Save Money with These Early Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Expert Team

We rarely consider garage door maintenance in Clearwater as a part of our home requirements. However, any part of a home (garage) that we always use will require care. No one enjoys the thought of having a major garage door repair in Clearwater, FL, service bill. Often, people will get frustrated because they could have dodged the issue from the beginning with early upkeep prevention. Read below how a garage door tune-up will enable your entryway to work properly and save you cash:

Purchase the best garage door from the start

New yellow painted home with garage doors

If you want to save some cash on your garage door, ensure you purchase a quality one from the start. By smartly investing more cash into the door at the start, you’ll find that it lasts longer than if you purchase a less expensive entryway. To find the correct garage door, ask these questions below.

For instance, what sort of equipment does the door uses? Ensure the parts on the entryway, including the outside weather-stripping, are of high quality. Become familiar with the entryway by going online or using YouTube to find the best brand you like and finding what makes it a great option. Also, if you live up north make sure your garage door has insulation so you can save money on your utility bills. Don’t burn through cash on a door that doesn’t have the durability you require.

Keep the door well-maintained

Besides picking an extraordinary door, ensure you maintain your garage door properly. Garage doors have large parts that are always moving so the chances that something could turn out badly, or that parts could wear out increases twofold. This is a genuine statement even when you have a quality door. When you have a new entryway, it shouldn’t have any issues at first. However, if it gets old, ensure that you look for potential issues, for example, strange or loud noises.

So, as the garage door gets older, you need to have an expert come to the house to give it a tune-up. These experts can furnish you with a full inspection of the entryway to check for any issues, and they can give pointers, changes, and lubrication.

You can likewise lubricate the equipment by yourself. You can lubricate the parts of the entryway that move against each other, for example, the hinges, springs, and rollers.

Manage the issue immediately

garage door maintenance in Clearwater

The more you wait to manage the issue with your garage door the more problematic it will get. If you wait too long to have your door fix or maintain, the expense of the repair will probably increase costing you more cash. If you heard weird screams or grinding from the entryway, or notice that the entryway doesn’t open correctly, call an expert to have it replaced or fixed.

Don’t do DIY Repairs!

Although you can prevent damages by lubricating the entryway, that should be the extent of your work. Please, don’t do a DIY repair even if it looks like a straightforward home project. These systems are under much pressure and can put you at risk and possibly dangerous situations. Often, homeowners fix a running faucet or hammer a nail into a panel but the garage door is a different beast. If you have issues, you will need to contact an expert so they can deal with the problem.

Hire the best company

Garage door opener and wall control installation

When you need an expert to assist you with your garage door system, hire the best garage door company, right? Hiring someone or a company who doesn’t have experience or skills with your garage door system could prompt issues. For instance, they probably won’t fix the garage door properly the first time around, which prompts more calls and excuses. They could also damage the entryway and system. Many disreputable companies may likewise attempt to charge you more than you should pay.

So, it is genuine to invest some time to find an organization that has excellent notoriety in the field like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Hire a company with many good reviews and satisfy customers.

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Is a Noisy Garage Door Installation Driving you Crazy?

expert garage door installation

A quality garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida, is something special that you should enjoy. These beautiful entryways make much of your home’s curb appeal which means a lot of design goes into this! Yes, with the present styles and materials of entryways accessible nowadays, it’s getting simpler to catch the attention of your neighbors with your modern garage door design. However, a noisy garage door grabs the attention of your neighbors negatively. 

Noisy garage doors are a typical issue for property owners. Regardless if you hear rattles, squeaks or shrieks like in a scary movie, it is a solid indicator of an approaching garage door repair Clearwater, Florida service call. There are some reasons your entryway is making noise, all of which show that something isn’t right: 

Bent tracks 

Garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida experts

Bent tracks are a typical guilty party for an uproarious garage door. The tracks are the railings that guide your entryway open and shut. When they get bent, it makes rubbing noises that can awaken an entire home and even neighborhood! When you see loose screws along the rails is an indicator of bent tracks. 

Loose parts 

Usually, loose parts cause loud garage door noises. The garage door rollers, hinges, nuts, and bolts will loosen up when not properly maintained. The effect comes as loud shaking or vibrating sounds. 

