Why Garage doors Installation is the best Home Improvement Project for 2020!

beautiful cream house with garage doors installation

New garage doors installation, updating a kitchen, and painting the house is some home improvements homeowners will try to finish this year. But, why invest money? Well, it’s essential to safeguard your biggest investment (house) by always trying to improve it right?

However, a few people that have garage doors disregard them and do other home improvements failing to give it proper care. And afterward, complain when it needs repair. Remember, when a total breakdown happens, urgent and emergency garage door repairs in St. Petersburg aren’t enjoyable.

Often, homeowners want to do home improvements and don’t know where to begin. But like I said earlier, if you have an old door that needs repair or needs an upgrade, why not installed a new garage door as your home improvement?

This investment pays back all of your ROI and it enhances your home’s curb appeal with the right style and color. So, I’ll answer some simple questions to get you ready for your fun garage door improvement that your house will thank you for.

How much will your garage doors installation cost?

It depends on what you want, I know, it’s not the answer you wanted but new garage door costs can vary. However, no concerns, professionals will give you the right estimate after seeing the door you want and the existing door besides taking measurements. Then you can talk about your desires, style, material, color, opener, and even budget.

In particular, there are always many ways to pick a door that complements your preferences and your budget.

So, garage door costs go from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the features you choose. Consider asking a few trusted companies for prices so you can compare wisely.

What’s the lifespan of a garage door?

house with garage door installation

Quality and well-maintained garage door can last 15+ years and some thirty years! Yet, there have been significant changes in garage doors in recent years. Why?

Modern home construction and automatic garage door openers have changed how individuals frequently use their garages. Homeowners use garage doors installation more prominently on modern homes and account for 30-40% of a home’s street-facing facade.

The garage door entrance is also the shortest path to the kitchen which makes it the most helpful way to get into a home. Combine the door with an automatic device, for example, – a keypad, remote, and smartphones which help close and open garage doors instantly. These features have increased how many times people use the garage door and affect the number of cycles it experiences every day.

Another relevant factor to the longevity of a garage door is the materials. Many people choose low-maintenance, lighter weight, energy-efficient steel garage doors, or composite compared with high maintenance and costly durable wood doors that were the standard back then.

Garage door color options

Your preferences and your home’s architecture should determine the best color option for your garage doors installation. The present doors arrive in many standard factory finish colors beyond white. Custom colors are accessible as well but will add some cost to the door.

Ever search for house paint? Well, there’s no limit to the color alternatives accessible! And the garage door colors are similar. You won’t have issues picking the color you need. More than likely, you’ll have many choices that may confuse you instead! However, once more, no concerns… experts like us will remove the guesswork.

For instance: Are you somebody who likes the most in-vogue color trends or someone who gets inspired by traditional and timeless color tones? Maybe you like neutral or attracted to enormous, bold colors that truly stand out?

But, the exterior of the house also matters to your home or neighborhood. If you have a neighborhood association then, does the HOA have rules about garage door colors? If you’re confused, consider using a garage door design and color application that some companies allow customers to use for free so you can see how your doors would look painted.

Wood or steel garage doors installation?

white and blue wooden house with garage door

Wood and steel garage doors are excellent alternatives for homeowners. However, there are critical contrasts between these materials, read below.

Wood garage doors cost more than steel garage doors. Costs in wood species – cedar, oak, and mahogany also vary. Many homeowners love the amazing look of sturdy wood doors paying little mind to the added cost and maintenance requirements.

For example, wood doors need regular sanding, painting, and staining. Plus, sturdy wood is heavy so you’ll need a powerful automatic garage door opener to lift the door meaning you will have to pay more for an opener with extra horsepower.

By contrast, steel garage doors are more affordable and cheaper to maintain when compared with wood. They are also lighter yet robust and sturdy; energy-efficient yet cost-effective; simpler to install and to maintain, and can open manually.

Perhaps the best part is that modern steel doors are stylish with traditional, contemporary, mid-century modern, and carriage house designs available. For all these benefits, steel garage doors installation is popular among homeowners.

Garage door insulation

Garage door insulation can enhance your home’s energy efficiency and thus save you money on energy bills plus improve comfort. Regrettably, garages are the least efficient part of a home and an insulated garage door can assist with reducing this issue. Other pros include added door strength, soundproofing, the door during activity is also quieter plus insulation protects everything inside the carport from extreme temperatures.

When you purchase or update your door insulation know of R-Value. R-Value is the measurement used for garage door and an expert can tell you the proper R-Value for your location and climate.

Garage door openers installation

garage door opener installation

New garage door openers have many modern tech advantages. When you install your garage door, consider replacing your old opener as well. Why? Well, today’s openers have high-tech features for added safety, security, and comfort.

A smart garage door opener can open your garage from anywhere using only your smartphone. Do you need more information on whether to replace your old opener with a modern garage door opener?

