Advantages of a Smart Garage Door Opener

Technology has become so innovative in such a short time that it’s difficult for people to keep up. So how can we integrate garage door opener innovation into our lives to make everything more convenient? Garage door makers have thought of a smart garage door opener for quite a while, even before we had the tech to make this future a reality. 

A new garage door opener installation conveys unbelievable convenience to our lives. Consider the last time you drove into your garage during a downpour and opened your garage door at the press of a button. Just when you thought openers couldn’t get any more convenient, Wi-Fi connected garage door hit the market. 

Now, smart garage door openers bring various advantages and incredible comforts for homeowners. What kinds of advantages and conveniences? Look below at what you can do with a Wi-Fi garage door opener. 

Give you garage security

If you have an attached carport and you’re entering and exiting through the garage and it’s a connected entryway to the house, then a smart garage door opener can benefit you. Many smart garage door opener devices can let you see the movement within the carport just as controlling the entryway itself remotely. 

Do you have applications that control the locks on your entryways? Then, you can also ensure your home’s security with the touch of your smartphone. It helps secure the inside garage door leading into the house while allowing homeowners to open and close the carport. 

Homeowners have a sense of security with a smart garage door opener. To have unconditional and constant access to your garage door is helpful for many reasons. For instance, remote access benefits those who travel a lot and the individuals who frequently come in and out of the house or that drive every day to work. 

Perhaps you live in an area prone to break-ins, or only like to be precautious. Either way, an acquisition of a smart garage door opener can allow you access to monitoring the state of your home and its security. 

Open and close your garage door remotely 

Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can remotely open and close your garage door. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection. If you travel a lot and stress that you forget to lock your garage door in the race to get on the road then the remote feature is for you. Often you have to open the garage door for home services like the dog walker or the lawn man when you are not home. Other times you have to give family or friends access to your home. Regrettably, you may have forgotten your keys and need to use your Wi-Fi enabled opener as a spare key.

For each situation mention above, a Wi-Fi garage door opener will secure your home while permitting access when required. 

Get push notifications

You can use your Smart Wi-Fi openers to track access to your home. Yes, you can configure your devices to get push notifications when your garage door opens and closes. 

It can help if you need to know when your children return home from school or you want to ensure that you left your garage door locked before you left for work. Also, push notifications from a Wi-Fi enable opener can notify you whether a burglar or friend access your home. 

Set up garage delivery

In select urban communities, Amazon offers in-garage delivery. Key by Amazon is available to Prime members, and it considers one of the safest and most secure delivery methods you can discover. Sync your MYQ account inside the free-to-download Key application. When it’s fully operational, you can have your Amazon package delivered using the power of your Wi-Fi opener. 

Schedule garage lights 

Garage lighting is useful for specific times of the day. Using smart garage door openers, you can set a schedule for when your garage door lights turn on and off. It is likewise useful when you’re taking a trip and need to put your home’s lights on timers. 

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  1. Wow, I never knew that I can also use a smart garage door opener installation in order to schedule when my lights would turn on. I’d like to keep lights outside my home on during the nights in order to make my CCTV cameras work better. Having the lights outside my garage be automated would make things a lot more convenient to me.

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