7 Reasons you have a Noisy Garage Door

expert garage door installation

Do you have a noisy garage door that wakes up the entire neighborhood? After much service time, the garage door can start to make a lot of strange noises.

It screams shrieks, rattles, and pops making much noise ruining your day, nighttime sleep, or waking up their neighbors sleeping, baby.

The loud noise isn’t normal and is a sign that you need garage door repair services. Thus, you’ll have to find the source of the sound.

There are many reasons garage doors make noise, but most have a simple solution either with garage door maintenance or simple lubrication.

In this post, we will go over the 7 reasons you may have a noisy garage door. Usually, your garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida makes a low noise but not loud at all.


The top reason your garage door makes noise is lack of lubrication. When it squeaks as you open and close it, lubrication can be the solution.

Lubricating your garage door ensure the mechanics or metal parts work smoothly. If you do any DIY maintenance or hire a garage door maintenance expert, it’s significant to lubricate all the moving parts. You can lubricate the lock mechanism, the tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs.

However, make sure to use lithium lubricant for garage doors. A lot of homeowners use a spray like WD40, but it won’t work as well as lithium.

Old worn rollers cause noisy garage door

Garage Door Repair Service work van

If you hear a grinding sound when you open or close your garage door, it’s a sign that the rollers are worn out. Right off, lubricate the rollers. Many times, this will fix the sound and make it quiet again. If the grinding sound doesn’t stop, consider replacing the rollers.

Garage door repairs aren’t DIY because garage doors are heavy and cumbersome. So, hiring an expert to replace the old worn rollers works best. Remember, working under garage doors can pose safety risks, so weigh these considerations before DIY.

Tighten loose parts to reduce noisy garage door

The equipment of your garage doors, such as the rollers, hinges, nuts, bolts, and chain can loosen over the door service time. All these hardware has its signs to look for when the garage door makes noise, and the suspect is usually loose parts. Make sure to check the hardware below:

•            Rollers and Hinges: Wobbling when you operate the garage door is a big sign of old worn rollers or hinges. Metal or rollers and hinges will get boisterous and worn after much usage or if they get bent. You can hear shrill squeaking or grinding if your rollers or hinges are at fault.

•            Chain: If the garage door opener chain loosens, it makes a boisterous slapping sound and makes the rollers smack against the track due to jerky door movements.

•            Nuts and Bolts: When the nuts and bolts become free, the garage door can vibrate or rattle when you open and close it.

Loose garage door opener chain drive

LiftMaster garage door opener repair

A loose chain drive can create a loud garage door. If you have a loud garage door opener and has a chain drive to open and close, it might have come free and began making that uproar. Turn the opener off, and check if the situation eases.

If the chain drive looks in good working condition, lubricate the chain drive. Often, this will quiet the sound.

Unbalanced Doors Caused By Failing Springs

Garage door spring maintenance

Do you have an unbalanced garage door? Well, the garage door springs need replacement if they are exerting too much tension or not providing enough to counterbalance the weight of the door. Both of these situations can put added strain on the opener. An unbalanced door can cause a snapped spring or cable, or cause the opener to fail.

Be on the lookout for these unbalance door symptoms below:

•            If the door looks uneven when you open or close it.

•            Takes long for it to open or close.

•            Doesn’t open correctly.

•            Makes loud noises like banging, scraping, or squeaking.

Old worn garage door hinges

When you hear squeaking, it could be worn hinges. You’ll see gray dust, or filings, around the hinges. This is a sign they’re starting to deteriorate.

It’s an ideal time to replace the hinges to prevent squeaking. If you have handyman skills, then you can do it, or hire a garage door repair expert to handle it for you.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

Do you hear a rubbing noises when you open and close the garage door?

That is a sign of a bend in the tracks it travels on. The door can work properly, but after some time, that rubbing noise will cause a lot of damage to the door. If your door sticks while traveling, then you know you have this issue. So, inspect the tracks to check whether there any bends in them.

If you see minor bends, you probably can tap them out with a rubber mallet. If the tracks look destroyed or have big dents, replace those tracks instead.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Service

Since now you know some reasons why you have a noisy garage door, you can take the final step. If you have some handyman skills, you can tighten some of the nuts and bolts and even lubricate the metal parts.

DIY garage door repairs can risk your life if done incorrectly.

So, if you have never worked with a heavy machines or uncomfortable working with the garage door, consider hiring a garage door repair and maintenance expert for help. An expert will assess the issues and repair the problems quickly and productively.

If you want to work with a reliable and local garage door expert, call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to resolve all the issues.

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5 Garage Door Services Homeowners can Live Without

Best garage door services in Clearwater

Most homeowners don’t worry about their garage doors until they need professional garage door services. Often, you will strange noises or your garage door just won’t close properly. So, you’ll need the assistance from a garage door repair in Clearwater expert to fix the issue quickly.