Read this post, When it’s Time for a Modern Garage Door Opener Replacement?

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Garage Door Windows Pros and Cons

garage door windows

Installing modern garage doors in Clearwater adds both value and improvement to any home, and garage door windows are options that many homeowners can consider when searching for a new door.

So, some homeowners pick garage doors with windows and others go with windowless? The advantages of any new garage door installation in Clearwater include added security, enhanced insulation, energy efficiency, noise reduction. Besides new conveniences with smart applications, and innovation for complete control from anywhere.

The good news, any new garage door – with or without windows – is a risk-free home improvement project with a high ROI. And so, when you update your garage door, you’ll increase your home’s value. But, like most things in life, there are pros and cons. I’ll answer some questions regarding adding garage door windows to a home garage design.

Pros-Garage door windows enhance the style

Garage door windows add style

Style is a significant factor for including the window choices! Adding windows to your garage door you’ll lift your home’s curb appeal plus the windows themselves define the door’s style. Well, for instance, take your regular steel garage door. Next, install windows. Now, your regular steel door is transformed into a traditional or contemporary look with three basic factors: window sizes, shape, and placement.

Pros- Garage door windows add dimension and depth

Better appearance is another reason homeowners decide to add windows to their garage door design. Many street-facing garage doors take a lot of your home’s front facade – usually 30% to 40%. So, most people add windows for their garage door to break up their home’s blocky appearance of two single doors or one double and to better combine the garage into the rest of the home’s exterior design.

Garage door windows can brighten the interior space

garage door installation in Clearwater

Adding windows can enhance the appearance of your home while improving your home curb appeal. But, windows in garages also permit more natural light to flow into your carport. Therefore, you’ll light up the garage and gain the benefits of sunlight. Also, today, garage door windows with different sorts of specialty glass can give insulation and preserve your privacy too.

Cons- Garage door windows can increase property damage

It’s true that outside glass is a place for property damage to happen in case of an awful climate or a stray ball! Fortunately, garage door windows are straightforward to replace.

However, when there a dent on your steel door it would require replacing the entire panel, instead of only one glass. You can likewise get tempered glass which is sturdier than regular glass, and whenever broken, breaks into small harmless pieces.

Cons-Potential Security Risk

Criminals use fishing which is when a criminal pushes the door inward to create a gap at the top, then insert a wire hook and fish for the emergency release handle on your opener. A garage door isn’t simple to get opened, and in certain circumstances, it’s practically impossible.

A few garage door openers, for instance, have a release system that you or the intruder will need to pull straight down and won’t release if the cord is pulled at an angle towards the entryway. While others can be simpler to fish or angle, particularly if your garage door has windows that permit the criminals to see the release handle. Yet, you can fix that issue of fishing by including obscured or tinted glass.

Cons-Increased maintenance

Usually, cleaning garage door with windows takes more time and care than cleaning windowless doors. However, does anybody truly clean their garage door? Simply spray the entire thing with a hose and you’ll be great!

Can windows impact the garage door lifting system?

garage door windows

Yes, adding windows will affect the lifting system when your garage door doesn’t have decorative windows. Depending on your spring system, either torsion or extension, and the age, it’s recommended to invest a few dollars more to the expense of your project to adapt everything to this addition of the total weight of the door.

But, a new garage door with windows won’t have this issue. The most ideal approach to know if your door will need other improvements to handle the extra weight is to hire a garage door expert to inspect your door’s lifting system.

Maybe you may need to change is the garage door opener. Yes, a powerful quality garage door opener can lift a load of 230 lb., yet an older spring system could make things unbalance. An effectively-balanced door seems to weigh around 5-10 lb. when you open it with one hand.

However, an unbalanced door can overload your opener, and cause a safety hazard. If it isn’t working properly, it can push down the same amount of weight as it can lift. It all just means you, pets, and family could be in harm’s way.

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Popular Garage Door Styles that can Match your Front Door

popular garage door styles that match the front door

Popular garage door styles and matching front doors can improve the look of your home since there are the most dominant features of your home’s exterior. A garage door installation in Clearwater can take as much as 1/3 of your home’s facade. So, it’s frequently the first feature people see about your home.

Garage doors provide homeowners an excellent way to express their personality and creativity. And it is one of the first things you can improve to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Plus, it doesn’t cost as much as other home improvement projects. Front doors likewise catch the eye of visitors, and homebuyers when you’re interested in selling down the line.

You can achieve style using many decorative things including materials, style, and color regarding matching your front door and garage door. This can increase the curb appeal of an ordinary-looking home and make it stand out in your neighborhood.

Our garage door contractors near me guidelines below can help and have many tips and tricks for matching your garage door and the front door.

