Essential Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Garage Door Opener

New garage door installations in Clearwater, FL, are an ultimate comfort for homeowners. They enable you to protect your vehicle during severe climate and at the same time helps secure the auto from thieves. Furthermore, they improve the value of your home as it can furnish homeowners with a high rate of return on investment when it comes time to selling a home. 

If you are hoping to increase security or improve the look of your home, then a new garage door installation seems right. However, to keep your garage working smoothly, there are various garage door opener highlights you ought to consider first. With so many features that garage door openers bring, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages. Thus, let’s invest a little energy investigating the essentials. 

Automatic reversing feature

Numerous injuries are caused by garage door openers that don’t work correctly or don’t offer quality standard safety features today. Safety highlights, for example, the automatic reversing, which switches the direction of a closing entryway whenever it experiences an unforeseen obstacle. The two most basic auto-reversing mechanism are electronic sensors mounted at the base of the entryway, which turn around the opener the minute an obstruction is encountered. 

Photoelectric eyes get installed at the threshold of your garage entryway and sense when something obstructs them. When you have an older garage door opener, mainly one fabricated before 1982, check the security highlights to guarantee your family stays safe. As garage door opener makers focus on the safety, they have made extraordinary strides in improving the response time of security features. 

Rolling code technology

rolling code technology

News reports demonstrated a child’s toy could be used to hack garage door openers. So, garage door makers are trying to ensure that you have the most secure garage door by applying rolling code technology. Each time you use the garage door opener remote, both the remote and the opener randomly pick a new code, with over a million potential codes accessible. 

Garage door manual release

A manual release enables you to disconnect the garage door opener from the entryway, allowing you to open the garage door by hand. While garage doors are substantial, the spring system offers enough counter-balance that enable a person to lift the entryway by hand easily. 

The manual release highlight comes handy whenever you experience a power loss since you still can access your garage. It is also a useful diagnostic tool when attempting to know if your garage door remains adequately adjusted. 

Remember that modern thief are capable of exploiting the manual release via the fishing technique. A thieve can use a thin hook or wire thread through an open window or a closed garage door to pull the dangling manual release. Once pulled, the criminal can effortlessly lift the garage door by hand. 

Battery backup

battery backup

Battery backups are another approach to guarantee that your garage doors keep on working during a brief power blackout. However, there are limits to the times you can work your opener in battery backup mode. A battery backup can likewise keep your garage door working during a long lasting loss of power by rationing its use. When energy returns, the battery backup will start to charge. 


Horsepower (HP) is another consideration for a garage door opener. However, the key is to get the horsepower (HP) right for the garage door you’re trying to pull up. When your horsepower (HP) is unreasonably high for your lift needs, your garage door opener won’t be energy efficient. 

However, when you need more HP, you will exhaust your opener, causing unnecessary wear and tear. An underpowered opener could likewise cause certain dangers, for example, shaky opening and shutting. 

If you have an opener with 1/2 horsepower to power a light door then your all set. Nevertheless, an older garage door mainly those made of sturdy wood will weigh more so will require a stronger opener. 

Security lights

security lights

The garage door opener should have a security light. The security light turns on automatically when the opener is activated. Security lights furnish you with various assurances. Garages are somewhat cluttered and loaded up with potentially unsafe obstacles. If you happened, for example, get back home during the evening and exit your vehicle entryway without light, you could injure yourself searching for the light switch on the wall. 

A security light likewise dissuades burglars, too. Many openers accompany security lights as the standard. However, more current models connect their security lights to a motion detector, so they activate when you walk into your garage through an interior entryway.

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