Advantages of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Getting a smart garage door opener installed in your Clearwater, FL home will enable you to control and monitor the function of your opener from any device that has Wi-Fi, or that has an internet connection. These garage door openers can also be connected with your home’s internet. These also possess passwords that are protected by encryption and rolling code to keep your family, home, and, valuables safe. 

Today, with the most recent garage door opener models, you could effectively monitor and control your garage door remotely from anywhere with the use of your cell phone. 

While standard opener offers reliable function, smart garage door openers installed by experts open you to unique advantages that will increase the security of your home and make your life simpler. 

Why choose a smart garage door opener?

why choose a smart garage door opener

With the most recent innovation of Wi-Fi garage door openers, you can experience these following advantages: 

Available monitoring- Often, homeowners get to work and worried if they locked their garage door and can’t work efficiently without checking that issue first. However, using your smartphone, you can easily monitor the functions of your garage door, for example, check whether you unintentionally left the entryway open when you left early for work. Moreover, allow contractors into your home via the garage door while leaving for vacation. You could also receive alerts whenever your garage door gets opened or shut. 

Enhance safety and security- Back then, garage door openers got a lousy reputation since their controls could get hacked but not anymore. Now, easily monitor the activity of your garage door and improve your home’s security with standard safety features. For example, rolling codes, battery backup, and schedule opening and closing. 

Scheduled opening and closing capabilities- Today, you have the flexibility to control your car garage door opener’s movement from anywhere on the planet. Regardless of whether you have to allow a house cleaner inside while you’re away or give different visitors access to your home, you can easily schedule events for your garage door to open and close. With scheduling opening and closing, you will improve your home’s security and have better peace of mind. 

Straightforward configuration- While smart garage door openers appear to be complicated, they’re entirely easy to set up. All you have to do is follow the directions and connect the opener to your home’s web connection. Then download the application to your Apple or Android device. 

Seamless integration- Yes, you can monitor your garage door from your smartphone. However, also integrate this program with your other home security systems. Connect your smart garage door opener activities to your Wink, XFINITY, Nest, and, Apple Home Kit devices using the application. 

Could smartphones be used as controls for garage door openers?

could smartphones be used as control for garage door openers

Monitoring a chunky opener remote can be complicated for some. Since you’ve moved up to a smart garage door opener you can now replace your old remote with your iPhone or Android device, right? 

While Wi-Fi openers can help property holders effectively monitor and open or close your garage door from anyplace, it’s ideal to abstain from using your smartphone as a replacement for the opener remote. The truth, the smartphone application wasn’t intended for everyday use. 

What horsepower do I need for my smart garage door to function well?

what horsepower do i need for my garage door to function well
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1/3 HP- These motors bring the least amount of power, and they don’t last as much as the others. These openers with low horsepower don’t have the capacity to move a large door effectively, but they do work well with lighter entryways. Yes, these openers can lift any entryway with an equal balance weight. However, if you use an opener with 1/3 HP for a heavier entryway, remember that you’ll have to replace it more regularly than if you pick one with more power. 

1/2 HP- The most well-known HP motor out of the three alternatives, these openers work best with single and double garage doors that have an average weight, for example, a carriage-style entryway. Entryways somewhere in the range of eight and twelve feet in width are no issue. It brings good options in both cost and power, so it works for many households. 

3/4 HP-Garage doors made out of wood, can be heavy to pull up. These wood doors and oversized doors that measure more than 14 feet in width require a 3/4 HP opener for the components to work efficiently and for better long-term use. While it’s the most costly choice, it’s likewise dependable and durable with the highest HP.

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