How to Choose the Right Commercial Garage Door?

If you are in the market for a commercial garage door installation in Clearwater, then there are many things to consider before making your buy. A significant factor to consider is the function, for example, manually operated or automatic? Depending on your business and building type, you might need to think about how frequently will it be opened and shut.

Also, does it need to stay open, and do you want it for a high foot traffic area? Moreover, think about the environment and climate, and pick a garage door that can withstand the elements just as give the most significant practicality to your business. Furthermore, identify the space you need, for instance – sectional garage doors will require more space.

Does it fulfill all your security needs? Have you consider maintenance cost, for instance, regular professional servicing. Allow Sure Fix Garage Door Repair experts show you the types of commercial garage doors plus much more:

Roller doors

Warehouse garage doors

Roller doors are found usually on homes, storages, back of restaurants, and, retail stores. And any business that doesn’t have space for a sectional garage door. In contrast to the sectional door, roller doors require much less space to be stored when opened. Therefore, it is a fantastic choice for any small company that doesn’t have the necessary storage space.


  • Roller doors are versatile and can operate either automatically or manually.
  • These doors are sturdy and built to last, with neoprene climate seals keeping humidity from entering your garage or company.
  • These doors require minor upkeep and fixes.
  • You can install roller doors to meet fire escape needs.


  • Roller doors can be costly, based on style, insulation options, and, installation charges.
  • Aluminum doors can dent.
  • Insulated entryways are more substantial than non-insulated, so you’ll need more power if you like automatic.


Sectional garage doors

Three warehouse garage doors


Sectional garage doors are comprised of 3 to 8 panels depending on the size of the passageways. The track system can be worked automatically or manually through a motor. People use these doors in warehouses, car washes, car yards, building with high-traffic, and, even some work for residential application. Sectional garage doors come made from a wide range of materials including, steel, aluminum, copper, glass, and, vinyl.



  • Incredibly energy efficient.
  • Sturdy and built to endure the harshest weather elements, lessen wind noise, and allows insulation to be applied.
  • These doors can likewise provide incredible natural lighting and decrease the amount of artificial light required.
  • Sectional doors can likewise function with autos or objects near the entryway.


  • It requires much overhead or backspace to allow the entryway to rest when the carport is open.
  • Needs regular maintenance to guarantee rubber seals and lubrication on the tracks remain intact.
  • It can be expensive to fix if there is an operational issue inside the entire system.

Overhead Doors

A well-known commercial garage door is the overhead garage doors. Overhead garage doors opened through rails that pull them up until the entryway is position horizontal with the ceiling. These garage doors suit an entryway that will primarily allow cars to enter.

Overhead garage doors operate with remote control, yet can likewise work manually if needed. Overhead entryways come with horizontal slats made of wood, or various sorts of metal. These thin hinged sections enable the entryway to bend, giving the entryway the flexibility to be raised from any open position and brought down to get shut.

Fire Rated Doors

Fire-rated garage doors are usually installed in warehouses, and parking garages. They’re produced using thick stainless steel, well-insulated, noise resistant, and, again, fire-resistant. Fire-appraised entryways come with an auto-closing highlight that activates when a fire gets detected. These garage doors can be operated automatically and manually or custom-built.

Custom made doors

Picking the ideal garage door for your business can get overwhelming, particularly when they’re such a large number of various styles and designs. As well as looking for one that has the functionality of your operations. That’s why custom made doors are an incredible option since you can pick precisely what you need and exactly how you want it to work.

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