Check the garage door opener chain 

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

A loose opener chain makes boisterous slapping sounds and causes a jerky entryway movement that smacks the rollers against the track. Therefore, start by tightening the chain but first find this technique in your owner’s manual. When you have a track drive opener, the following step is to lubricate the opener track with grease. Now, if you have a screw drive opener, grease the threads. 


Another reason for a noisy garage door involves a lack of lubrication. A significant part of the equipment of your garage door depends on well-lubricated parts that when lubricated work to create smooth functioning. Without the lubrication, we put an additional strain on the opener, resulting in horrible squeaks and grinding commotions. 

The unique lubricant Prime Flo penetrates the parts as a liquid and dries to shape a non-tacky grease that won’t draw in dirt and dust, which can gum things up. Lubricate all the moving parts at least once every six months to lessen wear and keep the entryway quiet. Avoid using different oils since they don’t penetrate as well and will pick up residue and grit. Residue and grit are exactly what you don’t need in garage door springs. 

Garage door maintenance tips 

professional garage door installer

Fortunately, a significant number of the above issues are preventable and fixable through garage door maintenance. It’s recommended that you contact an expert garage door services to inspect your door twice per year. As the biggest most used moving appliance of your house, it’s critical to ensure that everything works well. Maintenance is incredible for the consumer since your expert can address small issues and prevent further issues from developing. This saves you cash on costly fixes and time spent waiting for your entryway to work. 

We’re glad to share a couple of tips to make your garage door calmer: 

Do an inspection of your garage door rollers. If your rollers are worn, damaged, or not spinning, you must buy replacement ones. 

Consider installing a modern garage door opener. How old is your current opener? As time passes, the opener gets more used, and it becomes worn and noisy. A new garage door opener can eliminate the noise and make the ride a smooth operation for your garage doors! 

Like I said above, the metal parts of your garage door system need lubricant. The rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs all require a lubricant to work their best. 

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Commercial Garage Door Installation in Clearwater, FL Safety Recommendations

Commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL

Manufacturers designed commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, with safety features to prevent accidents. However, in some business environments, many employees could walk or drive under your garage door. Your employees aren’t looking to get injured when they arrive at work every day even if they work in a high-risk environment. As a business owner or supervisor, garage door safety is something that needs some consideration. 

Regardless if the garage door stays open all the time or opens and closes repeatedly during the day, it is critical to take the best safety precautions to protect your workers from an unexpected accident. What are the most ideal approaches to protect your workers regarding your commercial garage door installation

Ensure you have a modern garage door

Overhead garage doors

The more modern your commercial garage door is, the higher the odds of cutting edge security features. Have you checked whether your present door has safety features set up? If not, consider adding the safety features or replacing your garage door with a modern one. 

Invest in garage doors designed for safety

Like I mention above, ensure you have a commercial garage door with modern safety features that prevent accidents. Upgrade to new doors to ensure you’re compliant with overhead door regulations. The operating controls need set up in a place that keeps employees from dangers in case a garage door breakdown. Get some information about the different security highlights, for example, the sensor that turns on the door drive motor that automatically reverses direction when it detects resistance. Some garage doors always require a constant touch of a button to open or close an entryway. 

Ensure an expert installs and fixes your entryway

sure fix garage door repair experts

If you are getting a new entryway, don’t install it yourself or with an unskilled team. Allow experienced experts a chance to deal with the job. This will guard your employees against injury during installations and after. More likely the entryway will get installed correctly — which means an accident is less likely. Also, don’t compromise safety by being cheap regarding repairs. Ensure an expert repairs your garage door and has much experience who comprehend what they are doing. Make sure they use original parts. 

Schedule routinely maintenance 

Similar to other equipment and machinery, commercial garage doors have many parts that, if faulty, can bring about accidents. These parts include sensors, springs, support rails, and opener systems. Therefore, have qualified specialists routinely check the state of these parts and inspect the operations of the entryway. 

If one of your springs malfunctions or total breakdown, there’s no chance of knowing about it until it snaps, which can place your employees at risk. Twice a year maintenance by experts can assist you in identifying a potential issue and fix it before it turns into risk. 

