Outstanding Garage Door Maintenance Services for a Ghost Opening Garage door?

Garage door maintenance services can be a blessing for homeowners who don’t provide care to their doors. A ghost opening garage door may show a problem with the mechanism. 

Yes, the garage door opens and closes on your command, but what do you do when your garage opens all alone. The new garage door installation in Clearwater is a significant part of your home appliances but frequently overlooked. It enhances your home’s curb appeal and provides you and your family security besides comfort. 

Usually, we use our garage doors many times a day and this puts more stress on the garage parts than we realize. However, we disregard it so much that we only notice the issues when it stops working correctly. Often, it may cause issues like garage door opener repairs and spring replacement earlier than expected.

Garage doors aren’t simple mechanisms, but complex. The parts are well connected that when any of them fails, regardless of how little it can impact the entire door. I’ll show you below why your garage door opens all alone and some convenient garage door maintenance services and solutions you can attempt. 

Check your safety sensors 

garage door safety sensors

In garage doors made after 1993, they require safety features that open the door during the close cycle when they detect something obstructing the door. The operation is one with the assistance of sensors in the motor and on both sides of the opening, close to the floor and mounted on the tracks. Basically, if the lowering doors hit an object, the motor detects the obstruction, and the door reverses. Similarly, if the light beam between the floor sensors breaks, the door won’t close. 

A minor detection, for example, collected leaves, snow around the garage door, and storage clutter near the garage door safety sensors can make the door not shut entirely. Plus, misalignment of the floor sensors can make them not work correctly. Check the space around the door and the door tracks, if the tracks get bumped or twisted they can misalign the sensors.

Also, check the state of the wires at the sensors and the connections. Luckily, there are flickering lights on the opener or at the door operator button that shows a blockage at the door. What if you don’t perceive any blockages? It’s conceivable that a sensor has failed and needs replacement. 

Simple homeowner garage door maintenance services 

When the safety sensors and operator button work properly, and you can’t find any terrible wiring or connections, check the control board in the garage door opener. A power surge from a lightning strike or other electrical issues can fry the board, just as the transformer.

If you know how to use a multimeter, you can check the voltage into and out of the circuit board and transformer. This can confirm if both are not working correctly and need replacing. 

Look at the carport entryway opener button

garage door opener repair Clearwater

The door operator button works like a doorbell. Everything relies on the configuration, but you likely have a button that starts the door operator. To check the garage door opener button for issues, ensure it’s clean from dirt. The button can get stuck in the pushed position. This will make the door open and close until the button gets unstuck.

Clean the button and the connections in the housing. Ensure the wiring around the opener button isn’t compromised. If you see uncovered spots in the wiring insulation, or around the run of wire, it could short circuit and cause issues. 

Ask your nearby neighbors if they have a garage door 

Garage doors use radio frequencies to operate. Whether you use the passcode entry, the buttons inside the garage, or your remote opener, both the openers and the garage door must use the same frequency. 

Different devices also use similar frequencies. CB radios, police radios and even your neighbor’s garages can use similar or the same frequency. 

Since people can program two different garage doors to the same channel, your neighbors can make your garage door open in a ghostly manner. So, if your neighbor uses their remote to open or close their door, it might cause yours to open, as well! 

Don’t worry, you’re fortunate — you have a simple fix for garage door frequency issues. Reprogram your garage door opener, and it should go back to normal. 

Garage Door Maintenance Services

Garage door spring maintenance

If your garage door has ghost issues, it can make a significant disruption in your daily life. Besides, the security problems a ghost opening door can do to your home. If your door opens all alone and you can’t find the reason, it’s time to bring in an expert. 

At Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we’re prepared to fix any issues with your garage door to make it work like its brand new. 

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