How does a New Installed Garage Door handle Extreme Weather?

new installed garage door

Your new installed garage door always works, even if it’s not moving. It is because your garage door installation in Clearwater is significant to protecting your garage from various dangers including water, pests, debris, and burglars.

Weather can affect your garage door. From summer heat and tornadoes to winter snowstorms and wind, the climate changes can negatively affect your garage door, affecting its usefulness after some time.

While you can’t eliminate the climate, being prepared for its impact can assist you with keeping the garage door functioning correctly. Besides, quality garage door stripping, maintenance and fixes will keep your garage door working properly regardless of what nature tosses at it.

The effect of hot weather on your garage door

The effect of hot weather on your new installed garage door

When the hot summer sun hits your garage door, awful things can occur if you don’t take precautions. The summer heat and winds can be particularly dangerous to garage doors if there’s a significant level of humidity. Usually, wooden garage doors can absorb much moisture during the humid climate. This high amount of moisture can make wood swell, making your garage door crack or split. Wooden garage doors that absorb water in humid conditions also risk rotting faster.

Therefore, it’s critical to apply a coat of finish or protective paint to your wooden garage door before summer’s humidity ruins it. For wood doors that already painted, a top layer of protection will give a layer of protection and keep your garage door looking new again. For stained doors, you must apply a coat of polyurethane finish like every few years to get the best protection.

Another thing to look for in summer is glare from the sun affecting your garage door sensors. When your garage door has electronic photo-eyes that keeps it from closing when something is underneath it, glare from the sun may meddle with it and keep the door from shutting.

Even when there’s nothing underneath. If you need a quick solution, then shading the photo-eyes with cardboard or another obscure flexible material may be essential.

How does cold weather impacts garage doors?

Cold climate can leave its mark on your garage door. Melted snow is a significant winter risk, regularly making your garage door freeze shut. Long winters can cause swelling in your garage door’s openers and doorframes, prompting hindered usefulness and damage after some time. Low temperatures may likewise thicken your door jamb’s lubricants, making it troublesome to open and close.

To counter these chilly climate impacts, ensure to maintain and care your new installed garage door for the cold season. Use all-weather lubricant on door jambs and look out for weak or debilitated springs. You will also need to keep your garage clear from snow and pools of water and keep gutters clean so ice can’t form.

 How does extreme climate impact your garage door?

Extreme weather conditions

Snow and sun can cause a lot of issues to your garage door. But extreme climate can happen out of nowhere, making it difficult to plan for it. From extreme temperature changes to storm damage and flash flooding, the climate can cause door warping, malfunctioning tech, damaged hinges, and total breakdowns.

Your new installed garage door needs to have impact-resistant features to minimize the potential of extreme weather damage. If you live in a place prone to high winds, strong storms, or another outrageous climate, think about installing the proper bracing kit for your garage door. Or invest in a Wind Code-rated door to help withstand extreme winds.

What is an extreme climate?

Extreme climate comes in many sizes and events, any of which can severely impact your garage door. Look for these severe conditions below:

  • Hurricanes
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods

By mounting a quality garage door and ensuring regular service and prepared for the season, you will have your garage door prepared all year. Garage door maintenance is significant to help them handle temperature changes and climate.

If your door gets damage because of extreme climate conditions, consider a new installed garage door.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair for Maintenance and Services

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Regardless of the season, nature can ruin your garage door. It’s essential to maintain your garage doors from water damage and freezing throughout the winter to humidity and heat-related issues in the summer months.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can help give expert maintenance all year long, preparing your door for climate changes and performing fixes when needed.

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Best Garage Door Repair Service Hiring Guidelines

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

Hiring the right garage door repair service is the best thing you can do. They can fix a broken garage door. These experts can resolve the issue quickly and effectively. If your garage door isn’t working properly because of any significant issue then you should make the call. Keeping the carport in that bad condition is not right.

Why? A garage with a broken door can easily become an aim for burglars. Therefore, if you don’t want a burglar inside the garage then don’t ignore this issue. Regrettably, the problem won’t go away just get worse.

Regarding garage security, consider hiring the right garage door repair company. The consequences can be significant and hazardous to your family if done wrong. Today, there are many decent garage door repair companies but other unqualified businesses also exist.

So, it’s significant that you know how to hire the right garage door repair service.