In this post, you will find five quality garage door services most professionals in Clearwater offer.

Often homeowners need a garage door replacement in Clearwater since it’s too late for non-well maintained garage door.

Whatever the service your garage door needs, most times a professional can help you. Look below at 5 quality services that a reliable garage door company can provide you.

New Garage Door Installation Services

expert garage door installation

If you don’t have a garage door or want to replace it with a new one then you’ll want a professional to install your door. All reliable and professional garage door companies offer garage door installation in Clearwater, FL. The professionals can help you pick the correct door, to install it too. It’s essential that you find the best garage door services so after installation your door keeps going for a long time. It’s critical to ask questions and do some research while picking a garage door service.

The company you decide to buy the doors from also will need to have a variety of doors that you can browse over. They should have many types of garage doors plus options as well. They should show you all the choices, including carriage doors, garage windows to modern high tech doors.

When you’ve picked the door, ask for installation services. If they don’t offer installation then consider calling a professional garage door company like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Once we install the door, you’ll have your garage door to enjoy for a long time.

Garage Door Inspection and Tune-Ups

When the professional install your garage door, you’ll have to do regular inspections and garage door tune-ups to keep it functioning as new? Garage doors have many moving parts, so it’s significant that you take great care of them.

You shouldn’t do inspections yourself on springs and tracks as it’s dangerous. Thus call a professional garage door company to assist you with the inspection. They will inspect all the parts, to ensure the parts work correctly. If they see broken or worn out parts such as a broken spring or bent track, they’ll handle that for you. They can also accomplish maintenance and tune-ups for you, for example, lubricating all the metal parts.

With these garage door maintenances and tune-ups, you’ll increase the lifespan of your garage door. You’ll additionally lower the breakdowns and significant fixes it can require in its lifespan.

Garage Door Repair Services

garage door repair

Indeed, even the top-rated garage doors will require repairs regularly. Often times, someone may kick a ball into the door leaving a dent, or for tracks to bent over time. There are a few repairs that if you have handyman skills you can do yourself. However, if you’re not sure or don’t have the foggiest idea of how to do a repair, consider calling a professional.

The garage door repair Palm Harbor professional can easily find the issue and finish the fix quickly and safely, having your door working once more. Remember that many new garage doors come with a warranty. If anything goes bad during the warrantied timeframe, call the company you purchased the garage door from, instead of fixing yourself.

Garage Door Opener Installation Services

Vemco garage door opener installation

Besides helping you with the door itself the garage door services can also assist you with garage door opener installations. These services are becoming more popular today with modern doors, as they make opening and closing the garage door so simpler. You won’t need to get out of your vehicle, simply hit a button and enter. They also help increase security in your home as well, as no one without a remote can enter your carport.

Call your garage door opener installation service team, and they’ll have all the information on the opener you’ll like to install. There are many types of openers, so they’ll assist you with finding the one that works best for you. For instance, there are many types of belts that lift the door open, and types of remotes and keypads to permit entry.

It’s significant that you hire a reliable garage door opener installation professional. Opener systems are complicated machines, and when set up they’ll be lifting your garage door.

The professionals who installed the garage door are perfect candidates since they will help you through the entire process, from picking the correct opener to installing it.

 Garage Door Opener Repair Services

garage door opener repair

Yes, the garage door opener can need maintenance and frequent repairs. If you find the opener not working, you can do some straightforward troubleshooting yourself. Changing the batteries in the remote and cleaning the photo eyes on the door may work, and hopefully, you will use the opener again. When it doesn’t work, then a garage door opener team can help.

They’ll go through all the checkups, and find the issue with your garage door opener. They may fix it right of way. Or, order the parts to make it work like new once more.

This is a simple overview of the garage door services professionals in Clearwater offer their residents. A professional garage door services team won’t simply install your garage door, they will also maintain it and repair it as well.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair also offers track and springs replacement services. These services homeowners shouldn’t do by themselves as they may get hurt or worse killed.

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How To Quiet Down a Loud Garage Door Opener

how to quiet down a loud garage door opener

Does your newly installed garage door installation make the entire community know that you are home? Although there’s some noise related to opening a garage door, however, it shouldn’t be so loud it alarms your neighbors to wakes up. Furthermore, having toddlers or babies will be detrimental to their sleep or naptime and your poor resting wife.

To start with, you need to know the sound from your garage door opener it’s not only coming from the opener but the entire garage door system. We can give you many excellent ways to quiet down your carport. However, you must know about the simple fact that, even though you can decrease the sound it is not possible to have a total silent door.

