How Can a New Garage Door Installation in Clearwater Increase the Value of your Home?

new garage door installation in Clearwater

A new garage door installation in Clearwater, FL can boost the value of your home. However, many homeowners choose to renovate their kitchen or bathrooms instead. But, these projects can easily go over budget or take more time than expected.

There is an easier and cheaper home improvement project that homeowners forget completely: a garage door replacement in Clearwater. Let’s discuss the many advantages of a new garage door and how this upgrade can prompt a higher home value.

New garage door installation in Clearwater-Real numbers

ROI for a new garage door installation in Clearwater

Remodeling magazine’s 2019 Cost versus Value report uncovered that garage door replacement is an ideal approach to increase home value. Mounting a new garage door can recover about 97.5% of project costs upon resale of the home. Wow, making garage door replacement one of the top home improvement projects for overall ROI.

Improves Energy Efficiency

A new garage door installation with insulation will increase the value of your home by a good amount. Also, the insulation prompts energy savings, as it will keep hot air out during the hotter months and cold air out during the colder months. If you have a heater in your carport, an insulated garage door is particularly worth considering.

When your garage door gets older, the energy costs related to it increase meaning higher energy bills. If you have an attached or detached garage, find the correct insulation power of your garage door. A door with great insulation power will enable you to lower the expenses of energy consumption in your home.

When looking for insulated garage doors, search for models with a high R-value, which is a measure of the doors insulation capacity. It’s a smart thought to purchase a door with a minimum R-value of 11, and when you live in an area that has colder temperatures, we recommend a door with an R-value of 14 or 16.

New garage doors prevent crime

West Virginia police preventing crime-burglary

Many home burglaries are because of an open front door or an open and unsecured garage door. How many times have you gone in your home after working in your yard or bringing the groceries out of the car and left the garage door open? The garage door experts recommend making it a practice to always close your garage door to secure the valuables in both your home and your carport.

New garage door openers have a safety feature

Photoelectric eyes–mounted around six inches above the floor–produce an invisible beam across the door opening and give additional protection against entrapment or injury. When an entryway closes but a kid or pet runs underneath the entryway, the beam breaks, making the door automatically reverse.

New garage doors can work without energy

close up of lighted candles

A helpful accessory sold with new garage door openers is a battery back-up system. This battery back-up system allows you to use your opener a few times when your home experiences loss of power. It’s a brilliant feature that keeps people from being caught outside in a storm or another way to escape a home emergency like a fire.

The new garage door is the modern front door

Many homeowners use their garage door openers to enter their homes every day, more than the front door itself. The way to enter the home is with the garage door remote control and keypad. Yesterday’s frequently lost or misplaced keys are now safer keypad passwords.

Keep a cleaner home

With a keyless entry pad installed outside your garage door, why bring dirt in through the front entryway when you can enter through the carport? You can leave muddy shoes and soaked coats or clothes in the garage and keep your house clean.

A New garage door installation in Clearwater enhance your homes curb appeal

Gated home with nice looking garage door

Homeowners are becoming more style-oriented when replacing their garage doors. On many homes, the garage door asserts 33% of the facade, so a makeover can improve the look of your entire house. You can enhance the home’s curb appeal with various garage door styles that look elegant for example, stylish carriage house, contemporary, and raised panel doors.

New garage doors can express your personality

Housing developments have their benefits, yet individuality isn’t one. In homes that are over five years old, odds are the door is a strong colored, raised-panel door that looks like the other garage doors on the block. Pick a popular contemporary or carriage house garage door, and your home will instantly stand apart from the other regular ones.

New garage doors can shield your home from strong winds.


Strengthened garage doors are available to help your home stand up to brutal winds. Researchers studying winds know the garage door is frequently the entry point for serious home damage. A new reinforced garage door is an essential part of maintaining the structural integrity of your home.

New garage door openers can help your everyday life

Many garage door openers switch on lights in your home as you’re driving up the garage. Some alert you if you left the garage door open and you can activate others with your fingerprint. You can even make your carport remote match your vehicle’s interior.