Ask multiple garage door repair companies

Garage Door Repair Service work van

Just like electrician, plumbing, roof services, and whenever you have work done on your house, it’s smart to get various offers. This will give you an idea of the average prices in the industry and whether you’re getting a decent deal.

Make sure you compare them correctly. Do they offer a warranty? How many years have they been in business? Do they have sub-contractor workers or they have their experts? Will the specialists show up in a company truck with the business name? Is it a family own business?

These questions are significant while thinking about various offers. Remember, the least expensive choice isn’t the best alternative.

Always do your diligence

While considering a garage door repair company, always do your research. This implies verifying information like:

Physical location- Any legitimate garage door repair service will have a physical location listed on the web. Check this location using Google My Business or Google Maps. Shady businesses will frequently list fake locations to prevent being monitored.

Website- Today, pretty much every dependable company will have a website. Often, the business could have a poor site but it is still legit, consider another business if there’s no website.

Online Reviews-Also, you can search Google, Yahoo, or Bing for the company’s name. You may see positive or negative reviews from past clients that you didn’t see on the website. Hire a company with 4 to 5 stars reviews.

Friends can guide you in finding the right garage door repair company

Garage door fixed

A good way to find a dependable garage door repair company is by asking friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. Usually, you’ll find someone that has had experiences with a garage door expert. A positive recommendation or warning can help you in your steps to finding the right company.

The incredible thing about asking individuals you know is that they have nothing to gain. They will be honest with you. Typically, they would prefer not to damage their relationship with you by pointing you toward a terrible expert.

Besides, they don’t get a payoff for sending you to the company. So they have no reason to give mistaken information.

Look out for warning signs

To avoid working with an unreliable company, consider these warning signs below:

Too many advertisements- It’s great for a garage door repair company to advertise, but too many advertising can be a red flag. When the company invests in much advertising, it implies the company will need to recover its investment by charging more money.

Various names- If a company uses many names on ads, websites, and customer service telephone lines, it’s a warning sign that they’re hiding something. For example, people know Sure Fix Garage Door Repair as Sure Fix but if the technician says there are from “Fix you Up Garage Door Repair”, then that’s a red flag.

Contact a Reliable Garage Door Repair Service

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Consider hiring a garage door repair service that has many years of experience besides the good recommendations. They are better than rookies who don’t have the right understanding, training, and skills in the area.

Even in the garage door industry, fake experts exist who will hope to exploit an uninformed client. In a specialized and technical industry, for example, garage door repair, the danger can turn bad fast.

Therefore, if you are looking for experts that provide excellent garage door repair services at reasonable costs, then contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. And we have the reviews and recommendations to prove we are the right company for your garage door needs.

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Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services for a Ghost Opening Garage door?

Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services

Garage door maintenance services can be a blessing for homeowners who don’t provide care to their doors. A ghost opening garage door may show a problem with the mechanism. 

Yes, the garage door opens and closes on your command, but what do you do when your garage opens all alone. The new garage door installation in Clearwater is a significant part of your home appliances but frequently overlooked. It enhances your home’s curb appeal and provides you and your family security besides comfort. 

Usually, we use our garage doors many times a day and this puts more stress on the garage parts than we realize. However, we disregard it so much that we only notice the issues when it stops working correctly. Often, it may cause issues like garage door opener repairs and spring replacement earlier than expected.

Garage doors aren’t simple mechanisms, but complex. The parts are well connected that when any of them fails, regardless of how little it can impact the entire door. I’ll show you below why your garage door opens all alone and some convenient garage door maintenance services and solutions you can attempt. 

Check your safety sensors 

garage door safety sensors

In garage doors made after 1993, they require safety features that open the door during the close cycle when they detect something obstructing the door. The operation is one with the assistance of sensors in the motor and on both sides of the opening, close to the floor and mounted on the tracks. Basically, if the lowering doors hit an object, the motor detects the obstruction, and the door reverses. Similarly, if the light beam between the floor sensors breaks, the door won’t close. 

A minor detection, for example, collected leaves, snow around the garage door, and storage clutter near the garage door safety sensors can make the door not shut entirely. Plus, misalignment of the floor sensors can make them not work correctly. Check the space around the door and the door tracks, if the tracks get bumped or twisted they can misalign the sensors.

Also, check the state of the wires at the sensors and the connections. Luckily, there are flickering lights on the opener or at the door operator button that shows a blockage at the door. What if you don’t perceive any blockages? It’s conceivable that a sensor has failed and needs replacement. 