So, unless you try to fix the issues quickly, you’ll be going to need a garage door opener repair expert in Clearwater for an overhaul. But before hiring your local specialist try these methods:

Tips to make your garage door quieter

  • Lubricate the metal parts- such as the hinges, rollers, tracks, and, springs. However, only use lubricant meant for garage door metal components, for example, lithium-based grease. Apply and wash away the excess with a rag. It might be a source of the sounds if the parts of a torsion spring system smashed together so applying a lubricant will stop the noise.
  • Tighten all bolts and nuts- make sure there are no screws loose.
  • Examine the state of tracks and the rollers- Make sure they’re not worn or damaged? Remember that rollers must roll and not slide inside the track. Furthermore, check if the tracks are correctly aligned?
  • Lubricate the garage door opener chain- Add oil to the chain and also the pinions. But then again, if your opener is belt‑driven, don’t use anything on the rubber belt. Also, make sure the belt or chain is tight.
  • Add noise insulation- it is possible to install noise insulators to minimize loud sounds. You install it between the engine block and the slotted metal brace utilized to attach the engine to the ceiling. These are cylindrical pieces of rubber fitted with two separate screws, which shield vibration from adjoining components.

Garage door expert services

garage door expert services

Not everyone is a handyman so garage door repair and maintenance specialists can help you with the task:

  1. They will help do the top measures mentioned above.
  2. Replace your chain‑driven garage door opener using a belt‑driven type.
  3. Change out your steel rollers with more quiet rubber ones.
  4. Change out your extension spring system with torsion springs. Torsion springs can be set up over the top of the doorway and make less noise.
  5. Perform a full inspection to confirm your garage door is operating right.
  6. Replace your garage door opener.

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drive openers utilize a chain pulley system to pull up the garage door. It is the oldest kind of garage door opener. Nonetheless, there still a favorite for its capacity to lift many types of garage doors such as the heavy ones. However, they create much noise, so they’re not the smartest choice for individuals whose home or bedroom office is either directly above or adjacent to the garage.

Belt Drive Openers

belt drive openers
Image by Wikivisual License Creative Commons

Although they operate off the same concept of the chain drive opener the chain is substituted with rubber reinforced with metal wires such as tires. They are far quieter than chain drive openers and more desirable to some homeowners.

They function far quicker than chain-driven openers, but they can’t support the same weight. They work better for lightweight garage doors and for homeowners who don’t like much noise.

Screw Drive Opener

On the ranges of sound and price, screw drive openers fall in between the belt and chain drives. The mechanics work with a metal pole that is threaded like a screw. The rod turns in the mechanism, and that movement shuts and opens the door.

Because screw drive openers have less moving parts, they need less maintenance throughout the year. However, this kind of opener isn’t great for heavy doors, since the burden will cause the thread to wear more than usual.

How much does a garage door opener repair cost?

garage door opener repair Clearwater

According to Home Guide, a garage door opener repair cost ranges from $100 – $190 plus parts. It also depends on the type of opener, where you live, and fixes. Now, garage door opener replacement and installation can range from $150 to $550.

 Having a failing garage door opener can be bothersome, yet it likewise affects the safety of your family and pets. When something doesn’t look right with your garage door, call a garage door opener repair service in Clearwater today.

 Often, instead of a complete garage door replacement, you may only need to fix the opener.

 Can experts repair garage door openers?

Yes, unlike garage door springs that you cannot fix only replaced, experts can repair openers. Sometimes the garage door opener has battery issues that could be as simple as changing them. Or as complicated as fixing the system that opens the garage door.

 While changing the batteries is the least demanding repair, working with the motor is a bit more complicated. If the batteries aren’t the issue, and you’re stuck outside, it’s an ideal time to call an expert. A Sure Fix Garage Door Repair professional and experience in opener issues can assist you with getting you back inside your garage.

 What is the lifespan of a garage door opener?

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

Garage door openers are simple systems that will usually last a while. The average lifespan of a garage door opener is 10 years, however, if you give rollers and springs proper maintenance then it’s possible to get 20 years.

Compare that to the garage door lifespan of 30 years and you have a great tandem team that may outlast your car unless you drive a Toyota, those cars run forever.

Do you have a broken Garage Door Opener?

  1. Broken spring.
  2. Damaged rollers.
  3. Loose/broken cable.
  4. Bent/blocked tracking.
  5. The door has no alignment.
  6. The door is frozen shut.
  7. You cannot open the door manually.

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When it’s Time for a Modern Garage Door Opener Replacement?

garage door opener replacement

A modern garage door opener replacement can help homeowners open their garage with only the touch of a button besides send you a notice if an unauthorized individual opens it via a smartphone. Every year, we open and close our garage door installation in Clearwater many hundreds or even thousands of times and expect flawlessness.

However, that doesn’t happen all the time, and when your opener wears out, there are clear signs. Often, your older opener still works, but it can have safety issues that can put you and your family at risk.

