The Dangers of a DIY Garage Door Installation in Clearwater

A garage door installation in Clearwater is a home project that is more dangerous than others. A garage door can be an indispensable part of your property and in many occurrences, it can upgrade the overall look and feel of your home. It is a critical part of your home and a top reason you shouldn’t do it alone. You need to hire an expert garage door installation service to fit your new door.

So, what are the dangers of trying to install a garage door yourself and more significantly what are the things you truly need to consider?

Providing an inaccurate measurements

two-story house with two white garage doors

While it may appear to be straightforward, taking the measurements of your garage door is an important part of the procedure. There are various things to think about when taking measurements for a garage door and many homeowners don’t know the procedure.

Thus, if you miscalculate your measurements and submit them to your specialist, you will receive an entryway that won’t fit.

When this happens, regrettably, you can’t just send the entryway back and request a replacement. Therefore, this will cost you cash and it will take you more time to get the door you need.

It is a complicated job

A garage door may appear to be light when we open them with a controller. However, when they are not fitted correctly, they are bulky, large and difficult to work, not forgetting they weight a lot.

A small single garage door can weigh 130 pounds or more with accessories and a double door could weigh over 400 pounds.

If you try to do the installation yourself there is a wide range of dangers that you may face. You could injure yourself and your helper while trying to move the entryway into place. Moreover, you can damage the door too while attempting to move it causing severe damages. This will bring about you replacing it or repair it, the two of which will cost you more cash. Not to mention if you hurt yourself, a visit to the hospital.

There are intricate parts

A garage door is more than the huge door that we see at the entrance of our carport. To work effectively, it requires its mechanism and springs to work properly. These doors are intricate machines that need proper care. So, when you need to use it to gain entry or to exit the garage it will open and close effortlessly.


When you don’t install your garage door right, it could cause damages and injuries to the people who use it. Often the DIY rookie didn’t secure the parts correctly or may have not installed the parts right, all of which can represent a genuine hazard to the people who live there including pets.

Ways you can hurt yourself when doing a DIY garage door repair

While many things can turn out badly during DIY garage door repair, three accidents stand apart as the most widely recognized. The below accidents should serve as proof for you to pass on DIY garage door repairs:

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert on a ladder

Falls: Garage door repairs require that you use a stool or ladder. Yet working off the ground or close to the ceiling can place you in circumstances that make falls almost certain. If you fall, you could harm yourself or another person, and you may likewise damage the hardware.

Springs: The springs are the top danger mortgage holder’s face when working on their garage door. Torsion springs are under tremendous tension and pressure. It’s the tension and pressure that make your garage door raise and lower effortlessly. However, springs also may turn a garage door repair hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Experts know how to deal with torsion springs and how to keep them from being projectiles that could cause genuine harm to everyone working in the carport.

Breakdown: Garage entryways weight hundreds of pounds. So when your inexperience and attempting to perform DIY fix, the probability of a garage door falling on top of you increases twofold.

Hire a Local Garage Door Expert

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Don’t ignore the significance of using a garage door specialist. They have knowledge about garage door installations and repairs which implies that they better comprehend the entire procedure. Therefore, get the correct measurements, take advantage of a secure and safe installation and keep away from serious damage by confiding in a legitimate garage door specialist like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. After the experts complete the job, you will have a door that is safe, secure and looks incredible.

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