Simple homeowner garage door maintenance services 

When the safety sensors and operator button work properly, and you can’t find any terrible wiring or connections, check the control board in the garage door opener. A power surge from a lightning strike or other electrical issues can fry the board, just as the transformer.

If you know how to use a multimeter, you can check the voltage into and out of the circuit board and transformer. This can confirm if both are not working correctly and need replacing. 

Look at the carport entryway opener button

garage door opener repair Clearwater

The door operator button works like a doorbell. Everything relies on the configuration, but you likely have a button that starts the door operator. To check the garage door opener button for issues, ensure it’s clean from dirt. The button can get stuck in the pushed position. This will make the door open and close until the button gets unstuck.

Clean the button and the connections in the housing. Ensure the wiring around the opener button isn’t compromised. If you see uncovered spots in the wiring insulation, or around the run of wire, it could short circuit and cause issues. 

Ask your nearby neighbors if they have a garage door 

Garage doors use radio frequencies to operate. Whether you use the passcode entry, the buttons inside the garage, or your remote opener, both the openers and the garage door must use the same frequency. 

Different devices also use similar frequencies. CB radios, police radios and even your neighbor’s garages can use similar or the same frequency. 

Since people can program two different garage doors to the same channel, your neighbors can make your garage door open in a ghostly manner. So, if your neighbor uses their remote to open or close their door, it might cause yours to open, as well! 

Don’t worry, you’re fortunate — you have a simple fix for garage door frequency issues. Reprogram your garage door opener, and it should go back to normal. 

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Garage door spring maintenance

If your garage door has ghost issues, it can make a significant disruption in your daily life. Besides, the security problems a ghost opening door can do to your home. If your door opens all alone and you can’t find the reason, it’s time to bring in an expert. 

At Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we’re prepared to fix any issues with your garage door to make it work like its brand new. 

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Garage Door Upgrades that Enhance your Garage Comfort

Garage door upgrades

Garage door upgrades can enhance any garage by making them a more high tech or comfortable space without spending too much money. Many people think about their garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, as only a place to park their vehicle, and perhaps someplace to store all their clutter. However, you can use your garage than just a storage room or a parking lot, and its potential is sometimes underused.

 So, knowing which garage door upgrades to use for a homeowner can help make things simpler. Now, many people will go for the most high-tech upgrades, which is fine, but the novelty of the upgrade may wear out. How about we look at many ways you can upgrade your carport?

Add a Smart Garage Door Opener

smart garage door opener repair

You may find things high-tech in today’s market, which makes life simpler. The smart garage door opener is a great high-tech product. You can open and close the garage door opener remotely, yet the opener can close the door alone if you’ve forgotten to close it while in a hurry.

You can program the smart garage door opener to send you notifications each time the door opens and closes. Therefore, you can remotely monitor when someone has entered or left the home.

New garage door upgrade keypad access

Keypad access is outstanding amongst garage door upgrades for added security. It helps if you lose your keys to the home. The best thing about modern keypads is their rolling passcodes features with light that help improve a home’s security. Also, if you experience a lockout, it is possible to enter through the carport if you remember the passcode.

Put resources into insulation

Heating and cooling expenses can add up, particularly if you have a garage. Though carports can open and shut, they still allow air in, which changes the temperature of the garage. When you have an attached carport to your home, it can impact the temperature inside the home.

An insulated garage door will conserve energy, keep your carport warmer during winter, less possible to come out of alignment, and quieter than a door without insulation.

Even if you insulate your garage door, there are other issues you may face with an attached carport to your home. If your garage has concrete walls, cold air can transfer to your carport and home.

Insulating the ceiling and walls of the carport will help stop the fluctuation of temperatures in your home, bringing down the energy bill, even when the temperature changes inside your carport.

Upgrade to High Cycle Count Springs

Garage door spring maintenance

One of the most significant features for added life span is your door springs. Specifically, look at the cycle count on your springs.

Usually, when your current springs don’t have a high cycle count, they won’t last as long. Every time you open and close your door, it counts as one cycle.

They rate cheap garage door springs at around 10,000 cycles. This means springs will last you around 7 years. However, climate and temperature changes can affect this by up to half. That is little time before your spring breaks and you need another one.