A professional should install new garage doors

expert garage door installation

Try not to attempt to install the new garage door yourself since it’s a complicated and risky project. Garage door springs are under a lot of pressure and, if not taking care of correctly, can release with much energy to seriously damage or kill someone.

Specialize tools and training is required; so, it’s recommended that you hire an expert who can do the job in only a couple of hours and haul the old entryway away. The expense of a new garage door installation in Clearwater is well justified.

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Commercial Garage Doors Guideline

commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, FL

Commercial garage doors are important tools for various industries, from warehouses to carports to retail locations. Regarding residential garage doors installaions, you most likely have a good idea of what you want in a door. For commercial garage doors, it can be a different story. There are a few areas where it’s alright to compromise on a residential garage door.

However, it’s not a smart idea to hold back on commercial garage doors. So, what are some things you need to be searching for when looking for a commercial overhead door? Here are some of them.

Commercial garage door materials

two commercial overhead garage doors 1

You need your commercial garage doors to be made of metal, steel or aluminum. Natural wood can be extraordinary for a residential garage door, as it can make an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. With a commercial garage door, you need something more practical. Wood doors are vulnerable against cracking and splintering.

Also, they can rot when exposed to the elements or an excess of moisture. They require more support and care, which can be justified in a residential home. However, not something a business owner wants to worry about particularly when they have a lot on their plate.


Regarding residential doors, you’ll frequently have an option between an insulated and a non-insulated entryway. You may feel for your home, the energy savings are not worth the added cost of insulation. Nevertheless, you should not compromise insulation for your commercial garage door.

You have significant stock to shield from the elements. Also, insulation will likewise make the door quieter and sturdier thanks to the additional insulation material inside the door.

Heavy-duty torsion springs

commercial garage door forklift work

Your torsion springs only have a limited life. Most cheap residential springs last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings before they wear down or break. It is typically fine for the normal household, however, your commercial garage door may open and close significantly more.

Try to search for torsion springs that can withstand up to 25,000 – 50,000 cycles. At times, you may have hundreds of thousands of cycles, in which you may profit by a high-speed, high-cycle entryway.


Consider if you want people to have the option to see into the business and how much light you want to allow inside. If you need much light and visibility, think about a full-view commercial door. Windows will likewise let you see your clients when they arrive at your business.

Security Features

warehouse commercial garage door

Any commercial garage door you pick need to give uncompromising security and safety to your business, and that is the thing that you’ll get when you pick high-end items.

You can enhance your entryways with sturdy locks — situated inside or outside — that can work manually or powered. Also, your door opener can include cutting edge security features.

They can automatically engage deadbolts, scramble opening codes to stop unintentional cycles and close after a pre-programmed amount of minutes.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Picking a commercial garage door is not simple. You have to identify the area that needs the entryway, and afterward, you’ll need to choose the correct specifications that match the environment, elements, and situations. Your garage door choices include:

Sectional: When looking for cost-efficiency and adaptability, sectional doors are an amazing alternative. They are sturdy, and they come equipped with security features that maximize thermal efficiency. Depending on your region, you will require a lot of headroom or backroom for set up.

Rolling Steel: If you work in a tight space with little headroom or backroom, rolling steel doors use interlocking slats that coil around a suspended barrel for space-saving. These choices are sturdy and highly secure.

High-speed: If you need an entryway that can cycle while holding against the strain, high-speed models can raise and lower as quickly as 54 inches for every second.

Fire Doors-When you need more protection, the fire door offers thick, sturdy stainless steel that is fire-resistant, noise-resistant, and insulated. Fire doors can be custom fabricated and mostly used in warehouses, factories, and parking garages.

One extraordinary feature is the automatic closure if a fire is detected or an incident happens. Also, they bring a bottom weather seal that gives protection against conductivity, air, and water penetration. Plus, glass alternatives offer more quality, tempered, low emissivity and insulation.

Those are only four potential choices, as their more types.