Check for these signs that your garage door opener in Clearwater is nearing the end of its lifespan. Then consider a smarter, more secure upgrade installed by us.

Mechanical emergencies

smart garage door opener repair

There are a bunch of issues that could show the end of your opener. Regardless if it’s weird sounds or issues with moving parts, the parts of your machine can cause genuine problems when they reach the end.


An opener that vibrates may appear harmless at the start, yet watch out. Older motors with worn-out armatures or with bent shafts may vibrate inside their housings.

Sometimes the opener is shaking loose from its mounting points on the structure. When that happens, be careful. A vibrating opener could ultimately break free from its mounting and tumble to the ground (or onto your vehicle).

When essential mechanical parts like this breakdown, it’s an ideal time to get another opener.

Opening, then reversing

When your garage door opens and then reverses, that can mean an issue with the security sensors at the bottom of the garage door frame. Make sure the sensors are aligned accurately, but first counsel your garage door opener’s manual.

If that doesn’t resolve the reversing issue, clean the floor across the garage door threshold to clear debris that may trip the system. Also, give the photo eye of each photo-sensor a cleaning with a paper towel or soft fabric.

New commotions

Traditional chain drive openers are loud normally. The makers didn’t make the chains to keep noise at acceptable levels, and older openers can make it worse for your household peace. Consider buying a newer model or a belt drive opener for quieter operation.

If you own a opener that suddenly makes loud noises, then that is cause for concern. Have an expert examine it to find the source of the racket. Remember that most electric motors get louder as they close to their end, and it may be the ideal time for a garage door opener replacement.

Irregular or lethargic opening

If your garage door isn’t opening when you press the remote control or wall-mounted buttons, there is something not right. First, check that your remote control has new working batteries.

If that isn’t the issue, an unresponsive opener could highlight issues with the opener’s logic board or wiring. While an expert can fix this with some time and parts, it’s frequently simpler and better to buy a newer version.

The top advantages of a modern garage door opener replacement-Rolling codes

garage door opener installation

The garage door opener uses a protocol called rolling code to keep your door secure. When the radio signals from your remote control communicate to your opener, it uses a particular code to communicate. Older models use the same code without fail every time, making older garage door openers vulnerable against intruders using a radio frequency identifier device.

New openers use a rolling code system that changes the code every time. So, nobody can figure out or guess the opener’s code and enter your space without your permission.

Battery back up

When power outages occur, they can leave your garage door opener dead or inoperable. If you have a model without backup battery power, you can’t use your garage door until the power comes back. Modern openers offer batteries to power your system when there’s a blackout.

Backup battery power isn’t the standard for a garage door opener, however, having this feature as a backup can prove useful when there are power problems of any sort at your home.

Outside keypad

An outside keypad is an excellent feature that can truly make all the difference if you experience a home lockout or would prefer not to stress over carrying a garage key. You can use the keypad to type in a code to raise the garage door.

Most new opener models don’t bring a keypad as standard, so if you’re replacing your current opener, make sure to search for one that has one. If you own an opener that still works correctly, consider buying an add-on keypad to work with your opener.

Safety features

In 1992, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission made rules for automatic garage door openers. It required any garage door opener made after 1993 to include either an electric eye (a pair of sensors that recognize an object that’s blocking the door) or a wall-mounted control button that owners hold down to close the door entirely. Most producers opted on the electric eyes or commonly known as safety sensors.

The present garage door opener replacement brings tech door eye sensors that when something impedes the door the sensor detects it and raises the door back to the open position. These safety measures are significant for families with tiny kids or pets. Regardless if you don’t have a small child or dog or cat around your front patio, it’s a smart thought to have a garage door that protects you, your family, pets, and your things.

Add a smart garage door opener replacement

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

A smart garage door opener replacement isn’t costly or difficult to find. Surely, there is an opener that will work for you no matter the smart home platform you’re using. Smart opener controllers add comforts like remote access, voice control, scheduling, and vehicle detection to your garage door. You’ll never have to think about whether you left it open again.

If you’re looking for safety, style, or security, purchasing your garage door opener replacement whenever there’re significant troubles can save time, cash, and add conveniences to your day-to-day life.

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Essential Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Garage Door Opener

garage door opener replacement

New garage door installations in Clearwater, FL, are an ultimate comfort for homeowners. They enable you to protect your vehicle during severe climate and at the same time helps secure the auto from thieves. Furthermore, they improve the value of your home as it can furnish homeowners with a high rate of return on investment when it comes time to selling a home. 

If you are hoping to increase security or improve the look of your home, then a new garage door installation seems right. However, to keep your garage working smoothly, there are various garage door opener highlights you ought to consider first. With so many features that garage door openers bring, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages. Thus, let’s invest a little energy investigating the essentials. 