Instead, pick or install a high-cycle spring, for example, 20,000 cycles that can last from 14 to 20 years. A good guideline to follow: if your door opens multiple times each day, invest in high cycle springs since it will save you cash in the long-term.

Photoelectric Sensors

Old garage doors, for example, manufactured before 1994, will not have a photoelectric safety sensor. The sensors are a valuable feature or upgrade that garage door need for safety concerns. These sensors keep the door from shutting when there is an object or person or child in its way.

Upgrade your garage door itself

New garage door upgrades enhances the homes curb appeal

The first thing people see while visiting your home is your garage door, so it’s critical that it provides curb appeal. You can’t finish your upgrade if you still have an old garage door particularly one that needs maintenance. By upgrading to a new garage door, you can instantly transform the home’s curb appeal.

Some new garage doors even bring insulation, which will save you cash on your energy bills. These doors also make for better security, making it more difficult for burglars to get in. It’s much easier to bypass an old, troubleshooting, or broken garage door.

In conclusion, with modern garage door upgrades you will save time and cash by requiring essentially less maintenance than an older model would need.


Garage door upgrades aren’t something that you have to invest if you have the most modern garage door with all the features mentioned above. Remember when you purchase a new garage door to hire the right team to install it.

If you don’t know where to start, consider calling an expert garage door service like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to offer you guidance. The specialists may likewise assist you with finding the right garage door for your way of life.

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Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater, Start Here?

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater FL

Installing a new garage door in Clearwater comes with many decisions. The principle one is the size of your garage door. There are many factors to consider, though understanding the amount of needed side and headroom for the particular type of garage door is an essential place to begin. Other important considerations include:

What is the size of your vehicle or vehicles?

Do you plan to use your carport for storage or an office?

These things to consider are ideal for the perfect garage door installation ready to store, protect, and preserve what’s essential to you. Ensuring you have the necessary space to accommodate your ideal garage door is something you should look into, as a mistake can limit your design space and functionality.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

It’s shocking at the range of standard sizes that exist today for garage doors. Popular garage door manufacturers usually sell garage doors in widths ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. You can find littler sizes; for instance, in places where golf cart transportation is required. These small garage doors are typically accessible to suit these little vehicles. In large suburban or rural properties, such garage doors may work well for large lawnmowers or little tractors.

People are not installing the small 8-foot-wide doors in many new houses nowadays, yet there are still a lot of older homes with carports built to house littler vehicles. So, replacement garage doors are easily accessible for these homes. Standard heights of garage doors are limited, offered in heights of 7 or 8 feet.

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

If you are installing a new garage door in Clearwater, there’s a decent chance that the builder will recommend a door 9 feet wide and 7 feet high. Usually, if you are planning one door for each vehicle in the carport. That is a decent size for most people. However, imagine a scenario in which you have a huge truck, with huge mirrors projecting from the sides.

Many large trucks have lost those mirrors attempting to squeeze into a 9-foot-wide opening. So, consider going with doors 10 feet wide, and increase the height to 8 feet. The garage needs to accommodate these bigger doors and bigger vehicles.

Another important decision to make when installing a new garage door is whether to have it attached to the house. Although attached garages are the standard nowadays, detached garages have more advantages. Particularly, if you are storing large vehicles, a detached garage may give greater flexibility in design.

Replacing garage doors

Replacing garage door

When you are replacing a garage door, the best way to determine the size you require is to measure the current door. However, if you’re installing a new garage door without one, carefully measure the width and height of the opening. Also, check the clearance above the opening to ensure there is enough space for the installation of the door tracks.

This tip works well if you intend to purchase and install the garage door yourself. If you will let an expert handle the job, it is ideal to let them determine the right size of the door you need. In fact, a garage door professional will measure the door correctly, which a DIY practitioner can make a mistake that may cause the door not to fit.

Changing the Size of a Current Garage Door

From a construction viewpoint, it is straightforward to reduce the size of the opening in a garage, therefore making the requirement for a smaller garage door. But it is uncommon for anyone to do this project. Often, homeowners look to expand the garage door size to fit vehicles that don’t easily fit through the current opening.

Regrettably, increasing a garage door opening is almost impossible without increasing the size of the garage. The greatest obstacle to overcome is the headroom over the current opening. The span above the door opening is framed with a long header that supports the wall area above the door. And you need to raise this header or rebuilt to increase the overall door size.

