam shut.

Sometimes a spring breaks, and it makes a loud bang. As the fracture usually happens once the spring remains completely loaded (twisted into its full tension). If one spring fails, the doorway will suddenly feel very heavy once you attempt to open it yourself. Also, the automatic garage door opener will no longer have the ability to lift the doorway anymore.

Important note, you cannot fix garage door springs as a full replacement of both springs it’s the only answer.

Safety Caution

safety precaution

For those who own a garage door opener plus you also suspect that the spring got busted, don’t disconnect the opener out of the door (by pulling the red emergency release handle) when the door is still open. Should you choose, the doorway could come crashing down under its weight with nothing to stop it. It’s a dangerous predicament, and it could cause injuries.

Also, it’s never safe to leave the door open while it’s not working as someone could attempt to close the doorway without knowing how massive it weighs. Or a family member could pull on the emergency release handle on this opener. Also, if you have to leave the door open until you can make maintenances, block the door track on both sides. So, the door can’t move and unplug the garage door opener.

If you want to close the door, you can try shutting it with the opener, making sure there’s nothing in the door’s path in case something goes wrong. However, this will put some strain on the opener. Instead, you can have a few strong helpers hold the door while you disconnect it from the opener and cautiously close the door by hand. Again, it will be cumbersome.

Consider changing the garage door opener

As your automatic carport entryway opener has been under some strain as the springs have shown more signs of worn and less efficient, it’s a decent time to assess the opener. The same garage door installation in Palm Harbor, FL expert who replaces the springs could change the opener.

Let the experts handle the workload

Working with huge, heavy springs and huge doors is essentially dangerous. To avoid potential risks and injury if a spring abruptly slips, come free, or break so, don’t DIY instead contact a professional. You need to know what affects spring’s tension particularly, pulleys, cables, and entryways.

Experts can replace garage door springs in an hour or two. When you contract a pro, try to get some information about the quality of the springs they will mount. They might offer a few types of springs to look over, at a range of expenses. Top-notch springs could last a long time, while economy springs will last up to five years under ordinary usage.

3 Benefits of Torsion Garage Door Springs

New garage door springs installation

Usually, when people see automatic garage doors, they think all garage doors have the same parts. However, regarding the garage door spring systems that’s just not the case. There are two types of springs used to power the door, torsion springs and extension spring.

No matter if you would like to invest in a new garage door or learn about your current door, it is essential to understand the distinction between the two kinds of spring systems. Below I will explain three benefits offered by torsion springs.

Torsion garage door springs provide a longer lifespan

Extension and torsion springs differ by the way they work to generate their force to move the door. Extension spring uses a process of expansion to expand and contract to move your garage door. It means, by changing the distance of the spring, the right force can be produced to move the garage door.

A torsion spring works on a different principle. The torsion spring isn’t stretched; rather, it creates its force by twisting. The twisting motion leads to less wear and tear on the metal of the spring. Therefore, torsion springs will last longer.

Expansion springs usually range 5,000 and 10,000 lifts (cycle). A torsion spring can lift your door upwards of 20,000 times increasing its lifespan. It means garage doors equipped with torsion springs can last twice as long as expansion springs.

Torsion springs provide a smoother operation

Garage door spring replacement in Clearwater spring fix

The mechanics of extension spring will result in a disproportionate transmission of force. When you close the garage door, the spring is extended, putting a lot of tension on it. When you open the door, the spring contracts simultaneously, the amount of tension decreases. It can lead to a jerky movement as the door goes up, increasing the probability that the door will get damaged or misaligned.

A torsion spring has more control when raising and lowering down the doorway. Because the mechanics of a torsion spring permit it to maintain a more even amount of torsion. It assists with keeping up an even balance on the door through its full range of motion, hence limiting such issues that plague extension spring doors.

Torsion garage door springs are less dangerous

Expansion springs bring more potential for accidents than torsion springs. When spring becomes fatigued, its danger of breakage increments. A broken extension spring is hazardous since the spring can fly free from the door. The power behind the spring can make break windows and windshields and can even hurt or kill a person or pet.