Automatic reversing feature

Numerous injuries are caused by garage door openers that don’t work correctly or don’t offer quality standard safety features today. Safety highlights, for example, the automatic reversing, which switches the direction of a closing entryway whenever it experiences an unforeseen obstacle. The two most basic auto-reversing mechanism are electronic sensors mounted at the base of the entryway, which turn around the opener the minute an obstruction is encountered. 

Photoelectric eyes get installed at the threshold of your garage entryway and sense when something obstructs them. When you have an older garage door opener, mainly one fabricated before 1982, check the security highlights to guarantee your family stays safe. As garage door opener makers focus on the safety, they have made extraordinary strides in improving the response time of security features. 

Rolling code technology

rolling code technology

News reports demonstrated a child’s toy could be used to hack garage door openers. So, garage door makers are trying to ensure that you have the most secure garage door by applying rolling code technology. Each time you use the garage door opener remote, both the remote and the opener randomly pick a new code, with over a million potential codes accessible. 

Garage door manual release

A manual release enables you to disconnect the garage door opener from the entryway, allowing you to open the garage door by hand. While garage doors are substantial, the spring system offers enough counter-balance that enable a person to lift the entryway by hand easily. 

The manual release highlight comes handy whenever you experience a power loss since you still can access your garage. It is also a useful diagnostic tool when attempting to know if your garage door remains adequately adjusted. 

Remember that modern thief are capable of exploiting the manual release via the fishing technique. A thieve can use a thin hook or wire thread through an open window or a closed garage door to pull the dangling manual release. Once pulled, the criminal can effortlessly lift the garage door by hand. 

Battery backup

battery backup

Battery backups are another approach to guarantee that your garage doors keep on working during a brief power blackout. However, there are limits to the times you can work your opener in battery backup mode. A battery backup can likewise keep your garage door working during a long lasting loss of power by rationing its use. When energy returns, the battery backup will start to charge. 


Horsepower (HP) is another consideration for a garage door opener. However, the key is to get the horsepower (HP) right for the garage door you’re trying to pull up. When your horsepower (HP) is unreasonably high for your lift needs, your garage door opener won’t be energy efficient. 

However, when you need more HP, you will exhaust your opener, causing unnecessary wear and tear. An underpowered opener could likewise cause certain dangers, for example, shaky opening and shutting. 

If you have an opener with 1/2 horsepower to power a light door then your all set. Nevertheless, an older garage door mainly those made of sturdy wood will weigh more so will require a stronger opener. 

Security lights

security lights

The garage door opener should have a security light. The security light turns on automatically when the opener is activated. Security lights furnish you with various assurances. Garages are somewhat cluttered and loaded up with potentially unsafe obstacles. If you happened, for example, get back home during the evening and exit your vehicle entryway without light, you could injure yourself searching for the light switch on the wall. 

A security light likewise dissuades burglars, too. Many openers accompany security lights as the standard. However, more current models connect their security lights to a motion detector, so they activate when you walk into your garage through an interior entryway.

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Garage Door Opener Installation Process

garage door installation process

Automatic garage door openers installed by Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater, FL professionals is a handy device that helps homeowners open their garage door more efficiently. However, when is it time to introduce another garage door opener? 

What’s more, not everyone knows what to look for when purchasing a new one since it is not something homeowners often do. So here are the most significant things to know about garage door opener’s installation process

Top reasons you may require a new garage door opener

  • Your garage door opener is old. 
  • Continuous mechanical issues with your opener affect its quality. 
  • Your garage door opener makes too much noise. 
  • You have worries about the safety of your garage door opener. 
  • Your older opener does not have the convenient features of present-day garage door openers. 

Understanding the sorts of garage door openers accessible

understanding the sorts of garage door openers accessible

Let’s check out the four types of garage door openers:

Chain drive openers – A chain, much like a bike chain, is connected to a trolley that runs along a rail. The trolley is attached to the motor that opens and shuts the garage doors. However, having an opener with a metal chain makes the job ‘louder’ to pull off, but some modern advanced chain drive openers engines have DC motors that don’t make much noise. 

Belt drive openers – this kind of opener works similarly as a chain drive opener, but instead of a chain, it brings a belt. Belt drive openers, for example, cost more than chain drive model, however, work more quietly. 

Jackshaft openers – these openers have a potent motor that adjusts a torsion spring, which brings down and raises the garage door. Jackshaft openers can be mounted on your garage walls and bring a quiet DC engine. The calm and smooth activity of jackshaft openers makes them perfect for homes with attached garages, particularly ones with rooms over the carport. 

Screw drive openers – this kind of opener uses a threaded steel rod to move the trolley. Screw drive openers are usually, viewed as less lovingly because of their higher noise levels and past problems with temperature sensitivity. 