When there isn’t sufficient room above the opening, you must raise the roof of the garage. Even though it is a complicated task, it is possible in the hands of an expert. You also need to consider permitting space for the opener.

Garage Door Renovation

Sometimes the best way to accommodate large vehicles is to remove the old garage and make a new one. With great design and careful construction, this can improve the value and functionality of your home. With enough available space, you can even wall in the current garage and transform it into living space, then include an all-new garage size in the manner that works best for your needs.

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Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits for a Home

Glass garage doors installation

Glass garage doors installation enhances the function and style of your garage. For a contemporary look, glass garage doors are the best way.

Let’s break down the many benefits of a modern glass garage door installation, including their versatility, affordability, and beautiful look.

Find the top reasons why you will love having one of these special and beautiful garage doors for your home.

Allow natural light inside

One big advantage of modern glass garage doors is their feature to allow in natural light. Without a doubt, you can cut out window panels on normal garage doors to allow some light inside. However, a glass garage door is on another level. Do you live in a place surrounded by natural beauty? Why block the view with a regular garage door?

Consider a full view garage door with clear glass window panels to protect your home from the weather elements without disturbing the view. If you need privacy, consider garage door frosted opaque glass panels that still allow a lot of light while protecting your carport from neighbors and people who walk by.

Also, modern garage doors change the environment in your space by allowing in energy-boosting natural light. It’s a fact that natural light is advantageous to human health and their productivity.

Besides, a glass garage door can save you cash on energy bills since you spare the electricity needed to illuminate the garage during the day.

Spare Space

Sectional glass garage doors are meant for space efficiency. The seams of the horizontal panels are on flexible hinges. This permits the door to slide into the open position, suspended from the ceiling, without occupying any room in front of the garage as it rises.

This comfort and beauty have permitted glass garage doors to extend past use in the carport alone. Any durable structure can bolster these doors, including the family room, a pool house, a workplace, or another area of your home that would benefit from this design and usefulness.

Quality and Reliability

High-quality glass garage doors are sturdy and beautiful to look at whatever time. These modern garage doors come built with a 24 gauge aluminum tube frame. This aluminum is lightweight yet still boosts top durability.

Also, they can include garage door window panels that are produced using 1/4″ thick tempered laminated glass. Tempered laminated glass comprises of two glass panels with a vinyl layer in between. This makes the glass sturdy, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant plus the vinyl layer blocks most of outside noise. Since they are lightweight and rust-resistant, the operation of these doors is quiet.

Variety of colors

Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits
Find in Alibaba

Modern garage doors don’t simply come black and white. You can pick a light and bright style with all white aluminum and opaque glass panels. Moreover, a dark and rustic style with grays and blacks, or an imaginative and unique look with colorful choices.

You can pick any kind of colored glass for your garage door panels in addition to the style and finish you require.

Enhances your home beauty plus a magnet for ROI

Considering selling your home? A modern glass garage door can boost your home’s exterior. The garage door is the biggest feature on a home and having a new one can help pull in buyers.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs Value report, new garage door replacements are the number one investment for high return in resale value.

Yes, homeowners can expect over 97.5% return on investment on a new garage door, on average. Imagine the return on investment of a new modern glass garage door?

Boost Living Space

With a lot of natural light and space-efficient design, your carport transforms into another room in your home, as opposed to only a place to park your car or to store items.

You can change all or part of your carport into an office, entertainment space, gym, and workshop.

Why invest thousands of dollars on another project to your home when you can transform your carport for less?

Incredible Value

The best glass garage doors are durable and low-maintenance. Sturdy aluminum models are resistant to rust and corrosion from the elements. You can clean the glass panels easily by washing with soap and water.

What’s more, these doors are environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. They are produced using materials that will remain functional for a long time. Natural light means you’ll use less energy to illuminate the garage space.

Also, our expert weatherproofing techniques can bring down your energy bill through sealing in your ideal temperature, even in the carport. If you need to replace, fix or your new glass garage doors installation contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

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Garage Door Opener Installation and Future Technology

garage door opener installation

Garage door opener installation projects have made a few homeowners anxious about the installation process. You probably lose sleep thinking about the future of your garage door, too. However, don’t worry, that is our job! But you can have fun thinking about it instead of worrying.

Since a garage door opener installation and technology go well together, we have to talk about both. Yes, the garage is keeping up with the technological advances moving into the new high-tech home. Garage door openers began as a straightforward system for opening and shutting the door. But they are quickly evolving into the integrating of electronic devices that predict and respond to our household needs.

