Why Sure Fix Garage Doors?

All of us at the time of acquiring or designing a house know that we need to have the best garage door installation service. Having the security and support that our team has the best garage doors built for prolonged use in any weather.

Well, we have the best news you can count on the best garage door installation team since Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Company is 100% committed to helping you and giving you the best attention and options in garage doors that are in the market.

Our personnel are experts in Garage Doors!

garage door spring repair thumbnailWe have not only the best-trained personnel to handle all kinds of sizes, style, and shapes for your door. We make sure it adapts to the structure of your garage. Not only that we also carry best garage doors on the market for you to chose. Such as Amarr, which is well known for its durability and charming designs that fit your needs as they are also very affordable for our clients.Our expert staff provides excellent service, and we care about the smallest detail regarding the installations. We don’t mind the most demanding of our customers because we care about the minor details. Caring about each one of the needs that the project entails it’s what separates us!We have a range of designs, sizes, colors, and levels of insulation according to your needs. With the vast variety offered by Clopay and other brands, it allows us to give you all the benefits. We also cater to your vision of the garage door that is your taste and convenience.

Sure Fix Garage Door dares to guarantee the durability of the doors that we install!

garage door green bullet iconWe know how rigorous tests that great garage brands provide. Sure fix garage provides you with the most durable garage doors our team is knowledgeable in this area.Our team of has the best-trained team to advise you on the installation of garage doors. Especially in case, our clients do not have complete knowledge about what they need. We do not worry about the size or complexity of the garage area. Our goal is to give you best service in the shortest time.

Emergencies and being finish projects in a timely matter is one of our attributes

man standing in middle of garage doorsSince most of the drawbacks are due to time, Sure Fix Garage Door Repair always thinks about our customers as we have a 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year service. We attend emergencies as well, so you always have options in these cases that become alarming if you do not have a reliable answer.

Safety and confidence are what you can expect from us!

Expert-installation-garage doors Another point to highlight is the safety and reliability of our garage door installation. The durability not only of our doors but the quality and strength of the products that we install with the Clopay brand, you can be sure that you will have access to very long time since as we have explained throughout this article. We submit the most rigorous tests and quality standards to all the products we install since we are concerned with satisfying everything from the simplest to the most demanding need by each of our clients. Our aim is for you is to be happy with the installation of their new garage door.Contact us today for any garage door need!What are you waiting for to contact us at Sure Fix Garage Door? We will be ready to answer each of your doubts and provide you with the best solutions for the installation of your garage door, at any time any day we are equipped to offer you our services and that the trust that our clients place in us is our satisfaction.
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Sure Fix Garage Door Services The Following Cities

sure fix service areas
If you need garage door services in the Florida area, you’ll want to call Sure Fix Garage Door Repair for your garage needs. Sure Fix Garage Door Repair is a local company, based in Pinellas County, Florida.One that not only provides an exceptional quality service, but that also celebrates values such as communication, hard work, and honesty.Sure fix Garage Door Repair offers all the services related to garage doors in Florida. From garage door installations, garage repairs to emergency garage repairs. Sure fix also provides spring replacements and repairs and installs garage door openers.

How Many Cities Does Sure Fix Service?

Sure fix garage the garage door repair leader in Florida, as it services 11 of the most important cities in the state, including Clearwater, garage door repair in Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, St. Petersburg, Largo, Dunedin, Seminole, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor and Pinellas Park.These cities not only have the best garage door repair in the country, but they are also beautiful. So, if you are planning on visiting the number one destination in the USA these are some of the cities in the Florida area that you can’t miss:

Clearwater/St. Petersburg

Clearwater is a beautiful city located in Pinellas County, Florida. This city is best known for its sunny weather and white sand beaches. Recently, Clearwater is a music and art lover’s paradise. From April 26th until April 29th Clearwater was the host of the Inaugural Bay 2 Beach Music & Arts Festival.This unique festival brought together all kinds of music genre and a variety of top-rated local and national artists who joined the stage and showcased their talents.

Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor is located on the north of St. Petersburg. This city is known for being a cultural gem as you can find many historic buildings and museums.If you come to this city, it is imperative that you go to the Annual Palm Harbor Citrus Festival. The festival is held the city’s historic downtown area in early April.

