Five Signs to Call an Expert Garage Door Repair Company

Call an expert garage door repair company

Do you think it’s time to call a garage door repair company, odds are it is? Every year, many people are severely injured by garage doors. Because of the tension that garage doors are under and their weight they can hurt people or pets while damaging your car too. 

When you are experiencing any of the issues below, or feel that something isn’t right with your garage door, it’s critical to contact a garage door repair in Clearwater specialists right away.

Rising energy bills

One issue many residents see during summer is an increase in their energy bills. Poorly insulated old garage doors and with climate wearing away the finish, your current door may do little to keep the outside temperatures under control.

If you don’t properly insulate your garage door, gaps along the perimeter can permit untreated air to flow freely into the carport, affecting the comfort and energy bills of your home. Our team can inspect your door and offer advice and repair, regardless if that includes minor garage door fixes or a full replacement.

Out of date safety features

Garage door sensors

If the safety features for your garage doors are obsolete, it is imperative to get a technician out immediately to address the issue. Motion detection, manual controls, auto-reverse, photo eyes, and other safety features are standard.

Also, in some states, you require having a battery backup system installed to protect in case of wildfires.

Experiencing excessive shakiness, vibrations, and making unusual noises

Other issues that prompt a call to a garage door repair company are vibrations or extreme shakiness in your garage door. This is a sign that there is a loose hinge or a problem with your rollers. Both are dangerous scenarios so call an expert right away.

If your garage door makes weird noises, it is also time to get it checked. While garage doors aren’t noiseless, they should make boisterous shrieking noises out of nowhere. The garage door can have many issues behind the loud noises so it’s critical to summon an expert right away.

You notice wear or rust on the garage door parts

If you notice the wear or rust on your garage door it’s also a sign that you should contact a garage door repair company. Old, worn, or broken parts, loose screws, and wear on different components can make a hazardous scenario so make sure to maintain then right away.

Sagging or malfunctioning garage door

Garage door repair company installation in Clearwater

You may see that your garage door looks marginally off-kilter, so now could be an ideal time for a garage door repair. After much time, many aging doors sag, but when left unfixed, this sagging can affect the balance of the door itself. As a heavy, mobile appliance, your garage door can cause a ton of wear on parts when things don’t get a properly balanced. Your springs, for instance, may wear unevenly if it leaves one side to finish all the work.

If you’ve seen that your door doesn’t look even or it isn’t shutting evenly, a straightforward test can determine the required balancing. Turn your opener, disengage your entryway with the red release handle, and physically move it to the midpoint. If the garage door rapidly goes up or down instead of hovering, it is unbalanced and needing fixes.

Contact the right garage door repair company!

Chamberlain opener installation by Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

If you are experiencing issues with your garage door, it is straightforward to fix right away. Remember, every year many people get injured by garage doors or by improper operations. That’s why please get any issues quickly fixed by an expert garage door repair company like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

Regardless of your garage door is making odd noises, needs updates, isn’t working as it should or you notice wear or rust, contact an expert, yes you guessed it, right away.

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Top Reasons Why My Garage Door Won’t Close Correctly?

New garage door springs installation

A garage door often appears to have their own issues, frequently deciding when and how far they want to close or open. Often, the garage door repair in Clearwater can be a simple change of the batteries in the opener, and other times a bumbling door can show a significant issue.

The fix, for example, replacing springs or changing the track, needs a professional fix. However, there are many troubleshooting techniques you can do alone before counseling a specialist. Let’s see some ways you can deal with regular garage door issues to keep your home safe and secure.

Garage door photo eye straightforward issues

Garage door photo eyes cleaning the lens with a cloth

Clutter or obstructions that block the garage door sensor are the main issues to look for if your door won’t close. Or, in extreme cases, open in the least. First, check the sensor lights. Depending on the brand and model of garage door you purchased, one of the sensor lights may flash, dim, or go out when the beam interfered.

Regardless if something is in the way, consider giving the photo eye sensors a decent cleaning. Sometimes dirt, debris, or even spider webs can interrupt the beam and prevent the entryway from working. If the door despite all your effort won’t stay shut, check that the sensors line up with each other. If they aren’t aligned, gently bend them to restore a clear connection.

You have a malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

garage door opener repair

If you’re working your opener inside the range of your garage door, but the door doesn’t react, it’s time to investigate your opener. First, confirm that the unit contains operational batteries. If new batteries don’t fix the issue, the antenna on your opener motor might be damaged or obstructed from the signal.