Garage door springs

Residential garage door openers usually have ½ or ⅓ horsepower engines. So it’s not surprising to realize that a garage door opener doesn’t really open and shut the garage door by itself. The garage door springs handle the heavy work. 

It’s critical that these springs are appropriately adjusted during the installation of your opener. Garage doors are likely your home’s heaviest appliance. Without the right entryway spring tension, your opener engine will do more pulling causing a much shorter lifespan. 

Modern garage door openers convenience features

modern garage door openers

Garage door openers have made considerable progress regarding their design. They’re unquestionably more energy efficient too. Besides standard security like eye sensors that recognize objects in the door path and automatically reverses direction, there are more modern tech features accessible for the present garage door openers that make them more convenient

Many openers can be controlled remotely via a tablet or smartphone and bring a battery backup the keep your opener working during power outages.

Allow a garage door opener installation expert to help

allow a garage door opener installation expert to help

Even for DIY experts, an opener installation needs to be approached with a lot of caution. Adjusting garage door springs without fully understanding the damage it can pose may cause severe risk during and after the installation. 

A garage door opener installation likewise requires learning, for example, electrical wiring, knowing the horsepower that is needed to pull up the door, and, guaranteeing all safety systems work appropriately. Don’t worry, our specialists can help with the set up so you can rest better knowing the pros at Sure Fix have installed your opener correctly.

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Advantages of a Smart Garage Door Opener

advantages of a smart garage door opener

Getting a smart garage door opener installed in your Clearwater, FL home will enable you to control and monitor the function of your opener from any device that has Wi-Fi, or that has an internet connection. These garage door openers can also be connected with your home’s internet. These also possess passwords that are protected by encryption and rolling code to keep your family, home, and, valuables safe. 

Today, with the most recent garage door opener models, you could effectively monitor and control your garage door remotely from anywhere with the use of your cell phone. 

While standard opener offers reliable function, smart garage door openers installed by experts open you to unique advantages that will increase the security of your home and make your life simpler. 

Why choose a smart garage door opener?

why choose a smart garage door opener

With the most recent innovation of Wi-Fi garage door openers, you can experience these following advantages: 

Available monitoring- Often, homeowners get to work and worried if they locked their garage door and can’t work efficiently without checking that issue first. However, using your smartphone, you can easily monitor the functions of your garage door, for example, check whether you unintentionally left the entryway open when you left early for work. Moreover, allow contractors into your home via the garage door while leaving for vacation. You could also receive alerts whenever your garage door gets opened or shut. 

Enhance safety and security- Back then, garage door openers got a lousy reputation since their controls could get hacked but not anymore. Now, easily monitor the activity of your garage door and improve your home’s security with standard safety features. For example, rolling codes, battery backup, and schedule opening and closing. 

Scheduled opening and closing capabilities- Today, you have the flexibility to control your car garage door opener’s movement from anywhere on the planet. Regardless of whether you have to allow a house cleaner inside while you’re away or give different visitors access to your home, you can easily schedule events for your garage door to open and close. With scheduling opening and closing, you will improve your home’s security and have better peace of mind. 

Straightforward configuration- While smart garage door openers appear to be complicated, they’re entirely easy to set up. All you have to do is follow the directions and connect the opener to your home’s web connection. Then download the application to your Apple or Android device. 

Seamless integration- Yes, you can monitor your garage door from your smartphone. However, also integrate this program with your other home security systems. Connect your smart garage door opener activities to your Wink, XFINITY, Nest, and, Apple Home Kit devices using the application. 

Could smartphones be used as controls for garage door openers?

could smartphones be used as control for garage door openers

Monitoring a chunky opener remote can be complicated for some. Since you’ve moved up to a smart garage door opener you can now replace your old remote with your iPhone or Android device, right? 

While Wi-Fi openers can help property holders effectively monitor and open or close your garage door from anyplace, it’s ideal to abstain from using your smartphone as a replacement for the opener remote. The truth, the smartphone application wasn’t intended for everyday use. 

What horsepower do I need for my smart garage door to function well?

what horsepower do i need for my garage door to function well
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1/3 HP- These motors bring the least amount of power, and they don’t last as much as the others. These openers with low horsepower don’t have the capacity to move a large door effectively, but they do work well with lighter entryways. Yes, these openers can lift any entryway with an equal balance weight. However, if you use an opener with 1/3 HP for a heavier entryway, remember that you’ll have to replace it more regularly than if you pick one with more power. 

1/2 HP- The most well-known HP motor out of the three alternatives, these openers work best with single and double garage doors that have an average weight, for example, a carriage-style entryway. Entryways somewhere in the range of eight and twelve feet in width are no issue. It brings good options in both cost and power, so it works for many households. 

