Which Garage Door Size is Best For Your Home?

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair top experts understand the economy is thriving and new construction homes are becoming standard. However, today homeowners have numerous choices to make during the construction. 

For example, the problem of designing and styling the home comes up frequently. Would it be a good idea for you to install wallpaper or paint the walls? Also, to set up a marble or rug on the floors? Now, we have something new for you to consider. Should I get two single garage doors or one double garage door installation?

 Read below our recommendations so you can decide the best garage door for your needs. 

The advantages and disadvantages of two single garage doors

If the idea of two single garage doors is interesting to you, we suggest your garage space be at least 22 feet wide. It will give you an accurate measurement of room space to get in and out of your vehicle comfortably. Many homeowners believe that two single garage doors are good-looking on a front-load house. A front-load carport is a good alternative for some homes where property size is small. With a front-load carport, you can drive up through your garage without stressing over making tight maneuvers.

Another advantage of two doors is that you have much control of how much inside of your garage is exposed to the outside. It also lessens the measure of wind flow, both cold and hot, from entering or leaving your garage. It can significantly decrease your heating and cooling bills. For instance, mechanics or people that work with a workbench in the garage can safely leave without lifting up both garage doors. Another advantage is that if one of your garage doors breaks down, you can use the other door to enter or exit. 

However, two of anything have their drawbacks, you risk double the maintenance, time, and, fix costs. Regularly, two single garage doors are smaller, so consider the size of vehicles you’ll be parking and how much space you’ll need when opening the vehicle entryways on both sides. Two single garage doors are more qualified for families without kids at home. 

The Advantages and disadvantages of one double garage door

the advantages and disadvantages of one double garage door

The perfect size of a double garage door if you want to park two vehicles needs to be at least 18 feet wide. Since a double garage door has more space to work with, it certainly adds convenience. Admittedly, it is excellent for families with young kids who still ride in car seats as you’ll require the additional room to get your kid in and out of your vehicle. Furthermore, an incredible answer for the handicap or the elderly who likewise may need more space. Another advantage includes less expense by mounting only one automatic garage door opener. You’ll also have extra room for your storage that can make your garage more spacious 

Unfortunately, if your double garage door happens to breakdown, you’ll be limited on what you can do get in and out of your garage until your entryway gets fixed. Moreover, when the garage door opens every day, it is exposed to the elements or climate changes.

We think all new automatic garage doors are extraordinary. There are numerous reasons to buy two single garage door and many reasons to own one double garage door. Depending upon the functionality you need, both are incredible. Remember your budget and the amount of room you’ll require remains a significant matter when you consider which garage door to buy. 

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

sure fix garage door repair

Today, first-time buyers are looking to buy homes more often than before. So, then your home’s vehicle garage door is more significant to potential purchasers than you fathom. Many home purchasers consider a garage an essential factor when they choose to purchase a house. Your home needs a garage door that enables the garage to be used efficiently.

If you have any questions or ideas, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts would love to help you.

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