Ensure the antenna hangs down so it can determine the sign from your remote. When in doubt, it’s a great opportunity to get in touch with us for a garage door opener fix or recalibration?

The Limiter Needs Recalibration

A garage door limiter controls the up and down motion of the door, along with its movement speed. If the settings are not precise, the entryway will close, hit the ground, and reverse upward since the system sees a collision with an obstacle.

To reset the limiter, find the limit switch adjustment dial. When the door doesn’t close completely, adjust the limiter down but if it doesn’t open completely, adjust the dial-up. Remember: you must make small, increment change to prevent over adjusting the entryway and making it slam open or close.

Misaligned rollers in the garage door track

When something has caused the rollers in your garage door track to become misaligned, the door could drift, become stuck, or not move at all. Misaligned rollers and tracks can likewise cause grinding or shaking sounds during door functions.

If you’ve heard odd noises while trying to close your entryway, a garage door track issue is likely your problem.

Fix the issue on the track by first cleaning the metal rollers with a toothbrush to remove any dirt or grime. Then, afterward, lubricate up them with a non-silicon-based item. However, if your door has nylon rollers, lubricate only the bearings.

Next, clean the tracks with a fabric and brake oil, removing any buildup that stopping the entryway from working properly. When the tracks are bent or damaged, they could need a replacement.

Call a professional

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts always with you

When nothing works, call a garage door professional. Many things can cause issues that you can’t fix on your own like a garage door spring repair. An expert can help with any binding issues, or if your garage door needs a tune-up.

Remember that openers only work as well as the garage door alone. If the door won’t lift manually, then the opener won’t do the job either.

As garage doors lead straight into our homes, its stressful situation when your garage door won’t close! We trust you have a superior understanding of what’s going on when you experience a stuck entryway.

And, how you can deal with the issue without spending on needless maintenance. If the problem causes a significant security issue, call a garage door expert right of way.

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Garage Door Photo Eyes Troubleshooting Techniques

garage door photo eyes

Garage door photo eyes issues are straightforward to notice, as you’ll see that your garage door won’t close even when there’s nothing in the way.

Also, the door auto reverses and opens every time you attempt to close it. Luckily, these issues aren’t troublesome to fix. It’s essential to have your photo eyes working correctly for many reasons including safety.

Here are the ways to fix garage door eye sensors in a few steps.

Check if the garage door photo eyes are the issue

First, ensure that the garage door photo eyes are experiencing the issues. Often, the door won’t shut because it’s stuck in the tracks. It happens when there’s a dent or bent in the track, preventing it from moving. Also, you may have a bent track if the door squeaks when you open and close it. This issue is easy to fix, so check for it first.

You’ll know the photo eyes aren’t operating correctly if the door won’t shut when you attempt to close it. You may likewise find that the door makes a clicking sound, or theirs a flashing light on the opener. Thus, it’s an ideal time to troubleshoot.

Check for obstructions

Garage door sensors obstructions-boxes

When garage door photo eyes work correctly, you’ll see that any obstructions in the door path will prevent it from shutting. You’ll probably think that an obstruction means a vehicle left halfway in the garage, or someone stands in the way. However, another thing could break the invisible beam and prevent the door from shutting.

The photo eye sensors are sensitive, so investigate and check whether anything is sitting close to the door. Boxes and other things stored close to the entryway could interfere with the beam. Keep them away from the door and attempt the door once more, to check whether that solves the problem.

Check for lights

Each garage door photo eye needs to have a little LED light on it. It means the sensor works as it should. So, check your sensors for a light that is on, off, or flickering. These signs mean that the sensor has been bumped out of place. It is straightforward to bump the sensors out of place, for example, walking into your garage, or bringing things inside.

Attempt to move the sensors a little on its mounting to make the light come back on once more. Often, you’ll see that this slight change makes the photo eye sensors work again.

Clean your garage door photo eyes

Garage door photo eyes cleaning the lens with a cloth Creative Commons Wikivisual

The simple explanation your photo eye sensors don’t work could be that they’re dirty. Since they’re positioned so close to the ground, it’s simple for them to get covered in dirt and dust. This is true if the climate is wet and you’re driving past them to park the vehicle in the carport.

Check the sensors, to check whether they need cleaning. If they do, all you need is a soft fabric to wipe away the accumulated dirt and dust on the lens. When you’ve done this, attempt at closing the door again to check if the issue got solved.

