The Best Security Recommendation For Garage Doors

Beyond any doubt, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair specialists feel for individuals who are a victim of a burglary. Crime is always an issue with homeowners and often leaves families shaken like if they have gone thru a tornado. However, you should realize that the garage is an entry point that burglars will try to use to gain entry.

You keep many valuable things, for example, bikes, motorcycles, power tools, and, not so obvious entry towards your home thru the side door. What’s more, do you know usually, through property holder’s carelessness that these misfortunes happen? Well, how?

We too often forget to properly lock our car doors while leaving the garage door remote on the visor. Often, it’s a malfunctioning garage that didn’t lock correctly which needed a visit from your local garage door repair experts but the owner postponed. It only happens to others you say? Maybe but to be safe, here are a few hints that will enable you to stay away from these sad circumstances.

Most importantly, do you own an old garage door opener?

Not sure then check the label on the motor housing. You’ll find the info by lifting the plastic cover that protects the light.

If you have an older garage door opener that was made before 1993, then it’s an ideal opportunity to replace it for your safety or security, and, that of your family.

Don’t leave your remote where a thief could see it in your vehicle

Try not to clip your garage remote to your cars visor. Conceal it somewhere where thieves won’t consider searching for it or better yet carry it with you.

Utilize a small remote control that can be attached on your keyring. After 2017, it is practical to work your carport entryway from your smartphone utilizing Chamberlain/Lift Master’s MyQ.

Leaving home for a while like on vacation or a trip?

The most secure way is to disengage the motor from the electrical outlet. It makes it difficult to utilize a misplaced remote control or to manipulate your outside keypad to open the garage door.

Also, you could press the lock button on the control panel close to the access door to the home. Make sure you have squeezed the buttons and that the indicator light is flickering so you realize it is locked.

You could also install a side lock within the entryway and has a steel rod that engages the vertical rail. You can even bolt the side lock with a padlock. Make sure to unlock it when you return from your vacation and particularly before working your garage door with your remote.

Now, LiftMaster has begun selling an automatic lock that can be activated from your cell phone. However, you will need a garage door opener connected to Wi-Fi.

Does your garage have window panes?

does your garage have window panes

Burglars could easily see what you have stored in your carport thru window panes.

Also, if the thieve brings a wire clothes hanger, they could pop the manual release latch on the track of the garage door opener.

If you have windows that are clear glass, cover them with a blind or reflective privacy film.

Furthermore, make sure to replace these windows or request windows that have tints or frosted glass.

Get a sturdy garage door

get a sturdy garage door

It applies particularly to homeowners that have a non-insulated carport entryway or a model that has a single panel of polystyrene protection.

Hand-pick a sandwich‑style carport entryway, models with both sides covered in steel sheeting. Designed to be sturdier, these type of doors could face attacks by a steel bar or even an electric saw. What’s more, if you pick an entryway injected with 1 3/4-inch (45‑mm) thick polyurethane, it’ll be significantly more durable.

Extra tips

extra tips
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Some newer model garage doors monitors will let you know whether your entryway is closed correctly. Also, lets you see it from your cell phone via Wi-Fi connection.

Outside lighting for your home and around your carport is fundamental. A better idea is introducing lighting joined with motion sensors.

Consider connecting a surveillance camera to your Wi-Fi system.

You could also get an alarm system and link it with your garage door system.

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