It is difficult to predict what the future of the garage will be. Nevertheless, we can say the future is already here with many garage door technology already accessible and others that I will discuss below.

A quick history of garage door development

LiftMaster garage door opener installation

Garage door opener installation, and the doors, saw many changes in design and development during the last ten years. One of the main innovative advances introduced in 1993 was the photo eye sensors and door reversing mechanism that protect people and pets from getting caught under a shutting door. Not long after, remote-control openers, back-up battery systems, and sturdier springs, rollers, and tracks also became available.

Garage doors began as huge, rigid panels which opened as one unit by swinging outward, then up. These garage doors are more difficult to lift manually during an emergency and more dangerous if they lose control. Today, most garage doors arrive with horizontal sectional panels tied with hinges. These modern doors take less energy to lift and safer besides simpler to install.

The garage space has also developed from being a utilitarian space for keeping the vehicle out of the weather to the main access to the home in many households. As vehicles become less vulnerable to the sun rays and rain, the garage keeps on advancing into a multi-purpose space for households uses for example, from the laundry room to an office or workshop with air conditioning.

MYQ Garage door opener installation and Ryobi add-ons

MYQ Garage door opener installation

New garage door innovation will usually revolve on the internet of things. The Internet of Things comprises ordinary items that work with the internet. Think coffee makers, thermostats, smart locks, and, now, garage doors. You can control some advanced garage door openers with a smartphone or tablet application. These openers can make your garage increasingly efficient and secure.

The MyQ garage door opener gives people a great deal of convenience. It works with an application that lets you control your door from anyplace. Monitoring features tracking for when people get in or out of your garage. You can set a schedule that opens and closes the door at specific times of the day. For a real smart home experience, you can connect it with different devices like the Nest thermostat.

Now, the Ryobi opener uses add-on devices to improve your carport. You can attach various modules to it, for example, a Bluetooth speaker, park-assistant laser or tire inflator. The Ryobi system allows you to synchronize these devices for a connected garage.

The future of the garage door

The garage doors have many bright future possibilities in the next ten years. With innovation advancing quickly, ten years gives manufacturers a lot of time to improve in ways we could never imagine. However, we do have ideas springing up in the present that we could use for the garage doors of tomorrow.

The chances that we see a solar garage door are high. Many homeowners today place solar panels on their rooftops to generate clean energy. Value, appearance, and mechanics impede making solar garage doors a reality. Nevertheless, in ten years, we could have them or a little less.

Also, we have the early stages of tech that could let us change our garage door appearances whenever we want. They’re trying to make garage doors from an interactive glass. Corning is developing a glass that works like a computer screen. With the touch of a button, you could give your garage door a new look.

What Are Garage Doors Going to Be Like in a Decade?

garage door opener

Because of our garage door visualizers on interactive websites, you can already see how many items look on your home, today. We might not have solar panels on garages or interactive glass options but, it’s never too early to look ahead.

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New Garage Door Installation Hints for Choosing the Right Garage Door

Blue new garage door installation on a house

Regarding a new garage door installation, many people know they need one, or want a different one or thinking of getting something new. However, when the time comes to picking the right one, it is difficult to decide.

Regardless if it is picking the type of garage door, the color, the style, and even the handles and locks, the decisions nowadays can cause headaches. Today, top garage door makers are distributing many styles and colors, along with the many types of garage door openers available.

Do you need an automatic door, a side-hinged door or a garage door color that doesn’t even exist, picking your new garage door installation can be difficult for even the sanest customers?

However, what if you had a way of seeing with your own eyes and looking and touching the features discussed above? Well, you can now by visiting a garage door showroom.

What is a garage door showroom?

Two white new garage door installation on brick house

When you get a few brochures or have a salesperson visit you to take you through all the choices on their garage doors, it still can be difficult to purchase the right one. Why, because salespeople paint the perfect picture with no solid evidence. It’s almost impossible to tell someone how a garage door looks and feels and much difficult to see how it opens. Plus, how it fits into your home, regardless of how great the business salesperson is during the meeting. Trying to imagine how everything fits and how it will look can be unimaginable.

If you were purchasing a new vehicle, you would visit a car sales showroom. When you purchase your house, you saw it before you got it. Therefore, regarding garage doors, wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do the same, to take a quick trip and see it. Yes, garage door showrooms show you all the garage doors allowing for the visualization to kick in but for real this time.