Move the bracket

Your garage door photo eyes connect to a pivot bracket, which may have been moved thus braking the invisible beam. It’s simple to fix this issue. You can free the bolts that secure the brackets to the door frame and try moving it around a bit.

Move it side to side or up and down and see if the LED light turns back on. When it does, secure it once again into the right spot and try the door again.

Realign your sensors

Aligning garage door sensors Creative Commons Wikivisual

Your sensors must be perfectly in line with one another to work correctly. If they’re not exactly in the same place, then the light beam got interfere, simulating something in the entryway that needs protection. Check for misaligned sensors and readjust them.

To test the alignment, tie a long string between the two photo eye sensors. Use a spirit level to check whether the string is level. If the alignment is off, then you know that the sensors need adjustment. Free one sensor and move it until the string is level. Then, you can loosen the string and test the entryway.

Check the wires

Lastly, check the wires that lead to the sensors. Maybe some issues are preventing the sensors from working properly. If the wires have become tangled on something, free them carefully.

When you see issues, for example, fraying, don’t fix them yourself. Issues like this are best left to a garage door opener expert. Always call an expert to assist you with finding a solution to a significant garage door photo sensor issue.

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Garage Door Maintenance Guide to a Basic Tune-up

Garage Door Maintenance Guide to a Basic Tune-up

A garage door maintenance routine is frequently ignored, but an inspection and maintenance need to be a part of your schedule. Maybe no other part of your home experiences as much wear and tear as your garage door. The normal garage door will operate more than a thousand times each year. When maintained in great working control, it gives convenience, safety, and security.

However, an ignored door can become loud and pose a noteworthy danger to your family, particularly your small children and pets. This means you will have to Google garage door maintenance near me for services in Clearwater, FL.

Don’t worry, we’ll show the steps involved with the yearly inspection and upkeep of your automatic garage door for dependable, quiet operation and safety. Many of these tips can also work on garage doors that don’t have an automatic opener.


Inspect your door’s equipment for simple garage door maintenance


Garage door maintenance near me

Tighten the bolts and nut– Because your entryway moves more than a thousand times a year, the equipment can loosen. Inspect and tighten all roller brackets and the bolts that hold the rails to the support brackets.

Check the rollers for wear- Nylon rollers can crack or chip when they weaken, so you can find defects very easily. On steel rollers, the bearing wear and the wheel starts to tilt. Purchase replacement rollers and install them by removing and reinstalling the roller bracket. However, do not remove the bottom roller bracket since the cable connected to it is under extraordinary tension.

Inspect the lift cable for wear-Look for broken strands. Damage most likely happens where the cable connects to the bottom roller bracket, where it’s exposed to moisture. Clean up the gunk from this area with an old toothbrush so you can check the condition of the cable. Since this cable is under high tension, don’t attempt to replace it yourself. Call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to replace it.


Maintain the springs, chains, and seals correctly


Garage door spring maintenance 1

Lubricate the chain or the screw on your opener every year with white lithium grease. Spray- on models are accessible at most hardware stores. Lubrication will make the openers functioning smoother, quieter and lengthen the life of both chain and opener.

Coat the torsion springs or the extension springs mounted above roller tracks with a lubricant/cleaner like WD-40. Don’t wipe off the excess. All springs will break on because of metal fatigue or corrosion, but this yearly upkeep will prevent corrosion.

An expert should replace the springs and if one spring breaks, please replace both.


Replace the weather seal


Replace the old weather seal on the bottom of your garage door if it’s weak and worn. On wood doors, remove the seal with a level pry bar. Mount the new seal with the wide-angle of the flange to the inside of the door.

Use 1 inch galvanized roofing nails to attach one end of the seal, then pull it across the garage door and nail the other end. After, nail a couple of nails in the middle. This procedure will help you with keeping the seal aligned as your nailing every 4 inches.


Steps to a more secure door


Garage door repair alignment issue

Test the balance of your entryway. A well-balanced garage door is less prone to crush a person, pet or thing while also preventing the opener from overworking. To balance the garage door, first, disengage the opener from the door by pulling the opener release handle. After, bring down the door about midway.

A well-balanced door will hold the midway position without help. When the door goes back up, the springs are under too much tension. If it falls, the tension should be increased. Adjusting the spring tension is precarious and hazardous so instead call a garage door expert to perform the service!

Test the auto-reverse feature by placing a 2-by-4 wood flat on the floor and under the path of the door. When the door doesn’t reverse when it hits the 2-by-4, you must adjust the opener. Most openers have a closing-force adjustment screw on the motor housing. However, if your opener doesn’t have an auto-reverse feature, purchase another opener.