Pick popular garage door styles and a matching front door

The most straightforward way to help improve your home look is matching the front and garage door with the same style and color for both. This will give your home a combined appearance, making it comforting and inviting.

There are many styles and color options for both front and garage doors, which are material, color, window style, and decorative hardware style. Combining these features can provide your home with a unique look.

Choose a style that matches your neighborhood

Virginia home with two popular style white garage doors

While considering a style for your front and garage door, consider window styles, colors, and hardware that matches well the style of your home or neighborhood. Don’t pick a color that clashes with the style of your home. For instance, a bright color may work in Hollywood, and bold colors will look extraordinary on country style houses. However, those colors will look strange on a Colonial or Victorian style home.

If you will paint your homes outside soon, pick a garage door that will match the colors you will decide for the rest of the house. Even though repainting your front and garage doors isn’t a troublesome task, doing it after the recent installation of both is irritating.

Other than the design, you need to think about the landscaping in your patio. Just imagine how the home’s colors will look against the trees, bushes, and flowers. And think how the daylight hits your home throughout the day.

Choose a front door that complements your popular garage door style

 The styles of your garage door and front door don’t need to be the same. Often, you can give your home a peculiar look by picking complementary or contrasting styles. If you do this, you can still bring the style together if you pick similar windows or colors for both doors. You can likewise attempt similar-looking but particular door features.

While researching for styles on the web, you may find a website that lets you take a photo of your homes outside for reference so you can imagine for sure how the doors will look. Also, some garage door manufacturers let you upload a photograph of your home and show you how specific the garage doors would look. This can help give you true serenity when you purchase the one you like.

Popular garage door styles and architecture

the perfect house with garge doors

Before you pick a garage door and a front entry, it’s essential to know the unique styles accessible. How about we start with garage door styles and architecture:

Traditional Doors

If you live in a home with a popular American-style home, for example, Colonial, Ranch, Victorian, or a European style, for example, Spanish, and the Mediterranean, top manufacturers should have garage doors that match the American-style of your home. They should also come in many colors and materials.

Carriage Doors

You can usually find carriage style doors in many home styles. Even though they copy the look of doors on old carriage houses, they can go-well on contemporary houses. While the original carriage doors swung open from the middle, these carriage-style doors fold open like modern garage doors. Read more on carriage door style doors.

Raised-Panel Doors

Popular garae door styles are raised-panel and people commonly have knowledge of these when garage doors get mentioned. Because of the style’s popularity, raised-panel doors are accessible in many materials, for instance, fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel.

Contemporary Doors

Regarding contemporary styles, it is significant that the house and the popular garage door styles complement each other. For example, if your home’s design includes modern materials and clean lines, the garage door should look the same. An excellent option is tempered glass panels enclosed in aluminum frames.

The door materials matter

Front doors usually come in three materials—wood, steel, and fiberglass. The garage door also comes produced using those materials plus aluminum, vinyl, and wood composite.

Which material you pick will affect which color alternatives you’ll have. Wood garage doors give more color choices than a steel door but demand more maintenance.

Look at your door colors in various lights

When you’re picking a color for both the garage door and front door, it’s essential to see how the colors look at different times. Based on the angle of the sun, color may appear different in various lights.

A red may look fire engine around noon, but a rusty color at night. To see how a color looks in various lights, consider seeing both bright and lower lights.

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Buying Residential Garage Doors, Here is what you Need to Know?

residential garage doors

Residential garage doors could be a significant expense but one garage door installation near me experts think is well worth considering. Homeowners who need to make a wise investment and spend their well-deserved cash on something durable and enjoyable to use every day need to consider buying residential garage doors.

We can take the responsibility of owning a modern garage door system sensible with some straightforward considerations. Shopping smartly, performing due diligence, and using the right garage door installation service near me will decrease the overall expense and even help spend less cash and time on maintenance.

When you imagine increasing your home’s curb appeal, odds are you envision a sunroom or theater room or even a recent paint job. You may not think about replacing your garage door, but an upgrade to the front home facade might be something to consider. Do you know what to search for in a garage door for your home?

Our garage door experts have gathered some top tips for picking the best garage door in this blog post.

Find the right vendor when buying residential garage doors

two residential garage doors installation

Research can help you know everything you need and it will not ruin your day since it takes just a few minutes of your time. Find which parts are covered by a warranty, for example, the opener or the door itself. Request referrals from friends, read reviews on the web, and call to talk with an expert to get a feeling of the great customer service capability for yourself.

Ensure the vendor has quality garage door brands. Plus, if the vendor doesn’t have trained installation experts consider looking for one using the same method, you just used above. Stay with the same company for maintenance as installation particularly when it was a successful one. Building a relationship with your service experts makes a decent communication channel and encourages great service.

Save money on support; do it yourself

When your experts install your door, ask for some pointers on how to keep it running incredibly for many years of durability. By doing this education you prevent unnecessary calls to the garage door experts for fixes and regular maintenance.