Train employees 

brown-panel-door-near-roll-up-garage door

Besides doing maintenance and repairs of the garage door, it’s significant to ensure you train workers in its operation. The training needs to include an overview of potential risks. The company that installs your garage door needs to give this training or at least give you tips. These tips can be straightforward as keeping a safe distance from the doors while operating the entryway. Your workplace safety program should be broad, considering all areas of your operations. Likewise, written rules need to be accessible to all employees and strictly followed. 

Call for repairs right away 

When your garage door isn’t working appropriately, don’t wait until the next day or the week or even the month. Call for fixes immediately and find a safe way to use it until the experts come to fix it. 

If you need commercial garage door installation or maintenance in the Clearwater, Florida, call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. We have garage door experts who know how to ensure your door works well for operations. Get in touch with us to request services or to get a quote on installing a new commercial garage door.

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The Dangers of a DIY Garage Door Installation in Clearwater

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Gig

A garage door installation in Clearwater is a home project that is more dangerous than others. A garage door can be an indispensable part of your property and in many occurrences, it can upgrade the overall look and feel of your home. It is a critical part of your home and a top reason you shouldn’t do it alone. You need to hire an expert garage door installation service to fit your new door.

So, what are the dangers of trying to install a garage door yourself and more significantly what are the things you truly need to consider?

Providing an inaccurate measurements

two-story house with two white garage doors

While it may appear to be straightforward, taking the measurements of your garage door is an important part of the procedure. There are various things to think about when taking measurements for a garage door and many homeowners don’t know the procedure.

Thus, if you miscalculate your measurements and submit them to your specialist, you will receive an entryway that won’t fit.

When this happens, regrettably, you can’t just send the entryway back and request a replacement. Therefore, this will cost you cash and it will take you more time to get the door you need.

It is a complicated job

A garage door may appear to be light when we open them with a controller. However, when they are not fitted correctly, they are bulky, large and difficult to work, not forgetting they weight a lot.

A small single garage door can weigh 130 pounds or more with accessories and a double door could weigh over 400 pounds.

If you try to do the installation yourself there is a wide range of dangers that you may face. You could injure yourself and your helper while trying to move the entryway into place. Moreover, you can damage the door too while attempting to move it causing severe damages. This will bring about you replacing it or repair it, the two of which will cost you more cash. Not to mention if you hurt yourself, a visit to the hospital.

There are intricate parts

A garage door is more than the huge door that we see at the entrance of our carport. To work effectively, it requires its mechanism and springs to work properly. These doors are intricate machines that need proper care. So, when you need to use it to gain entry or to exit the garage it will open and close effortlessly.


When you don’t install your garage door right, it could cause damages and injuries to the people who use it. Often the DIY rookie didn’t secure the parts correctly or may have not installed the parts right, all of which can represent a genuine hazard to the people who live there including pets.

Ways you can hurt yourself when doing a DIY garage door repair

While many things can turn out badly during DIY garage door repair, three accidents stand apart as the most widely recognized. The below accidents should serve as proof for you to pass on DIY garage door repairs:

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert on a ladder

Falls: Garage door repairs require that you use a stool or ladder. Yet working off the ground or close to the ceiling can place you in circumstances that make falls almost certain. If you fall, you could harm yourself or another person, and you may likewise damage the hardware.

Springs: The springs are the top danger mortgage holder’s face when working on their garage door. Torsion springs are under tremendous tension and pressure. It’s the tension and pressure that make your garage door raise and lower effortlessly. However, springs also may turn a garage door repair hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Experts know how to deal with torsion springs and how to keep them from being projectiles that could cause genuine harm to everyone working in the carport.

Breakdown: Garage entryways weight hundreds of pounds. So when your inexperience and attempting to perform DIY fix, the probability of a garage door falling on top of you increases twofold.

Hire a Local Garage Door Expert

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Don’t ignore the significance of using a garage door specialist. They have knowledge about garage door installations and repairs which implies that they better comprehend the entire procedure. Therefore, get the correct measurements, take advantage of a secure and safe installation and keep away from serious damage by confiding in a legitimate garage door specialist like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. After the experts complete the job, you will have a door that is safe, secure and looks incredible.