Install lift handles


Install a lift handle on both sides of the entryway. Ensure the handle will clear the highest point of the door frame, or the door may require adjustment. When there’s a handle, you’re less inclined to pull down on the spaces between sections, a habit that causes many crushed fingers each year.


Bolt the cable to the bracket


Mount an extension spring containment cable on extension spring doors by bolting one end to the bracket at the front of the upper rail.


Feed the cable through the spring


Feed the cable through the extension spring and bolt the opposite end to the upper support bracket. Make one full loop of the cable around the bolt and lock it with a fender washer and a locknut.

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LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Troubleshooting Hints

LiftMaster garage door openers troubleshooting

LiftMaster garage door openers have issues and some of these models have their own quirks. Since all openers come with a lot of smaller processes, it’s difficult to address all opener issues from multiple manufacturers all at once.

Our homeowners in Clearwater, FL, who have LiftMaster garage door openers have spoken and our experts replied! Look below at three of the most popular LiftMaster garage door openers troubleshooting issues that our client’s experience and our top ways to deal with them, besides our top recommended opener.

Beeping LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

Smart LiftMaster garage door openers

LiftMaster garage door openers that have a battery backup or connect with Wi-Fi will beep to tell you about an issue or to confirm that a process step has been accomplished effectively.

When your garage door has a battery backup, there are a few potentials beep situations:

  • Beeping and orange LED display mean the unit is using battery power. Check if you have restored power in your home? Test the outlet to ensure.
  • Beeping every 30-second intervals with an LED display that is flickering orange means a low battery. Check whether the outlet will provide power when connected to a different gadget. If so, replace the battery.
  • Beeping at regular 30 seconds intervals with a steady red LED display means a dead battery that needs replacement.
  • Beeping every 30 seconds with a steady red LED display means a dead battery needs replacement.

If you have a Wi-Fi enable garage door, most beeps you hear will relate with the opener’s status in connecting with the network:

  1. Three slow beeps mean that the opener is connecting with Wi-Fi.
  2. Six fast beeps imply that the opener has failed to connect with the server.
  3. You will hear two beeps when the opener tries to connect with the MyQ server.

Liftmaster garage door opener lights flash, but the door doesn’t close

Your LiftMaster opener features two safety mechanisms that could prevent the entryway from opening or cause the opener lights to flash.

  1. Check if the lock button hasn’t activated on the main door control. When on, this feature will lockout requests from all remotes and restrict operations to the main door keypad.
  2. When you haven’t activated the lock button, your garage door safety eyes or photo-eyes are perhaps obstructed or misaligned. The garage doors phot-eyes ensures that the door closes when the opening is clear.
  3. When your entryway descends, hits the floor, and reverses your safety eyes could be the culprit.

Liftmaster garage door opener light won’t turn off

LiftMaster garage door openers troubleshooting

LiftMaster openers come equipped with at least one light whose function is wired into the opener. The manufacture defaulted the lighting to stay lit for 4.5 minutes and to turn off automatically. There are many ways to check whether you need to change lighting settings or there’s a wiring issue:

  • Ensure that the light button on your Multi-Function door control hasn’t activated inadvertently. Press and release the button again to turn it off.
  • Have you walked backed and forth in the carport? Often, the safety sensors get crossed and, therefore the garage door light stays on.
  • Also, check the motion-detection feature on your owner’s manual and follow the steps to deactivate this upgrade.
  • Your owner’s manual will tell you how to reset the light timer-off feature. You can reset it as short as 1.5 minutes after activation.

Recommended chain-driven opener: Liftmaster 8365

LiftMaster garage door openers -8365W-267_hero_1

The LiftMaster 8365 1/2 Horsepower, chain-driven garage door opener, is a leading model opener offered by LiftMaster. It brings many industry-leading innovations that have made chain-driven openers quieter while keeping their durability.

Also, it brings a top connectivity feature as the MyQ technology system, which enables you to have complete control over your opener. Even if you are sitting at home or sitting at the beach on vacation, you will have control. Use the MyQ application on your smartphone, you can open your entryway and control your garage lighting from anyplace when your opener is connected via Internet Gateway. You can get emails and texts telling you the status of your garage door, letting you travel with ease.

