Garage Door Safety Risks and Best Tips to Secure a Garage

Your garage door maintenance in Clearwater expert aims to bring awareness to garage door safety since these machines can pose risk to children, pets, and your car.

Regardless if you’re a parent or person with cats or dogs moving into a house with a garage, you likely have safety on your mind. Children and pets are curious, and often, their curiosity can prompt dangers that can lead to injuries.

Homeowners always consider many approaches to childproof the inside of their homes. However, it’s significant not to overlook the garage. Remember, we regularly store some of the most hazardous things in our carport, so this makes childproofing your garage door particularly significant.

Below, we’re posting a few unique ways for you to secure your garage so your family and pets can be safe.

How safe is my garage door?

Garage Door with Broken Springs

Most garages present dangers to kids and pets, for example, vehicles, slipping on wet floors, and outdoor supplies. You want to get your kids and pets away from these dangers. Before you change anything in your carport, look at its current condition. Assess your garage’s safety by asking these questions:

Are my garage door safety eyes working properly?

Can the kids touch the chemicals and tools you keep in the carport?

Do you have trash, pet food, and gardening tools that can pose risks?

Do you keep the garage clean?

How straightforward can your kids and pets enter the garage?

Do you lock the vehicle when you’re not using it?

Does my garage door need its regular maintenance or needs urgent repairs?

Any loud or weird noises coming out of your opener that may show a garage door opener replacement.

Falling Garage Doors

When experts properly install garage doors, they’re likewise correctly balanced that often confuses homeowners in thinking that their garage door is lightweight. However, in many homes, the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving appliance in their home.

It can cause extreme injury if it falls. Here are some garage door safety tips to help keep your door from falling on you, a loved one or your car:

Don’t enter or leave your carport while the door is moving.

Do a month-to-month reversal and balance tests on your garage door.

Guarantee that everybody in your family knows about the garage door emergency release lever commonly painted in red.

Pinch Hazards

Pinch Hazards

Pinch hazards are a common garage door injury. Garage door springs, rollers, tracks, and panels can seriously pinch a finger or hand if not taken care of correctly.

To keep away from this injury, never place your finger in between door sections, close to tracks, or around rollers while the door moves. If you have curious kids, consider installing pinch-resistant panels.

Garage Door Remotes

Your garage door remote makes entering and leaving your carport easy, yet it is essential to secure your garage door remote, particularly if you have small kids with curious hands.

Make sure you explain to your kids that the garage door remote is not a toy. Instead, try to keep your garage door remote and wall control press button far from small kids.

Also, make sure you see the garage door when you operate your remote or wall control. Never open or close your garage door when you can’t see the door.

Garage door maintenance and DIY repairs

A few homeowners may want to perform their own garage door maintenance instead of hiring an expert. While some maintenance anyone can do alone, installation of a new door and any DIY fixes to rollers, springs, cables, and tracks need the assistance of a licensed garage door repair company.

When you improperly installed or wrongly fix a garage door you can make a significant mistake that can lead to damages and worst an accidental death.

What can I do to practice garage door safety?

Garage door repair alignment issue

Automatic garage doors can cause injury if you don’t take the most extreme care. If you have a garage door opener, always keep it secure and maintained. Many children get excited when they open and close the door like a toy. But, it is not a toy and when they attempt to play, they can get trapped in the door itself or in moving parts. Test your doors safety eyes so little fingers and toes don’t get injured.

When frequently maintained and handled with care, garage doors don’t represent a danger. Follow these garage door safety tips and have your door serviced regularly. If you live in Clearwater, FL, and your garage door needs services or need a check-up, contact our garage door specialists today!

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