How To Secure The Garage Door

Usually, garage door repair service comes to mind only when the door becomes faulty, but other times homeowners are a victim of a break-in and the experts will come by to give a hand.

In the beginning, once you closed the garage door from the inside, we thought we have locked out the bad guy. Moreover, they were right; a garage door attached to an opener is secure. However, there are a couple of ways that crooks could get inside.

Your garage is a significant part of your homes security and a perfect place to store the car or as a storage place for valuables such as power tools, lawnmower, and, bikes.

Often, a number of us leave the carport unlocked and the side door leading into your home from the garage open too. So you see it’s simple to see why procuring your garage door is among the essential steps in strengthening your house security.

Before you look up a garage door repair expert in Clearwater FL to fix broken parts caused by a burglar, please read my top security tips for securing the carport:

Use the Lock

use the lock

Perhaps the best suggestion — lock your door. It applies to the carport and the side entry door. The two doors must be shut and secured if you are utilizing the garage often. You also ought to maintain the entrance door locked once you go to bed. Usually, homeowners feel by closing the garage door is more than enough to keep themselves secure.

Beef up the door- The walk-through service door is a critical weak spot and needs to be equipped with a strike plate and a deadbolt just like the front entry doorway. Furthermore, made out of excellent materials like steel or wood. Do not install a hollow door as it’s easy to bypass with forced entry techniques like kicking or shoulder attacks.

Lock the entrance door leading to the home- If you have an attached garage reinforced it like the service door. Homeowners forget about the side entrance door and leave it unlocked and trust the service door will stop crooks. Some thieves have animal instincts so they will try another option before giving up so keep both doorways secure. Remember just by touching you’ll know it’s a hollow door. Take away the chance, and you’re going to diminish your probability of being a victim.



Each garage door opener comes with an emergency release that disconnects the opener from the door. Without this, you can’t open the doorway once the opener is not working correctly. However, some opportunistic burglars have turned this attribute to their gain.

Fishing a garage door happens often but is not straightforward, and in many scenarios, it’s impossible. Some garage door openers, will not discharge if the cord is tugged at an angle towards the doorway and possess a release mechanism that has to be pulled down. Others times are a bit simpler to fish especially if your garage door has a window which makes it possible for the crook to see the trick.

One approach is to decide on an opener using built-in safety attributes

decide on an opener using built-in safety attributes

Monitor-The best part of this opener is you don’t have to get up from the bed if you forgot to lock the garage. A monitor will inform you if the door was shut correctly or open. These type of monitors come with sensors that can come outfitted with a button which closes the door from anywhere or remotely.

Self-closing system-This opener will close the door for you if you forget to shut the door. Also, you can correct the period that is left open or reevaluate the self-closing feature and change it.

Lighting controls-These openers could switch on fixtures or lights inside the home although the opener includes two bulbs. The lights turn on when the opener works, or you can use the remote to turn them on independently from the garage door opener.

Smartphone connection-From anywhere with your smartphone you could make sure the door is shut or open to allow the dog walker or the electrician inside. Even better, a notification can be sent by the opener once the door opens to let your adolescent home from school or how late he/she came home.

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