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Top Contemporary Garage Door Installation in Clearwater!

contemporary garage door installation in Clearwater home design

Choosing the best contemporary garage door installation in Clearwater for your house is a significant decision. The correct decision can improve the security, safety, efficiency, appearance, and value of your home. So, yes it is essential to take this decision seriously. With many garage door selections, we want to assist you with narrowing down your choices.

To help you through the choice procedure, we’ve assembled this garage door style manual for contemporary home designs. At Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we believe garage doors should boost the design of your home and mirror your style.

So, let’s check out the best contemporary garage doors from some of the best makers.

Garage doors installation for contemporary homes

Modern two-story house with garage door

Initially, we should explain what we mean by “contemporary,” since it can frequently get mistaken for modern styles. Here’s the distinction:

Modern: Modern is a style of architecture that began during the 1930s, and many homes mirror this kind of design.
Contemporary: Contemporary styles always change and not particular to a period. Rather, they mirror what’s present or popular. So before you purchase your garage door remember to tell your garage door expert if he knows what’s modern and contemporary since this decision will last a lifetime.

Top contemporary garage door-style homes

Contemporary home with two garage doors

Contemporary homes make you feel comfortable and incorporate the present style concepts with historical elements. Home designs that make a comfortable environment and welcome the outdoors. Much of the essential features of contemporary-style homes include:

• Irregular, asymmetrical facades
• Strong, geometric shapes
• Use of natural light
• Clean lines
• Open floor plans
• Flexible layouts
• Large windows
• One or two stories
• Heating, cooling and plumbing systems that conserve energy
• Sustainable materials such as bamboo or granite
• Recycled or local building materials

The top contemporary garage doors

Contemporary garage door styles have clean lines and come made of glass, steel, and wood. Regardless of your house is mid-century, split-entry, minimalist, cabin or modern, ensure you purchase an excellent garage door from a respectable maker. We’ve assembled a list of the best quality and rated garage doors to boost a contemporary-style home. Read below.

Avante Collection

This collection from Clopay® offers contemporary aluminum doors with a glass door panel’s alternatives. It enables you to decide on how much light you want entering your home. Color choices include clear, bronze, black, white, bronze, brown anodized, Ultra-Grain light cherry and Ultra-Grain dark cherry. Many other custom colors are also accessible for glass doors and aluminum panels.

Modern Steel Collection

This lovely Clopay steel-door collection matches perfectly for contemporary and mid-century modern style homes. Both flush and grooved steel panel designs are accessible in 13 unique finishes. Textures change by model and paint surface. Insulated and frosted windows with long and short plans are accessible, and you can remove the window grilles for straightforward maintenance.

Canyon Ridge Modern

These contemporary faux wood garage doors from Clopay feature natural materials and textures that complement mid-century and modern style homes. Built from sturdy, composite material, these low-maintenance garage doors won’t crack, warp or rot. Choices include aluminum inlays, full-view glass, and horizontal plank designs. Tempered glass is standard and insulated glass choices are accessible.

Reserve Wood Collection Modern Series

This beautiful, versatile and dependable Clopay series highlights the beauty of natural wood and mixes with your homes outside. You can browse a variety of materials and natural tones to make attractive aluminum and wood garage doors that improve your home beauty.
You can prime, stain or paint these doors white. Also, custom stains and colors are accessible. You can select tempered glass, which comes standard, or frosted and obscure choices. Many models offer decorative accent strips to give a contrast.

Model 8800

The aluminum model 8800 garage doors from Wayne Dalton complement modern homes and incorporate indoor and outside spaces. The powder coat paint and anodized finishes are available in clear, white, dark bronze and black. Clear, tinted, obscure and white laminated glass alternatives are enclosed in sturdy aluminum frames, which offer a contemporary appearance with the use of equal panel spacing.

Modern Tech

These beautiful Northwest aluminum garage doors are dependable and energy-efficient. Modern Tech entryways come with a sandwich-type construction that uses a steel face and thick core. The panels are flush and come in black satin, dark bronze, brushed nickel and white.

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