3/4 HP-Garage doors made out of wood, can be heavy to pull up. These wood doors and oversized doors that measure more than 14 feet in width require a 3/4 HP opener for the components to work efficiently and for better long-term use. While it’s the most costly choice, it’s likewise dependable and durable with the highest HP.

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Four Common Issues With Your Garage Door Opener

four common issues with your garage door opener

It’s a frustrating situation when your garage door opener stops working as it’s not clear the problem. However, it can be simple to find the answers to these problems. Well, with a little knowledge of course.

Nevertheless, there are many repairs available to assist you with a few of the common issues your garage door opener may have. We can help you to fix a number of these issues, but if it’s too much or you lack the tools or knowledge, then our garage door repair in Clearwater service experts will be happy to come by and help. Please have a look below to find the issues with their solutions.

The garage door does not close completely

the garage door opener does not close completely
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Sometimes you will not have any issues with door opening all the way. However, the problem begins when you hit the garage door switch, and the door starts to close but appears it cannot shut all the way.

So let’s check the safety sensors to make sure there isn’t a block between these items. These will be the electronic eyes close to the bottom of the door track on both sides. The photo-eyes have to have a clear view that allows the doorway to operate smoothly. Also, clean the electronic eyes with a cloth but gently in case the lens got dirty.

Furthermore, look whether the rollers are working correctly. If they’re too rusty, then replace them with new ones. Nonetheless, if they’re not working correctly but still look ok then add a silicone lubricant to facilitate their movement.

Finally, have a peek at your close limit switch as it informs the doorway when to stop, usually, for safety purposes. The door could stop suddenly when the wrong setting is set, so make sure you equip it correctly if you discover an issue.

The remote does not work

the remote does not work

If you attempt to open the garage door by hitting the button on the control, but it does not make the slightest effort to open it can get frustrating.

First of all, make sure you’re not out of scope when you’re tapping on the button. If you’re too much off, then the doorway will not answer. Try opening and shutting the door with the wall switch if the remote doesn’t do its job. If the doorway reacts to the change, then there is a chance the remote is the real issue.

Consider replacing the batteries from the remote and tap on the button again. Usually, it will solve the circumstance but if it doesn’t then you will have to change the controller altogether. Lastly, make sure to inspect the antenna on the motor unit as it needs to be hanging down to permit the signal to flow.

The garage door reverses before hitting the ground

the garage door reverse before hitting the ground

It’s possible that there’s an issue with the close-force setting if you realize your garage door is reversing before hitting the floor. The setting controls how much force you use when you’re shutting the door. As you change the close-force settings, the amount of friction the door should feel before shutting off the engine varies as well.

It means when the setting is not working right it will take a small amount of friction from the tracks to make the motor believe it’s reached the ground and stops. Matters like damaged rollers or rusty could generate more resistance, resulting in more issues. Make sure you look at the close-force setting as well as your rollers to guarantee everything works smoothly.

But if a garage door is completely shutting and then reversing to open again, then it could be due to an issue with the close-limit switch. You are going to need to make modifications to the door close-limit setting on the garage door opener until the device understands when stopping when it has reached the ground.

After the garage door gets shut, the engine continues to run

Usually, your garage door opener motor must stop working when the door gets closed. It may pose a problem to your system if you find it keeps functioning without shutting off. It’s a rare problem that started after you set up your garage door opener.

It’s an associated issue with the up-limit switch. The engine will know to close all the way and when to stop operating when you get this switch at the right distance. Consider making alterations and move the switch little by little and assess to make sure the engine stops running and the door closes.

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Garage Door Openers and Spring Repair Guide

garage door openers and springs guide

In this post, I will discuss types of garage door openers and spring repair. You might think of cheap options, but this might lead you to the wrong device. We know that the industry of garage door is spread out the country, but you should prioritize the quality and reliability on products. In this case, we need to call upon specialists in the matter.

If you are a demanding consumer, the choices get reduced in your local area, but not impossible to be satisfied. This pops up high prices; however, you get what you want. This composition is focused on two fundamental part of a door- openers and springs. Both need spending a little time to choose the one that suits us in all aspects.

Garage Door Openers

garage door openers

There is a broad range of openers. There are some that keep our garage in peace, and there are some in which noise is the ally. These factors have pro and cons, but in the end, you decide. Springs are sensitive cases because it is one of the most dangerous parts of a garage door due to the pressure that this part keeps in inertia. Let’s commence by talking about openers.

All door openers consume electricity, but it does not mean that we can buy it and plug it into the outlet at a glance. This requires technical knowledge. This implies the workforce of technicians in this item. We will mention four types of doors based on its drive- chain, belt, screw and direct. All four has in common the fact that an electrical motor moves a trolley in a simple mechanism.

