A Primer on Steel Garage Door Installations

Yes, numerous homeowners would like to have a new wooden garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL. However, wood may not be the most practical decision. Typically, wooden garage doors are more costly than steel garage doors. If you like to keep extra money, then picking steel doors for your garage is a better decision. Steel is less expensive and sturdier than wood.

Moreover, steel doors come in many varieties. So, you will have the option to find an entryway that can match the design of your home while still lowering energy bills. Let’s check out some popular types of steel garage doors installation in Clearwater, FL.

Types of steel garage doors

types of steel garage doors

Steel doors come with heavy-duty steel that requires little upkeep and comes in three levels of strength— single, double, and triple–layer. The characteristics of the three levels of strength are down below:

Single-layer — known as “pan garage doors” — feature durable exteriors that require little maintenance. However, because of their thinness single-layer steel doors can get dented when hit, and are usually, ill-suited for wide garage door openings.

Double- layer — comprises of one steel layer backed with polystyrene thermal insulation. Durable and quieter than pan entryways, the double -layer garage door is a low–maintenance, energy-efficient, and, environmentally friendly option.

Triple-layer or steel back — comes with a steel front, thermal middle, and, steel back. The steel triple-layer is the sturdiest and most durable garage door alternatives available. It brings heavy-duty material on the outside and inside. Also, these low–upkeep doors contain eco-friendly polystyrene thermal inside parts that can help a home’s energy efficiency. Moreover, this advantageously soundproof entryway is quiet to open and close.

Steel garage doors come made with sturdy, genuine gauge steel, and hot-dip galvanized in zinc to avoid rusting. Furthermore, a primer coat is added for extra surface strength, and finished with topcoat paint, for lasting color. The outside of a steel door infrequently needs touch-ups.


None–insulated, single–layer garage doors typically, come in one of three gauges of thickness — 24, 25, and, 26 — the lower the number, the thicker the metal. The two-layer comes backed with a vinyl layer, which holds the insulation in place. Thicker doors have a superior R-value, which gets used for deciding how well the entryway insulates its enclosure and consequently assigning its energy-efficiency.

The best sort of steel door is the triple-layer steel back with at least two inches of thickness. Numerous modern garage doors are reinforced with wind–load reinforcement. The truth, these reinforced garage doors look the same as other doors but abide by local building codes.

Why pick steel back insulated garage doors?

why pick steel back insultated garage doors

These garage doors are best in class with regards to insulation, R-value, soundproofing, and, thermal comfort. Steel back insulated garage doors have an inside and outside hot-dipped galvanized pre-painted steel skin and are pressure laminated to a polystyrene core. It structures a genuine and natural thermal break. Most steel back insulated garage doors are 1.5 to 3 inches thick with R-values running from 9.0 to 19.0. 

If you have a shop or office or a room over your garage, then a steel back insulated door is the best choice. You will see significant savings in energy costs but being best in class also come with a higher price range. Typically they cost more than a vinyl back insulated garage doors. However, the long term energy saving will outweigh the one time cost of the more expensive steel door.


When looking for a new garage door in Clearwater, Florida, make sure to get much information. Consider the function of your garage and pick an entryway that will give the most comfort to you and your family. Moreover, is cost-efficient and secure. R-value and appearance are significant as well. All of the steel options are great options; it merely comes down to your needs and budget.

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