A torsion spring doesn’t have these worries. Because a torsion spring is built around a central metal shaft. If the spring breaks, the shaft will prevent the spring from flying across the garage.



Concerning buying garage door springs, not all springs are made the same. While the cheap price of an extension spring might be enticing, you will get a more secure, longer, and more service time from torsion springs.

If you need garage door spring replacement in Clearwater, kindly contact the specialists at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

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Hurricane Resistant Garage Door Top Benefits for Coastal Homes

garage door storm tips

A hurricane resistant garage door offers many benefits for Florida coastal residents. Garage door installation in Clearwater experts understands storms are an issue in the coastal areas including to our own Clearwater, FL beaches. Many homeowners think about storm-proofing their homes with storm shudders and sandbags.

However, what about securing the garage door? It’s critical to protect your garage door from hurricane winds since it is the biggest hole in your home, which can lead to air pressure blowing your roof off through the garage. 

Specialist’s reason that the subsequent change in pressure can tear the rooftop of a house and enables the rains water to filter and damage the drywall. Not only will it damage your home but also the car and tools you have stored inside the garage. 

Let’s see how we can help you protect your garage door from a storm:

Hurricane resistant garage door

hurricane proof your garage door

After the destruction of Hurricane Andrew’s, the Florida building codes in numerous coastal regions and storm threatened regions made a jump in stringency. A significant change in law concerned the garage door too. A collapse of the garage door during a storm can be devastating to the home’s structural design and worst to the residing people. 

Nowadays, a hurricane resistant garage door is intended to deal with strong winds. Garage doors are more vulnerable to wind damage than other openings because of their large size. Usually, high winds can force the doors out of the hole unless you have installed a hurricane-resistant door. Ensure your hurricane rated garage door meets new building code resistance requirements or talk to a professional about installing one. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) states the loss of a garage door during a storm can prompt an uncontrolled buildup of internal pressure causing the blowout of a house’s rooftop and supporting walls. 

New building code requirements

The homeowners and building industry learned a lot from Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The state of Florida adopted stricter construction standards requiring new or replacement garage door to be reinforced to withstand stronger winds. 

To comply with the new code, garage doors must have sturdy bracing, heavy-gauge tracking, and, other vital equipment to keep them in place during a storm. Sadly, Floridians have had many chances to test the effectiveness of these building codes. 

What did they learn after so many tests? Houses that complied with the codes were better equipped to withstand the storm’s high winds. However, homes outfitted with older garage doors or before the code took effect suffered critical damages, or the entryways were entirely destroyed, prompting further devastation of the houses. 

Think about these tips when choosing a hurricane-reinforced garage door:

  • Ensure the garage door meets the wind-load requirement for your area. Your local building department can give you code info, and a garage door specialist can complete an assessment. 
  • Comprehend built-in reinforcement versus post reinforcement. A garage door can be strengthened utilizing both of these methods. With built-in reinforcement, a homeowner mounts posts in the floor and roof to secure the entryway before the storm hits. Then removes these posts after the storm has passed. Now, post reinforcement requires no set-up since the reinforcement is assembled into the structure of the entryway
  • Select an entryway that brings sturdy hinges, rollers, springs, and, tracks to give durability and help keep the entryway closed. You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety since a strengthened garage door doesn’t have to be only a robust metal door. Garage door producers offer an assortment of code-compliant entryways, some even bring impact-resistant windows. Hurricane resistant garage door can protect you from burglars improving your home security.

Hurricane Master Garage Door System

think about these tips when choosing a hurricane reinforced garage door

One approach to prepare for a hurricane is to purchase a new code-compliant garage door. Products, for example, the Hurricane Master Garage Door System addresses common failures found in standard garage doors, including the end stiles that support the edges of the entryway and the weak surface. These door systems use anti-distortion end stiles and 24-gauge steel skin on the entryways. 

During hurricane winds, standard garage doors end stiles bear colossal forces and often rotates, making the garage door collapse. A strengthened end stile resists these wind forces and keeps the garage door firm. Moreover, a reinforced steel skin resists object or debris impacts either small or significant thrown from the storm winds. 