The advantages of going to a garage door showroom

So, yes visiting a local garage door showroom is an absolute necessity if this choice is available to you. You can meet the company and the people who will deliver your new garage door. But you can spend some time looking around, seeing the many available colors and at the various styles. Besides, understanding the difference between an up and over garage door and a side-hinged garage door.

Visiting a garage door showroom allows you to see the many doors available that can match your home. For example, the ones that can work and might not work, you would then focus on the most suitable alternatives, instead of trying to look at everything. After you pick the right garage door, then look at the details like style, material, colors, and insulation. You may expect to pay a significant amount for an automatic garage door, but when you see it in person, you might not care and explore further.


Nothing beats picking the right garage door in person. Knowing your options is a significant part of the garage door buying. You have the option to see them across the board with a cup of coffee in your hand, which can make the choice a lot simpler.

New Garage door installation experts

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair and Installation

After deciding on the right garage door you have to find the new garage door installation expert for the job. Remember, this is not a DIY gig since you can get injured or make a mistake that may cause you a lot of money losses.

Usually, the garage door showroom can do the installation for you. However, if you feel that they’re not adequate or want someone else for the job then contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. We can install any type of garage either commercial or residential while leaving it in smooth operations and clean. Trust us, you will keep your warranty and save some money too.

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Why are Garage Door Sensors Installation a Need for Home Safety?

Garage Door Sensors Installation a Need for Home Safety

A garage door sensors installation is a necessary part of your automatic garage door opener plus critical to home safety. Often, you click on your remote’s opener and the door doesn’t completely open or close. Chances are garage door sensors that have detected an object or person in its way.

It is fundamental for preventing damage to the door, the opener, and the thing or person in the path of the entryway. Regrettably, regardless of how well these garage door safety sensors work, there could be issues or failures since it’s a machine. And can leave you frustrated when you can’t close your entryway or worse for the safety problems I will discuss below.

What are garage door sensors?

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Garage door sensors are situated in the bottom corners of your door, typically connected to the rail. On one side there will be a receiver and on the other side a sending unit. They communicate using infrared lights. The sending unit operates as a flashlight, and the receiving sensor works like an electronic eyeball.

The sensors make an invisible (to people) and intangible (you can’t contact or feel it) tripwire that will advise the motor to stop if there is an obstruction. When this occurs, the door will reverse and the main lights will turn on and off a few times as a warning that something is in the way of the door. The door can open, but won’t close when something is blocking the sensors from seeing one another.

Common garage door sensors issues

The most common issue is nearby storage, or nearby things obstructing the sensor. Nearly everyone has a few items stored or left unintentionally next to the track, in the corner of the garage. You know the typical offenders – shovels, brooms, ladder, football or soccer ball, and possibly your bicycle.

All these things can block a sensor and although they may not impede the door shutting, it can stop the door if the receiving sensor can’t see the sending unit. Fixing this is straightforward, keep everything about 6 inches away from the garage door.

Misalignment issues

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair-Aligning-Garage-Door-Sensors

The following issue to look for is a misalignment of the garage door safety sensors. This means the two sensors are not aiming at one another effectively. This happens more easily than you may think. If you have a trash bin close to the door you may accidentally hit a sensor with it when taking out the trash. When you have a little garage or full of things, it’s straightforward to accidentally kick or knock one of the sensors when walking by. Sometimes a child or a pet will play with a sensor and move it. Other times, they simply loosen after some time and gravity pull them down.

No matter the reason why they moved, ensure the garage door sensors are pointing directly at one another. Every sensor has a little LED light. The sending unit will always be lit, yet the receiving sensor will stay lit if it can see the sending unit. Thus, if you see one light on and the other off, you have an issue! Loosen the sensor, and aim it as well as you can to ensure connectivity. It should be parallel to the floor and pointed directly at the sensor on the other side of the door. Ensure that once you have it aimed well you tighten it. You would prefer not to realign it again!

Water, dirt, and spider webs Oh My!

Another thing to remember is spider webs. They typically can’t obstruct the sensor, but trash or leaves blowing around can get trapped in the spider webs, and these will block your sensor! Therefore, always keep the bottom weather seal, the floor and the tracks away from dirt, foliage, and spider webs.

