Tired of How Your Garage Door Looks? Buy a New One

A brand new garage door installation in Clearwater project can become a frustrating and perplexing job if you have never undergone a home improvement this significant. However, we at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair in Clearwater, FL can help so don’t worry we have you covered.

Usually, the perfect reason to replace the garage door is that it’s an eyesore or falling apart. What to look for when you purchase your brand new carport –one that suits your house and will endure for many years?

Not only could a brand new garage door supply secure, safe, and effortless access to a garage, but also, it can revive and refresh your overall property look, especially from the curbside.

So this unbiased garage door purchasing guide can allow you to find and buy the ideal garage door for your house. For example, garage door information on costs, materials and design, installation, windows, and, safety features.

You’ll find all the garage door info below:



The design of your home and your personal preference determine what sort of style you will pick for your garage door. Now, if you don’t have any clue how to narrow your options, you will find pros available in the garage door businesses including Sure Fix Garage Door Repair that will assist you.

Some garage door businesses have websites with unique tools that could enable you to visualize how a specific style of garage door will appear on your house.

Material selection is significant too. Based on where you reside, it can be sensible to pick materials that help safeguard your house from the weather elements. Many garage doors have been designed to defy hurricane-force winds, and others were constructed to withstand chilly temperatures or with insulation materials.


Modern technology is helping garage doors, the materials employed for most of the current garage doors may withstand weathering for many years. For example, steel, wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and, aluminum.

Wood, although less durable than the other fabricated materials, remains popular. Although every one of them has its benefits, consumers overwhelmingly favor wood and steel doors.



Your budget is a significant part of the garage door procedure. Those material and design choices could add up, so make sure that to balance your preference with the price of materials and labor costs. Garage door costs could differ based on the material you pick.

Aluminum, steel, and, wood doors have their benefits and pitfalls along with recommended use for different climates. Your local garage door specialist will give you an estimate in person for a better overall evaluation.

Don’t fix or install your garage door yourself

You could save yourself a couple of bucks by installing the garage door yourself. However, it is a DIY job that does not have a significant payoff. The truth, there are many parts, and it is going to take you a day to put them together. Also, winding the springs requires unique instruments and a lot of arm power and is dangerous if you have never undergone a garage door installation.

If you hire an expert to install the doorway, the door is going to get set while the older one hauled off, and the task is going to be taken care off in a couple of hours. If there is an issue, then you’re going to have someone to call while DIY jobs you are stuck by yourself.

Safety Features

safety features
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Do you have small kids or pets who like to play and run around in or around the garage, think about a garage door that includes safety features? Garage doors come with sensors that are made to help stop accidents. Weather problems in your area could also increase garage issues or damages depending on the size of the opening of your house.

If you live in an area prone to high winds or have the probability of hurricanes, then you might want to look at buying a doorway that’s constructed to resist extreme weather. A garage door developed for extreme weather needs to have thicker materials, such as added bracing, durable hardware and heavy gage tracking.

Pick Windows Wisely

pick windows wisely

You could be amazed how much better a garage door appears with the right installed windows. Furthermore, windows could provide much-needed light to the inside of a garage. Listed below are a couple of hints for choosing the ideal glass:

  • If a garage is heated, then update to insulated glass.
  • For additional privacy and safety, set up the glass at the upper panel.
  • Match the glass design to your home windows for a better curb appeal.
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