Yes, a sturdy door helps, but the entryway itself won’t make any difference if the mounting area and track aren’t reinforced too. A few products use a 14-gauge tracking system with heavy-grade track brackets. You can strengthen an old entryway with a retrofit kit, however, if the track system isn’t updated, it can twist and the entryway dump out.

Hurricane Resistant Garage Doors Clearwater, FL

hurricane resistant garage door

Working with our specialists at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, you’ll quickly find out that we’re the best team to install your hurricane resistant garage door. Both business owners and homeowners can enjoy the hurricane protection these sturdy doors can bring to people living along the coast in Clearwater, FL.

Garage doors are underestimated but they do protect your home from burglars, protect your vehicles and tools, and a significant place to store things.

But, the bad news is that these regular doors are the most vulnerable and largest opening of your home. Don’t worry, our garage door installation in Clearwater experts can install storm resistant garage doors to Clearwater building codes. These durable and sturdy doors can face even the most extreme storm that carries high winds and shoots objects like projectiles. When the weather slams our area, the last thing you need is to stress over your garage door.

Compared with regular garage doors, storm resistant garage doors are reinforced to the max. These hurricane garage doors must pass a safety test where debris and objects are thrown at the door at the speed of a category 4 hurricane winds. Yes, you can reinforce your current garage door to become sturdier. However, even those upgrades will never withstand a 3, 4, or 5 category hurricane.

When buying a hurricane garage door, you’ll find many with different levels of robustness. For the individuals who don’t live close to the coast, a regular impact garage door may work. But, for people living near the coast, you can never be too careful regarding your preparations for possible storms. The garage door requires a higher impact rating than the average door.

Garage Door Installation Expert Team

Besides the concerns of hurricanes, people also think about the appearance or design of their storm resistant garage door. While homeowners will consider safety the number 1 concern, it’s reasonable that homeowners would like to think about the curb appeal of their home. In today’s real estate market, garage door curb appeal puts a lot of weight for possible home buyers.

Knowing that your door takes a lot of space on the front of your home, consider buying a storm garage door that matches the style and appearance of your home. As far as design, the same as any garage doors, hurricane resistant door arrive in many colors, textures, and styles. Trust us, you will find the perfect garage door near me that matches your home.

Our garage door installation team knows that your door is a major investment. Yes, hurricane resistant garage doors can cost more than normal ones. Nevertheless, we likewise understand you care about your safety and family.

Regarding the safety of your family, pets, and things, you can’t put a price on security, protection, and significant serenity. Remember, the installation of a regular garage door brings high ROI now imagine a hurricane rated door?

At Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we can assist you with finding the right storm resistant garage door that works correctly for your home and your family protection.

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How to Secure your New Garage Door Installation?

Expert garage door installation security tips

A new garage door and its installation can be useful for many things: as a storage unit, car parking, as a workshop, even as the entrance to the theater room! However, when using your garage, keeping it secure is a must for your safety. So, if you install a garage door with high-security features it will lower its chances of being targeted.

 We stress much about keeping our home windows and entryways locked, yet the new garage door installation is a frequent target door for burglars. When you joined your carport to your home—or if you keep anything of significant worth such as power tools—you should apply these security strategies to keep trespassers out.

New garage door and installation versus old

Modern garage door installation job

No matter the style of operation, an old garage door will struggle to provide security as a modern one. Mostly, an old garage door will not have current security features, for example, a euro profile cylinder locking system.

They’ll also experience natural degradation and design flaws. A vulnerable garage door can become an aim for criminals when you have secured the front door and windows. To have a secure garage door, consider upgrading to a new modern garage door.

Replacing Your Garage Door in Clearwater

Yes, garage door replacement in Clearwater is another move you can make to upgrade your home security. If your present garage door is cheap, obsolete, or hollow built. Intruders, well-talented ones recognize the garage door material. Weak and thin garage doors will be an ideal target for a burglar touch and eyes. To negate this, consider replacing your garage door to a sturdier, strong core design door.