Like most electronics, water isn’t good for garage door sensors. If you have water leaks, or you wash your vehicle close to the garage with the door open, ensure to keep the hose pointed the other way! Also, if your sensors appear to be aligned and nothing seems in the path, investigate the wires going off to the sensors. Occasionally, the wires can get corroded and can make them malfunction as well.


House- garage door photo eyes installation

For all of the advantages, garage doors give homeowners garages can be hazardous if the sensors don’t work correctly. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are around 30,000 injuries a year caused garage doors. Yes, I understand many of these incidents rely on the individuals. However, to exacerbate the situation, many of these injuries were to children.

While many garage door sensors are standard, you can likewise get a garage door sensors installation done by professionals. Ensure to have a garage door sensors installation worked by experts since they’re sensitive, and when installed incorrectly may cause malfunctions with catastrophic events.

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Garage Door Insulation Installation Tips

garage door insulation installation tips

Garage door insulation installation can make your life a lot comfortable, warmer, and quieter. It lowers energy bills, acts as a barrier to lower street noise, and enhances a dull space.

Usually, many people use their garage door as the primary doorway to their home instead of the front door. This results in a garage door opening and shutting many times throughout the year.

During colder months it means it will allow frigid air to enter, and in the hot months, more heat to enter. The best approach to fight extreme climate in the winter is to insulate your garage, keeping it pleasant and warm in winter and cool in the summer, adding more protection can save you cash on your energy bills.

Your garage door insulation installation in Clearwater, FL, is significant to ensure a more comfortable, usable space.

How to keep your garage warm in the winter?

Yes, you can add space heaters in the winter or portable fans in the summer to regulate warm or cool your garage. However, insulation is the best way to keep your garage cool in summer and warm in winter. Insulation helps regulate your garage temperature since it lowers air loss and keeps air from getting in. Because most garages are the worst at energy efficiency, insulation is vital.

When you control your carport’s temperature using insulation, you will also keep energy costs down as you lower the amount of energy needed to heat up or cool down the rest of your home.

Garage Door Insulation Installation Kits

garage door insulation installation kits lower energy bills

Insulation the garage door with insulation kits since it makes your garage door sturdier. The insulation reinforces the entryway and makes it less susceptible to dents from accidentally hitting it or damaged by the climate.

Insulation kits additionally reduce noise from opening and shutting your garage door and decrease any noise from outside your entryway. Insulation permits you to use your carport for your favorite hobbies or jobs, making it a comfortable environment regardless of the climate. When you search for an insulation kit, look for one with a high R-value.


R-value measures how effective a material is at insulating dependent on its chemical properties and thickness.

The higher the R-value, the better the insulation. However, regarding R-values for garage doors, experts often use different methods. This makes it difficult to make sense of what R-value you essentially need to insulate your garage door. So it’s best if you call an expert for assistance to find the correct insulation kit for you.

Moreover, insulation kits require careful precision to cut the insulation to accommodate your garage door panels superbly before securing them on. To ensure that your insulation kit works the right way for instance, and stay warm in the cold and cool in the high temps, contact an expert to install your garage door insulation.

Why keep the garage warm in the winter?

If you want to only use your garage for storage, freezing winter temperatures can penetrate your garage and affect your things, for example, your vehicle. Colder temperatures can ruin your vehicle’s battery, thicken its liquids, cause low tire air pressure and lead to undependable wiring and spark plugs.

Besides, if you often work or do any recreational activities in your carport, it should be habitable, and freezing temps can rapidly make it intolerable. Garages act as a shield as far as the temperature goes from the outside to inside your home.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

garage door insulation winter tips

To find the most ideal approach to heat your garage during winter, start by giving your garage a nice cleaning. How can you add improvements if it’s a mess? After you organize and tidy it up, inspect your entryway and take a look at your weather stripping. After a time, your weather stripping could crack and break, and if water finds its way in, it can freeze and make your garage door stuck, incapable to open.

Also, broken weather stripping prompts some serious air leaks which permit the cold winter air to come inside. To replace your weather stripping, remove the current weather stripping and scrape off any remaining sealant. Remember, not all doors have a sealant that needs removing, particularly doors that were installed about 20 years ago. 

To put on your new weather stripping, you should precisely measure it and line it up to the door to guarantee you tightly seal it. Close the garage door and set the stripping down so the rubber flap is pressed against the entryway.For more information and assistance for a garage door insulation installation please contact us today.

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