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs got its name after this type of fish found in abundance in nearby waters. It’s known for its charming downtown center that is list as a National Register of Historic Places.Tarpon Spring offers beautiful brick streets that display art galleries, antique stores and old buildings from the late 1800’s. This city offers the most exquisite performing arts such as historical exhibits, concerts, etc., at different cultural centers and theaters.

Pinellas Park

Pinellas Park is the heart of Pinellas County, it’s known for community events held annually. The most popular attraction is the “Country in the Park,” held on the third Saturday of March. This festival displays arts and craft entertainment as well as NASCAR races, amusement park rides, and all day concerts, which are free of charge.
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What To Look For In A Garage Repair Company?

Your garage door is one of the weakest entry spots for burglars. So, when it comes to something as serious as a garage door repair, you don’t want to hire the wrong garage door repair company.Unless you already have an established relationship with a local garage door repair company, you may be finding yourself in a pickle, when the need for a garage door repair catches you by surprise.Many repair companies are not qualified to provide a quality job. Garage door repair in Clearwater FL will provide you with excellent tips to hire a reputable garage door company

Ask for reference

As they say, worth to mouth is the best way to find a reputable company. Getting personal references from family members on the jobs performed by a door repair company will help you make a better an informed decision.

Check critical information

sure fix garage door repair
If you don’t have a personal reference, you can always do a quick Google search for “garage door repair,” and you will quickly find plenty of options.However, as many Google searches have resulted in scam, if you decide to go with that option, make sure you call them and very essential information such as:
  • Website
  • Address
In today’s technological work, all real and reliable companies will have a website. If the company you’ve chosen does not have a site at all, that is a big red flag, be careful!

Look for red flags

red flags
A quality and trustworthy garage door company won’t do the following things:
  • Multiple company names
  • Using different company names and phone numbers is a big red flag! You can rapidly infer they are trying to hide something! When you look for a company, you want to see consistency.
  • Excessive advertising
Advertising is crucial for any business; however, excessive advertising may represent a concern. A company that over advertises itself spends a lot of money on it; this could mean that they may need to charge high prices to support it.

Trust your intuition

If you have a weird feeling when meeting the repair person, trust your intuition and ask for all their credentials. A trustworthy garage repair company should provide their technicians with proper ID’s.

Place a few calls and compare the information.

phone call
Once the companies you’ve chosen have passed the first and second filter, place a few calls and ask important questions such as:
  • The time they have been on business
  • If they use sub-contractors
  • The warranties that are offered
  • Ask for a quote
Compare their responses to choose the best option. Remember that to avoid a scam or a poor quality service; the cheapest option is not always the best one.

Check BBB Ratings

Before making your final decision, consider checking their ratings. Facebook, Google provide you with great ratings and you can also ask for clients they work with to talk too.
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What Are The Top Brands for Garage Doors?

top brands for garage doors

First impressions are essential, especially when we are buying a property. We always long to see impressive facades, lovely and well-trimmed gardens and beautiful doors. Garage door installations believes that garage doors determine the curb appeal of a home.

Even though garage doors occupy up to 30% of the façade of a home, aesthetics is not the only and determinant factor when choosing a garage door. According to Garage door installations in Clearwater, FL, believes that level of security a door has to offer is equally or more important than aesthetics.

However, as garage doors add value to your home, upgrading your garage door needs careful planning. While you are looking for garage doors, you will find an infinite number of options on colors, patterns, glass cuts in the market for one door model, so, how to pick the correct door?

Garage door installations in Clearwater, FL brings you the top garage door brands in the market. The list includes renowned brands such as Stanley, Sears, Masonite International, Craftsman, Dynaco, etc.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors

chi overhead doors

According to America, C.H.I. Overhead Doors takes the number one spot on our list. C.H.I. Overhead Doors was funded in 1981 and continued its legacy of exceptional garage doors that are exceptional in quality, craftsmanship, and value. The company offers different styles of garage doors, from traditional to contemporary styles.

These residential garage doors have a wide variety of garage door options that vary in design, material, color. Also, every door model offers different choices of wood tone. In their website, you have the freedom to customize the door to your taste.

Unique garage doors

unique garage doors

As its slogan states: demand quiet, demand strong, demand unique, this company has been founded on the principle that their doors are not only styled but also safe.

The company offers different materials to fulfill every style, from elegant garage doors with iron series windows, wood-like colors to glass window choices. Also, Unique Garage Doors uses a one of a kind hardware that is very quiet. This type of system sets them apart from the competition.