With simple devices and regular check-ups, you can eliminate stress on the moving parts. Frequently inspect the panels, seal, tracks, chain/belt, and motor for signs of failures and damages. If you encounter a complicated or dangerous garage door job, then do call your favorite garage door repair service.

Save money on fixes; call an expert

sure fix garage door repair experts

Yes, homeowners can do some DIY maintenance but stop using the door when you know it isn’t working correctly. You can only use residential garage doors when there working properly. Also, using a broken door can worsen the issue causing significant damages to the door and produce accidents to people or the car. For instance, forcing weak garage door springs or a problematic motor can make the door fall on something or someone.

Try not to fix anything beyond easy maintenance. If it’s the opener or tracks and springs fix, call an expert instead. Most companies make estimates free but first verify that it is legitimately broken before calling the experts.

Basic tips for an unresponsive garage door

There are some simple things you can do before calling an expert:

  • Replace the batteries in the remote. Ensure the power runs to the motor and the carport. When the motor is non-responsive, flip the lights or plug a different appliance to the same circuit since the circuit can fry.
  • Search for obstructions that can block the safety sensors. Check the safety sensors inside the track if there are position a few inches off the ground. Most models have an LED light showing that it’s working when the safety sensors don’t have any obstructions.
  • Check the garage door opener’s settings. Someone may have set the unit to secure/vacation mode.

Buying residential garage doors with energy-efficiency in mind

Today’s garage doors offer benefits like energy-efficiency. A drafty carport can mean a significant loss in your home. A modern insulated garage door can lower your energy usage by 15%.

Attached garages increase energy costs, regardless of your carport has a heating system or use an AC system. Replacing your old garage door offers you the chance to get a sturdier door with a better level of insulation, or R-value.

Also, reap the benefits of energy savings from keeping the chilly air out in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer. Besides affecting temperature, a new garage door can likewise make a superior job of keeping moisture out of your carport.

Buying Residential Garage Doors with high ROI

Florida home with modern garage door

Garage door installation is an investment that gives an excellent ROI. Magazines have been saying this for a long time: looks matter. When you want to increase your home value and enhance your curb appeal, then a garage door installation can do both. The return on investment is about 97.5% for new garage door installations.

Think about savings on your maintenance, too. When you have been scraping and repainting your wood doors each couple of years, savings on the paint can add to the cost. Your time is valuable and when you don’t spend it painting or worrying about an outdated door then the investment is well deserved.

The Conclusion to Buying Residential Garage Doors

A modern garage door is an incredible investment with no negatives. Take the straightforward considerations above before buying residential garage doors and you can save cash and worry.

Finding the right garage door is simpler than you think. Follow these basic hints and watch how your garage door contributes value to your home and increases its curb appeal.

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Should I Replace a Dented Garage Door or Fix It Instead?

Replace a Dented Garage Door

Fixing a garage door in Dunedin, FL, or just replace a dented garage door will help recapture your homes curb appeal as significant dents can be an eyesore.

Also, if you’re trying to sell your home it can affect potential homebuyer’s first impression of a house. Remember, even a miniature crack home window can make your buyer think there’s something wrong with your home so imagine a dented garage door.

Aluminum and steel garage doors are popular in many homes. Their strength and low-maintenance make them an excellent decision for homeowners. Despite their benefits, they have one negative aspect; they dent easily.

The dents can be little and not clear from a baseball or huge from unintentional backing into the door making an ugly dent. Usually, a dented garage door can be fixed, but, often a garage door replacement in Clearwater is a superior solution.

First, is the Damage Significant?

Garage door replacement

 A garage door can have dents for many reasons, some can cause more damage than others. When your child’s bicycle bumps into the door or a baseball ricochet off the door, a little dent may result.

However, if a vehicle reverses or accidentally accelerates into the door, there’s a higher possibility the entire garage door may bend. This can cause more damage that may require more work than cannot be accomplished by a simple patch job.

What material is your garage door made of?

Wooden doors that have splintered or scratched could most profit by an expert’s touch. But, if the doors are made of stainless steel or aluminum, little dents can be fixed with the correct tools, materials, and techniques.

You can either DIY or hire an expert who has many years’ experience in the garage door which will save you headaches and money.

Aluminum Garage Door Dent Repair

You can more easily fix aluminum garage door material. Get a bucket of water, dish soap, a sponge, a lighter, tinfoil, and a container of compressed air. Fill a bucket with warm water and add some drops of dish soap and mix evenly. Clean the dented area to remove all debris and dirt. Let it air dry before proceeding.

Next, measure and cut a piece of tinfoil and put it over the dent with tape. Hold the lighter fire over the tinfoil for at least a minute so heat can be transmitted to the dented area. Remove the foil and quickly spray the condense air over the area equally.

