Why is my garage door opener system working slow?

Garage door system opener use springs, sensors, pulleys, and tracks to operate your garage door installation in St Petersburg. These systems typically function with minor trouble, but often the garage door may open too slowly.

It’s kind of annoying when your garage door opens slow as it takes more of your time particularly if you’re in a hurry. How do you know whether you have a slow garage door opener in Clearwater, FL, or you’re impatient?

Garage doors do a ton of lifting every day. So, they will ultimately need maintenance and fixes to stay in great working condition.

Check for these signs below that your garage door needs maintenance since it’s too slow, along with other reasons you may have issues.

How long should it take for a properly working garage door to open and close?

Vemco garage door opener from Stanley

The normal is 15 seconds. Most garage doors will fully complete the opening and closing cycle inside 15 seconds. When you find that your garage door takes more than 20 seconds to open or close, it’s an ideal time to get the door checked.

Other reasons your garage door opener system is slow

There are other reasons your garage door opens and closes too slow. Here are two below:

You have an old garage door-One issue, could be the age of your opener or different parts of your garage door. When you have old torsion springs or different parts that are wearing out, they may not be working as efficiently.

If it’s been quite a while since you upgraded your opener and you feel your door moves too slowly, this can be the ideal time to replace it. Install a superior garage door opener with more horsepower than your current model for high-speed operation. Having a high HP opener would likely give you more life out of your opener since it won’t need to work as hard.

Speed Setting Switched to Slow

In all honesty, the manufacturer program your opener to open and close slowly for your safety. Check your manual to check whether you can safely set the garage door opener to open quicker.

Ensure to adjust them so it slows your garage door. The higher the speed setting on the garage door, the harder the opener needs to push or pull the entryway when opening and shutting.

If the method appears confusing or dangerous, consider a specialist to come to change the speed setting for you for a small fee.

Check the Motor and springs

introduction into garage door springs

A garage door that opens slowly could also mean that the motor is experiencing the ill effects of age. It might require replacement, and you’ll find this out by checking how it functions while the garage door moves.

Often, the springs will loosen because of the wear and tear. You must tighten them to stop the disruption. It’s an ideal time to hire someone to fix the garage door spring for you since DIY gigs are so risky.

Garage Door System Opener Service

The most common fix when you have a slow garage door is lubrication. Without the right oil, your garage door parts will need to work much harder, noisier, and longer during the opening and closing cycles, which makes those processes take longer than normal 15 seconds. Plus, as you use your garage door all day every day, after some time, pulleys can likewise get worn and springs can lose tension — which likewise slows the system.

You can start by lubricating the tracks, brackets and hinges. When you’ve completely lubricated those parts, test the door to check whether it’s moving quicker. Don’t use the lubricant on roller tracks that bring nylon rollers.

Allow Sure Fix Garage Door Repair to Help

LiftMaster garage door opener installation

If lubrication or speed control settings don’t fix the issue, it’s time to call an expert. A garage door expert can check your doors pulleys and springs to check whether there’s a significant issue that requires a fix. It’s never smart for a homeowner to get into these increasingly serious maintenances and fix tasks. Garage doors work under a lot of tension, and it requires knowledge and the ability to safely provide upkeep and fixes.

At Sure Fix Garage Door Repair, we can provide the best upkeep and fix services. We know exactly how significant your garage door and its functioning is to your everyday way of life. Our experts can quickly recognize the reasons your garage door system opener works slowly — and afterward, make suggestions for how to address the issue.

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