The opener also brings a standby mode that consumes 75% less power, helping your utility bills. To improve the security of your home, the model likewise includes Security+ 2.0™, which changes the code used by your garage door remote with each click. With this improvement, burglars can’t take your code and open your door when you aren’t at home. Besides, safety beams and audio and visual alarms help ensure that your carport remains accident- free.

Call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

new-home with three garage doors

Always have an expert’s opinion when installing your new Liftmaster opener, and if these handy tips don’t resolve the issue or have other problems, don’t wait. Contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair for fast, same-day service from experts you can trust in the Clearwater, FL, area!

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Garage Door Lifespan Facts

Garage doors installed in beautiful white home

Your garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida, is a focal point for your home and business. Meaning you can significantly enhance your homes or business curb appeal with a new garage door. Besides adding to your property’s value, your garage door provides a helpful point of entry and a sense of security. So, with your garage door being such a significant part of your property, you guarantee that it well maintained!

For instance, by inspecting your garage door and testing the safety sensors, you’ll know whether any parts are malfunctioning. Doing maintenance and fixing require parts will increase the lifespan of your garage door and avoid complicated garage door replacement in Clearwater service calls.

However, if you’re like most people, you won’t notice your garage door unless it makes loud noises or quits working. Let’s, find out how you can increase the lifespan of your garage door:

Two main components

It’s critical to know there are two main components of the garage door; the door itself and the torsion springs. For the garage door itself, the panels and frame—these parts weather the elements outside to guard your autos and different assets. The torsion springs make the garage door open and close safely.

Garage door

house with two white garage door installations

To make sense of the life span of your residential or commercial garage door, think about the daily usage. Do you use it always as the main entrance or mostly only for storing boxes? Besides usage, think about the construction quality, maintenance, and weather that your garage door faces.

For instance, an aluminum or steel garage door can last about 20 years, but a wooden door needs much more maintenance to last as long because of the material difference. Wood garage doors have warping and insects issues that steel and aluminum don’t.

Torsion springs

Garage door replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Concerning the torsion springs lifespan, you’ll get somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 cycles (cycle = one opening and closing the entryway). So, on average, you will get 8 to 12 years.

Below you can see the lifespan of 10,000 cycle springs determine by daily usage:

2 times every day = around 14 years

4 times every day = around 7 years

6 times every day = around 5 years

8 times every day = around 3 years

If you don’t like those numbers, then purchase a better quality garage door spring to get more usage and maintenance-free years.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

You can extend the lifespan of your garage door and the parts by following a simple annual preventive maintenance program. A well-maintain garage door will last more years and require less expensive fixes. Most garage door installers like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair give regular maintenance services to clients who are not familiar with a garage door operation.

The increasing lifespan of your garage door includes regular cleaning and lubricating parts. Cleaning the door with a mix of mild detergent and water. Waxed steel doors can handle the effects of extreme climate. Wood garage doors are the most beautiful but need to be repainted whenever there are any signs of peeling or chipping so it will last longer than unprotected doors.

Garage door sensors perform a critical role in safety and everyday operations. They prevent the entryway from opening if there is an obstruction in the pathway. Keep the area around the sensor free from spider webs and clean the sensor eye with a dry cloth.

About every 3 to 6 months, it is essential to apply lubricant to door springs, hinges, and rollers. A normal penetrating oil or spray graphite compound will function admirably, but heavy oils will accumulate dirt and grime.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

Your home or business property is the greatest investment you will ever make, and you need to ensure the value of that investment increases. We realize that residential and commercial garage door issues start small.

However, if they go unnoticed, lead to the entryway binding, damaged panels, the entryway being off the track, and worse. Try not to let your garage door get to where you’ll need a new one! Call us today and keep your investment in tip-top shape!

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Garage Door Replacement in Clearwater Tips?

Garage door replacement in Clearwater tips family house with garage door

Garage door replacement in Clearwater is not something homeowners do often since most garage doors last a while. However, after a few years, you must replace some parts along the way. Don’t worry, that’s how machines work. Garage doors have moving parts that wear out particularly the metal ones.

 When you’re considering replacing your garage door, you’re not alone. A new garage door can significantly increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. Yes, replacing a garage door is probably the highest ROI home improvement you can make to your home. If you have a garage door with signs of wear and tear, you might think of replacing it today. So, should you replace your garage door or only the parts?

Garage door replacement essentials

The panels and the frame that make up the garage door should last awhile. A steel or aluminum door can last 15 years or more. And a wood door can last a long time too with proper maintenance.