Because of the molecular structure of aluminum, the sudden change in temperature makes the dent reverse as the surface moves once again into its original position.

Steel Dent Garage Door Repair

Stainless steel doors require a different technique – use a steel door or auto body filling compound. First, wash the door’s surface with dish soap and water to remove dirt and let the area dry. Sand the dent with the recommended grit level of sandpaper and wipe the dust away. You need to replace a dented garage door when you can’t fix it since it makes your home vulnerable to crime.

Use a putty knife to apply the compound to the dent. Sand it again after the area dries with finer grit sandpaper and prime and paint the section to match the original color.

Reasons to replace your garage door

white wooden garage door repair

There are two significant reasons to replace your garage door:

Cosmetic Issues: Garage doors wear away after some time just like other parts of a home. A rusted door, scratched, or with large dents need replacement. Besides the fact that it is a wise investment into your home’s safety, it also increases the value of your home beyond its original price.

Substantial Damage: If you can’t fix a garage door that has been seriously damaged by wear and tear, strong winds, or a reversing vehicle needs replacement. Remember, door parts such as springs, track, and opener motor can get damaged too. Often, you will need to repair or replace these parts.

What to do when you can’t DIY

white and brown concrete house with garage door

If you can’t fix the dent on your garage door yourself, there’s always the option of calling the experts at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. Garage door repair companies near you have much experience in dent fixes, door replacements, and maintenance.

Is not expensive to replace a dented garage doorand can be a remarkable home improvement project that returns almost all your investment. So don’t lose hope when these above techniques don’t fix the dent.

For the best garage door replacement in the Clearwater area, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair has you covered.

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Garage Door Noises Homeowners need to Be Aware of

Common Garage Door Noises in Homes

Often, even the best quality garage door installation in Tampa will experience wear and tear that could cause unpleasant garage door noises. A quality garage door will have smooth functioning, but after some time, unusual noises may occur. For instance, you leave for work in the morning and you notice your garage door making a bizarre noise. Maybe a grinding sound or squeaks as it opens or closes.

Your garage door may open and close, but many homeowners commit the error of not finding out what those unfamiliar noises may mean. Regrettably, your garage door may not work when you need it anymore — causing expensive and inconvenient emergency garage door repair repairs near me service calls.

So, what signs is your garage door telling you, and how would you cure the issue before it becomes major? Let’s check out some common noises you may hear from your garage door that may scream help:

Bizarre or excessive garage door noises

kapow-loud garage door

If your garage door has become excessively loud, it might be because of something basic, for example, loose parts. Check all parts and tighten loosen hardware such as bolts, but remember not to over-tighten, since over-tighten parts can cause new issues. The simple truth; your garage door may be excessively loud because it needs lubrication, so give them a small spray of WD40 and check whether the clamors stop.

Sluggish movement or trouble opening

If your garage door has started to move more slowly than normal, or it is struggling to open, your garage door springs may need replacement. Give the door a test to check the quality and condition of your springs. Disconnect your garage door opener so you can lift it by hand.

Next, lift the door up between the ground and the highest point of the doorframe, and let it go. If it stays put, your springs are still working properly. But, if it lowers itself, consider replacing those springs. Replacement springs are a risky business, so it’s always best to leave the job to an expert.

Inability to close the door

Garage Door Repair Service work van

If your garage door won’t close, ensure there are no obstructions that may hinder its sensors. Also, make sure the photo eyes on both sides of your garage are lined up and not knocked or jarred out of position. If everything looks good, consider checking the garage doors cables or the tracks.

Does something looks worn, bent, or damaged? Tighten any loose parts and remove any potential obstructions from the track to see whether these actions cure your issue.

The garage door opener makes loud noises

If you know for sure that your door isn’t the issue, maybe your garage door opener is the reason for the added racket.

Some garage door opener noises are more common in old machines of at least seven years and chain-operated ones.

Other common garage door opener noises include:

  • Rattling- Frail rails or loose chain
  • Grinding- Poor lubrication of moving parts
  • Straining-Defective motor or insufficient power/horsepower

Other common garage door noises

Here are some common issues to understand why you have a noisy garage door:

You have an old garage door-Garage doors make louder noises as they get older. These sounds are usually because of old rollers that may require lubricant.

The garage door fell of-balance- A garage door that has fallen off the track will be louder when it opens and closes. Consider calling an expert garage door company to fix the alignment of your door when you hear loud sounds.

The opener needs fixing or replacing-If you hear a rattling sound, you may have a major issue with your opener. A chain-drive opener makes more noise than belt-drive ones, but call an expert if the chain or belt is loose.

The rollers show signs of wear-As metal garage doors and their parts get older, they’ll get rusty and make weird noises. Nylon rollers make fewer noises than steel rollers but don’t lubricate nylon rollers.