Chain and Belt Drive

chain and belt drive

On the one hand, we have one that is noisy. I am referring to chain drive. If you stand the noise and you wish to save your pocket, this is the selected one. Metal chains handle the trolley opening and closing the door. On the other hand, we have the belt drive. I think this is affordable because of the following characteristics: less noise and low investment in maintenance. In this type of apparatus, there is a rubber belt that pulls the trolley, making the door go up and down.

Screw and Direct Drive

Screw drive is as affordable as that of the belt, but the system is entirely different. This applies a threaded steel rod that moves the trolley. The primary circuit performance is the rotation. This has fewer parts that the two described above. Our next type is the direct drive. This is characterized by having the motor as the same system to put in action the trolley. This signifies less complexity in installment but requires a professional workforce.

Spring Repair

The following category is distinguished by being dangerous due to the compression stored in the spring. This might cause injury if it is wrong manipulated. Therefore, the garage door spring repair must be performed by a specialist. There are two types of springs- torsion and extension. To simplify these two terms, we can say that torsion is when this piece system is placed above the garage door, and expansion is when the piece system is located over the horizontal tracks.

To repair this section of the door garage, it is necessary to utilize the appropriate tools and to know some critical details. If you choose torsion, you will need more headroom than extension. In the case of torsion, the door could be 14 feet wide while extension varies its height at 8 feet. One comparison more lays on the noise. Torsion system is less ear-popping than extension system. These are essential features of both systems.

Generalities of Springs

In general, a spring complex lasts about 10,000 cycles, which means 10,000 times opening and closing door. This is an approximation because the principal reasons are wear and tear; however, do not discard the possibility by manufacturing. There is no signal of spring break. It is like a lightbulb to get suddenly damaged. Not all is negative. You can lengthen its lifetime by applying lubricant.

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Garage Door Opener Guide

garage door opener guide
Are you buying the hottest smart garage door openers which work well with other networked devices or a dependable version with quick performance? Well, there is a garage door opener available with the ability, performance, and features required for the home. This garage door opener buying guide explains the way a garage door system work and highlights a number of these more affordable accessories. Also, features that you purchase with Wi-Fi empowered openers and garage door installations tips. When you buy a new garage door opener, here are four significant questions to think about:

Important questions

garage door opener important questions

What size is my doorway and how much do I use it?

1/2 horse-power openers operate nicely with standard aluminum doors. If the garage is the most critical entry to your house — or perhaps have a heavy, oversize garage door, then you are going to want a 3/4 to at least one 1/4 horse-power opener.

Do you have a living room or bedroom space close to the garage?

Belt and direct drive openers give you the quietest performance with minimal disturbance to adjoining rooms.

Would you like to control and track the garage-door remotely?

Wi-Fi empowered openers to allow you to open and close doorway from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet computer.

Do I want access into this garage in case the power is out?

Openers having a battery backup allow you to open and close to the garage during an electrical outage.

Suggested Garage Opener Features

suggested garage door opener features
Along with the regular features included with many garages, here’s a brief list of items you will need no matter what sort of garage opener you choose to purchase:
  • Battery backup offers standby power to run the garage during a power outage
  • Keyless entry keypad provides you access into the garage with no remote or smartphone
  • Rolling-code security technologies prevent unintentional openings by close neighbor’s remotes and make it difficult for intruders to hack by producing an exceptional access code every time you utilize your remote control
  • Safety detectors or sensors stop the garage door from shutting down on people, pets or other things

Accessories and Features

Can’t recall if you shut the door? Sure it has happened to all of us! For those who get a smart garage opener nonetheless, there is an application for forgetting to close your garage door. So you are never going to spend your time stressing about these incidents. Wi-Fi empowered, smart garage door openers give added advantage and reassurance from the power of your hands, with a wide selection of monitoring, management, and customization options, such as: Remote monitoring and access- Monitor whether the garage door is either open or shut, open or close it from anywhere, receive alarms, switch setting and more using an application in your mobile, tablet, or computer. Smart Home Integration- Connect your garage system into a home’s smart hub along with other Wi-Fi enabled devices on the network. Modular smart accessories- A blue tooth speaker, dual-laser parking-assist module, adjustable fan, and, carbon monoxide detector are fantastic extras you can get with a few higher level models.

Garage Door Opener Set Up Guidelines

garage door opener set up guidelines
When you have got essential handyman abilities, you undoubtedly could put in a garage door opener. However, before you choose or do the installation project, here are a couple of things you need to know:
  1. Bring a helper as the setup will move a lot faster
  2. Plan time and energy for this project. It’ll require approximately 4 hours to finish, especially if you’re also replacing an older opener
  3. If you’d prefer us to carry on all of the heavy liftings, then call, and we could install it for you. We at Sure Fix Garage Door are experienced, insured and licensed installers are prepared to assist with garage door opener installation, garage door opener repair, in addition to brand new garage door setup.
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