Why should you Service your Garage Door Regularly?

Modern garage doors are dependable and need little garage door service if you keep them well-maintain. It is great, as we depend on them every day to leave and enter our home, keep our valuables secure, and guarantee that it protects your car from the weather elements. Homeowners don’t have many hours to spare during the day. So, when assessing home priorities, checking the state of your garage doors most likely gets left on the back burner of your to-do-list.

However, keeping up your garage door needs to be a top priority too. It’s a genuine piece of hardware with a great deal of power behind it, and a breakdown could cause damage or injury. Many people underestimate that their garage door will keep on working without issues and disregard to have it kept up.

This is a major miscalculation. Just like you’re old but trusted Toyota which needs maintenance monthly to tolerate the high miles so does a garage door. Regular upkeep is an unquestionable requirement or soon you will have an undesired garage door repair service bill.

Here are some reasons you need to have your garage door regularly serviced by a specialist.

Home safety

Garage door safety child finger injury

Yearly, many people get injured by garage doors. And, often the individuals could avert these incidents if they kept up the garage door system. For instance, as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 73 children were trapped and killed under automatic garage doors since March 1982. This is about three such deaths per year on average. Garage door’s weight many pounds and can exert much force, so your safety system must work effectively.

Many injuries related to garage doors result from DIY projects gone wrong. The spring system looks straightforward to fix but remains the primary culprit. Garage door springs are under extreme tension and need professional support for the overhaul. You should replace the springs every five years and lubricated regularly. A certified expert should perform both jobs.

Please, do not fix the springs yourself. It is a perilous job that requires specific training, tools, experience, and gear. Trying to do it with a friend as a DIY gig may place you and your friend in great danger.


A malfunctioning garage door puts you in danger of burglary. Since intruders could misuse the situation and access your home through the garage. When you maintain your garage door, you have the serenity of knowing that your home security is much stronger to bypass. Remember, to always lock your garage door and don’t leave it open for much time. Burglars like to drive through neighborhoods to see who their next targets are and if you leave the door open for much time, then you allow them to see your stuff.

Avoid costly fixes

Garage door repair bills

Standard planned support averts costly repair bills by fixing minor issues before they transform into significant ones. When you forget to have your garage door overhauled for a long time, the issues add up. An issue with one section could make an issue with another part, then another, until the entire garage door system needs replacement. Stay away from a full replacement by doing yearly inspections on your garage doors.

Prevent a failing garage door

A garage door that suddenly breakdown can truly upset your daily routine. Emergency garage door repair services can be costly unless you call Sure Fix. Regular maintenance lowers the odds of your garage door breaking down. Also, you can plan schedule visits during a time that is most helpful to you including the weekends.

Decreases the wear and tear while increasing the garage doors lifespan

Neglecting to maintain your garage door prompts excess wear and tear and diminishes its lifespan by making it more probable that one of its parts will break or malfunction. For instance, if your springs aren’t appropriately or regularly lubricated, it can also reduce their lifespan. The other parts that a garage door requires for regular support and to stay in great condition, include the hinges, rollers, and the chain or drive belt.

Increases your home value and curb appeal

Modern home with garage door

Your garage takes up and makes up a significant part of your home’s facade. If you don’t take great consideration of it, it will show and reduce your home’s curb appeal and when selling its value may suffer. Also, a well-maintain garage door system figures into a home inspection and increases the value of your property. If your garage door makes loud noises, then the new homeowners may ask for a discount in the home’s price.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Maintenance Program

At Sure Fix Garage Door, besides installing garage doors, we offer planned maintenance programs to ensure a lasting investment. If your garage door ever requires a quick fix, we’re only a call away.

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