Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re inexperienced with the different parts and mechanics of your new garage door installation and opener, it might be challenging to make sense of why it isn’t working appropriately. It can frustrate if the issue interferes with your schedule. 

When you find a significant issue with your garage door you comprehend a garage door repair in Clearwater seems like the next logical option. However, you have a busy schedule and you would prefer to invest your free energy with your family or companions. Therefore, we put together a couple of tips to assist you with troubleshooting the most common garage door issues. 

Are The Batteries Dead? 

Duracell batteries

This is the initial thing you should check, as it’s the most common reason and the least demanding to fix. Remove the batteries from your remote and replace them with new ones. Try opening the entryway once more and check whether it opens. Most of the time, it is all you need to do to take care of the issue. 

When you open up the remote to check the batteries, check the contacts. Do the contacts look corroded or worn? For this situation, you may need to clean them as this could cause the troubleshooting issue. When it still doesn’t work, you can try replacing the remote itself. This isn’t a costly thing to do, so it’s a choice if your entryway won’t respond to an old worn remote. 

Is the track aligned properly? 

Next, try the track the garage door runs on. If the entryway isn’t adjusted appropriately to the track, you’ll see that it’ll slow down and make a scouring noise when it hits the misaligned spot, or even refuse to open entirely. Often, you can address the issue yourself. 

Search for gaps between the rollers and the rail, or look for twisted rollers. When the garage door still moves, you can try to fix it yourself. Loosen the screws that hold the track to the frame and afterward use a rubber hammer to tap the track once more into shape. When it’s working correctly, tighten the screws again, so it’s holding the track in the correct position. 

However, if you’re not handy with tools attempting to align your garage door tracks can rapidly bring personal injury! So it’s ideal to plan a meeting with an expert garage door repair service.

Is the Sensor Aligned and Clean? 

Align Garage Door Sensors Uploaded by: Wikivisual

The photo-eye sensors needs an alignment. This is the safety feature of your garage door that keeps people, animals, and, the car safe. The eyes sit on both side of your garage door, emitting a beam between them. When something comes between them, the beam gets broken and it won’t permit the garage door to close. If your entryway will open regularly, yet won’t close once more, your garage door sensor might be dirty. The straightforward approach to tackle this issue is to clean them, but be careful not to scratch the glass. 

If cleaning doesn’t work, it may be the case of misaligned photo-eyes. This happens when one eye is offset, so the beam doesn’t meet the other eye, and the system assumes that the beam got blocked. Check the alignment by measuring the height of each eye starting from the floor, use a level to check that they’re pointing directly at one another. Make the vital adjustments and check whether this takes care of the issue. 

Are Your Transmitters Working? 

Often, the batteries appeared to work fine, perhaps the issue lies with your transmitter. When the entryway isn’t opening, watch that you’re in the entryway’s range. Draw nearer and attempt the remote once more if it opens, then you should be closer to be in range. 

Now if you’re in range and still it won’t work, check the antenna in the carport itself. It needs to hang down and be free of any obstructions. Another issue you could have is that the entryway is opening or closing on its own. 

Don’t worry, you need not replace the entire unit. However, the right response is less difficult. Sometimes, your neighbors have an opener on a similar frequency, and when they attempt to open their entryway, they’re opening yours. Check with your neighbors to check whether they’re having issues and assuming this is the case, try changing the frequency on your opener. If you don’t, you may leave an opening for burglary.

Is Something Blocking The Door? 

how safe is your garage door

There could be something preventing the garage door from closing appropriately. 

As talked above, you must make sure that nothing hinders the photo-eyes, making it malfunction. Not only dirty but things like children’s toys, tools, and, even a rock can prevent the entryway from shutting. 

Try removing whatever’s there and attempt the entryway once more. 

Are The Springs Broken? 

Everyone thinks the opener does the heavy lifting, but the springs do most of the hauling. 

They hold up the heaviness of the entryway when it opens, thus they expand and contract every time you use it. They rate most garage door springs for a specific amount of cycles, so inevitably, they will break. 

Now, when they break, you’ll hear a boisterous noise from your garage, something like a bang. This will tell you that the springs have broken and need replacement. Remember, you can’t fix springs only replaced! If they’re broken, don’t replace them by yourself since they’re hazardous to your health, thus a specialist should deal with them.

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