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Discover New Garage Door Installation Styles for your Home

new garage door installation

In many homes, the new garage door installation can take one-third of the home’s facade, so giving genuine thought to the aesthetics of this feature bodes well. An excellent well-designed garage door can nicely complement the appearance of your home. However, ineffectively picked one can be an authentic eyesore. Since people will need a garage door replacement when they get old or shaky, this project becomes an opportunity to change the appearance of your home. 

Similarly, as there is a wide range of house styles, there are many types of garage door styles. 

Modern Aluminum 

Aluminum roll-up-door

The aluminum garage door offers a one of a kind appearance for contemporary-styled homes. With fresh lines and smooth design, these aluminum frames are sturdy and feature light-filtering glass. Also, the aluminum garage door requires little support, lightweight, and straightforward to install. But, an aluminum door can dent or scratch easily, so if you live in an area where frequent rainstorms, debris or hail occurs then it may dent the material. 

Courtyard Collection 

They design the Courtyard Collection to look like traditional carriage house entryways, however, these are strong steel construction. This entryway has seven standard colors so you can paint it to match your home. With minimum insulation of R-11, these entryways give an incredible combination of magnificence and function. 

Signature Carriage Collection 

These lovely, Amish crafted doors bring eternal beauty to your home. The manufacturer combines these garage door innovation with ace Amish craftsmen to bring this remarkable choice to you with an option of wood stains and insulation alternatives to accommodate your home’s style and functional needs. 

Carriage Style Garage Door 

An ideal model of an entryway that includes both function and style is a carriage style door. Giving your home a rustic and classic elegance that doesn’t look like a traditional garage door. However, that is just in appearance. These doors can go up and down like traditional garage doors, while simultaneously giving the illusion that they open from the center. 

You can find these Carriage Style Garage Doors produced from materials like wood and steel. A wooden entryway won’t just add a unique look to your home, but it will also make it stand apart from others in the neighborhood. 

Thermacore Garage Doors 

This Carriage House door is the ideal mix of a beautiful wood style with the quality and strength of steel. The embossed wood grain surface looks extraordinary and comes accessible in 8 stained finishes. An assortment of window styles are likewise accessible for this garage door style. 

Impression Collection 

The Impression door is a durable fiberglass entryway with a wood grain surface that looks as beautiful as genuine wood doors without the support issues. Many styles and colors are accessible alongside insulation at an R-7.6 for good thermal efficiency. The equipment for this entryway is powder coated from the factory. 

Traditional Steel Garage Doors 

house-garage door

Traditional Steel Garage Door brings an excellent combination of strength, reasonable cost, and remarkable performance and low maintenance you expect from steel. These garage doors come in many colors but you may paint them to match your home. Various glass choices are also accessible beside the best insulation R-Value ratings of any garage doors

Durafirm Collection 

Durafirm Collection garage doors are the perfect mix of steel, polyurethane, and vinyl. This mix includes a wood grain texture, five color choices or one entire color for the entire product, and modern window shapes each with clear or standard privacy glass window treatment. 

Conventional Wood 

garage doors made of wood

Traditional Wood Collection garage doors have a particular look and feel of genuine wood with alternatives for flush, raised panel, and framed panel designs. These doors use the best hardwood accessible and polystyrene insulation with an R-value of 4.75. Traditional Wood garage doors give you the remarkable style of genuine wood. However, wood takes much maintenance.

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Tips to Selecting a New Garage Door Replacement

white grey and red wooden house garage door

Before choosing what kind of garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, you want for your house, it’s ideal to ask about the various alternatives, styles, and features accessible. A robust and high-quality garage door will last quite a while and provide years of worry-free maintenance which implies much less garage door repairs in Clearwater, FL, calls. It could even last forever but with frequent maintenance. 

It bodes well to take some extra time to get the best door. You should likewise stay away from low-quality entryways that need replacement after. Ultimately, you could spend more than on a high-quality door. 

