Is a Noisy Garage Door Installation Driving you Crazy?

A quality garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida, is something special that you should enjoy. These beautiful entryways make much of your home’s curb appeal which means a lot of design goes into this! Yes, with the present styles and materials of entryways accessible nowadays, it’s getting simpler to catch the attention of your neighbors with your modern garage door design. However, a noisy garage door grabs the attention of your neighbors negatively. 

Noisy garage doors are a typical issue for property owners. Regardless if you hear rattles, squeaks or shrieks like in a scary movie, it is a solid indicator of an approaching garage door repair Clearwater, Florida service call. There are some reasons your entryway is making noise, all of which show that something isn’t right: 

Bent tracks 

Garage door installation in Clearwater, Florida experts

Bent tracks are a typical guilty party for an uproarious garage door. The tracks are the railings that guide your entryway open and shut. When they get bent, it makes rubbing noises that can awaken an entire home and even neighborhood! When you see loose screws along the rails is an indicator of bent tracks. 

Loose parts 

Usually, loose parts cause loud garage door noises. The garage door rollers, hinges, nuts, and bolts will loosen up when not properly maintained. The effect comes as loud shaking or vibrating sounds. 

Check the garage door opener chain 

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

A loose opener chain makes boisterous slapping sounds and causes a jerky entryway movement that smacks the rollers against the track. Therefore, start by tightening the chain but first find this technique in your owner’s manual. When you have a track drive opener, the following step is to lubricate the opener track with grease. Now, if you have a screw drive opener, grease the threads. 


Another reason for a noisy garage door involves a lack of lubrication. A significant part of the equipment of your garage door depends on well-lubricated parts that when lubricated work to create smooth functioning. Without the lubrication, we put an additional strain on the opener, resulting in horrible squeaks and grinding commotions. 

The unique lubricant Prime Flo penetrates the parts as a liquid and dries to shape a non-tacky grease that won’t draw in dirt and dust, which can gum things up. Lubricate all the moving parts at least once every six months to lessen wear and keep the entryway quiet. Avoid using different oils since they don’t penetrate as well and will pick up residue and grit. Residue and grit are exactly what you don’t need in garage door springs. 

Garage door maintenance tips 

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Fortunately, a significant number of the above issues are preventable and fixable through garage door maintenance. It’s recommended that you contact an expert garage door services to inspect your door twice per year. As the biggest most used moving appliance of your house, it’s critical to ensure that everything works well. Maintenance is incredible for the consumer since your expert can address small issues and prevent further issues from developing. This saves you cash on costly fixes and time spent waiting for your entryway to work. 

We’re glad to share a couple of tips to make your garage door calmer: 

Do an inspection of your garage door rollers. If your rollers are worn, damaged, or not spinning, you must buy replacement ones. 

Consider installing a modern garage door opener. How old is your current opener? As time passes, the opener gets more used, and it becomes worn and noisy. A new garage door opener can eliminate the noise and make the ride a smooth operation for your garage doors! 

Like I said above, the metal parts of your garage door system need lubricant. The rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs all require a lubricant to work their best. 

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