Remember this can be a fairly expensive project as strong core doors cost more than their hollow brothers. However, the true serenity will be justified, despite the cost. Besides the added security you will also have better energy efficiency from a strong core garage door.

Keep your garage door opener in the house

It’s convenient to keep your garage door openers control in the vehicle. However, it makes it simple for burglars to grab it. Instead, start bringing your control into the house with you. Connect the remote to your key chain so you don’t forget it but only if its small remote control. Or, if you have no choice but to leave it in the vehicle, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so burglars can’t see or take it.

Use a Door Devil

Door Devil
Image courtesy: Door Devil

When your carport has a side door, burglars can get inside the house. Gadgets like Door Devil can prove useful to prevent entry. These doorstops screw into the ground and keep your entryway from being bypassed. You can also install a Door Devil on your other exterior entryways in your home to increase your security.

Keep windows frosted

garage door with windows

People who drive or walk past your home can see inside your garage are more likely to attack your garage door. So, if you have garage door windows, use frosted spray paint to increase your privacy and security, or set up covers to keep anybody from looking inside. Now, modern garage doors can come with tempered glass so if a burglar tries to break the window nothing happens after.

Alarm system

Garage door alarms work like traditional ones on homes; if they sense motion, they’ll transmit a loud alarm. You can look for an excellent garage door alarm to keep your garage secure at many online stores. With many types accessible, there’s one that will meet your requirements.

Some are simple alarms that will set off loudly if set off, some are gravity-activated, and there are even some that enable you to monitor various areas with two-way communication cams and sensors!

Pick the correct garage door materials

If you have a broken or frail garage door, it’s much simpler for individuals to break in. You need to have a steel or sturdy wood garage door, so it can prevent break-ins and battle burglars forced entry techniques. You also have to give it the proper care so it doesn’t become weak.

What is the most secure garage door?

The most ideal approach to keep criminals away from entering your garage is by installing a quality garage door. Material is the most essential thing to consider, for instance, wooden and heavy-duty steel doors are the strongest.

Side-hinged garage doors are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Likewise, they can easily increase the security in your carport with added locks because of their opening movements.

The top benefit of side-hinged garage doors is that you don’t need to have the entire garage door open revealing all your valuables to possible intruders.

Usually, up and over garage doors were made initially weak and offered low security. Now, they have improved since materials have advanced. Less expensive doors don’t offer security, but picking better material will increase the garage door security.

Roller garage doors arrive more compact and flawless in contrast with different options available making these doors desirable. The drawback of this sort of roller doors is that they require a lot of headroom to accommodate the roll and can take more time to open and close during an emergency.

Are roller garage doors secure?

Regarding security, roller garage doors are an excellent choice. These doors give burglars almost no opportunities to bypass the edges as the professional garage door installer can install it without a frame.

Sectional garage doors are robust and dependable regarding security. The door is split into sections and the door collapses once more into the roof of a carport along with the frame.

Sectional doors offer better security because they don’t provide obvious points of attack. So, a sectional garage door is perfect for homes searching for a secured solution.


Install motion-detecting lights

garage door exterior motion lights

Keeping your garage door and installation exterior with ample lighting will prevent criminals from attacking at night. You can look for top motion-detecting lights that do everything from simple motion sensing to alarming you through an application when its light turns on. To keep your garage guarded and monitored, investigate home surveillance cameras.

Keep a radio on

If you sneaked into a house but heard music or noise, will you continue onward? Most likely not. That’s why turning on a radio in your garage regularly will keep burglars away or at least think it’s occupied. Remember, noise means human presence, and criminals don’t want to get arrested so they’ll stay away.

Use a zip tie

Regardless if you have an automatic garage door installation, burglars can still break inside. How? By using a coat hanger to hold and pull the emergency release handle. Yet, don’t panic. There is a straightforward approach to shield your garage door from a break-in.

You can purchase and use a zip tie. When connecting with a loop in the emergency latch, a zip tie prevents thieves from bypassing the automatic door and entering.

Remember, if an emergency like a fire occurs have a scissor or knife nearby to cut it or it’ll take you a couple of extra lifesaving minutes to release the garage door.

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