Here are a few hints for picking your new garage door: 

Garage door materials 

Two white garage door installations

Know the advantages and disadvantages of natural wood doors versus steel or aluminum entryways before picking a material for your garage door. The top garage door material is steel. Garage door manufacturers can insulate steel entryways to be more energy-efficient than wood doors. Also, they are less costly to maintain and more affordable than wood models. Aluminum entryways are the most economical type of garage door today. And the most lightweight and least demanding to lift manually yet the most prone to dents.

But, aluminum has the upside of being resistant to rust and corrosion, taking the lead in coastal areas. Natural wood doors need maintenance, for example, repainted or re-stained every couple of years. However, they can cost much more than steel and aluminum doors. Then again, the glow, warmth, and natural beauty that wood garage doors can bring to a house is undeniably marvelous! 

Consider the R-value of the garage door 

The higher the R-value of the garage door, the higher the insulation value and energy efficiency. If you live in a calm climate, this may not be a significant issue for you. But, when you live in a place with a harsh climate, live in the space above the garage, or plan to heat or cool your garage since you plan to use it as an office, the garage door R-value is something to consider. 

Newer garage doors have a much higher R-value than older versions which makes for a noteworthy difference in the colder temperatures. The negative of getting a garage door with a high R-value is the expense, the higher the R-value of the entryway, the higher the cost. So you need to weigh the requirement for a well-insulated garage door against the extra expense. 

Garage door color


Pick a garage door color that matches with the outside color of your home. Regardless if you choose one of the standard pre-finished entryway colors or painting/staining your door a custom color. Most garage door makers offer their doors in a few standard color alternatives. When one of the standard hues coordinates well with the rest of your home, then that’s perfect! A pre-finished door is the best approach if you can find a color that matches well since it’s almost maintenance-free. 

However, if no colors offered by the maker work admirably with the outside color of your home, think about painting it. To make the work of painting simpler, you can request to have the door conveyed to your home before installation. Then you can paint the individual sections of the entryway before hanging it. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to prepare your door before painting. Since the paint you use may void the warranty and read about the restrictions on painting with dark colors too. 

Garage door windows 

The visual impact of adding windows to your garage door is significant. Some older garage doors don’t have windows so if this option is new to you then consider it wisely. Use Clopay’s Door Imagination System, you’ll see what an astounding difference the addition of windows would make to the overall look of the home. The most alluring garage doors come with windows but also think about security. Remember, burglars could see inside your garage so to prevent peeping eyes add blinds, glazing, and tints to your windows.

Select a style of garage door that complements your home 

Garage door installation in Clearwater, FL in blue design

Don’t put a contemporary-looking aluminum and glass garage door on a traditional Colonial home or a carriage style entryway on a contemporary home. Also, if your garage door will have windows, know of the shape of the windows and the size of the window grilles that you pick. Whatever the style you pick for your garage door design always hire a professional for installation.

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Why Choose C.H.I. Overhead Garage Doors?

CHI Garage Door LOGO

Are you in the market for a new CHI garage door? Furnished with the information on the impact that a garage door installation in Clearwater, FL, has on a home’s exterior look, C.H.I. Overhead Doors offers a wide assortment of customizable styles to fit your home. Is your garage door an old noisy eye-sore? If that’s the case, this guide will assist you with replacing it with a top garage door brand based on your situation. C.H.I. models will suit your house, straightforward to operate, and will function excellently for many years. 

 Not only can a new garage door give safe, secure, and straightforward access to your garage. A new garage door can also give your house instant curb appeal. 

 So, regarding choosing a door, the most significant points to consider are the materials, the manufacturing, and will the manufacturer support you in case of an issue with the item? C.H.I. has been a garage door pioneer since 1981. And in this article, I will examine how C.H.I. Overhead Door brand can become the best garage choice for your home.