Amarr garage doors

amarr garage doors

Amarr Garage Doors is one of the most top rated garage doors. The company was established in 1951 and is one of the world’s leading brands in design, manufacturing, and distribution of garage door among other types of doors.

In addition to offering a complete line of high-quality designs including rolling sheet, rolling steel, aluminum, etc. The company provides excellent customer support online. You can ask questions and read full articles that will guide you through choosing the door that best fit your needs and even offers tips to give maintenance to the doors you already have.

Overhead Door

overhead doors

Overhead Door is a company that offers residential garage doors and garage openers and accessories. If you are interested in obtaining a door with them, you will find some attractive garage doors that are safe and comfortable to use.

In addition to offering excellent garage door quality and designs, Overhead Door has an interactive software tool. This tool allows you to visualize how your home would look like with any Overhead Door you choose.

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The Risks of DIY Garage Door Springs

the best garage door installation tips
Is your garage door struggling to open and close? This problem could be due to a bad torsion spring, and you may need to have a garage door repair. With many videos tutorials on the internet, it may seem simple. Most of us like to take on many DIY home projects. However, not every home repair should be taken care of by yourself, especially if you don’t have the experience.Garage door repair in Clearwater, FL recommends you NEVER to attempt to replace the garage door springs by yourself as this can be incredibly dangerous.  Springs hold a considerable amount of tension that allows them to lift and lower the door every time. When the springs get loose, rusty or crack, they can stop working and can crash down and crush anything in its path.

How do garage springs work in the first place?

garage door spring mechanism

There is a wide variety of garage doors, they range in sizes and styles, however; there are only two types of garage springs: The torsion spring ant the extension spring.The most common type of garage door system is a torsion spring system. This mechanism is mounted horizontally above the door in a lot of them. The garages also has some that the spring goes on the bottom As the door comes down, the cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door cause the springs to spool up creating some stored energy.The other type of garage door is the one that uses an extension spring system. In this mechanism, the springs attach to cables which connect to bottom corners of the door. When the garage door closes the springs join together. When the door is open the energy that is stored lifts the door.

How long do these springs last?

garage door spring repairTo estimate the lifespan of springs, we work with operation cycles. A typical system last 10,000 cycles. Meaning that if you use your garage door twice per day, the spring system will endure you over 12 years.So, why is it so dangerous to replace your garage springs?When the door has reached these 10,000 estimated cycles, the steel in the springs will weaken and eventually break. As we explained before, both torsion and extension spring systems operate under excessive tension, as they hold the entire weight of the door.

Unless you are a trained technician, we do not recommend you to DIY repair garage door springs.

sure fix garage door logo introductionIf a spring breaks, the garage door will fall abruptly due to a large amount of energy stored in its springs. The whole weight of the door will fall of crushing anything on its path, which can cause you a severe injury or property damage.Also, to attempt a repair, you would have to have some experience in the area, as you need to under would need to know how the springs, drums, lifting cables and brackets all work.

What should you do if my spring breaks?

Even knowing that springs last about 10,000 cycles, it is challenging to determine when the springs are close to reaching this cycle unless we keep a strict record.  What we recommend you is to have your garage door inspected at least once a year.Providing regular maintenance to your garage door will prevent potential issues. Experts will be on the lookout for broken, damaged or rusty components and also will apply lubricant if needed.If you still want to DYI, we suggest you secure the area by keeping the door in a closed position.If your door was open while the spring broke, attempt to close it and then unplug the garage opener. Then call your emergency repair service.
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Sure Fix Garage Door Repair Introduction

sure fix garage door logo introduction
We are introducing our garage door repair services and our blog to you today. Know from the start our owners and team of professionals has chosen quality as our central focus. But we also inspire to give you the highest customer service too! All garage door businesses should inspire to give the highest quality and service.

Our headquarters are in Pinellas County

We will start with our central location garage door repair in Clearwater, Florida. But don’t think we only do repairs, we also do garage installations, springs, and openers. Even though Clearwater is our headquarters, we also service all Pinellas County. Other cities such as Palm Harbor, FL, St. Petersburg, FL, Largo, FL and more, just check our website for more information. Now we will talk about our services.

