Is Your Garage Door Safe From Burglars?

When we think of burglaries, new garage door replacements are usually not on our mind. We think of our front main entrance and backdoors, cameras and alarm systems. However, did you know your garage door is one of the ways that burglars enter a home? Yes, this is why we here at Sure Fix Garage DoorRepairs will guide you with some steps you can take to protect yourself.

9% Of Break-Ins Happen Thru Garage Door

garage door break-ins
We spend money on a Locksmith to secure our homes with new lock installations and high-tech alarm systems.But garage door services are important to help us with our homes safety. It’s the small things that we usually neglect! Let us begin with our top tips. A lot of us sometimes leave our garage’s open until we go to bed. We might go out for a few hours and forget or think our neighborhood watch or neighbors will call the police if any stranger tries to go in by the car garage. However, it’s not always the case an expert burglar might act as a repairman, cable guy or friend walking in by the garage. So, there you go our first recommendation is to keep the door lock at all times.

Garage Door Remotes

Next tip to prevent entering or home invasion is don’t leave your garage door remote in your car that’s parked outside. It’s easy for a burglar to break your car window with a spark plug or different methods they use. The thief might see the remote steal it and just open your garage door. Yes, it’s that easy when we have never been thru a robbery to relax that much. It can happen when our third car or even second automobile might not fit due to a crowded garage. So, don’t leave your garage remote in your automobile. I use a keychain, and that helps me not to forget it. They can weight 0.2 ounces and very small to fit a keychain.

Criminals are hiding in the bushes by the garage!

If you have a slow garage door can they slip right inside and hide or worst. You might think this only in the movies but in reality, if you have watched the news before it does happen. Being aware of your surroundings is as important as the rest of the suggestions.

Old garage doors that are in need of maintenance and repairs.

Doors that are loose and worn out can be a way for someone to get in your home. Call a garage door replacement company if you have an old one that’s weak. It will improve your safety and increase the value of your home or business. Windows on Garage Doors should be tinted so that no one can see inside and scope your home out. Censor lights will help you out; also, robbers hate lights. Security cameras in the garage are excellent deterrents.Thiefs will bypass your home most of the time if they see cameras and move on to an easier target. We hope our article has made you well aware of the strategies these crimes are committed. Our team at Sure Fix Garage Door Repair is ready to assist you with any advice on the best doors, remotes, motors, and repairs.
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