C.H.I. garage doors quality materials and construction

  • C.H.I. uses quality materials with superior design and craftsmanship. 
    • Their items have the robust characteristics needed to face the elements over much time and everyday use. 
    • All finished C.H.I. overhead doors have an aluminum retainer for bottom weather seal. Many companies sell bottom plastic retainers that may crack/break. 
    • Offer a wide range of styles and kinds of entryways: steel, fiberglass and wood entryways. 
    • Long-term, sturdy equipment (tracks, rollers, hinges, and other parts) ensuring effective, reliable functioning and much better parts than other makers. 
    • The size and placement of hinge plates give superior attachment of openers and struts. They mount these hinge plates inside entryway from top to bottom of an area on C.H.I. 3 layer insulated entryways. Many other brands of garage doors have small plates precisely where you find hinges that don’t give strength for attaching struts or openers. 


    • When C.H.I. overhead doors produces each door, it comes quickly off the assembling line and loaded onto a truck bound. They do not move the entryways to a warehouse or holding station where it increases the chances of getting damaged. 
    • C.H.I. manufacturing plant uses better products, above industry norms, when lesser quality would get the job done. 
    • These doors bring an excellent warranty. 

    Better products and devices

    Modern home with garage door
    • Introduced Reno Works-C.H.I. unique door visualization program enables homeowners the ability to visualize how their new entryways would look. 
    • Door Visions Program is an important device that enables clients see what a new garage door from C.H.I. would look like on their home. 
    • Door Visions iPad App–now you can photograph a garage and uploaded, allowing you to see various configurations of entryways, windows, and much more directly from your own driveway. 
    • Eight standard colors and 200 powder coated colors with the warranty. 
    • Ground-breaking items like Accents Logos and Accents Images–murals/logos for inside or outside of the entryway (scenes, banners, patterns, logos, and wood grain). 

     Excellent support and customer service 

    Winter homes with garage doors

    C.H.I. Overhead Door has shown an extraordinary commitment to supporting its goods and dealers that install the items in recent years. C.H.I. holds yearly conferences for its sellers, addressing industry or equipment issues and discussing the modern trends. They offer assistance, listen to the seller’s needs, and give solutions and improvements. 

    Also, CHI supports its dealers with complete devotion to designing and support department to help deal with any troubleshooting issues a dealer may have while installing one of their overhead doors. The customer pays the dealer for the installation of the entryway and its appropriate functioning and C.H.I. Overhead Door makes that same promise to the dealer to stand behind their item. Ultimately, it’s a win for the customer when they hire th garage door installation expert. If your not sold check their Facebook reviews.

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    Advantages of a Smart Garage Door Opener

    Chamberlain smart garage door opener

    Technology has become so innovative in such a short time that it’s difficult for people to keep up. So how can we integrate garage door opener innovation into our lives to make everything more convenient? Garage door makers have thought of a smart garage door opener for quite a while, even before we had the tech to make this future a reality. 

    A new garage door opener installation conveys unbelievable convenience to our lives. Consider the last time you drove into your garage during a downpour and opened your garage door at the press of a button. Just when you thought openers couldn’t get any more convenient, Wi-Fi connected garage door hit the market. 

    Now, smart garage door openers bring various advantages and incredible comforts for homeowners. What kinds of advantages and conveniences? Look below at what you can do with a Wi-Fi garage door opener. 

    Give you garage security

    If you have an attached carport and you’re entering and exiting through the garage and it’s a connected entryway to the house, then a smart garage door opener can benefit you. Many smart garage door opener devices can let you see the movement within the carport just as controlling the entryway itself remotely. 

    Do you have applications that control the locks on your entryways? Then, you can also ensure your home’s security with the touch of your smartphone. It helps secure the inside garage door leading into the house while allowing homeowners to open and close the carport. 

    Homeowners have a sense of security with a smart garage door opener. To have unconditional and constant access to your garage door is helpful for many reasons. For instance, remote access benefits those who travel a lot and the individuals who frequently come in and out of the house or that drive every day to work. 

    Perhaps you live in an area prone to break-ins, or only like to be precautious. Either way, an acquisition of a smart garage door opener can allow you access to monitoring the state of your home and its security. 

    Open and close your garage door remotely 

    Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can remotely open and close your garage door. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. If you travel a lot and stress that you forget to lock your garage door in the race to get on the road then the remote feature is for you. Often you have to open the garage door for home services like the dog walker or the lawn man when you are not home. Other times you have to give family or friends access to your home. Regrettably, you may have forgotten your keys and need to use your Wi-Fi enabled opener as a spare key.