Garage Door Installations

garage door installations
Our Garage Installations are exceptional; we only hire the top technicians. We require them to have their licenses and clean records free of felonies. We start by showing different brands of doors, from Clopay, Unique Garage Doors, Amarr, and others.We also help you pick the best designs and show you the difference between one and the other. Our team will show you the colors they come in and insulation levels as well as which are the quieter ones. Also, we will show you which doors are more affordable without losing the quality.We also have the patience to know that a new quality garage door is a significant investment. We hope this information you will give us a chance to work together.

Garage Door Springs

garage door spring repair
Repairing a broken garage door spring might seem easy, but it’s dangerous. If you are not a skilled tech, you should leave it to the experts. Yes, we see the “DIY” guys on TV all the time ready to show you how to do your repairs. But wait! There are many injuries in fixing garage doors due to inexperienced people doing it themselves.I will not tell you everyone gets injured, but it happens. The cost can be severe, a broken hand or even death is not a joke! We will cover this subject on one of our next articles.

Garage Door Openers

garage door opener
We specialize in garage door openers also. Our services include broken garage door openers, jackshafts, quality belt and chain drives, and more.We also offer an array of different types of garage remotes brands and styles. Whether is a digital remote, or you want it connected to your smartphone we got it!In conclusion about our garage servicesWe want to build a great relationship with our clients and potential clients, so ask us questions or call us if you need advice on garage doors.
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Guidelines For Installing Your First New Garage Door

installing your first new garage door

Congratulations, you’ve just moved into your first home and you’re officially a homeowner! But after taking another look at your current garage door, you realize it leaves a lot to be desired and you need a new one as soon as possible. Well, you can contact your local garage door repair & installation Clearwater company and they’ll give you the rundown on everything you need to do! From which color schemes & design patterns to pricing & warranties, they’ll have you covered on all the questions you’ll think to ask (and some that you wouldn’t).

But even before you do, it helps to do some of your own research and here, we’ll bring the tips to you. Because once you have an idea of what you want, it’ll be easier to explain your thought process to your garage door installation services in Pinellas County. Here are some guidelines for installing your first new garage door:

Consider The Color Scheme of Your Home and Garage

garage door color schemes

Depending on the color of your whole house, you have a chance to make quite the impression when considering the color of your garage door.

If you need help on matching colors, you can use a color scheme generator to get some ideas on what colors would go well with the exterior of your home. Colors such as white, beige, or silver are conservative bets that will go with most houses, but it really depends on your taste and what you’re looking to emulate. And once you do choose a color or color pattern, consider what type of paint finishes you’re looking for. A metallic finish, for example, is shinier and generally more durable but a matte finish works best for a classic fit.

Of course, if you consider your garage a workspace or a place for your friends to get together, you’ll want to focus on the color from the inside as well to match the inside of your garage.

Texture and Design Will Bring It All Together

garage door design and texture

Not all garage doors are created equal and texture & design have a lot to do with that. Design and material will be dependent on other variables such as climate of your city, structure of your house and more factors but we’ll simplify some of the main things you should be looking for.

One of the more important characteristics of a garage door is what type of panels (if any) you’d like. Some people like to go with short, while others prefer longer. If you’re looking to add windows, which panels you choose will come into play. And you can customize the windows as well, from the popular sunray option to more traditional clear and rectangular blocks.

Another factor to take into account is how you want your garage door to open. Traditional models will usually open from up-and-under, but you can either get a retractable garage door which will open completely into the garage or a canopy garage door that will hang partially outside of the garage. If you want to look more into the pros and cons of all types of garage doors, you can read here.

Evaluate Your Budget and Be Realistic

The old adage, “you get what you pay for” has proven true more often than not. Depending on how much you’re willing to pay, you’ll get more options and customizations for your garage door.

For example, pricier models of garage doors will typically come with built-in insulation in order to keep your garage at a proper temperature. More inexpensive models may not be come with that feature. Additional add-ons such as digital remote openers, either from a switch or from your smartphone could add some much needed convenience–at the right price.

Have Fun With It!

Remember, it’s *your* garage door and you have all the control in deciding how it will go. Get your significant other involved in the decision making and envision how this process would go at its very best. It’s up to you whether this becomes a chore, a bore, or a fun new chapter in revitalizing your new home.

In Conclusion – Installing Your First New Garage Door

Installing your first garage door can be a daunting experience but so long as you come prepared and contact your local garage door service company to help you, you’ll be absolutely fine.

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