Five Signs to Call an Expert Garage Door Repair Company

Do you think it’s time to call a garage door repair company, odds are it is? Every year, many people are severely injured by garage doors. Because of the tension that garage doors are under and their weight they can hurt people or pets while damaging your car too. 

When you are experiencing any of the issues below, or feel that something isn’t right with your garage door, it’s critical to contact a garage door repair in Clearwater specialists right away.

Rising energy bills

One issue many residents see during summer is an increase in their energy bills. Poorly insulated old garage doors and with climate wearing away the finish, your current door may do little to keep the outside temperatures under control.

If you don’t properly insulate your garage door, gaps along the perimeter can permit untreated air to flow freely into the carport, affecting the comfort and energy bills of your home. Our team can inspect your door and offer advice and repair, regardless if that includes minor garage door fixes or a full replacement.

Out of date safety features

Garage door sensors

If the safety features for your garage doors are obsolete, it is imperative to get a technician out immediately to address the issue. Motion detection, manual controls, auto-reverse, photo eyes, and other safety features are standard.

Also, in some states, you require having a battery backup system installed to protect in case of wildfires.

Experiencing excessive shakiness, vibrations, and making unusual noises

Other issues that prompt a call to a garage door repair company are vibrations or extreme shakiness in your garage door. This is a sign that there is a loose hinge or a problem with your rollers. Both are dangerous scenarios so call an expert right away.

If your garage door makes weird noises, it is also time to get it checked. While garage doors aren’t noiseless, they should make boisterous shrieking noises out of nowhere. The garage door can have many issues behind the loud noises so it’s critical to summon an expert right away.

You notice wear or rust on the garage door parts

If you notice the wear or rust on your garage door it’s also a sign that you should contact a garage door repair company. Old, worn, or broken parts, loose screws, and wear on different components can make a hazardous scenario so make sure to maintain then right away.

Sagging or malfunctioning garage door

Garage door repair company installation in Clearwater

You may see that your garage door looks marginally off-kilter, so now could be an ideal time for a garage door repair. After much time, many aging doors sag, but when left unfixed, this sagging can affect the balance of the door itself. As a heavy, mobile appliance, your garage door can cause a ton of wear on parts when things don’t get a properly balanced. Your springs, for instance, may wear unevenly if it leaves one side to finish all the work.

If you’ve seen that your door doesn’t look even or it isn’t shutting evenly, a straightforward test can determine the required balancing. Turn your opener, disengage your entryway with the red release handle, and physically move it to the midpoint. If the garage door rapidly goes up or down instead of hovering, it is unbalanced and needing fixes.

Contact the right garage door repair company!

Chamberlain opener installation by Sure Fix Garage Door Repair

If you are experiencing issues with your garage door, it is straightforward to fix right away. Remember, every year many people get injured by garage doors or by improper operations. That’s why please get any issues quickly fixed by an expert garage door repair company like Sure Fix Garage Door Repair.

Regardless of your garage door is making odd noises, needs updates, isn’t working as it should or you notice wear or rust, contact an expert, yes you guessed it, right away.

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