    For each situation mention above, a Wi-Fi garage door opener will secure your home while permitting access when required. 

    Get push notifications

    You can use your Smart Wi-Fi openers to track access to your home. Yes, you can configure your devices to get push notifications when your garage door opens and closes. 

    It can help if you need to know when your children return home from school or you want to ensure that you left your garage door locked before you left for work. Also, push notifications from a Wi-Fi enable opener can notify you whether a burglar or friend access your home. 

    Set up garage delivery

    In select urban communities, Amazon offers in-garage delivery. Key by Amazon is available to Prime members, and it considers one of the safest and most secure delivery methods you can discover. Sync your MYQ account inside the free-to-download Key application. When it’s fully operational, you can have your Amazon package delivered using the power of your Wi-Fi opener. 

    Schedule garage lights 

    Garage lighting is useful for specific times of the day. Using smart garage door openers, you can set a schedule for when your garage door lights turn on and off. It is likewise useful when you’re taking a trip and need to put your home’s lights on timers. 

    Sure Fix Garage Door Repair 

    Sure Fix Garage Door Repair and Installation

    Sure Fix Garage Door Repair provides garage door services to home and business owners in Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding communities. If you’re keen on finding the right garage door openers, get in touch with us today.

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    Innovative Garage Door Installations in Clearwater, FL

    Modern garage door installation in Clearwater, FL

    Regarding home decoration, the outside appearances are as significant as the interior. A new trend that improves interior décor is transforming your garage door installations in Clearwater, Florida into a wonderfully enlarged accent wall. It means homeowners are using their installed garage doors in Clearwater to upgrade the appearance of their home to differentiate their home from others on the neighborhood. Yes, these enhance garage doors are improved with practicality, safety, and, high-tech features. 

    Let’s check out what modern garage doors can offer your home. These highlights will transform your home! 


    Trouble shoot a garage door opener

    Let’s address this first as convenience remains significant in all homes. With the modern innovations that the new world brings to the table, it is critical to have products that function right and run smoothly. The sellers make some steel carriage doors that look like old-fashion swing doors however with the convenience and tech of the garage door opener. It is the ideal mix of beauty and usefulness, showing up as a textured wooden entryway, yet it comprises durable low-maintenance steel. It’s an ideal opportunity to exchange your rusty old inconvenience door for a new and innovative garage door. 


    Have you dreamed of changing your garage space into an extra room where you and your friends or family can hang out, play pool, and watch sports games? Yes, you have! However, individuals usually run into issues mostly of climate conditions. Being inside the garage means dealing with undesirable weather; it is too cold in the winter or humid during the summer months. The thought of going inside to get into the vehicle becomes an ordeal. 

    Regardless if you have created an extra garage space or not, we urge you to put resources into an insulated garage door. Many models come with steel carriage insulated doors that give added comfort regardless of the condition. Not only is the usefulness of insulated doors practical, but these garage door models also gives a significant amount of designs including window and wrought iron equipment, special color options, and faux woodgrain paint finish. 

    Low Maintenance Garage Doors 

    The natural magnificence of a wood entryway is striking, attractive and profoundly sought after. However, natural wood can lose its beauty during much exposure to the sun, rain, and, some other outside elements. Fortunately, with some garage door models, you can keep up the rustic look of a wooden entryway without the maintenance issue. They fabricate these out of composite or faux wood entryway to reveal the variety of color and texture that you love in natural wood yet they’re made of a durable material that won’t breakdown. 

    Translucent Modern Garage Doors 

    Glass garage door installation

    These garage doors have all the advantages of glass, without allowing everyone to see everything inside your home! Translucent doors are an incredible method to add a personality to your home’s exterior look. They give a smooth and open appearance, giving the street view of your home an inviting and homey feel that is cohesive. The best part, around evening time it displays a beautiful warm glow and during the day it allows natural light to enter inside. 


    Hurricane winds by the beach

    Natural disasters are sadly a part of where we live. If you live in a place prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other strong storms, we recommend that you check the strength of your garage door against high-winds. Some storm doors are very durable against high-winds or made to withstand high winds. Try not to stress over giving up style for quality, some of these models offer a wide range of looks and colors to suit your home. Your house is a couple of steps from standing out from the regular homes!

    Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

    Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater’s, FL, provides support and installation for modern garage doors. Our group of experts can install doors of wood, glass, steel, and aluminum to give your home an enhanced look that can raise property value tenfold.

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    How to Lubricate a Garage Door?

    Glass garage door installation

    A wrongly maintain garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida, can cause it to be more boisterous and squeaky. Also, a loud door is a sign that your garage door isn’t greased enough, which could prompt serious damages later on. Fortunately, with the proper garage door repair and maintenance plus lubrication, you can counteract the loud noise and extend the life of your garage door. So yes, lubricating your garage door is an essential task and will make the world of difference to your new or old garage door. 

    Here’s the way by which you lubricate a garage door: 

    Why Lubricate Your Garage Door? 

    Atlantic oil spray

    First, know why you have to lubricate your garage doors. Does your garage door make a lot of squeaks and loud shrieks every time you use it? Many homeowners accept that’s how the garage door works, and they endured the commotion. However, that noise is a sign that the entryway needs lubrication and will get damaged if you don’t maintain it. If your entryway makes a lot of noise when you open and close it, lubricate it.

    Steps to lubricate a garage door

    Stage 1: Close your entryway and turn off the power to it. You need the entryway shut so you can access all the moving parts. When you turn off the power you guarantee that it won’t open up while you’re working on it protecting you. 

    Stage 2: Clean out the tracks since your garage door uses them to travel when you’re opening and shutting it. Don’t lubricate the tracks, however, they should be spotless and free of garbage or debris to work correctly. 

    Stage 3: Buy a proper lubricant for your doors. The best type is a spray variation that you can straightforwardly apply in hard to reach places. 

    Stage 4: First, start by greasing up your hinges. Open the entryway and spray some lubrication in the hinges where it meets the track. It will ensure all parts of the hinges work correctly. 

    Stage 5: After, lubricate the rollers since these contain ball bearings that assist the entryway roll-up. Apply the slender hose connection that accompanied your lubricant, and splash inside the rollers so the ball bearings are coated. Wipe any excess with a cloth so the entryway doesn’t become unbalanced. 

    Stage 6: Now you have to spray your bearing plates and springs. You’ll require a stepladder to guarantee that you can reach these parts and completely cover them with lubricant. When you’ve done this right, open and close the garage door to spread the lubricant around. 

    Stage 7: You also have to lubricate the lock on the garage door. It makes it simpler to lock and open while preventing rust from developing. You must spray the lubricant into the lock to appropriately lubricate it. 

    Stage 8: Finally, lubricate the top of the rail. This is where the chain travels along to open the garage door. Remember that lubricating the bottom of the rail will do nothing, and the chain itself accompanies a natural protective coating, so it doesn’t need oil. Spray the top of the rail and use a cloth to move that oil around. 

    When you’ve done the job, you have thoroughly oiled up your garage door. When you open and close the entryway, you’ll barely hear a noise. It’s stunning what a session of lubrication does to a garage door. Can you imagine multiple sessions?

    What lubrication to use? 

    Lubricating Garage Door Step

    To get the best outcomes when greasing up your garage door, pick the right lubricant. A popular choice is WD-40, however, don’t use it on your garage door. People typically believe it’s a lubricating solution when in reality it is for degreasing and rust removal. It will offer a few advantages of lubrication for a brief time, yet, it will make things worst in the long run. So, what to use? Well, you can use a silicone spray or white lithium grease instead of WD-40. These lubricants help the moving parts move more easily. They’ll frequently come in spray forms, which make them significantly simpler to get into the moving parts. 


    You need to lubricate your garage door parts like rollers, tracks, hinges,and springs at least once every three months, depends on how frequently you use your entryway. However, many people think of oiling the garage door when they only hear those irritating squeaking sounds. If a small amount of oil doesn’t make the squeaks stop, attempt plenty of lubricants. Now, if you’re too busy because of work schedule, please allow Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to give you a hand as part of your maintenance. 

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