However, your garage door system is more than your entryway. It’s your garage door opener, torsion springs, cables and much more. You can expect a modern durable opener to last you around 15 years.


Garage door replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Homeowners usually will need to replace their garage door springs every few years. Your torsion springs or extension springs do all the heavy lifting when you are opening or closing the entryway. Most standard springs should last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings.

This means around seven years before they breakdown, but it depends on how regularly you use your entryway. And how much stress you put on it, but it will breakdown eventually.


If you appreciate the convenience of a modern door that rolls up into the top of the carport instead of swinging straight up then, you can thank your hinges. Yet, rolling the door up and down on those hinges means significant damage, and you must swap them out often.

Garage door opener

Garage door opener repair in Clearwater

If you purchase a new modern opener, it will most likely last between 10 to 20 years. However, garage door openers are truly complicated machines and have many parts that can go wrong, particularly when you have an older model.

If your entryway isn’t opening or shutting properly, there’s a good chance your garage door opener needs a replacement or fix. Also, replace your garage door opener to enjoy the security and convenience features that come standard with new opener models.

The entire door

If you’ve had your garage door for a long time, it might be time to swap out the entire system. Frequent fixes, particularly ones that are adding up more than the cost of purchasing another entryway, are a positive sign that it’s time to begin the search for a new one.

Your door may look or feel old, worn out, make loud noises or out of style. A new garage door can increase the look of your home and is one of the highest ROI home improvement projects. So, with the right research and guidance, don’t be afraid to get a new one.

Garage door replacement versus repairs

New garage door replacement in Clearwater, FL

Consider when you have a dented, cracked or broken panel, your garage door expert can fix it and have it looking like new. Also, if your garage door isn’t that old, fix it as opposed to replacing it.

Now, if dented or crack panels appear to keep occurring, or keep having frequent breakdowns in different parts of the framework, a replacement seems like the best approach.


Have you been putting off replacing your garage door because you don’t know where to search for a reliable garage door service at a sensible cost, you don’t need to wait anymore. Our experts have the expertise to install it for you quickly and properly.

Regardless if you need a new door, new parts, fix or an opener replacement, contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, and we’ll gladly help you out.

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How Can a New Garage Door Installation in Clearwater Increase the Value of your Home?

new garage door installation in Clearwater

A new garage door installation in Clearwater can boost the value of your home. However, many homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen or bathrooms instead. But, these projects can easily go over budget or take more time than expected.

There is an easier and cheaper home improvement project that homeowners forget completely: a garage door replacement in Clearwater. Let’s discuss the many advantages of a new garage door and how this upgrade can prompt a higher home value.

New garage door installation in Clearwater-Real numbers

ROI for a new garage door installation in Clearwater

Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost versus Value report uncovered that garage door replacement is an ideal approach to increase home value. Mounting a new garage door can recover about 97.5% of project costs upon resale of the home. Wow, making garage door replacement one of the top home improvement projects for overall ROI.

Improves Energy Efficiency

A new garage door installation with insulation will increase the value of your home by a good amount. Also, the insulation prompts energy savings, as it will keep hot air out during the hotter months and cold air out during the colder months. If you have a heater in your carport, an insulated garage door is particularly worth considering.

When your garage door gets older, the energy costs related to it increase meaning higher energy bills. If you have an attached or detached garage, find the correct insulation power of your garage door. A door with great insulation power will enable you to lower the expenses of energy consumption in your home.

When looking for insulated garage doors, search for models with a high R-value, which is a measure of the doors insulation capacity. It’s a smart thought to purchase a door with a minimum R-value of 11, and when you live in an area that has colder temperatures, we recommend a door with an R-value of 14 or 16.

New garage doors prevent crime

West Virginia police preventing crime-burglary

Many home burglaries are because of an open front door or an open and unsecured garage door. How many times have you gone in your home after working in your yard or bringing the groceries out of the car and left the garage door open? The garage door experts recommend making it a practice to always close your garage door to secure the valuables in both your home and your carport.

New garage door openers have a safety feature

Photoelectric eyes–mounted around six inches above the floor–produce an invisible beam across the door opening and give additional protection against entrapment or injury. When an entryway closes but a kid or pet runs underneath the entryway, the beam breaks, making the door automatically reverse.

New garage doors can work without energy

close up of lighted candles

A helpful accessory sold with new garage door openers is a battery back-up system. This battery back-up system allows you to use your opener a few times when your home experiences loss of power. It’s a brilliant feature that keeps people from being caught outside in a storm or another way to escape a home emergency like a fire.