The bolts and nuts have come free-Loose bolt and nuts will make a shrieking sound when your garage door opens and closes.

The hinges and rollers need lubrication- All metal moving parts of a garage door need lubrication to work. So, lubricate your metal garage door parts until your door becomes quiet once more.

Are garage door noises serious?

don't do a do it yourself garage door repair

Yes, no matter the noise your garage door makes, you need to have a garage door expert inspect your system. A few issues like poor maintenance are less genuine dangers than broken springs.

If you think something isn’t right with your garage door, think of calling the experts at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair. The weight and the tension in the springs and cans can represent a safety danger for those unqualified with a garage door fix.

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How does a New Installed Garage Door handle Extreme Weather?

new installed garage door

Your new installed garage door always works, even if it’s not moving. It is because your garage door installation in Clearwater is significant to protecting your garage from various dangers including water, pests, debris, and burglars.

Weather can affect your garage door. From summer heat and tornadoes to winter snowstorms and wind, the climate changes can negatively affect your garage door, affecting its usefulness after some time.

While you can’t eliminate the climate, being prepared for its impact can assist you with keeping the garage door functioning correctly. Besides, quality garage door stripping, maintenance and fixes will keep your garage door working properly regardless of what nature tosses at it.

The effect of hot weather on your garage door

The effect of hot weather on your new installed garage door

When the hot summer sun hits your garage door, awful things can occur if you don’t take precautions. The summer heat and winds can be particularly dangerous to garage doors if there’s a significant level of humidity. Usually, wooden garage doors can absorb much moisture during the humid climate. This high amount of moisture can make wood swell, making your garage door crack or split. Wooden garage doors that absorb water in humid conditions also risk rotting faster.

Therefore, it’s critical to apply a coat of finish or protective paint to your wooden garage door before summer’s humidity ruins it. For wood doors that already painted, a top layer of protection will give a layer of protection and keep your garage door looking new again. For stained doors, you must apply a coat of polyurethane finish like every few years to get the best protection.

Another thing to look for in summer is glare from the sun affecting your garage door sensors. When your garage door has electronic photo-eyes that keeps it from closing when something is underneath it, glare from the sun may meddle with it and keep the door from shutting.

Even when there’s nothing underneath. If you need a quick solution, then shading the photo-eyes with cardboard or another obscure flexible material may be essential.

How does cold weather impacts garage doors?

Cold climate can leave its mark on your garage door. Melted snow is a significant winter risk, regularly making your garage door freeze shut. Long winters can cause swelling in your garage door’s openers and doorframes, prompting hindered usefulness and damage after some time. Low temperatures may likewise thicken your door jamb’s lubricants, making it troublesome to open and close.

To counter these chilly climate impacts, ensure to maintain and care your new installed garage door for the cold season. Use all-weather lubricant on door jambs and look out for weak or debilitated springs. You will also need to keep your garage clear from snow and pools of water and keep gutters clean so ice can’t form.

 How does extreme climate impact your garage door?

Extreme weather conditions

Snow and sun can cause a lot of issues to your garage door. But extreme climate can happen out of nowhere, making it difficult to plan for it. From extreme temperature changes to storm damage and flash flooding, the climate can cause door warping, malfunctioning tech, damaged hinges, and total breakdowns.

Your new installed garage door needs to have impact-resistant features to minimize the potential of extreme weather damage. If you live in a place prone to high winds, strong storms, or another outrageous climate, think about installing the proper bracing kit for your garage door. Or invest in a Wind Code-rated door to help withstand extreme winds.

What is an extreme climate?

Extreme climate comes in many sizes and events, any of which can severely impact your garage door. Look for these severe conditions below:

  • Hurricanes
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods

By mounting a quality garage door and ensuring regular service and prepared for the season, you will have your garage door prepared all year. Garage door maintenance is significant to help them handle temperature changes and climate.

If your door gets damage because of extreme climate conditions, consider a new installed garage door.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair for Maintenance and Services

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair expert drilling

Regardless of the season, nature can ruin your garage door. It’s essential to maintain your garage doors from water damage and freezing throughout the winter to humidity and heat-related issues in the summer months.

Sure Fix Garage Door Repair can help give expert maintenance all year long, preparing your door for climate changes and performing fixes when needed.

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Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater, Start Here?

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater FL

Installing a new garage door in Clearwater comes with many decisions. The principle one is the size of your garage door. There are many factors to consider, though understanding the amount of needed side and headroom for the particular type of garage door is an essential place to begin. Other important considerations include:

What is the size of your vehicle or vehicles?

Do you plan to use your carport for storage or an office?

