Garage Door Replacement in Clearwater Tips?

Garage door replacement in Clearwater is not something homeowners do often since most garage doors last a while. However, after a few years, you must do a garage door replacement or fix some parts along the way. Don’t worry, that’s how machines work. Garage doors have moving parts that wear out particularly the metal ones.

 When you’re considering replacing your garage door, you’re not alone. A new garage door can significantly increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. Yes, replacing a garage door is probably the highest ROI home improvement you can make to your home. If you have a garage door with signs of wear and tear, you might think of replacing it today. So, should you replace your garage door or only the parts?

Garage door replacement in Clearwater essentials

The panels and the frame that make up the garage door should last awhile. A steel or aluminum door can last 15 years or more. And a wood door can last a long time too with proper maintenance.

However, your garage door system is more than your entryway. It’s your garage door opener, torsion springs, cables and much more. You can expect a modern durable opener to last you around 15 years.


Garage door replacement in Clearwater spring fix

Homeowners usually will need to replace their garage door springs every few years. Your torsion springs or extension springs do all the heavy lifting when you are opening or closing the entryway. Most standard springs should last around 10,000 cycles, or openings and closings.

This means around seven years before they breakdown, but it depends on how regularly you use your entryway. And how much stress you put on it, but it will breakdown eventually.


If you appreciate the convenience of a modern door that rolls up into the top of the carport instead of swinging straight up then, you can thank your hinges. Yet, rolling the door up and down on those hinges means significant damage, and you must swap them out often.

Garage door opener

Garage door opener repair in Clearwater

If you purchase a new modern opener, it will most likely last between 10 to 20 years. However, garage door openers are truly complicated machines and have many parts that can go wrong, particularly when you have an older model.

If your entryway isn’t opening or shutting properly, there’s a good chance your garage door opener needs a replacement or fix. Also, replace your garage door opener to enjoy the security and convenience features that come standard with new opener models.

The entire door

If you’ve had your garage door for a long time, it might be time for a garage door replacement in Clearwater project. Frequent fixes, particularly ones that are adding up more than the cost of purchasing another entryway, are a positive sign that it’s time to begin the search for a new one.

Your door may look or feel old, worn out, make loud noises or out of style. A new garage door can increase the look of your home and is one of the highest ROI home improvement projects. So, with the right research and guidance, don’t be afraid to get a new one.

Garage door replacement versus repairs

New garage door replacement in Clearwater, FL

Consider when you have a dented, cracked or broken panel, your garage door expert can fix it and have it looking like new. Also, if your garage door isn’t that old, fix it as opposed to replacing it.

Now, if dented or crack panels appear to keep occurring, or keep having frequent breakdowns in different parts of the framework, a replacement seems like the best approach.


Have you been putting off replacing your garage door because you don’t know where to search for a reliable garage door service at a sensible cost, you don’t need to wait anymore. Our experts have the expertise to install it for you quickly and properly.

Regardless if you need a new door, new parts, fix or an opener replacement, contact Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, and we’ll gladly help you out.

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