The new garage door is the modern front door

Many homeowners use their garage door openers to enter their homes every day, more than the front door itself. The way to enter the home is with the garage door remote control and keypad. Yesterday’s frequently lost or misplaced keys are now safer keypad passwords.

Keep a cleaner home

With a keyless entry pad installed outside your garage door, why bring dirt in through the front entryway when you can enter through the carport? You can leave muddy shoes and soaked coats or clothes in the garage and keep your house clean.

New garage doors enhance your homes curb appeal

Gated home with nice looking garage door

Homeowners are becoming more style-oriented when replacing their garage doors. On many homes, the garage door asserts 33% of the facade, so a makeover can improve the look of your entire house. You can enhance the home’s curb appeal with various garage door styles that look elegant for example, stylish carriage house, contemporary, and raised panel doors.

New garage doors can express your personality

Housing developments have their benefits, yet individuality isn’t one. In homes that are over five years old, odds are the door is a strong colored, raised-panel door that looks like the other garage doors on the block. Pick a popular contemporary or carriage house garage door, and your home will instantly stand apart from the other regular ones.

New garage doors can shield your home from strong winds.


Strengthened garage doors are available to help your home stand up to brutal winds. Researchers studying winds know the garage door is frequently the entry point for serious home damage. A new reinforced garage door is an essential part of maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

New garage door openers can help your everyday life

Many garage door openers switch on lights in your home as you’re driving up the garage. Some alert you if you left the garage door open and you can activate others with your fingerprint. You can even make your carport remote match your vehicle’s interior.

A professional should install new garage doors

expert garage door installation

Try not to attempt to install the new garage door yourself since it’s a complicated and risky project. Garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and, if not taking care of correctly, can release with much energy to seriously damage or kill someone.

Specialize tools and training is required; so, it’s recommended that you hire an expert who can do the job in only a couple of hours and haul the old entryway away. The expense of installation is well justified.

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Commercial Garage Doors Guideline

commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL

Commercial garage doors are important tools for various industries, from warehouses to carports to retail locations. Regarding residential garage doors, you most likely have a good idea of what you want in a door. For commercial garage doors, it can be a different story. There are a few areas where it’s alright to compromise on a residential garage door.

However, it’s not a smart idea to hold back on commercial garage doors. So, what are some things you need to be searching for when looking for a commercial overhead door? Here are some of them.

Commercial garage door materials

two commercial overhead garage doors 1

You need your commercial garage doors to be made of metal, steel or aluminum. Natural wood can be extraordinary for a residential garage door, as it can make an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. With a commercial garage door, you need something more practical. Wood doors are vulnerable against cracking and splintering.

Also, they can rot when exposed to the elements or an excess of moisture. They require more support and care, which can be justified in a residential home. However, not something a business owner wants to worry about particularly when they have a lot on their plate.


Regarding residential doors, you’ll frequently have an option between an insulated and a non-insulated entryway. You may feel for your home, the energy savings are not worth the added cost of insulation. Nevertheless, you should not compromise insulation for your commercial garage door.

You have significant stock to shield from the elements. Also, insulation will likewise make the door quieter and sturdier thanks to the additional insulation material inside the door.

Heavy-duty torsion springs

commercial garage door forklift work

Your torsion springs only have a limited life. Most cheap residential springs last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings before they wear down or break. It is typically fine for the normal household, however, your commercial garage door may open and close significantly more.

Try to search for torsion springs that can withstand up to 25,000 – 50,000 cycles. At times, you may have hundreds of thousands of cycles, in which you may profit by a high-speed, high-cycle entryway.


Consider if you want people to have the option to see into the business and how much light you want to allow inside. If you need much light and visibility, think about a full-view commercial door. Windows will likewise let you see your clients when they arrive at your business.

Security Features

warehouse commercial garage door

Any commercial garage door you pick need to give uncompromising security and safety to your business, and that is the thing that you’ll get when you pick high-end items.

You can enhance your entryways with sturdy locks — situated inside or outside — that can work manually or powered. Also, your door opener can include cutting edge security features.

They can automatically engage deadbolts, scramble opening codes to stop unintentional cycles and close after a pre-programmed amount of minutes.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Picking a commercial garage door is not simple. You have to identify the area that needs the entryway, and afterward, you’ll need to choose the correct specifications that match the environment, elements, and situations. Your garage door choices include:

Sectional: When looking for cost-efficiency and adaptability, sectional doors are an amazing alternative. They are sturdy, and they come equipped with security features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your region, you will require a lot of headroom or backroom for set up.