These things to consider are ideal for the perfect garage door installation ready to store, protect, and preserve what’s essential to you. Ensuring you have the necessary space to accommodate your ideal garage door is something you should look into, as a mistake can limit your design space and functionality.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

It’s shocking at the range of standard sizes that exist today for garage doors. Popular garage door manufacturers usually sell garage doors in widths ranging from 8 feet to 20 feet. You can find littler sizes; for instance, in places where golf cart transportation is required. These small garage doors are typically accessible to suit these little vehicles. In large suburban or rural properties, such garage doors may work well for large lawnmowers or little tractors.

People are not installing the small 8-foot-wide doors in many new houses nowadays, yet there are still a lot of older homes with carports built to house littler vehicles. So, replacement garage doors are easily accessible for these homes. Standard heights of garage doors are limited, offered in heights of 7 or 8 feet.

Installing a New Garage Door in Clearwater

If you are installing a new garage door in Clearwater, there’s a decent chance that the builder will recommend a door 9 feet wide and 7 feet high. Usually, if you are planning one door for each vehicle in the carport. That is a decent size for most people. However, imagine a scenario in which you have a huge truck, with huge mirrors projecting from the sides.

Many large trucks have lost those mirrors attempting to squeeze into a 9-foot-wide opening. So, consider going with doors 10 feet wide, and increase the height to 8 feet. The garage needs to accommodate these bigger doors and bigger vehicles.

Another important decision to make when installing a new garage door is whether to have it attached to the house. Although attached garages are the standard nowadays, detached garages have more advantages. Particularly, if you are storing large vehicles, a detached garage may give greater flexibility in design.

Replacing garage doors

Replacing garage door

When you are replacing a garage door, the best way to determine the size you require is to measure the current door. However, if you’re installing a new garage door without one, carefully measure the width and height of the opening. Also, check the clearance above the opening to ensure there is enough space for the installation of the door tracks.

This tip works well if you intend to purchase and install the garage door yourself. If you will let an expert handle the job, it is ideal to let them determine the right size of the door you need. In fact, a garage door professional will measure the door correctly, which a DIY practitioner can make a mistake that may cause the door not to fit.

Changing the Size of a Current Garage Door

From a construction viewpoint, it is straightforward to reduce the size of the opening in a garage, therefore making the requirement for a smaller garage door. But it is uncommon for anyone to do this project. Often, homeowners look to expand the garage door size to fit vehicles that don’t easily fit through the current opening.

Regrettably, increasing a garage door opening is almost impossible without increasing the size of the garage. The greatest obstacle to overcome is the headroom over the current opening. The span above the door opening is framed with a long header that supports the wall area above the door. And you need to raise this header or rebuilt to increase the overall door size.

When there isn’t sufficient room above the opening, you must raise the roof of the garage. Even though it is a complicated task, it is possible in the hands of an expert. You also need to consider permitting space for the opener.

Garage Door Renovation

Sometimes the best way to accommodate large vehicles is to remove the old garage and make a new one. With great design and careful construction, this can improve the value and functionality of your home. With enough available space, you can even wall in the current garage and transform it into living space, then include an all-new garage size in the manner that works best for your needs.

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Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits for a Home

Glass garage doors installation

Glass garage doors installation enhances the function and style of your garage. For a contemporary look, glass garage doors are the best way.

Let’s break down the many benefits of a modern glass garage door installation, including their versatility, affordability, and beautiful look.

Find the top reasons why you will love having one of these special and beautiful garage doors for your home.

Allow natural light inside

One big advantage of modern glass garage doors is their feature to allow in natural light. Without a doubt, you can cut out window panels on normal garage doors to allow some light inside. However, a glass garage door is on another level. Do you live in a place surrounded by natural beauty? Why block the view with a regular garage door?

Consider a full view garage door with clear glass window panels to protect your home from the weather elements without disturbing the view. If you need privacy, consider garage door frosted opaque glass panels that still allow a lot of light while protecting your carport from neighbors and people who walk by.

Also, modern garage doors change the environment in your space by allowing in energy-boosting natural light. It’s a fact that natural light is advantageous to human health and their productivity.

Besides, a glass garage door can save you cash on energy bills since you spare the electricity needed to illuminate the garage during the day.

Spare Space

Sectional glass garage doors are meant for space efficiency. The seams of the horizontal panels are on flexible hinges. This permits the door to slide into the open position, suspended from the ceiling, without occupying any room in front of the garage as it rises.

This comfort and beauty have permitted glass garage doors to extend past use in the carport alone. Any durable structure can bolster these doors, including the family room, a pool house, a workplace, or another area of your home that would benefit from this design and usefulness.

Quality and Reliability

High-quality glass garage doors are sturdy and beautiful to look at whatever time. These modern garage doors come built with a 24 gauge aluminum tube frame. This aluminum is lightweight yet still boosts top durability.

Also, they can include garage door window panels that are produced using 1/4″ thick tempered laminated glass. Tempered laminated glass comprises of two glass panels with a vinyl layer in between. This makes the glass sturdy, shatterproof, and scratch-resistant plus the vinyl layer blocks most of outside noise. Since they are lightweight and rust-resistant, the operation of these doors is quiet.

Variety of colors

Glass Garage Doors Installation Benefits
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Modern garage doors don’t simply come black and white. You can pick a light and bright style with all white aluminum and opaque glass panels. Moreover, a dark and rustic style with grays and blacks, or an imaginative and unique look with colorful choices.

You can pick any kind of colored glass for your garage door panels in addition to the style and finish you require.

Enhances your home beauty plus a magnet for ROI

Considering selling your home? A modern glass garage door can boost your home’s exterior. The garage door is the biggest feature on a home and having a new one can help pull in buyers.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs Value report, new garage door replacements are the number one investment for high return in resale value.

Yes, homeowners can expect over 97.5% return on investment on a new garage door, on average. Imagine the return on investment of a new modern glass garage door?

Boost Living Space

With a lot of natural light and space-efficient design, your carport transforms into another room in your home, as opposed to only a place to park your car or to store items.

You can change all or part of your carport into an office, entertainment space, gym, and workshop.

Why invest thousands of dollars on another project to your home when you can transform your carport for less?

Incredible Value

The best glass garage doors are durable and low-maintenance. Sturdy aluminum models are resistant to rust and corrosion from the elements. You can clean the glass panels easily by washing with soap and water.

What’s more, these doors are environmental-friendly and energy-efficient. They are produced using materials that will remain functional for a long time. Natural light means you’ll use less energy to illuminate the garage space.

Also, our expert weatherproofing techniques can bring down your energy bill through sealing in your ideal temperature, even in the carport. If you need to replace, fix or your new glass garage doors installation contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

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Garage Door Replacement in Clearwater Tips?

Garage door replacement in Clearwater tips family house with garage door

Garage door replacement in Clearwater is not something homeowners do often since most garage doors last a while. However, after a few years, you must do a garage door replacement or fix some parts along the way. Don’t worry, that’s how machines work. Garage doors have moving parts that wear out particularly the metal ones.

 When you’re considering replacing your garage door, you’re not alone. A new garage door can significantly increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. Yes, replacing a garage door is probably the highest ROI home improvement you can make to your home. If you have a garage door with signs of wear and tear, you might think of replacing it today. So, should you replace your garage door or only the parts?

Garage door replacement in Clearwater essentials

The panels and the frame that make up the garage door should last awhile. A steel or aluminum door can last 15 years or more. And a wood door can last a long time too with proper maintenance.

However, your garage door system is more than your entryway. It’s your garage door opener, torsion springs, cables and much more. You can expect a modern durable opener to last you around 15 years.


Garage door replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Homeowners usually will need to replace their garage door springs every few years. Your torsion springs or extension springs do all the heavy lifting when you are opening or closing the entryway. Most standard springs should last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings.

This means around seven years before they breakdown, but it depends on how regularly you use your entryway. And how much stress you put on it, but it will breakdown eventually.


If you appreciate the convenience of a modern door that rolls up into the top of the carport instead of swinging straight up then, you can thank your hinges. Yet, rolling the door up and down on those hinges means significant damage, and you must swap them out often.

Garage door opener

Garage door opener repair in Clearwater

If you purchase a new modern opener, it will most likely last between 10 to 20 years. However, garage door openers are truly complicated machines and have many parts that can go wrong, particularly when you have an older model.

If your entryway isn’t opening or shutting properly, there’s a good chance your garage door opener needs a replacement or fix. Also, replace your garage door opener to enjoy the security and convenience features that come standard with new opener models.

The entire door

If you’ve had your garage door for a long time, it might be time for a garage door replacement in Clearwater project. Frequent fixes, particularly ones that are adding up more than the cost of purchasing another entryway, are a positive sign that it’s time to begin the search for a new one.

Your door may look or feel old, worn out, make loud noises or out of style. A new garage door can increase the look of your home and is one of the highest ROI home improvement projects. So, with the right research and guidance, don’t be afraid to get a new one.

Garage door replacement versus repairs

New garage door replacement in Clearwater, FL

Consider when you have a dented, cracked or broken panel, your garage door expert can fix it and have it looking like new. Also, if your garage door isn’t that old, fix it as opposed to replacing it.

Now, if dented or crack panels appear to keep occurring, or keep having frequent breakdowns in different parts of the framework, a replacement seems like the best approach.


Have you been putting off replacing your garage door because you don’t know where to search for a reliable garage door service at a sensible cost, you don’t need to wait anymore. Our experts have the expertise to install it for you quickly and properly.

Regardless if you need a new door, new parts, fix or an opener replacement, contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, and we’ll gladly help you out.

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