Rolling Steel: If you work in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors use interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space-saving. These choices are sturdy and highly secure.

High-speed: If you need an entryway that can cycle while holding against the strain, high-speed models can raise and lower as quickly as 54 inches for every second.

Fire Doors-When you need more protection, the fire door offers thick, sturdy stainless steel that is fire-resistant, noise-resistant, and insulated. Fire doors can be custom fabricated and mostly used in warehouses, factories, and parking garages.

One extraordinary feature is the automatic closure if a fire is detected or an incident happens. Also, they bring a bottom weather seal that gives protection against conductivity, air, and water penetration. Plus, glass alternatives offer more quality, tempered, low emissivity and insulation.

Those are only four potential choices, as their more types.

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How to Secure your New Garage Door Installation?

Expert garage door installation security tips

A new garage door installation can be useful for many things: as a storage unit, car parking, as a workshop, even as the entrance to the theater room! However, when using your garage, keeping it secure is a must for your safety. So, if you install a garage door with high-security features it will lower its chances of being targeted.

 We stress much about keeping our home windows and entryways locked, yet the garage is a frequent target door for burglars. When you joined your carport to your home—or if you keep anything of significant worth such as power tools—you should apply these security strategies to keep trespassers out.

New garage door installation versus old

Modern garage door installation job

No matter the style of operation, an old garage door will struggle to provide security as a modern one. Mostly, an old garage door will not have current security features, for example, a euro profile cylinder locking system.

They’ll also experience natural degradation and design flaws. A vulnerable garage door can become an aim for criminals when you have secured the front door and windows. To have a secure garage door, consider upgrading to a new modern garage door.

Keep your garage door opener in the house

It’s convenient to keep your garage door openers control in the vehicle. However, it makes it simple for burglars to grab it. Instead, start bringing your control into the house with you. Connect the remote to your key chain so you don’t forget it but only if its small remote control. Or, if you have no choice but to leave it in the vehicle, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so burglars can’t see or take it.

Use a Door Devil

Door Devil Security
Image courtesy: Door Devil

When your carport has a side door, burglars can get inside the house. Gadgets like Door Devil can prove useful to prevent entry. These doorstops screw into the ground and keep your entryway from being bypassed. You can also install a Door Devil on your other exterior entryways in your home to increase your security.

Keep windows frosted

garage door with windows

People who drive or walk past your home can see inside your garage are more likely to attack your garage door. So, if you have garage door windows, use frosted spray paint to increase your privacy and security, or set up covers to keep anybody from looking inside. Now, modern garage doors can come with tempered glass so if a burglar tries to break the window nothing happens after.

Alarm system

Garage door alarms work like traditional ones on homes; if they sense motion, they’ll transmit a loud alarm. You can look for an excellent garage door alarm to keep your garage secure at many online stores. With many types accessible, there’s one that will meet your requirements.

Some are simple alarms that will set off loudly if set off, some are gravity-activated, and there are even some that enable you to monitor various areas with two-way communication cams and sensors!

Pick the correct materials

If you have a broken or frail garage door, it’s much simpler for individuals to break in. You need to have a steel or sturdy wood garage door, so it can prevent break-ins and battle burglars forced entry techniques. You also have to give it the proper care so it doesn’t become weak.

Install motion-detecting lights

garage door exterior motion lights for security

Keeping your garage exterior with ample lighting will prevent criminals from attacking at night. You can look for top motion-detecting lights that do everything from simple motion sensing to alarming you through an application when its light turns on. To keep your garage guarded and monitored, investigate home surveillance cameras.

Keep a radio on

If you sneaked into a house but heard music or noise, will you continue onward? Most likely not. That’s why turning on a radio in your garage regularly will keep burglars away or at least think it’s occupied. Remember, noise means human presence, and criminals don’t want to get arrested so they’ll stay away.

Use a zip tie

Regardless if you have an automatic garage door, burglars can still break inside. How? By using a coat hanger to hold and pull the emergency release handle. Yet, don’t panic. There is a straightforward approach to shield your garage door from a break-in.

You can purchase and use a zip tie. When connecting with a loop in the emergency latch, a zip tie prevents thieves from bypassing the automatic door and entering.

Remember, if an emergency like a fire occurs have a scissor or knife nearby to cut it or it’ll take you a couple of extra lifesaving minutes to release the garage door.

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